King Arthur And Morgana


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Scene Title King Arthur And Morgana
Synopsis Miles and Eve waste no time getting into trouble.
Date February 8, 2019

Lots of Places

It's been a long day for Miles Dylan.

So long in fact, that the hours have blended into each other as the sun now begins to set when the teleporter arrived the sun sat high in the sky. The friend that he hoped to find, Mad Eve the kooky Old seer from his timeline instead, he found what's floating in front of him now.

The swirling, billowing cloud of crimson energy hovers there, it's been two hours since Eve's last reappearance. Each time the Italian woman materializes she tries to explain more to Miles about where he is, what happened in New Mexico. What happened to her. A crack of lightning as the mass in front of the Traveler begins to shift and finally begins taking shape again with a loud rumble and that rewound scream that now seems to change to laughter.

The long legged body of Eve Mas slams back together and runs wild with crimson lightning, equally red eyes vibrate with energy and excitement. She's got a friend to talk to and now she can continue her story, long raven locks gang and cover her chest, they had tried the whole giving Miles jacket to protect her modesty and ended up with the jacket in shreds and tatters on the ruined ground of the building. "You should see your face when that happens!" A snort and Eve draws her knees up to her chest while tilting her head and twitching while looking across at the man.

"And then I drove to New Mexico vroooom, my poor baby. I wonder if anyone drove her back." There's a faint frown as Eve ponders what became of her vehicle. Maybe Warrlexjack would take care of it. And her duck bombs. "So, you're one of them. You came with Otter Eyes and the Pizza Boy- Magnes and Mateo! Hmm?" They had gone over a few basics but with the spontaneous way that Eve's current situation is.. it hasn't left much time to get into specifics. Smoke rises from the spot she sits in because of the lightning that jumps from her body to the surrounding area. "Tell me, quickly. What happened?"

“Well you should see what you look like when that happens,” Miles says in a bit of a surly tone. He’s sitting now with his back against the wall, since after the second or third time he’d stumbled and fallen when she suddenly exploded, it seemed like the proper position to be in. “I liked that jacket, too.”

He’s quiet, though, as she tries to explain more, because interrupting doesn’t help the whole ‘getting through the story’ thing. The Otter Eyes and Pizza Boy thing makes him raise an eyebrow, but again, he doesn’t interject until she actually asks him to.

“The abridged version,” he says. “We were in another world. Some people opened some portal thing. I went through it, but I guess I hit a wall and ended up in Japan. Then I got interrogated for weeks while they gave me some crap that stopped me being able to jump, until they forgot a dose and I bounced.”

He reaches up to rub his face, “The rest is just…oh shit!” Something he’s remembered makes him sit up straight, before he winces. “The sword! Damnit. I wonder where that is…I guess I could go back and look in the cave.”

Eve's tongue sticking out at Miles is the only retort she has in her at the moment.

Miles' story Eve mostly knows, he didn't land in New Mexico though and that explains how he was in Japan and.. Eve perks up at the words sword and she leans in closer, "What kinda sword were you carrying around? You weren't a sword warrior here Miles. Oh Chess will be so happy to see you! Was she there? In your time?" She's clearly excited about this Chess girl whoever that is. Rubbing her jaw she leans in closer. "It's in Japan?"

Before he answers what kind of sword it was. This sounds like.. an adventure. "Do you wanna go get it?" Crimson lightning pops and crackles.

“Who?” That’s all the thought whoever Chess is gets, though, because Miles’ mind is on other things. Namely, swords. “No, it wasn’t mine. It was this guy’s. Walter’s. But he died protecting us with it. I’d rather me have it than someone who doesn’t know that.” A little shadow crosses his face then, but it’s gone the moment Eve suggests that they both go.

He looks at her again, eyeing her up and down with an extremely skeptical expression. “Think you could hold it together for long enough to get there?” he remarks. “Precedent suggests no.” But he’s not actually saying no, mind you. It’s just a concern, okay?

Eve gasps and shrinks back covering her mouth with her hand, the emotional reaction almost causes her to explode right then and there but she falls silent and draws her hand to her chest to place it there, slowly trying to gather her breath but when she opens red eyes tears begin to fall. "Poor Foxy.." she sighs into her hands and looks over at Miles. "We have to get that sword." They had to get to Delilah too.

"I…" Eve looks down at her hand resting in her lap and she seems to be thinking. She just reverted.. there's no real time limit she just… poofs. Dying three times hasn't made Eve any less daring though and she wears that wild grin on her face as she leans forward and extends her hand. "Let's find out shall we?"

“Yeah.” Miles doesn’t cry — his emotions are turned inward instead, whatever they are. It’s pretty clear he’s affected, but he doesn’t say anything else about it. Time enough to think about it later.

Instead, he hesitates as she extends her hand to him, on the precipice of a decision that could really screw things up, in many different ways. However, after that brief consideration, he shrugs, and reaches forward, too. Why not?

Shikotan Island



The cave is very, very dark right now — and luckily empty — and Miles doubles over as they both appear, a hand on his shin that he has just banged rather forcefully on a stalagmite. “After this I’m spending all my time at the beach,” he continues as he tries to rub the pain away, since clearly that’s going to work. “Eve?”


Eve looks over at Miles from her hiding place behind a stalagmite of her own, "This one's more friendly than yours." A snort as she drums her fingers along the rock with a curious expression on her face. "Spat you out right here huh? How… interesting." The place being empty only makes the pale woman more relieved, one day she'll figure out how to keep clothes. One day.

Crimson hued eyes take another look around them and she leans backwards to tilt her head towards the rock ceiling, "Hellllooooo." She whispers, the echoes and reverberates around them. "Come on come on, before they know we're here." A jolt of red lightning shoots at the ground from her fingertips and she looks sheepish. There's visible strain on her face. "It's really good to see you by the way! We were all so sad when you died." Making the sign of the cross on her chest, "Gone too soon, dust in the wind… oh that's me. But you're back. Just in time too, we've got work to do boo." Another snort and she knocks on her temple, "I've gotta say. Am I more sane without the future? Or am I more sane?" An open mouth grin.

“How nice for you.” Miles is still slightly breathless from the sudden jolt of pain, but he shakes his leg a couple of times and he starts to walk it off — slowly, because it’s dark. “Can you glow over here or something?” he murmurs, waving a little vaguely around where he is.

He starts to look around, though glances briefly over his shoulder as she goes on. Especially about it being good to see him. “Yeah,” he says after a little pause, “sure.” Though he doesn’t really sound sure. It sounds kind of blank, the kind of thing you say to someone when they ask how you are, and you say fine, but you aren’t really fine, and you just don’t want to go into it.

Luckily, there’s something else to focus on, instead of confirming that he’s going to help or not with whatever it is she has for him to do. “I wouldn’t say more sane,” he says slowly, as though really considering it. “In fact, I wouldn’t really say ‘sane’ in a sentence about you, unless it was preceded by ‘not.’” He grins, though, and his tone is teasing even though he might not really be joking.

He starts to say something else, but something catches his eye then. “Wait, what’s that?” He starts to pick his way over there. “Come shed some light or something, yeah?”

"Mmm good point my Bunny Hopping friend." Patting the surface of the rock before she moves to follow slowly behind him, crouching as she goes. When asked about glowing for light she looks pensive almost as if she's gonna fart, "I.." Raising her hand to squint and then her eyes widen as she says, "Oh no. Oh no, sorr-" She feels it then, it's familiar now. Not as familiar as dreaming the future but she knows when it's coming, pushing herself off the rock to fly to the side.


Having dived just as she felt the ripple go through her she explodes before she hits the rocks and lightning goes everywhere. Eve tried to keep it together, she really did. The good news as the swirling mass of red that is Eve floats upwards is that Miles definitely has light. The bad news… she's dispersed again. The cloud crackles and hovers, the metal filings bright in the crimson light.

“Oh come on!” Miles exclaims as Eve explodes for the nth time — though at least this time he doesn’t fall over himself. And it does have the bonus of illuminating the area around them. So, he takes advantage of the situation, moving a little deeper into the cave to try and find the sword, since what he’d seen before was decidedly not it.

“Well, at least you’re consistently frustrating across worlds,” he mutters as he moves carefully among the stalagmites in the cave, taking his time. He says it quietly, though he isn’t totally sure if she can hear him in this state. “That’s kind of comforting.”

Thanks to the light, he sees something else, and starts that way. “Ha!” he says in a louder and much more triumphant voice as he bends down and picks up the fallen sword, holding it aloft. “Would’ve been cooler if it was stuck in something, but you can’t have everything.”

Eve can only buzz in response and though she may not actively control all where her lightning flows one small streak pops Miles in the air and the billowing cloud ripples. She's laughing. Once Miles has found his quarry, Eve zooms in but not too close, heat rising in her general vicinity. That's the sword, she wishes she could say. Not that she didn't believe Miles but still… how many of these were laying around now? She wondered. She also realized that she should maybe try hard to come back to corporeal form.

The light flickers and the lightning crackles as Eve draws her power into herself, trying to reshape herself and trying fast. First her hands and her arms fill in before her legs and her torso are next. A minute goes by and Eve is panting and sweating in front of Miles barely able to stand. "Well I'm happy to know every you is just so honest. No long noses for you, it's not even wooden." A raspy laugh before she coughs into her hands but her red eyes catch that blade and she looks at it closely, "This sword.. it's special. It's seen many a thing."

"I know his mother, Foxy would want us to find her." And also… "We should go, I think I might fart." And that clearly has led to her not being in the current form.

When Miles is done playing Knockoff King Arthur, he lets the sword fall to his side as he waits for Eve to re-materialize.

And waits. And waits.

“Come on,” he says eventually in an urgent tone as he turns around to look at where the mouth of the cave is, though it can’t be seen this far in. Despite the hurry, a little huff escapes him. “You wouldn’t say that if you’d heard me bullshitting to the guys who found me here,” he says as he reaches for her hand, though his nose wrinkles at the admission. “Thanks for letting me know.”

He doesn’t even get the sentence out, though, before they’re both no longer there.

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