King Of The Planet


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Scene Title King of the Planet
Synopsis So inappropriate that awkwardness ensues
Date February 27, 2011

Bay House

Bringing up one hand, Brian sets it on his head. Hangover. What the hell? He never has hangovers. Ever. He always absorbs the body so that he doesn't get one…

The struggling light hits his eyes through the window. It's cloudy outside, not allowing too much light to be shed into the room. But it's enough to bring the slumbering Brian to his wits. Looking down then up. The Bay House. He can tell because it's stupidly cold. A blanket pulled up over his chest. Something warm at his back. Sameye. Smiling warmly despite the ache in his head, he turns some, eyes closing. One hand slides over her warm shoulder as he opens up his mind to the other hims in the city.

Good morning self The telepathic message goes. Popped up by a few courtesy responds he gives himself. Just for funsies.

But there's one him that is sleeping. He can tell because the other him is seeing gummi bears attacking a city. His hand flows along Samara's shoulder then down her chest as he tries to discern where this other him is. And then his hand stops on his gradual journey to feel up his fiancee. There's a warm hand. And it's too big and hairy to be Samara's.

Jerking up some, Brian's eyes shoot open. To find another him laying on the other side of his baby mama. "Oh what the hell." He growls, reaching over to slap the head of the sleeping Brian. Who promptly wakes up. His emotions doing the exact same thing the first one had done. And now in unison they hold their aching heads and look generally agitated.

”Mhmmm,” the hand on Sami’s shoulder causes her to stir as a content smile slides over her lips. Eyes still closed, the smile edges a little further upwards as it slides downward. The warmth of the body on her left has her shifting towards it, silently encouraging the venture of the hand sliding along her skin. That is until the bed is jerked by the quick movements of her bed partners. Her eyes tighten shut as she stretches tall, extending her arms above her head. Drowsily, she rubs her eyes, bringing the world into focus and… oh right, two Brians. She forgot about that.

Her cheeks very quickly turn beet red despite both being the same person— her fiancee. Slowly, she sits up in the bed only to lay back down, grasping for each Brian’s arm as she does so. “Hi~” the musical lilt to her voice is as much dreamy as it is soothing, and is tinged with a hint of her general nerves. Her hazel eyes flick between the pair of them, which actually produces a shadowed frown, “Feeling rough, hun?” Her nose crinkles a little as he earns a very sympathetic expression. Well. Both of him earn a sympathetic expression.

”I love you,” she murmurs quietly because that removes the awkward from this situation. “I can find you some aspirin if you want.. “ she begins to slide up to a sit again.

As his arms are taken.. On both bodies the pair of him slowly leaning back onto the bed. Laying back on either side of her, Brian resigns to indulge her a little bit longer. One Brian goes to rest his hand on her stomach, the other on her chest. Both heads clunking down the pillow, facing Samara in the middle. Four eyes close as he elects one to do the talking. Left Brian gives a light groan. "Yeah." He mumbles. "Did you make me drink water? Maan.." It sounds kind of whiny. "Why didn't I absorb myself?" He knows the answer. The rest of The Brian in the world have a perfectly fine memory. He simply waved his hands in his drunken stupor 'i dont need meee' or something like that.

The Brian on the right leans in to plant a kiss on her neck. "Did you have a good night?" He asks with a sort of knowing tone, grinning some. He then glances to his other body then back to her. "Choose one." He commands gently, resting his head on her shoulder.

Sam’s head turns to face left Brian. Because, he’s talking first, “Yeah, I managed to encourage you to drink one glass. And then you got all distracted,” her cheeks flush a little brighter. As does her neck. And her shoulders. Evidently Sam blushes everywhere when inspired. The blush is so prevalent that when the Brian on her right kisses her neck, her skin is warm underneath the touch. Not sickly, just embarrassed.

Her teeth toy with her bottom lip as she grins a slightly toothy grin, the memory of the night before inspires such a reaction. “I.. slept well,” she replies coyly but her lips extend into an easier grin. “I…” her eyes glance from one Brian to the next. And then, with some finality, she declares, “That was.. “ the slightly embarrassed smile that twitches at her features continues, “…you’re amazing,” she settles on.

The gentle command is met with puppy dog eyes a little offput at the ending of her fun. “But you’re keeping me warm.” She pauses. “On both sides!” And then a thought pops into her mind, one that she hasn’t considered or used as a defence to get her way, “It’s good for the baby.” She has no idea if this is true or not.

Smiling at the warmth on his lips, RightBrian lets his head plop and rest on her shoulder. Reaching down, he goes to pull the blanket up over her chest. To encourage modesty supposedly, but then his hand is wandering under the blanket to get a little somethin somethin so the purpose of pulling the blanket up in the first place is unknown. He lets out a little laugh, closing his eyes for a moment. "When we go again this morning, there will only be one!" When not if. She'll probably catch on to that, which Brian will have to explain with, "It helps hangovers."

Brian on the left is a little more concerned with aching head. Pushing his fingers on his forehead, his other hand rests on her stomach. Where the baby is. "How long until it has kicky legs?" Winters asks quietly. "And if that was true, you would be implying that every pregnant woman ever was a whore." But despite his argument, he doesn't absorb one of himself. Instead Brian on the left presses himself in closer to keep her warm.

”You’re not my whore,” Sam nearly purrs under his touch. There’s a mischievous grin at the notion of going again and a slight tilt of her head. “Does it actually? Or is that like two warm bodies being good for a baby?” It’s almost an admission as her hands trail over the less pained Brian’s chest. And then, almost as an afterthought, she asks, “Did you have a good night?”

The hand on her stomach is joined by her free hand as her smile softens some. “Awhile longer I think? I actually have no idea how pregnant I am.’” She shrugs a little as her lips twist to the side, “And I actually did see a doctor, he just.. ended up referring me to his wife. Who is a pediatrician which could work out well, I think. Maybe.” Her smile softens further, almost a little sheepishly, “I had a near meltdown in his office…”

"You would be the whore, whore." Brian answers from the left. He grins at Samara's grin at his suggestion. Which has him raising up some with his own mischievous grin. But then he looks down to his hand on her stomach. They need to be emotional about the baby. And.. he goes to lay back down. "So.. How long are we allowed to.. Unf unf? Like if there's a cutoff date." He purses his lips. "We will be having like an all day in house staff meeting. That's what we'll tell the kids."

At the question Brian on the right, the less pained gives a grin. "Hell yeah, my flexible little dancer." He looks over to his other body. "That will probably never happen again. Unless you get me real drunk, so I hope you enjoyed it. But.. yeah I enjoyed you." He smirks as he leans in some to press a kiss against her lips. "Oh and the show was alright I guess."

Giving her a little squeeze under the blanket and a mischievous grin he sombers some at the talk of doctors. "So.. His wife? Is she a special baby doctor? Don't you need an OBGYN? I don't know what that is. Or an obscte— whatever. Don't you need a baby doctor?" Winters asks, peering at her. "How was it?" He frowns deeply. "I.. I wish I could have been there baby. I wish I could have gone with you. Did they..? Did they get you the thing? Because. I have a surprise for you."

”I think we can have sex later on.. or.. I don’t know. Maybe that’s something I should find out.. it’s going on the list of things I don’t know,” one arm reaches over head to rest on the pillow as Sam lets out a huff of air. “He advised me to try not phasing. Which I’ve forgotten about three times or four times.. but I’m trying to be good. It’s weird, you know. Like.. I spent years with it on so no one could touch me. And then when I was corporeal again I was afraid to phase so..” she didn’t really. “And just as I was getting used to it.. I should be afraid again.”

She returns the kiss lightly. And within instants she’s beaming. “I did enjoy it. It was.. “ she presses several fingers over her lips as if not to reveal some secret when in fact it isn’t a secret at all. Her enjoyment had been quite evident.

Her thoughts are drawn back to the doctor again, “I have no idea what I need. I just went in for a conversation and ended up babbling about my entire life, while conveniently not talking about you until he asked specifically if I had support or needed a place to stay. I intended to ask him about registration and whether that’s a good idea, buuuut ended up— “ she cringes a little “— just a mini meltdown. So. Many. Hormones.” There’s a twitch of her lips as she wrinkles her nose, “What thing? The..” her eyes widen and she shakes her head, “No vaccine if that’s what you mean. Honestly, I’m going back in a week to meet her. The other doctor. They’re away in France or something.”

Brian lets out a relieved sigh. "Good." He murmurs quietly. He frowns deeply. "Is he sure? How does he know..? Like you've already phased right? If you've phased now and the baby is fine, you should be fine to phase. Forever." He lets out, furrowing his brows. "We need to get you on an x-ray with that little gelly. You know. That they do. On the movies." He looks up some, trying to think about this deeply as it seems. "If you phase everything like.. You can phase other people. So you should be able to phase a little baby. That makes sense, right?"

Brian on the other side however is spending his time thinking on.. dirtier things. "I hope you didn't wake the kids. I miss being in the apartment. We didn't have to worry about being caught by kids. Only neighbors." His grin curls up broadly before he starts to do his impression of Samara, a high pitched falsetto, "Oh Brian, Brian! King of the planet! Aaah! Brianbrianbrianbrianbrian, yeeaaarrrrh" Though the one at the end makes her kind of sound like a pirate. He lets out a little laugh before, Brian on the left is talking again.

"I have a vaccine for you. They're going to be distributed, but I took one for you. Before everyone else got there. So.. you're gonna be fine, baby." Brian smiles broadly.

”That’s true. I phase with things all of the time now. Like my clothes. And groceries,” Sami shoots Brian a small grin. “And yeah, it makes sense to me, but I hadn’t even thought about it. I hadn’t thought it could hurt our little Jelly Bean.” She shrugs slightly. “And yeah.. the fun stuff like ultrasounds, and like.. hearing the heartbeat.. all of that is coming up still sometime. I.. I kind of want you to come.. but .. “ she shrugs. She gets it if it can’t happen.

She giggles quietly as her head shakes, “I wasn’t that loud and I don’t think I said anything about you being the king of the planet..” she thinks. She can’t know for sure. “The apartment was good for that, wasn’t it?” Her smile turns a little more mischievous, “That’s the real reason you offered to bring me back to the island when we were on Pollepel that first time, wasn’t it? You wanted in the ghost girl’s pants— “ her tongue clucks disapprovingly, even though her expression isn’t remotely disapproving.

She rolls over to face LeftBrian. “You— “ she leans in and plants a fervent kiss on LeftBrian’s lips. “You are.. how?! Brian, that’s amazing! You are amazing! I don’t even need to register now!” She’s beaming again as her hand extends over LeftBrian’s chest.

"I don't think it could hurt the baby. We should ask like a scientist. The su—" He frowns. The suresh center is closed. RightBrian frowns gently. "Baby. If there's a way that I can be there, I will be there. Okay? I promise I will do everything I can so that I'm there with you. Of course I want to be there." RightBrian leans over to plant another kiss on her cheek.

He concedes that no one called anyone the king of the planet. Leaning in, Brian plants another kiss against her cheek. "When we go again..Could you call me the king of the planet?" He lets out a little laugh. "I couldn't have you screaming about the king of the planet in the castle. There's echoes, right? And I believe it was you that wanted to leave the island. And you conveniently had no other place to go. So I think it was you that wanted in Multiple Man's pants." He grins a little before she's going over to LeftBrian.

"We stole some from a train. I pocketed one before everyone else came.I'll bring it over later." Rolling onto his back, Brian pulls Samara along with him. On top of his chest. Smiling up at her, he reaches out to absorb the other him. And like that he's gone. "I love you baby. I would do anything for you."

”King of the planet, hmmm?” Sami chuckles lightly. “I can maybe…” she lets her lips twist to the side of her face, “try to call you that next time..” she mutters with that same mischief seen before. “I wanted pizza, but I think it was your suggestion. Except.. I wanted to see my parents. And I.. “ she lets out a little sigh, “I liked you. Already.”

There’s a little noise in the back of her throat like a squeaks as she’s rolled on top of him. “I love you too. And I will for the rest of my life.” There are some things she’s sure of. And with that, her lips are crushed against his.

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