Kisses and Queries


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Scene Title Kisses and Queries
Synopsis Odessa surprises Ethan with dinner, and then he surprises her right back. With interest.
Date November 29, 2008

Dorchester Towers - Ethan's Apartment

Dorchester Towers is home to many upper class, or more wealthier inhabitants. This apartment seems to be no exception. First impressions of this place, give a homey, and well furnished feel. Lamps are put in the right place, decorations here and there. The living room consists of a large green sofa facing the wall of windows, which has a large flat screen TV in front of it. Speakers are installed all around for the Surround Sound feel. Next to the TV is a cabinet full of DVDs. Most of these movies include a gun of some sort in each of them. A small coffee table sits in front of the couch, a few magazines spread out on it.

The kitchen is well stocked, with a microwave, coffemaker, and of course a toaster. There is an overhead pan rack hanging over the stove which has many pots, pans, and other utensils hanging from it for easy access. Three doors lead away from the kitchen and living room. Two are large, comfortable bedrooms, complete with posters on the walls, and one is a room that is furnished with a stand up punching bag, dumb bells, a treadmill, and other types of work out equipment.

For the -extremely- well trained eye, or for someone who knows what they're looking for it would be apparent that there are little things off about this apartment. Reinstalled panels, etc, that would suggest whoever lives here has done some renovation work. (Note:Ethan has 'toys' hidden throughout his apartment, in case of 'emergencies'.) Overall though, this spacious living area has been well taken care of, and kept very tidy.

The smell of food fills the space of 102 Dorchester Towers and the source is the pasta that's being piled onto two plates at the dining room table by Doctor Knutson. She covers her casserole dish and puts it back into the microwave where it will conceal her secret. She then unscrews the cap on a bottle of Arbor Mist Mixed Berry Pinot Noir (wine is expensive, okay? and corks are difficult to pull out with just your finger nails), pouring that into two glasses. She puts the bottle back in the fridge, sets a glass in front of each plate and then stands in the living room, bouncing with restless energy. One hand fidgets at her side, palm turned toward the kitchen. Her gaze, wide and expectant - and hopeful - is fixed on the door.

The door unlocks and then swings open. Ethan enters, his trained gaze sweeping over the scene before he fully enters. And it gives him pause. Tilting his head a bit, the man enters all the way before shutting and locking the door behind him. A small silver baggie is held in one hand, though walking over to the couch, he watches Odessa curiously as he sets the baggie down then takes his overcoat off. Folding it over the back of the couch the man turns to look at the woman. A grin slowly grows on his features. "Whot's gotten into you?"

"I- I made you dinner," Odessa stammers. She balls both hands into fists before she finally manages a smile. "I read it in a book that women do that sometimes." It's hard to tell if she's kidding about that or not, really. "I'm… not sure how good it is. You see, I couldn't figure out how to set the microwave to…" She frowns, flustered now that she's caught without all the answers. "What the hell kind of setting is medium? That's like saying injuries were medium!"

A small chuckle emits from the man. "That's usually a man and wife type thing, lovely." He informs as if teaching a child. The smile goes all the way up to his eyes. "Thank you, Odessa." Though his eyes widen slightly at this talk of medium. "Wh-.. That's just silly." He dismisses with a wave of his hand. "I'm sure it will be delicious." The Wolf says, his eyes twinkling as they never do. He glances at the table, his smile ever expanding.

"It's couples that live together," Odessa interjects. "Not that we're a couple, but we do share a home. So, I thought it would be…" She pauses for a moment, considering. "It's the least I could do, I think. But please don't get too excited. I've never really done this before." She scurries over to the table and waits for Ethan to do the same before she moves to take her seat.

Walking over to the table, he slips into his chair quietly. He already ate while he was out, but that fact will be carefully avoided and he will force himself to stuff down whatever is laid in front of him. Leaning back he waits for her to instruct him on what to do next. Though his eyes do study her face for a moment, that smile still present.

Odessa takes her seat and leans forward just a bit, expression hopeful. "Go on, then. Try it." She smiles encouragingly, fingers lacing together to fidget in front of her.

Picking up his fork, Ethan gives her a little smile before he saws off a small bite with his fork. Scooping it up he delivers it to his mouth. His face becomes contemplative and devoid of any emotion for a second, before he gives a few nods and has a look of concession about him. Chewing and swallowing the man smiles. "You're sure you've never done this before?" He asks with a smile.

"Uh-uh," the woman assures. "Never. To be fair, though, it came from a bag." Odessa smiles sheepishly and takes a forkful of her own pasta. "Oh, hey. This isn't half bad at all, is it?" Her face lights up, excited that she managed to do this right on the first go.

Oh. So he doesn't have to fake loving it.. But he will anyways. It is alright, after all. Just a little act. Continuing to eat the man continues to wear his happy face. "You did a good job, Odessa." Ethan concurs, taking another bite. Setting his fork down he examines her for a long moment whilst picking up his glass to wash the food down. "This was very nice of you." He notes. "Why?"

"Because you let me stay here and sleep in your bed and you're… nice to me." Odessa shrugs. "You took me out to dinner. I can't really return that favour with as much to-do as you were able to manage, but I could do this much. It isn't much, but… It's the thought that counts, no?" She busies herself with winding her pasta around her fork so she doesn't have to meet his eyes. Nervous action.

So she took his money and bought him dinner. How sweet. Getting out of his chair for a moment the man goes to the couch. Grabbing the silver baggie, he comes back to sit down at the table. "I got you something." He murmurs. Placing his hand in he brings out a little black box. Then opens it. A necklace, more specific, a choker. Silver with blue gems set into it. The money attack could not have come at a worse time. He had to dip into his own funds. That makes him steamed enough. "For your neck." Stating the obvious can be fun. Though he holds it up with both hands. "Would you like to try it?"

Odessa gasps at the sight of the box. She's seen enough movies to know what those usually contain. And he didn't disappoint. Her eyes sparkle almost as much as the gems in the necklace. "Oh!" For a moment, she can't find more words than that. Her fork clatters on the plate, hand fluttering instead to rest against her chest - unmoving due to her held breath. She blinks several times before she relearns how to inhale and exhale. She nods quickly, gaze fixed on the gift as her jaw goes slack.

Forgoing the seat, Ethan maneuvers around the table to gently fasten the thing about her neck. Though it gives him pause. The last time he did something like this— No matter. Once it's fastened on her neck, Ethan releases and goes back to his seat to continue eating. He'll allow her to look in the mirror or whatever she wishes to do, he'll just watch for now.

The stunned girl holds perfectly still as the choker is fastened around her neck. Only once Ethan's reclaimed his seat does she manage to get to her feet and scurry off to peer at her reflection. A sharp gasp accompanies this. "Oh, it's beautiful!" She returns to the table, though she doesn't take her seat, just standing near. "This is the nicest thing anyone's ever… ever given to me. It twinkles like stars…" Her gratitude is so sincere, and it looks as though she might actually cry. But still, there's a small hint of confusion. "Why did you do this for me?"

His eyes follow her as she rushes off and he gives a chuckle at her exclamation. Taking another bite, he stabs his pasta holding the fork up as he views Odessa. "You look lovely, lovely." Ethan murmurs, taking another sip of his wine. Gulping it down, he gives a shrug. "You don't like that scar on your neck. You should 'ave something beautiful to.. I don't know. Match the rest of you." He murmurs, gesticulating with his free hand.

Again, Odessa finds herself at a loss for words, she simply stares, full of wonder and gratitude and emotions she couldn't even begin to find words for. After a few more moments of silence, she takes in a deep breath, brows furrowing in perplexity. Very seriously, because this is a very serious topic and very serious business, she asks:

"Do we kiss now?"

Taking another bite, he lays the fork down on the plate. Picking up the glass he tilts it up and takes a long gulp of the liquid before setting it back down. Gulping it down Ethan tilts his head and his brow arches up at her question. He takes a moment surveying her, setting his hands on either side of the plate. Shifting back in his chair the man deliberates mentally for a moment.

"No, Odessa. I don't think we do." The man says as kindly as a no can come.

No. … What? This is a whole different kind of stunned. Odessa again blinks several times before words come to her. "O- Oh." Okay, so word comes to her. Singular. Even though she stands perfectly still, she still manages to appear as though she's flailing. Odessa's jaw works, opening and closing her mouth a few times, though no sound comes or words form. Finally, she takes two steps away from the table, glancing down at her wrist. It's devoid of her watch, but the tan line from it still exists. "I just remembered, I have to go." Panic has won and Odessa's running for the door as fast as her bubble gum pink heels will carry her.

She can be quick. But Ethan is also, very quick. Springing up from his chair, his hand flies out to grasp at her wrist, to stop her from leaving. "It's a gift Odessa. I don't want to take advantage of you. I may not be an expert but a kiss is supposed to be a token of love. You may love that, but you don't love me." Ethan explains softly. Pulling on her wrist, trying to make her face him he tilts his head at her. "Do you?"

Odessa nearly goes tumbling as her momentum is halted by the hand on her wrist. As it stands, she stumbles forward one pace before stumbling back another two. "I don't know," she answers honestly, only turning to face him when he tugs at her to do so. Even then, she can't hold his eyes, but instead stares at a spot just to the left of his nose.

Watching her eyes, he supposes it is her nervousness that makes this easier. How unsure she is of the situation. Her actions personifying his thoughts. His hand slips from her wrist down to her hand, his other arm raising to slip around her waist. The Wolf slowly pulls the woman in as his head cocks to the side and he drifts forward. 'I don't know.' Good enough…

His lips part slightly as he goes to take in the first kiss he has had in a very long time.

Odessa meets Ethan's lips with a fierceness she won't even be able to explain to herself later. She's unpracticed, but makes up for it in willingness. One hesitant hand reaches around Ethan's body, fingers trembling as they rest against his shoulder. 'I don't know' is good enough for her.

For a moment, Ethan's body is rigid, though then he completely relaxes against her. Releasing her hand, it climbs up to cradle the back of her head. He matches her willingness as well now. He may not be able to explain this to himself later as well, but for now it is good enough for him as well. His hand on the small of her back brings her even closer so there is no space between them.

Odessa's own stiffness melts away, coinciding with a little mewling sound from the back of her throat. She wraps her free arm around his waist, grabbing a handful of the back of his shirt and holding on for dear life as he pulls her closer.

Bringing his mouth back for a moment he turns his head the other way and starts it all over again. This time more tongue is involved. His feet slowly backpedal, though his embrace around her is tight and will not relinquish anytime soon. He guides her towards the couch, not breaking the kiss until just before he reaches the couch. "Thank you for making dinner."

The invasion of his tongue does cause the woman in his arms to freeze up again, movements all the more timid, but she's learning even if she doesn't know how to respond. Odessa sticks with the motions she can understand and carry out, like walking forward as he guides her toward the couch. "Yeah, sure," she whispers back, extremely bewildered.

And then Ethan goes back in, less tongue involved now. Going to fall back onto the couch he pulls the woman down with him. His eyes open for a moment to match hers as he pulls away for a moment. Simply gazing into her eyes he takes a moment of silence before taking advantage of the moment to say something extremely romantic. "Would you like to watch a movie?"

Odessa's descent to the couch and on top of Ethan is anything but graceful, an awkward sprawl of limbs and maybe a knee to the thigh for a moment before she's able to shuffle and pull the weight off of him. "That depends. Are we making out?" she asks him, serious again.

Though he allows her movement, he keeps his arms around her snugly. "We could be. I suppose that's up to you." Ethan says lightly. "Are you alright?" He asks curiously.

"If we're making out," Odessa says hesitently, "then I think I would like to keep doing that." She blushes a furious shade of scarlet, turning her face away in embarrassment. "I'm fine," she insists. "I don't understand how I feel right now, but… I think it's good?"

One hand raises up slowly, his fingers apply themselves to Odessa's cheek. His thumb brushes against her jawline as he pulls her in once again to continue where they left off. Those fingers wander through her hair as they connect once again. Sliding back on the couch, he pulls her along with him.

Odessa 'mmms' quietly as he pulls her in again. Her back arches just slightly, instinct kicking in here and there. A hand on the cheek. A squeeze on the shoulder. Parting lips and darting tongue. Slowly, she's learning.

Ethan increases in intensity, though he takes a moment to pause. He pulls back for a moment, "Odessa?" He asks softly, leaning back in he plants a kiss on her forehead. Then leans in and plants a kiss on her neck, though he avoids the brand new jewelry adorning it. He will wait for her response, before asking his followup question. Another kiss to the other side of her neck. "What is your ability?" He asks ever so softly.

Odessa gasps and shivers, stomach tight and chest fluttering with a need she doesn't understand. "If- If I don't tell you… Oh." She tips her head back and stares desperately toward the ceiling. "You'll stop kissing me, won't you?"

A light smile goes on his lips. "No.. When you trust me you'll tell me." Ethan whispers softly. Craning his neck forward he plants several more kisses on Odessa's exposed neck with her head tilted back. He doesn't stop. And a hand runs through her hair soothingly. "Never mind."

The blonde grips tightly to Ethan now, a moan escaping her lips that sounds more like a squeak. "Thank God," Odessa breathes.

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