Kissing With Tongues


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Scene Title Kissing With Tongues
Synopsis Tracy gives Magnes a not-so-rude awakening, he asks for sex under false pretenses, she corrects his pretenses, and he proceeds to freak out and jump from a window. This never happened!
Date May 31 2009

Stracy's Place

Super swanky!

She did leave him hanging there, by the door, where he passed out with the liquor. Thank god, he shouldn't have had enough to throw up - at least, not in her world - and it was scotch, so a hangover is unlikely. But, then again, one never knows. So Tracy is preparing to face the worst as she rolls out of bed this morning after giving her alarm clock a firm slap. Her hair is down and messy, and she wears a knee-length sleeveless night gown. Cotton, A-line cut, so while it's flattering, it's no more risque than a dress of the same shape and size might be. Tracy likes to be modest when she can, which is why she slips on a a light robe that goes down to her thighs before she steps out into her living room.

Floating above the couch, shirt sleepily pulled up to reveal a surprisingly trained physique, and his belt undone, Magnes is still sleeping, but he seems more comfortable and less passed out, floating only about a two feet above the couch with his arms spread out. "N-no, Miss Strauss, I'm not ready… well… I guess you could do that for a while…" he speaks in his sleep, with a wide grin on his lips.

What?! Oh god. Tracy's about to turn for the kitchen, but she stops, thinking. Is she really this evil? Yes, yes she is. Slipping off her robe and gently laying it on the coffeetable as though it were tossed there, she straddles the arm of the sofa, and leans towards Magnes. And yes. She kisses him - square on the teeth. Not just a little peck, either, she's going for broke if he'll let her.

Magnes is easily pushed down by her weight, and his hands instinctively touch her face, following her lead in the kiss, because he has no idea what he's doing, especially in his sleep. But then his eyes start to open, and, there's a scent, a feminine scent, and, lips, those aren't Abby lips… He lightly moves his arms around, as if he has no idea what to do, but makes no actual action to break the kiss, because, well, he is a guy, and the kiss isn't bad, and he just woke up from a very good dream. But wait, why is he being kissed… alcohol, Tracy, her house, it's all coming back to him… oh god!

Tracy isn't just going to let him settle for a kiss. She's 'twenty-five' and there's experience that comes with that, and Tracy's a naturally sensual woman. She slips her tongue along his, biting softly on his lower lip and tugging it just so as she pulls away. In an afemminate gesture she raises a hand, stroking Magnes' hair back from his forhead. "Good morning, baby. How are you feeling?" She asks, eyes sparkling. This is a riot. "Last night was phenomenal."

"A kiss with tongues…" Magnes licks his lips, cheeks as bright as they can possibly get without a full blown nosebleed. His face can only be summed up as 'mind blown', staring up at her in sheer awe. "I-I had sex? But I can't even remember! God, I'm totally not ready for sex yet, well, I don't think I am at least. But I did it with you and can't remember! That's, not fair at all…" Averting his eyes, various things go through his head, mostly the 'not fairness' of it all. If he's had sex, damnit, he's going to remember in a repeat performance! "C-can we, I mean, u-uh, what I'm trying to say is… can we do it again?"

She could run with this. She could be that woman. But she's not, instead she just pats his cheek a few times, grinning. Leaning close, her breath hot on his neck, she whispers, "I meant the pizza." And with that, she's standing and sweeping up her robe, tying it around herself again and heading for the kitchen, leaving him there. Mindblown.

Magnes' eyes widen, possibly having entered his limit breaker of awkward, the entire room practically spinning. "I, uh, um." Quickly standing up, he pulls his shirt down, quickly making his way to the window. "I'm sorry I bothered you, I'm gonna go home now!" Because there's no way he can look her in the eye without his mind completely exploding.

Tracy can't hold back now, she finally laughs. In her defense, she manages to keep it contained. "You are a flighty one, aren't you." She notes, taking the coffee in both hands and stepping back into the living room, inhaling it's black scent. She likes her coffee like she likes her men: Powerful.

Magnes destroyed a whole city street! Well, with maybe a little help from a crazy guy throwing large chunks of concrete into buildings… "This is so weird, I just asked a woman for sex, what's wrong with me? I, I'm gonna, I'll pretend this never happened, no, none of it happened. I've only kissed one girl, I've never felt, u-uh, tongue, and I never asked for sex… God I'm such a pervert." He starts fiddling with her window, obviously having no idea how to get it open.

She sips her coffee, still amused. "You're not the only person ever to ask me for sex, of either gender. It doesn't make you a pervert, it makes you human. Now just relax, take a pill." She sips her coffee again, kicking up on her sofa. "You're quite the late bloomer."

"But you don't get it, I've never asked anyone anything like that before, I only asked because I thought we already did it, and I figured, why not…" Magnes groans, still trying to open the window. "And I'm not a late bloomer! I'm fully done with puberty. Can you please open this window so I can jump out?"

Tracy sets her coffee down on the table - on a coaster - and walks over easily, leaning over and around him to reach the window and push it open easily. Then she steps back, smirking at him. "Hey," she says to get his attention in case he is about to jump out. "I told you I didn't need any protection." Haha. She wins!

"This never happened, proceeding to pretend this never happened, only kissed three times!" Magnes repeats rather loudly, surveying the area from the window. Chinatown, he can go there, be depressed and awkward, and totally forget this ever happened! "Ugh, tongue kissing, get it out of my head!" Of course, he doesn't sound all that convincing that he thought it was gross, especially when he idly licks his lips when he thinks she isn't looking, then just jumps out of the window. Tracy just drove a man to jump out of a window!

Don't get her wrong, she's concerned. She looks out the window after him, checking to make sure he didn't do anything too crazy. "Use the door next time!" She shouts into the wind after him, chuckling and shaking her head. She won!

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