Knowing When To Hold Them


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Scene Title Knowing When To Hold Them
Synopsis The twins finally finagle an interview with Tracy Strauss. So, about that window?
Date July 18, 2009

Office of Tracy Strauss

Tracy Strauss wants to do nothing more but curl up in her bed at the hotel and not come out for a day or two. Or, at the very least, cancel this interview.

Tracy is looking her same, beautiful and poised and cold, seated behind her desk with her legs crossed while she just thinks. She wears a grey top and a black high-waisted pencil skirt. The most surprising thing, perhaps, are the bandages on her arms, and cuts on her face. It's like a streak of black soot running through pure white snow. It just doesn't sit right.

But she arranged this interview last week. Some local college kids apparently, who had a friend who worked for the campaign. Seeing an opportunity to reach out to the younger generation, Tracy took it.

That was before PastNathan and FutureNathan decided to renovate her apartment and dissapear. Whatever she's thinking, it isn't good. The worst part? She is now without a plan.

So she sits, in her office, and waits.

"Are you sure she's going to see us?" Faith asks as they walk down the hallway towards Tracy Strauss' office. The press conference that was held last month is mostly forgotten, but the twins have been looking into what occurred and have been hoping that perhaps this will be the story they need to show to their boss that they are not some cub reporters.

"Look, Jeff said to drop his name and I did. It was all arranged, so I don't know what you were worried about." responds Hope, who is dressed far more professionally than her twin. Hope is wearing slacks and a blouse, while Faith is dressed down with jeans and a pullover shirt. "I can't believe you would wonder why I'm questioning you after that James Holliday fiasco." Hope pauses in her stride long enough to eye her sister. "It's not my fault he died." "It is your fault for telling me you made the interview /after/ he died." Hope trudges on. "Shut up. This is legit."

They reach the door and knock, then wait.

The secretary will answer the door, which is not Tracy's office. But the secretary's office in front of Tracy's office. The secretary will buzz them in and open the double doors into Tracy's small but spacious office. She hates having a secretary sometimes, but she's hardly ever in this office anyway.

As the girls are led in and the door closed behind them, Tracy will rise, offering her less-cut hand to them, for a shake. EAch in turn, of course. "Miss Kellys," Tracy says, managing a politcial smile. It's bright and white but it always seems like there's more to it than just the smile. "A pleasure to have you. I'm Tracy Strauss."

Faith will be the first to shake, but Hope is the first to speak. "We appreciate you giving us some of your time. We have been wanting to speak with you for quite some time. Unfortunately, things seem to be a little busy for us all. We're glad we were able to coordinate this time together." As Hope reaches to shake Tracy's hand, Faith chimes in. "Ms. Strauss, you don't mind a few pictures being taken during the interview? We were told you would be fine with it."

Tracy gestures for the girls to sit across the desk, and she herself does the same. "There's some White House photographs I can send you, if you don't want to wait. I'd prefer not having my picture taken until I'm healed." Showing up with scratches and cuts will not make for a very attractive photograph, nor a good message. "I don't have terribly long, but I'm more than happy to answer some questions for you. President Petrelli's administration is very interested in engaging the younger generations in his presidency."

Apparently the scratches have been fairly well covered with make up as it isn't until 'healing' is mentioned that the twins notice something is wrong with the assistant. "Are you okay? Did something happen to you?" It's Faith who speaks. "I haven't read anything about you getting hurt in the paper." Faith's camera is placed back in her bag as the two take a seat. Hope's eyes light up at the possibility of a potential scoop from Tracy Strauss.

Tracy chuckles, though inside she's very much not chuckling. "It's hardly worth hitting the papers. I was trying to install a new window on my apartment and it turns out I couldn't do it myself. Hardly newsworthy." She explains with a dismissive hand. "It's not like the Ambassador to the UN pushed me down the stairs and broke my elbow. But please, I'm sure this is hardly what you wanted to discuss."

Hope eyes Tracy for a moment, then pulls out her voice recorder. "It doesn't seem all that newsworthy. Hope you hired a professional to get it done right." she smiles over at the woman. Faith, really having nothing more to do, just leans back against her chair and listens.

Hope flips on the recorder. "You were going to make an announcement at your last press conference, but there was a disturbance. Did you have any comments about that disturbance? Any idea what may have caused it?"

Well at least this is a safe topic for now. Glancing at the recorder, Tracy sits back and begins to speak slowly and easily, knowing that transcribing can be a bitch. "Unfortunatly there's no way to please everyone. The actions that occured at my last press conference were brought about by a very small minority who feel that FRONTLINE is not something that would be good for the country and who have turned to violence in protest instead of contacting their congressmen, organizing ralliers, or utelizing many of the other techniques citizens of the United States can employ to have their voices heard."

Hope glances over at Faith for a moment before turning back to Tracy. She has the look that might indicate she's formulating her next question. "Your stance on the FRONTLINE is well documented, but perhaps you can tell me exactly what the FRONTLINE is and what the President intends to accomplish with the formation of it." Hope has done a little homework, and to allow Tracy to talk about things that are important to her seems to make sense to her. She'll follow with a few tough questions before this is over and done.

Tracy bows her head in a graceful, swanlike nod. "Of course." She says, resting her hands atop her desk, and a closed manilla folder there placed. "FRONTLINE is a special-ops branch of the U.S. Military that was just passed this month. It's membership is made up entirely of Evolved as a last line of defense against any Evolved threat to the safety of all our citizens, Evolved and Non-Evolved alike. FRONTLINE was created to counter ambitions like those of the terorrist Sylar, so that the horror of the bombing that occured here in New York will never again be felt by any American. Does that answer your question?"

There's an exchange of glances between the twins, and this time Faith chimes in before her sister can get out another question. "So you think that an Army of evolved soldiers could have stopped the bomb that happened here? In what way would they have been able to prevent that from happening? I mean, from what I know of the bombing, it was an evolved person who was responsible. It isn't like an object that could have been disarmed, right?" Hope doesn't seem all that put out by her sister's intrusion. It is a good question.

Tracy quickly shakes her head. "No, I'm not saying that at all. It's impossible to say what could have been in the past. Also, I'd like to correct your assesment that FRONTLINE is going to create an 'army of Evolved.' That's grossly innacurate. The FRONTLINE bill clearly states, as I just said, that it will create a special ops branch of the U.S. Military, similar to the Navy SEALS or the Army Rangers. They are going to be a group of individulas with the talent, skills and training needed to go into dangerous situations to covertly protect our country from any Evolved threat that may arise." She sits back, looking slightly more displeased after the last question.

To look displeased to a reporter is akin to leaving a trail of bread crumbs to a duck. "Well, I'm sure Faith was just using 'army' as a figure of speech. You're basically creating an evolved Military, and you think that this will help? To what degree of control will they have and what will their authority be? Will they only be authorized to act against evolved citizens. Can you elaborate more on what the duties of this military will entail?" Hope folds her hands in her lap as she gives Tracy her full attention.

Tracy sighs, lowering her head. "No, Miss Kelly. We are not going to create a whole new military. If this is the standard of your journalistic integrity I suggest you leave my office immediatly. If you are interested in ascertaining the truth about FRONTLINE, then let me tell you for a third time: We are not creating an army, or a military. An Army or Military consists of hundreds of thousands of individuals. FRONTLINE is going to operate under the same constraints and laws as the rest of the military. They are a special-ops branch. As far as their abilities go, only those in full control of their abilities will be applicable, and even then, they will undergo strict training. They will act against U.S. Civilians no more than the Navy SEALS or Army RANGERS do. As far as their duties, I am not at liberty to discuss the duties and actions of our men and women in uniform, for their own safety."

"The reason I keep using that term is that is the term that I hear when I'm out and about talking to folks about this very topic. They are under the impression that the government is creating a military of evolved citizens. So the reason we are here is to try and get the real story. Your clarifications can only serve to clear these misconceptions up about what the President is planning to do." Hope gives Tracy a winning smile. "I appreciate your understanding."

Tracy is still unimpressed, and a little cranky by the whole thing. "Perhaps if the media would be so kind as to stop using such terms in their own daily conversations, people might be more knowledgable about the truth instead of what sells better." She folds her arms, leaning forward a bit. "Did you have more questions? Assuming we have clarified what exactly it is FRONTLINE does. I can go over it again if you need."

Hope stands. "I think we have enough for now." Faith stands a moment after and glances curiously at her sister. "I thought we were going to ask.." She's stopped as Hope holds up her hand. "We'll be sure to properly educate the public as to your intent with the FRONTLINE. If you ever have the need for the press, please feel free to contact us." She digs a card out of her pocket and leaves it on Tracy's desk. "We can show ourselves out, if you prefer."

Tracy raises her brows, clearly rather surprised. She'd never met a reporter so easy to let go. She takes the card between her fingers, glancing over it. "I'll be sure to send some information over to you for your story. A copy of the bill, if you like, so you will have a nice guide of reference." She remains seated, noticing that the one girl probably doesn't want to shake hands.

Hope nods, her mouth curled up into a grin. "That would be /great/," she responds, placing emphasis on the word 'great'. "Enjoy the rest of your day, Ms. Strauss." She hooks her hand into the crook of Faith's elbow and leads her from the office.

Once in the hallway, Faith turns to her sister. "I thought you wanted to ask her about the ice?" Hope shakes her head, "It wasn't time to bring that up. Let's give her some good press and perhaps she'll open up to us more. This FRONTLINE thing is a big deal and if we give it a positive spin, she might be a little more appreciative, and.." Faith finishes Hope's thought for her, ".. a little more responsive to more questions in the future. That makes sense. I just wish I'd gotten some pictures. Do you believe that window story? Tracy Strauss does not look like someone who installs her own windows." The conversation fades as the twins leave the building.

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