Terrence Knowles
Portrayed By Djimon Hounsou
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Metal Mimicry
Age 42
Date of Birth 42 years ago. Obviously.
Date of Death Give it a little while
Occupation SCOUT
Family Jennay Knowles (daughter, 17), Shawn Knowles (son, 14)
Significant Other(s) Claire Knowles (wife)
First Appearance A Kiss Good Night
Last Appearance

A veteran to the police force, and a major asset to SCOUT. Mentor, guru, father, he has taken to many different roles of raising up younger people to be the best they can be. His partner — the guy he tries to keep out of trouble — is Jordan Baxter. By the way, he can turn his skin into metal. (This character is currently an NPC and potentially up for adoption.)

Character History:

I guess if I was to tell my life story, I guess I would have to start with my parents. Where does one start if not for their parents? I'd like to say I was one of those kids raised in the hood, never knew my old man had a struggling single mom. But that wasn't the case. My father was a humanitarian. A, ah shit.. I forgot the word. Philanthropist? I'm not sure if that's the right word, I'm not famous for my vocabulary. Anyways, pops was working in Sierra Leone, and guess what, he fell in love. So by all rights, I'm half Sierra Leonian, and trust me when I say you never want to go there. Visits to my mom's side of the family always gave me bad feelings in my stomach. Some crazy horrible stuff went down over there man, stuff nobody should have to go through. I guess maybe seeing terrible stuff like that is what inspired me to become a cop. Stop the badguys, that kind of thing. But shit, I'm gettin' ahead of myself.

My family was never hard on cash. But I went to school in the inner city.. And, having money was a bad thing with the kids I rolled with. So I was a suburban boy hangin' with the gutter boys, playin with the metal toys, tryin' to be a ghetto boy. I was a young kid, I was impressionable, I got mixed in a bad crew and I ran the wrong way. I know this now.. Back then… Well, I was young. My dad got concerned, as parents often do. A little too much weed, a little too much hood talk.. I was able to play it cool. But my dad made sure I was shipped off as soon as I could.

So I was an Airforce boy. I became a mechanic, working on those real tough big machines. I don't know why airforce. But, it is what it was. And it was airforce. So I did my time, it wasn't bad after all. But military wasn't the life for me. And my dad wanted me to get school. And school I got. During that time, unfortunately my lovely mother died. She was replaced, not but a year after, I guess the man couldn't handle being alone. Not too long after that, he died. Leaving all the money to my step mother, who as luck would have it, hates me. I don't know why.. But my life of breezing by and not having to worry about finances was over.

I never finished my degree. But I got a job as a police officer. I started out as your everyday cop. Don't get me wrong, I was committed to the cause. I worked the shifts no one wanted to work, I busted my ass. You know why? Cause I fell in love. I got married, and I burnt the fat off my soul so I could provide for her and the family we would bring into the world. I was only twenty-five back then… A lot of time has passed since then..

Partners come and go, but the most interesting was Jordan Baxter. A punk kid who didn't want to apply himself, but thought the world of himself at the same time. He had spirit, and he was madly in love with himself. I didn't have much respect for him then. Really, I don't think anybody on the force did. It was a pain in the ass when I got partnered with him. But eventually he mentioned he had a problem with smoking. I had gone through addictions, I was able to coach him out of it. And even though I didn't respect the kid just yet, I guess I started to like him. He's a cocky sun of a bitch, but he's a friend of the family. Especially when we found out we were way more in common than we thought.

You see, I'm Evolved, I didn't always know it. And even though Baxter was a punk kid, he was a punk kid who could fly. It all came out late one night when something simple got very complicated. Shots were fired on Jordan, and I took em. I thought I was going to die, and I guess.. I guess I was alright with that. I was scared for my family sure, but at least I knew Jordan would do everything in his power to look after them. But, the thing is, I didn't die. In fact the bullets didn't penetrate at all. They bounced off my chest. I can turn my skin into metal, it's a neat trick, especially neat for the work I do. Jordan helped me out, and I am eternally grateful to him for that. I wanted to use our powers.. I wanted to turn us into Batman and Robin I guess, he wasn't so hip on the idea. But eventually, a bomb came. I registered. It made things.. awkward, to say the least. Even with my family. But the guys on the force were brutal. I had been there so many years, and friends that I had made years back, turned their backs on me. I sat by myself a lot. People tried to avoid getting shifted with me. But eventually, Baxter was there. And I finally respected him. He's still an arrogant stupid son-of-a bitch, but I love the kid. I have his back, and he has mine. I've had to straighten him out a few times, show some tough love, but it's for his benefit. Eventually SCOUT was formed, and the kid and I joined. Now we're trying to make the world a better place. And keep him away from my daughter at the same time. Tough life.

Evolved Human Ability:

Terrence has the ability to transmute his own skin into an extremely hard and ductile metal alloy. The specific composition and nature of this alloy is as yet unknown and is incredibly difficult to study, though experimentation and experience have shown that the magnetic field it casts is weak. When oriented around the movements of Terrence's own body, its cohesion and flexibility are just like normal skin, allowing him his full range of movement including blinking, breathing, and the subtleties of facial expressions and speech.

To all external impacts, however, Terrence is remarkably resistant. Armor-piercing bullets only scratch him, and a high-way car crash wouldn't dent him. All sensation is slightly dulled but not nearly negated through his transmuted skin. He is roughly thirty pounds heavier than normal, which can give him an edge in damage output but not strength in dead lift. The mechanism that generally allows his brain and nervous system such seamless communication with this skin also allows him to carry the additional weight without difficulty.

While his skin is metal, Terrence is made extremely vulnerable to electric shocks and extremes of heat, which can exploit the conductivity of his skin and damage its contents. Electricity is also capable of disrupting the electron flow that attunes the alloy to his flesh and functions, momentarily shorting out his ability or immobilize him. In the latter case, it's harder to breathe and impossible to blink or speak.

Due to the fact that his innards remain in their ordinary biological state, Terrence is still susceptible to head concussions and internal injuries that result from those parts bouncing around inside him, as well as fractures. The armor coverage is limited to regular skin: his hair becomes wire and fingernails like alloy chips, but his teeth/mouth, eyes, and inner-ears remain biologically normal. If dazed or unconscious, he immediately reverts out of his metal skin.


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