Konga's Gonna Kill You


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Scene Title Konga's Gonna Kill You
Synopsis Konga's first battle inside the cage is against Trask, who has everything to fight for.
Date February 23, 2009


The room is not quiet. The bars of the cage like the grill of chickenwire arch over thier heads, but it is not all that different from the bread and circuses of Rome. Dirty unwashed masses make bets just beyond the arena, but inside it is just the gladiators. In this case the man waiting in the cage is dressed simply, boots and pants, gloves and a black scarf across his face, but nothing else. No flashy fireworks or Technicolor display of power. Just one man in a cage, waiting for his doom.

"KONGA! KONGA!" the chant arises inside the building, almost thunderously so. The word has spread throughout the island of the monster female and her physcial prowess. Rumors of a mugging gone awry has also added to the legend that is Konga. The thick skinned female, weighing nearly 300 pounds turns around and grabs the cage, giving it a violent shake as she lets out a roar. She was told to put on a show, and so she does. She finally turns to face her opponent, with nostrils flared and a snarl on her lips. She has already armored up her skin, making it thick like a rhino, not willing to trust the time it would take to make the transformation during the fight. The male looks small. Weak. Like the other. Though, there's something about him. She will not take him lightly.

Gerard speaks softly, under his breath, the words mostly crushed by the crowd, it seems to be a prayer, caught on the wind, the spanish word "morte" is one of the few that makes it through the scarf over his mouth. He does not speak otherwise when Konga enters, does not preen or pose, merely standing, watching her, preparing.

With narrow eyes she steps forward. Just a step, then another. She gives her head a curious tilt as she hears him speak, but otherwise she doesn't respond, except with a grunt and a growl as she slams a fist into her other hand. "FIGHT!" she snarls! One of the few words she has learned during her short time here. "FIGHT!" she beckons him. She makes her way to the center of the cage and waits to see if he will man up and meet her face to face."

Gerard steps away from the wall toward the center of the room, his hands are at his sides, but ready for a lunge. He still does not take an aggressive action, merely watching the mountain before him, he seems willing to let her take the first move.

There is almost a hesitation in the beast as she can't figure out why the man is not putting on a display as she was instructed to do. The crowd's chant begin to change as they pick up: "Konga's Gunna Kill You. Konga's Gunna Kill You." Someone outside the cage is screaming, though the roar of the crowd easily drowns it out. She finally charges him, arms in front of her, balled up in fists as she takes a wild swing towards the side of his head. It's not a practiced shot, but a shot meant to do alot of damage if she actually hits. She is slowed somewhat by her armored skin, but her fists have added additional weight, as much as a roll of quarters.

Gerard was trained by the US Army and the NYPD speicifically in self defense. As a smaller man, he knows a lot about the theories that whatever is in motion, tends to stay in motion, it takes much less force to side step the charging Rino, and to with a simple nudge push her on into the cage wall. It isn't flashy, and it's likely not a crowd pleaser, and it will never win a fight. But it keeps a man alive, and he has very different goals then his opponent does.

Her goal is only to win. The cage rocks against her weight and she snarls as she charges wildly again towards him. This time she seeks to just knock him on his ass. Once there, she'll figure out what to do with him then. Her shoulder out as she is planning to use her shoulder and her weight and bowl him down.

Gerard goes low this time, attempting to slip under her, likely a bad idea, but worth a shot. His smaller size a benefit as he tries to leg sweep her, the end result being he is on the ground whether he takes her down or not.

She grunts. She honestly didn't expect to have this much trouble with him. However, her tree trunk legs are not going to move that easily and when he's down there, she does what she thinks is best and just falls, trying to crush him beneath her with her massive frame.

Gerard ommfs, and he is landed on. It brings flashbacks to when a tank engine block fell on him during a maintence cylce. It at least still had three of four chains holding it up, this is more like dead weight, a lot of dead weight. Gerard tries to wedge his legs under him to roll her off him, getting his arms in between his chest and her to provide space to breathe.

She deadweights him, goal now to just slow him down so she can have her way with him. She lifts her arm and tries to drive forearm after forearm to his head and face. The crowd begins to liven up after a slow start, seeing the one they came to see start to take charge and attempt to do some damage. The forearm shots, if they hit, would be heavy with thick skin as she seeks to draw first blood in this encounter.

Gerard takes the first couple of hit, blood comes rather quickly, as his pretty face is pounded. He then slips the weight as it shifts for another strike, rolling out and away. Taking his first truly offensive move, he brings his foot around in a long sweeping kick to bring the heel down like a hammer on the back of one of her knees just as she is about to get up.

Unexpected. As he slips from under her, she tries to scramble up onto her feet, but the added weight of the extra armor that is her skin slows her down. The kick to the back of the knee drops her back down onto her knees. She takes a wild swing at him from her knees, which misses by a mile and she continues to struggle back to her feet. She roars out in frustration as she tries to shrink down her skin so she can increase her speed, but nothing happens. That would be the first time she could not control her skin. She eyes him with new appreciation now as she increases her struggle to get up onto her feet.

Gerard doesn't let up now, as long as she is down, and can't get up, she can't hurt him. He dances in, and gives her a kick in just the right places to keep her from getting up, keep her off balance, knees, rear, hand. He does his best to dance back out before she can grab at him.

The crowd, as fickle as they are, have begun to see an upset in the making as the smaller man keeps the monster down on her knees. Unfortunately, those short jabs and kicks are not hurting her, just keeping her off balance. The only ones having any effect at all are the ones to the back of her knees, which is how he kept her down in the first place. As he comes in close for another shot, she reaches for one of his ankles, trying to pull it towards her so he falls backwards on to the back of his head.

Gerard is pulled short as she gets one of his legs and pulls like a little kid on thankgiving who has gotten his hands on the drumstick, he goes flying backwards hard, his head striking cold hard concrete with a satisfying crack. Not enough to break the skull, but more then enough to lead to brief unconsiousness and a possible concussion.

She finally gets to her feet as he cracks his head on the floor. She staggers over and stands over her fallen foe and reaches down and grabs him around the throat by both hands. Somehow, she senses that he's still got a little fight in him. She yanks him up by his neck and holds him up in the air before slamming him against the cage. She then runs towards him as he's propped up against the cage, planning to bulldoze all of her weight into him as he's got no where to go but splat. Her body rushes towards him like a train, not slowing down.. only gaining speed as she plans to crush him.

Gerard is thrown through the air like a rag dog, he comes to as he strikes the wall of the cage, he is shaking his head, as his ear catch the sound and the vibration in the floor, he doesn't think, he just rolls, away from the charge. He doesn't stop till he gets to the far edge of the cage, to give him enough time to get up while she is recovering from her charge.

She couldn't stop even if she wanted to, her body racing towards the cage. When he moves, she hits it full force and staggers backwards, momentarily stunned. Her forehead bleeds as it's one of the few places she cannot armor. She shakes her head, trying to clear the cobwebs of confusion from the impact, reaching up to hold her head. When she pulls back her hand, she sees the blood, becoming distracted by her own mortality.

Sergei Traskovich was a druggie, and a drug dealer, years after his death he became known as a terrorist and freedom fighter. Norton Trask was a police officer, a loyal friend, and a defender of the weak, an American Soldier. Gerard Harris though has one goal, survival, nothing else is important. He knows he has someone out there waiting for him, and he /has/ to come back to her. He sees his moment, and he pounces on the back of the creature while she is stunned, his scarf comes off his face and wraps around her neck, twisting tight like a garrotte as he tries to compress her wind pipe through the layers of armor.

Suddenly, she feels him on her back and she cannot breath. Her lungs try to expand but there's nothing, nothing at all but a very tiny wheeze, just a minute amount of oxygen passing through. She begins to panic, the whites of her eyes as large as they've ever been as she tries to suck in that all important air, as blood trickles down her face. She suddenly backpedals, her body with him on her back moving towards the cage as she tries once again to crush him against it.

Gerard holds on, hard and tight, trying to continue his sleeper hold, as she hurtles into the cage behind hi, he braces himself to take the damge of the hit, without letting go.

The beast staggers forward, then slams backwards again and again. She cannot quite get enough air. The crowd, who has no idea who this male fighter is starts to get behind him. "Kill her! Kill the freak!" they chant, over and over again. She staggers out into the center of the room and just falls backwards, hoping to crush him beneath her one more time.

Gerard clings to her, as she falls back, holding onto the scarf like his life depends on it. He closes his eyes and winces, trying to take her weight on his side as she comes down on him.

She lies there on top of him, her massive frame, weighted down by the extra layers of skin that she armors herself with as her arms fall limp at her sides. There is nothing worse than dead weight, and while technically not dead yet, she has lost consciousness right on top of the man.

Gerard has released the scarf around her neck, when she stops struggling, he can tell she is still breathing, unfortunately, he is somewhat smothered, as the world goes blurry outside he sees Elisabeth, she is beckoning to him, he whispers, "I'm coming back….I promised" and the darkness. The crowd looks on to two unconscious fighters lieing still in the middle of the cage. A draw pays out to noone but the house, and there is a near riot as everyone realizes they have all lost thier bets.

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