Koschek Still Alive

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leader of the foiled Russian coup-de-tat by Evolved extremists, Vladimir Koschek released a video today stating that he is still alive and in hiding and urges the people of Russia to rise up against what Koscheck has called a "totalitarian regime parallel to the corrupt American government."

Koscheck, who in June of 2009 attempted a bloody military coup-de-tat in Russia has been missing and presumed dead for just over a year since the rebellion failed to overthrow the current Russian government. Along with several key members of the Russian military, Koscheck's attempted assassination President Medvedev in June of 2009 failed to claim the President's life, which began a prolonged insurgency in the city of Moscow.

Koscheck's uprising was made in response to national sentiments about the formation of an Evolved registry similar to that currently in place in the United States and many other countries around the world. Following an attack on Koscheck's presumed whereabouts in August of 2009, he was believed to have been killed and the rebellion was quickly broken up.

The release of this video, which shows Koscheck in good health, is believed to affirm to his remaining supporters in Russia and those who fled the country following the failed coup that the rebellion still has life left within it. Despite claims that the video of Koscheck is recent there is no proof established within the footage to outright support claims that Koscheck survived the August 2009 conclusion of the coup.

The Russian government has made no official statement on Koscheck's video.

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