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Scene Title Kryptonite
Synopsis This whole situation just might be both of theirs.
Date March 24, 2011

A Crappy Motel Room

There is a light on in the window of Lynette's motel room, as well as some TV movie playing in the background that she's not actually watching. No, no, in reality, she's lounging on the bed reading a book. (It's a romance novel, if the cover is anything to judge by.)

But the real oddity comes from the fact that sitting on the table in the room is a pizza box, full and fresh and waiting and under the table is some beer even. Is this the right room?

Knuckles rap softly against the door to the motel room, the man attached to them stands stoically and yet alert. Wary of anyone watching as he waits for the door to be opened.

"Lynette?" Is rumbled out softly in a familiar voice, in case there is any doubt who her caller might be. None other then Benjamin Ryans. That guy she's been seeing on and off. He stands in the doorway in his familiar brown duster and fedora. His clothing more like something off a farm, plaid and blue jeans.

When the door opens, he'll have a soft smile for her, something genuine… rare for anyone outside those closest to him. It creases the corners of his eyes and deepens the lines along side his mouth, aging him a little.

It's just a moment, long enough for her to toss her book aside and get to the door, before she opens the door. His smile makes her smile in return and she leans a bit against the door as she looks up at him. "Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes," she says, that smile turning crooked. "Come on in," she says, opening the door wider and beckoning him in. "I hope you came hungry. I took the liberty of getting dinner."

"It's good to see you," Ben rumbles warmly. "And food would be great. I forgot to eat lunch today." His mouth hitching up a little on one side. A mild sign of amusement.

Stepping inside Ryans slides an arm around her waist, the calluses of his work roughened hand catching lightly on the fabric of her clothing, until it comes to rest in the middle of her back. He uses that arm to pull her close, out of the door way, while giving her a warm kiss in greeting. At the same time, his other hand reaches up to snag the door and swing it shut behind then, a nudge of his foot makes it click shut.

Lynette sighs, an indulgent, amused sound before she teases, "Still haven't learned how to take care of yourself, hmm?" But as he pulls her in for that greeting, her smile widens and she is all too happy to return the sentiment in kind.

With her arms wrapped around his neck, Lynette just takes a moment before she leans back a little to look at him again. "I don't know about you, but my week just got better." Her smile turns wry again as she reaches up to pick up his hat and drop it on her own head. "How've you been, Ben?"

"Much better now," Ryans states, with amusement coloring his tone, eyes lifting to the hat on her head. The arm doesn't loosen around her right away, but his other hand moves to settle the hat a bit straighter on her head, before the brush pale hair behind her ear. "Mostly recovered, in fact." Meaning that stab wound he received, for one.

The fingers trail along her cheek, before Benjamin finally loosens his hold, though fingers linger on her waist. "How about you? I guess… all of you really." It'll take some getting use to, her new ability and multiple personalities.

"Glad to hear it," Lynette says, her hand coming to rest against the back of his neck. "Although, I wasn't too worried, you're an awfully stubborn man." Which is, of course, part of his charm. She leans into that touch to her cheek, her eyes closing for a moment.

"Well, one of us is still sick and out of the loop. We hear she's up to hallucinating now, so maybe being disconnected is for the best. The rest of us are… a tad frustrated. I've found out I've had one of those odd dreams going around and it wasn't terribly pleasant. Oh, and the kicker."

There, a little annoyance enters her voice, although he can tell she's trying to be calm about it.

"We've been asked to consider the network helping hide Bella Sheridan. Eileen asked me to hear them out on the subject." Her lips press into a line line, but it's her hand's grip on his shoulder and his arm around her that really give away the tension she feels on this particular subject.

"Dream? Like the one I had with Sumter in it?" Ryans asks curiously, loosening his hold on her so that he can shrug the heavy duster off his shoulders, which reveals his small arsenal of weapons. The shoulder holster, the knife clipped to his belt and when he turns to drape the coat over the back of a chair, the revolver at his back. "So it's not an isolated incident?"

The mention of Bella has Ryans' features falling into a neutral look, lips pressed into a fine line. Knowing Lynette hatred of the woman, he doesn't feel he should voice his opinion on the matter. Having been the Assistant Director he knew her briefly. Avoided her really.

Ben doesn't like shrinks.

"Really?" As he turns back towards her, he tips up a single brow. "Are you going to hear her out?"

"Not isolated anymore. I know that some of the others I dreamt about also had the same dream and I suppose I need to track down Kaylee so she can get this thing figured out." Lynette frowns a little there, but her amusement comes back as his armory is revealed. "Goodness, darling, I hope all that isn't for me," she says playfully, as she moves to set his hat down on the bedside table.

But she lets out a sigh at the question, shaking her head a bit, but that apparently isn't exactly her answer. "Oh, I think it's best she and I not… be in the same room. I suspect that would lead to a terribly unflattering, hair pulling girl fight. And that's hardly the state for grown women to find themselves in." She turns back to look at him, her expression troubled, "But, apparently Francois is in her debt for something or another and I don't like the idea of leaving anyone in that situation. I suppose, if the others agree, I'll just be making sure they don't compromise things we can't have compromised in order to help her."

But her displeasure is obvious, despite her more reasonable stance on things.

There is amusement at the comment of what's he's wearing, with a grin sent her way. They won't get removed right away, but he does settle into a chair with a soft relaxing sigh. Ryans won't admit it, but he's still getting tired quickly. It's his fault really since he hasn't even slowed down since he was able to escape the infirmary.

As his spine settles against the back of the chair, he focuses on the woman. "I know she and the Institute did some horrible things to you… and to Sumter, but…" But "Maybe with an promise to find some sort of shelter — doesn't even have to be fancy — maybe she'll have some information we can use."

But then that's Ryans, Co-head of Special Activities talking, not the one that sleeps with her.

"Yeah, I know. That was pretty much what the others said. And the network exists to hide people and so on and so forth and I admit, I would probably be able to see it that way and agree if I didn't have the personal experience with her… pastimes," Lynette says, coming back over to drag a chair over next to him. "And I know, in the end, I have to make a decision as a coucilwoman and not as former captive and lab rat, but it's very hard to make that split."

She lowers herself into the chair and a hand comes up to rub her face for a moment. When that hand drops back to her lap, the woman stares distantly for a moment, silent and somber looking. But she shakes herself out of it and looks over at him. "Logic says one thing, but I just… I guess I haven't quite gotten past it all," she says, as dismissively as she can manage, while a hand brushes down a pant leg.

A hand moves to brush her own, fingers curling around it, warm and comforting. "I know. I don't blame you. If someone told me we had to give safe haven to Harper… or Eldridge," some of the Institute's baddies… men that killed Ryans' people, "I think I would be having the same issues as you are. In fact, they would have to keep me far away… cause I would put a bullet in their heads."

And that's not said idly. Even if Ben has settled into his new roll, the old grudges will never fade. "I know you'll do what you must as a leader of this organization." He then gives her a mater of fact look. You'll also know to be cautious and ready to do what needs to be done, if she turns on us. Of course, he would be too.

A hand moves to brush her own, fingers curling around it, warm and comforting. "I know. I don't blame you. If someone told me we had to give safe haven to Harper… or Eldridge," some of the Institute's baddies… men that killed Ryans' people, "I think I would be having the same issues as you are. In fact, they would have to keep me far away… cause I would put a bullet in their heads."

And that's not said idly. Even if Ben has settled into his new roll, the old grudges will never fade. "I know you'll do what you must as a leader of this organization." He then gives her a mater of fact look. "You'll also know to be cautious and ready to do what needs to be done, if she turns on us." Of course, he would be too.

Lynette looks over at him, nodding two his first point. "This network means a lot to me. To pull someone close to it who I distrust so thoroughly is a hard decision to make." But his last words get a more hardened look. "Oh, absolutely. If she hurts the Ferry, it'll be the last thing she does." And as much as Lynette isn't usually a violent person, there's just something about what happened to her over the summer that changes that.

Her hand turns under his, so she can wrap her fingers around his as well. "I'm glad you're here. I feel a lot less like I've been overreacting. Everyone else was pretty calm about it. Although, I am curious as to what Joseph will have to say about it."

"Mmm." Benjamin nods slowly in agreement. "I will be curious to see if the man of God can indeed turn the other cheek… considering some of the rumors of what's happened to him." There is a slow shrug of shoulders. "I'm sure there are plenty of folks within the organization that probably protested even me being brought in… I can't imagine anyone being pleased, less so when I was appointed to protect it."

He knows what it's like to be where Bella is, her and the old man were employed by the same people. If for different skill sets. Ryans gives her hand a gentle squeeze. "Maybe she'll redeem herself, much like I've tried too." Does he should convinced of that? No not really.

"It'll be just my luck that he'll be forgiving and magnanimous about it." Lynette lifts an eyebrow as he goes on, something sort of… amused at that particular argument. "You know, if it was anyone else trying to compare the two of you…" She would slap them across the fact, apparently.

"The difference is, Ben. You're a good man. It didn't take me very long to put aside my own misgivings about you all. You had good intentions with what you did. You really think she can claim the same? The things she does to people, she doesn't care. So. Don't think inviting you in and inviting her in are the same."

"Plenty that would disagree… Hana for one. Eric Doyle barely tolerates me." Ryans doesn't seem very upset about that, more like… resigned. Not everyone can get along like that. "And I know she did some horrible things. The Company didn't agree with the trials she held… the ones that the good Pastor got caught up in." Though he has a gut feeling that was only on the surface.

"She was suspended, I believe, when the facility was attacked." Had Ryans been around he would have heartily disagreed with what Bella did.

Lynette's hand is lifts and turned just right, so that Ryans can press a gentle, lingering kiss to the back of her hand. "It will all work out, my dear lady."

"Well, Hana's very grumpy," Lynette says dryly, a slight smile curling a corner of her lips. That's her excuse! And she's sticking with it. When he kisses her hand, though, that smile gets wider and she leans in to press her forehead against his. "I'll take your word for it," she says softly, but still with a hint of amusement there.

He doesn't try to look at her, his eyes shut as he lets his forehead touch hers. Ben gives a small content sigh, "I've missed you. Even if you can be everywhere." It's admitted almost hesitantly, as if the old man is afraid to say it.

Fingers brush her cheek, as he pulls away only enough that he can focus on her without getting all cross eyed. There is an almost serious look on his face as he studies her face this close. "I do wish we had more time to spend together." Their jobs making it hard for them to be more serious them they are.

"I'm finding…" His voice is a soft rumble as he talks to her. "I'm finding that I want to get to know you better, Lynette. That I'm missing your company." Benjamin gives her a soft smile, eyes flicking to one side to watch his fingers trace the curve of her ear. "First time in awhile that I've had any interest in someone special, since…" He stops himself there, refusing to invoke the name of a long dead wife.

"I've missed you, too," Lynette says softly, her fingers moving to run through his hair for a moment before she leans back a little, too. There's still a smile on her face as he studies her, this part isn't the difficult part for her. Those fingers trail down to brush over the scruff along his jaw as he goes on. "I wouldn't begrudge more time, either. I keep hoping, maybe things will calm down," she finishes with a crooked smile. Things calming down, it's very nearly a joke.

But there's no missing the hitch in that smile, the pause of her fingers and the momentary wariness in her gaze as it flicks away for a split second. In an attempt to cover, her hand shifts to cup his cheek instead. The fact that she doesn't bolt proves, at the very least to herself, that there's more than a fling here and maybe that freaks her out a little.

"Ruining my attempts to remain mysterious and interesting, are you?" She says, bringing that crooked smile back to her face. It's an attempt at humor that doesn't last very long. She looks down, somewhere in the vicinity of his chin, and there is a lingering pause as she gives herself an internal pep talk. "I suppose it's a good sign that someone who's seen my at my very worst still…" And maybe an external one as well. Maybe. "It's been a long time for me, too," she says, pulling that gaze up to look at his again, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't… interested, too. I do care for you, Ben."

It just scares her, is all, for whatever reason.

For both of them it's a step. An important one.

"I care about you, too." It's not the l-word, but neither of them are ready for something that complicated. "A part of me wants to see where this all goes, the other part of me is scared, worried…" Worried he's betraying a woman he was married to for more then twenty years. That is a type of commitment that's tough to let go of.

"I just…" His hand slides under her blonde locks and settles a hand behind her neck, hooking there as if he might draw her in close again, but he doesn't. Not right away. "I just felt you should know. It's something I've thought about." Cause it is scary and their ages so vastly different.

Lynette chuckles a little, it's a nervous sound, but relieved a little as well, "I'm glad you said that. I'm scared, too. But also wanting to see what happens. I've never met anyone quite like you before, Benjamin Ryans." And that part does come with a genuine smile.

Her arms wrap around his shoulders, even though there's a tremble there. "Well. I'm glad you've been thinking about it. I just… ah." Lynette closes her eyes for a moment, her eyebrows furrowed a little before she relaxes and looks at him again, "I'm not perfect, and I'm notoriously not good at the whole… dating thing. So you're going to have to… tell me if I'm screwing up. That's my caveat."

One hand moves to toy with his hair again, but she looks at him with a serious, but not unpleasantly so, expression. "I've thought about it, too. For the record. I just never… knew how to say it."

There is that deep chuckle of his, hand brushing along her arm to take her hands so that he can stand from that chair again. "Do you realized the last time I dated was in the late eighties?" If that doesn't make someone feel very young or very old…

Benjamin doesn't let go of her hands, but uses them to draw her to her feet. "So try to remember that when you mention that whole dating thing. I don't know all the new rules to it." He won't admit he doesn't even know where to start. Pulling her close again, feeling weight of her leaning against him he can't help but look vaguely amused.

"I imagine this means we'll both be fumbling around. What a pair we make," Ben muses.

"Okay, well. You have me beat there, but I don't know the rules, either. So I guess that means we get to make up our own," Lynette says as she stands and steps close to him. That reminder of his age doesn't seem to phase her, whatever laundry list of worries she has about this, age difference isn't actually one of them. She smirks a little, adding, "At least it'll be entertaining. Perhaps they'll make a TV show about it later."

For a moment she looks up at him, her smile warm, just taking him in. But it doesn't last because she leans against him a little more, lifting up on her feet to kiss him. It's better than shaking hands.

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