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Scene Title Lab-BOR-ra-tory
Synopsis Elijah meets his immediate boss and Brennan discovers that the Russian has no sense of humor.
Date December 1, 2010

Suresh Center - Second Floor

Most of the days here at the Suresh Center, on the second floor, is seeing patients. Never ending stream of people who have sought out the various floors and departments all in want of help for their SLC needs or to help others with them. As such, there's a great many people who work here and one of them is Elijah.

Brennan's finished seeing to one of the repeat patients, stripping off the gloves and disposing of them in a biological trash container, walking with the nurse who was with him. "She can go, there's not much that we can do to help her medical wise until the adyntyline comes out" He's scribbling on the clipboard as he goes.

"There's the folder of resources you can give her and her parents, make sure that she gets it. It'll help with control until the trials are done and they she can be prescribed the drug. Poor kid, secretion. Some days it's hard to believe what just springs up. Give her… this" He scribbles a number on the back of a business card, passing it over to the nurse. "Tell them to call anytime"

With that, the nurse departs leaving Brennan at the nurses station, still writing, more people to go see, issues in the labs to deal with. It's almost become a full time job, less and less time spent at the medical group these days.

He's heard of this place before, but he never actually got the opportunity to work here. No, he's been in smaller labs since he got his doctorate. So it's rather exciting to come to such a high-tech facility. He was in Chicago by the time it opened. So it is with a bit of trepadation, but quite a bit of excitement, that he is making his way in today.

His coat tucked over his briefcase, he steps off of the elevators, glancing around the medical center with large blue eyes. A faint smile rests on his lips as he makes his way further in, walking around like the obviously lost person that he is; hopefully someone will tell him where his labs are soon.

Habit to look over to the elevator when it dings, see who's coming out. Brennan does that, a glance up, two seconds to look then back down, pen still working it's way from one side to the other across the papers that populate the clipboard.

He looks up again when he's finished the notes, signed off on it with his intelligible signature and with a flourish, presents it to one of the nurses at the station. Someones lost. Could be a good thing, bad thing, who knows. They get all sorts of people here. The front of his coat has his name across is, not hard to see in the dark blue embroidery on white.

"Evolved Anonymous meeting is going on downstairs, not up here. You'll want to take the elevator back down and go to the second multipurpose room, if that's what you're here for. If not, is there anything that we can help you with Mister…" Brennan's fishing for a name, a friendly smile on his face and the whole of him turned toward the blue eyed physician.

Silence meets Brennan at first, as Elijah's blue eyes slowly trail to the name embroidered on his coat. He reads for a moment, before raising his brows, turning his gaze up to the man, a faint smile playing at the corners of his lips.

When he does answer, it is a brusque Russian accent that responds. "Ruslan. Doctor Eli Ruslan." The man's free hand thrusts out to Dr. Brennan a bit awkwardly, an offer of a handshake. "You are Doctor Harve Brennan. I am to speak to you about my new lab-BOR-ra-tory." Despite having spoken English for years, he still has troubles from time to time.

The new guy. Harve had been warned about him. By warned, it had been someone telling him that there would be a new doctor coming and to make him welcome, show him to the labs and make sure he has everything he needs. The offered hand is taken, firm grip and a nod, other hand coming it to pat Elijah's lower arm then let go. "Doctor Ruslan. Welcome to the Suresh Center. I'm glad you made it here safe and sound. Call me Harve. Everyone here does, unless it's in front of the patients. Let me show you where you can put yourself then I'll take you to the labs. I'm sorry but Dr. Luis isn't here right now or I'd introduce you to him and to Julie, that treat will have to be saved for another day" He gestures down a hall, patients doors open, closed, the very end a staff room stated on the door.

The handshake is stiff at best. Elijah never really was good at social graces, though. "Da da, good to meet you, Harve." His name sounds particularly rough in Eli's Russian accent. "I do not mind waiting to meet the others. I am mostly excited to see my lab, and all of the equipment that I was promised." He smiles up to the man. "So you are a Medical Doctor?" It is the geneticist in him that prompts a faint, undetectable flare of the nostrils. MDs are necessary, of course, but one can't help but feel a little bit superior when they have helped to isolate the Suresh Linkage Complex. Not that it shows much save for minute twitches of facial muscles.

"You can say how you really feel" He see's that flare, he's seen it from a few people. More than a few of the other doctors here that have delved into the components of a person instead of the person themselves, has that same flare, look, tone. "General Practition. Don't hold it against me, I won't it against you" He's good natured about it at least, leading the way to the staff room, pushing open the door and gesturing to one of the lockers in the nicely appointed room, his name in a temporary sticker across where his nameplate will be. "They're working on an office for you, till then, that your temporary housing for personal effects. Shouldn't be more than a day or two"

An awkward smile is offered as Elijah follows Brennan, idly running a hand over his freshly cut hair. "Medical Doctors are a neccessary profession," he murmurs. "I see merit in it. But I do not see merit in just stopping there. Cells, they are all fine, but the building blocks are in the genes." He chuckles. "But as I say, it is a necessary profession, one that the world still needs."

He places his belongings in his locker, only pulling out a thick manilla folder filled with things he's already looked into for his new project. Small, compared to the work he plans to complete here.

"We all must do jobs that others look down on. Could be worse" Harve points out, waiting at the door for Elijah to be done. "I wanted to be a garbage man" He smiles at the geneticist. "Either way, you'll be a valuable asset to the center, and welcome. Did you have any questions?"

Comedy and good humor seems lost on the stony-faced Russian. "You wanted to be a garbage man?" His nose wrinkles slightly as he fixes his tie, letting the matter go. That's something he would rather not delve into. Garbage is disgusting. "No, no questions, really. I look forward to working here, though. The Institute was kind enough to hire me before…uh, what is the phrase…'the shit hit the fan'. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue the subjects of study that have always interested me, ever since I was on Doctor Suresh's SLC team." He says that more than a little braggingly. It irritates him that Suresh is the only one who seems to be recognized for something that he worked on just as hard.

"I was a kid" That's excuse enough, at least for Brennan. When you're a kid, you want to be all sorts of things. "Could be worse. I could have been a lawyer" Oh to be a Lawyer.

Now it's time to visit the labs, show Elijah where he'll be working. Likely not near the patients. "Seems fitting then that you're here, the building was created in his honor and the work that he and his team did in discovering that which is supposedly responsible for our abilities. What exactly are they hoping that you can do here. I have to admit that a Geneticist on staff is a little different. Not that I don't mind having one on staff"

Elijah follows along after Brennan, his eyes hooded as he moves easily after the man. "Perhaps it is fitting, then. I am here to further research and to further his research. My primary goal is to find out what causes different abilities to manifest, and to in turn discover what those abilities will be, before they manifest. I believe it will be very important to discover this." A smile is offered to Brennan.

"There used to be an evolved woman here who could do that. I think her last name was Hunter? If she was still alive, I'm sure you could have picked her brain, I can tell you though, that if you can manage to figure it out, that a great many people would adore you and it would go a great distance in our helping people adapt and understand their abilities not to mention be prepared for what's going to come" They're not far from the labs, and soon enough, they're there, Brennan gesturing to the doors and opening it for Elijah to get a good look at, some people busy working away in it.

Elijah smiles, nodding slowly. "That is my hope. I know that it must be difficult for those who are Evolved but do not know what their ability will be. So it is my hope to help them out." He smiles. "It will take a long time, I am sure, but I will quite happily search our building blocks to figure it out." He grins widely, his chest swelling a little as they enter the labs, his brows raising. "Ohhh, marvelous!" He mumbles something to himself in Russian, seeming quite content with the look of the place.

Brennan doesn't have a lick of Russian under his belt, but he's a fairly good reader of body language, having had to rely on it too often in his days oversea's. With the murmur of something the MD leans over just enough to whisper "Go. Live your dream, run free little geneticist, run free!" More humor, whether it will be received well or not, who knows.

Elijah turns blue eyes toward Brennan with a rather humorless look contained within, one brow arching. Either he's too foreign to understand the humor (doubtful), or he's just a really intense guy. Probably the latter, by the way he acts. "Uh…yes. Thank you, Harve. I am sure I will see you around." With that, he raises up the manilla folder, as if it is a holy grail of information. Then, he's turning, going to find a lab coat and a suitable work surface.

Brennan lingers at the door, watching the new employee to the Suresh Center set about to working. He tilts his head a fraction before he turns and leaves, letting the door close. "Operation Russian Humorplasty" His steps carrying him back to the main area of the second floor. "I think, I need to recruit"

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