Lab Rats


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Scene Title Lab Rats
Synopsis A quick conversation between Matt and Mohinder concerning Kazimir's lastest scheme.
Date January 1, 2009

Nondescript Homeland Security Facility

One of Homeland Security's more discreet New York offices is decked out with all of the shiniest scientific splendor one could expect a geneticist would need.

It may only be for appearances, but Mohinder Suresh's office and lab within one of Homeland Security's more discreet New York offices is decked out with all of the shiniest scientific splendor one could expect a geneticist would need. Though it isn't as if Mohinder uses it all that often, it is the place Matt Parkman comes to seek out the scientist.

He would have come first thing in the morning if his schedule were not otherwise taken up with so many other things. After the still under wraps attempt on the President-Elect's life, inauguration preparations are even more intensive than before. That, plus the current threat against the world's population (and trying to keep it out of the CIA or Defense Department's immediate, meddling hands) have Parkman run rather ragged. When he steps into the lab's adjoining office as if it were his own, he's drinking from a Styrofoam cup of coffee as if it were some life-giving, necessary drug, without which he would collapse and perish imminently.

Mohinder is here, and what's more, he's actually working. The centrifuge is running, and Mohinder is here, wearing a lab coat like a suit of armor. He's looking at some samples under a microscope, and alternate checking some computer readouts. When the door opens, he looks up and then smiles quite genuinely. "Matt!" he says, obviously happy to see him. "How are you?" he pauses, "Don't answer that, you look dreadful. What's going on?"

"Oh, you know. Trying to stop the world from ending tomorrow," Matt answers when he finally brings his now half-empty cup away from his mouth. "I know you're busy with other things, but did you get a chance to look over the files I had dropped off?" The ones concerning the virus that the Kazimir Volken Group is planning to unleash - one that would kill 93 of the world's population. "I need to know if they're making this thing themselves or if someone else already has and they're just planning on letting it lose. The C-D-C runs a pretty tight ship, but you never know. You know?"

Mohinder nods grimly, "Oh, I know. I read that report. I can say pretty conclusively that it's someone within Kazimir's group that's doing it. There's something familiar about it, but I don't think anyone from the CDC has their fingers in this particular pie, Matt. Which is in some small portion a relief."

It is grim news, for Matt, who had been hoping on the virus's origin giving them all some sort of lead. "Oh," he says, hanging his head in thought but obvious disappointment as well. "What about…well, other medical research…facilities?" It's true, after all, that the Primatech Paper Company and Homeland Security are working hand in hand on many matters, and that Matt Parkman could easily walk in and have a fine discussion with Sabra Dalton, or Bob Bishop before her, but truth is a hard thing to distil even from the mouths of those particular horses' mouths.

Mohinder ponders this for a moment. "Well, I could check into it. But it'd be hard to figure out where, really. It's not like there's any real way to trace that." he lets things pause for a minute. "I'll see what I can have for you in the next couple of days."

"Thanks," Matt says with a tired attempt at a smile. "And if you could make this your top project, that'd be great too." It's a command, if a subtle one. Matt nods, then starts for the door again. "Sorry for making this short, but…" well, there's no light way of putting it - Matt's terribly busy. He nods somewhat awkwardly before adding, "Have a good one," and slipping out of the door.

Mohinder nods, "I'll put it to the top of the pile, Matt. No worries." he says, with a comforting and confident tone. "We'll get them, no worries." he says, looking to his tired friend.

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