Lack of Experience


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Scene Title Lack of Experience
Synopsis Refugees from the cold share a table in a crowded lounge.
Date May 6, 2010

The Corinthian: Bar and Lounge

Situated on the uppermost floor of the building, the Corinthian Bar and Lounge boasts an arched ceiling whose many small, square panes of glass double as a huge skylight. Of course, the large and open room is also lit by a dozen half-dome chandeliers suspended from that double-height ceiling and several high wall sconces. Brass fixtures gleam in the warm light, while the room's scattered potted palms drink it in with their bladed foliage. A ring of doubled marble columns supports the weight of the skylight dome and defines the two sections of the room: that lofty open space in the center; the quieter, slightly darker and more private edges of the lounge.

The tables are elegant rectangles of fine black glass, the seating a mixture of russet-upholstered couches and comfortably-padded oaken chairs. Most of the floor is covered by carpet shaded in the reds and golds of autumn, save for a runner down the very center of the room which is colored the exact shade of purple found in wisteria blossoms. The bar food at the lounge is much like its decor: expensive and beautifully arranged; but unlike many such spendy places, it's also very good. So is the alcohol.

If there's one thing to be said about the Corinthian Hotel, it's much warmer than outside. With all of the refugees from the cold crowding every possible corner, it's almost hard to find a place to sit and breathe. At least, that's what it seems like to Delia. Currently, she's sharing a table in the lounge with a group of strangers as she patiently waits for her order, a sandwich, fries, and a glass of milk.

Even though she hasn't seen any of her family since leaving Lucille's apartment, the young redhead is oddly at ease. Her fingers slowly flip the pages of her anatomy textbook as she reads through one of the chapters. Her eyebrows furrow a little and she sets her jaw, "But if…" she says outloud to herself, not even noticing if anyone is paying attention.

She strolls, bundled up in her coat still and makes her way to the bar." The world is ending." Adelaide's voice usually so chipper, is cold and nervous. "Or is it just the beginning?" She asks questionly. Its a half rheotirical tone. She pauses as she pauses groups of people, her eyes a little distance but starting to regain her cheerfulness, small smiles offered to the others who've taken shelter.

Rain is actually here on Company business, or well, sort of. He's here scoping out the Corinthian, watching it's security, watching the management move about and such things. He wlaks into the lounge, intent on a drink and a bit of relaxation with his people watching. His eyes move around, alert as they always are, and they stop on two familiar faces, one face he's met, the other he knows from a file. He makes his way towards teh bar, stepping in near it to order himself a white russian, and flashes his ID before the man mixes the drink. With drink in hand he moves through the lounge, stopping to offer Adelaide a warm smile and a bow of his head in greeting, but his objective seems to be Delia's table.

Unlike most of the people in the lounge, Delia Ryans doesn't have an alcoholic drink in front of her. This could have everything to do with the fact that she's not actually old enough to order something like that yet, a fact that is remembered with no small amount of bitterness by the young woman. But! Since the lounge is a little less expensive than the restaurant, the managers have made a few exceptions to the rule. Delia being one of them.

Adelaide is given a curious glance, not that Delia actually disagrees with the woman's opinion on things. It's just that she's not sure about how verbal she should be when it comes to things like that. The young woman still blames 'those other people' for this mess. The blonde man that approaches her table isn't given too much notice, everyone's been sitting with everyone else. He does get a small smile as he approaches though, just something to let him know that there's still an extra seat at the table if he needs one.

Adelaide smiles. She offers a polite nod to Rain, though notices, Delia too and begins to work her ways towares the table after ordering herself a straw berry daquiry. She quietly slips her id back into her wallet and the wallet into her purse. She heads towards the table. "May I sit?" she asks Delia curious clutching her cup.

Rain steps up to Delia's table and slips into a seat, flashing a smile at the others at the table, then taking a sip of his white russian. He looks up to Delia and offers her a big smile, all teeth and happy eyes before he leans towards her. "You're Ryans daughter right? I recognize you from the pictures he shows us at work." He winks at her before looking up to Adelaide, but he doesn't answer for Delia, just offers her a little wiggle fingered wave.

There just happens to be a few seats open at the table, Adelaide is given a friendly smile, a nod, and a "Sure, have a seat." Rain on the other hand is met with a rather curious glance. "You… work with my dad? Seriously?" Her hand motions toward the other seat and she flits her eyes between her two new table mates.

The waitress comes by with Delia's plate of food, her glass of milk, and her ticket. The milk is plucked up as soon as it's set down and the redhead takes a few large gulps. When she pulls the glass away from her lips, she wipes the milk mustache with the back of her hand before looking down at her sandwich. "He doesn't show the one of us in the bathtub, does he? Because I refuse to believe that was me in the picture. I don't even remember it happening."

Adelaide nods and moves to settle into her seat carefully. "Hello." she greets as she finds herself a comfortable chair. Quietly she sips her drink listening to the pair of other semi-aqquainted people talking.

Rain offers Delia a quick nod of his head. "Yep I do. He's actually training me at the moment. Well, more like, giving me further training. I know what I'm doing, he just knows it better yah know? Experience and all of that." He winks at her slyly, then lift shis drink for a slow sip of it. "No, he doesn't. The pic is a few years old I think. It's a good picture don't worry." He offers her a reassuring smi9le, thenl ooks towards Adelaide. "Hey, sorry about skipping out on that meeting like that, had a bit of an emergency that I had to take care of, work related."

Delia's lips twitch into a small smile and she nods when Rain makes his assessment of her father, though there's a look of confusion on her face. "Experience? Really? I didn't think he had much.. you know.. Since he just started and everything." She folds her textbook closed and packs it away into the bag beside her feet, giving them all more room at the table. "I hope you guys don't mind… I haven't eaten all day."

Adelaide nods. "Its ok. I've been meaning to call you, but with apparently hell freezing over as well as New York City…" she shrugs. "It's one of those things that's been on hold." she grins, listening to them talk. "Besides," she says quickly. "Life is life." shakes her head. "No go a head and eat. Don't stop because we're talking. It's cold outside."

Rain laughs softly and shakes his head some. "Your father has alot of experience in general. He's only just started at this job, but he's got alot of life experience and such so… yeah." He shrugs his narrow shoulders a little bit, his smile broad and honest. "Nah, it's fine, gotta eat right?" He winks at her again ebfore his eyes pull to Adelaide. "Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous the way things have been going. And yes, life is life. THings happen, you get over them and move on, or you don't and you sit and mire."

Delia digs into the sandwich with a hearty appetite, taking large bites. It's obvious that it's her first meal today, a girl her size and stature doesn't seem to be the kind that starves herself for the sake of fashion. "Mmm this is a great sandwich," she murmurs before taking another gulp of milk. "Experience," she mutters a little, mostly to herself. "It's funny how a paper salesman has enough to get a job with Home Sec… weird really."

Adelaide nods. "It happens sometimes." she sighs. "Do you think with all this snow and the world going haywire means loans and the like will be defered, and you know the world can start over, no debts or problems just clean?"

Rain glances down at his watch and blinks a few times at the time that it reads. He doesn't leave, yet, but he will need to soon. His eyes settle on Delia, a big smile on his lips at her words. "Oh, I don't know. It's about the organization skills really. And I work with your dad, not really for him or anything it's… complicated. But he's got skills from working at the paper company…" He glances to Adelaide and shrugs his shoulders some. "I have no idea. I doubt it? Humans are greedy, and we always want what is ours, well, most of us."

"I doubt they'll forgive loans maybe deferment, but nothing too long term. I mean, if they forgave all school loans then they'd have to forgive other loans. Besides, this is only happening in New York, they might give a little weather leeway but…" Delia's voice drifts off as she takes another bite of her sandwich, this time chewing a little slower and more thoughtfully. Her eyes rest on Rain for a long moment before she smile and nods, obviously accepting his explanation. "Yeah, Dad's really organized. A place for everything and everything in its place."

Adelaide nods. "Yeah." She says quietly her eyes for a moment glazing over and her eyes being a bit distant, "Agreed, I am just worried about some of my friends."

Rain rises from his seat and finishes his White Russian off in a long drink before he looks over to Delia. "And yes, yes indeed. Your father is quite the individual. But, you'd be amazed what just that organizational skill can mean in different fields Delia." He winks at her, then offers her a bright smile. "But, I have things to do and people to talk to. I will see you later alright?" He glances then to Adelaide. "And I will have to catch you again as well."

"It was a pleasure meeting you uhm… Mister.." She never really did catch his name, but it doesn't seem to phase her much. It seems her father knows a lot of people, a paper salesman would to keep a good customer base. She gives him a small wave and digs down into her sandwich, watching after Rain quietly with a pensive expression on her face. "He seems really nice, glad dad's got good people to work with." Then she gives Adelaide a small smile and raises her eyebrows a touch, "I guess I should get going too… Maybe I'll see you later."

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