Ladybugs And Ice Cream




Felix as Doreen Beauchamp

Scene Title Ladybugs And Ice Cream
Synopsis Abigail and her mother go shopping for a present on mothers day and indulge in a bit of sweet tooth at the end.
Date May 10, 2009

Shopping somewhere in the city.

Abby's mother, while otherwise wise, thrifty, and prudent, has a weakness for shopping. Especially for jewelry. It needn't be fine, or expensive, just sparkly and appealing. So they've spent the day hunting the various little boutiques. Doreen has manfully resisted temptation for the most part, but dragged Abby back for the sake of a little red enamel ladybug pendant, which she can't resist cooing over.

"You should get it Momma. Dah won't begrudge it. You have that black and white dress with the flowers on it. It'll go with it" Abby's enduring walking around and shopping. She doesn't get much chance to do that and the last time she did, she got a bullet in her shoulder for the effort. "I'll buy it for you, It is Momma's day" The red head decides. "We can surprise Dah with it at Dinner"

Doreen goes through the ritual that Southern women must when buying something not absolutely necessary - some dithering. She looks at Abby doubtfully. "Well, if you're -sure-," she says, and then starts in, having taken a deep breath. "Honey, your job…'re not suffering when it comes to money, are you?"

"Nothing picking up a few hours won't fix Momma. I got scholarships for school. Anything for school is taken care of. I'm fine momma, I promise. I can afford to give you this as a present" She hovers close to the blonde woman, even going so far as to take her mothers hand, a murmured prayer escaping her lips and giving her mother a dose of healing, take care of sore muscles from walking. "It's better than it used to be. Alexander being there helps with rent too, i'm good Momma, I promise. If I need anything i'll call"

"And when do we get to meet him?" Doreen says, finally yielding. There's that predatory sparkle in her eyes. "Too shy to meet your old parents?" she wonders, though her tone is gently teasing.

"I don't think he'll be back before you go Momma, but I promise that I'll make him call you when he gets back into town. He's out in Utah right now" There's a beat. "And no Momma, he's not Mormon, don't worry. He's a good boy. You'd like him"

She takes her daughter's hand, as they head back out of the store. "Mormons. I never did understand that," she says,w ith a shake of her head. "He from here?"

You say, "Nope. He's from the south too Momma. Good boy. He's like a brother. He protects me, he drives a taxi and he works as a bouncer for a club. He gives me rides when I really need em. He's a good boy momma""

Doreen's smile is knowing. "You sound more like you're trying to persuade yourself than me. But….if you're certain. I don't imagine you'd let yourself be taken advantage of." However she means that.

"No, just tryig to convince you that i'm not living with a man who's gonna compromise me momma. I know how you and Dah think. he's honorable. He's not gonna take advantage of me. He'd be the second in line behind Dah and Teo if anyone tried anything" They're approaching the store and Abby opens the door for her mother. "Besides, he's gifted by god as well. Telekinetics they call it. Never really seen him use it too much though"

That has her eyes widening. "I….see," she says, fingering the ladybug pendant. "And Teodoro, is he?" she says, darting a thoughtful look at her daughter.

"No Momma, Teodoro isn't. He's just plain ungifted. But I don't love him any the less for it" A salesperson, seeing the repeaters comes up to help. "The ladybug please?" Pointing to the piece of jewelry in her mothers hand. "How's home? Church? Paster John?"

"It never changes," Doreen says, with a mixture of fondness and immense exasperation. "Which is both good and bad. No real news. Linda Sue Johnston got married to Eddie Baker, but we all knew it was a shotgun wedding," she says, with blithe cattiness.

"How far along was she?" As the salesperson runs off with Abby's card to pay for the little baubble for her mother. Because everyone knows that a baptist shotgun wedding is only because of one thing.

"Six weeks or so," Doreen says, chuckling. "And they'd always been crazy for each other, so I suppose it works out. They shoulda long ago,"

"I hope it's a girl. She strikes me as the kind that wants a girl." The salesperson is coming back with a receipt and a box that's got the ladybug brooch all done up nicely for the obvious mother. "Some day I'll get married and Dah can carry a shotgun if he wants' Abigail smiles.

"I'll do it up all nice with white ribbons if he does," says Doreen, teasingly. "I'll bet it is. I don't know that she's gifted, but I understand the nursery is already dressed up all pink."

Abigail assigns her signature to the receipt, gets the other one tucked into her wallet with her card and turns around to lead her mother out. "How are you and Dah. Dah doesn't need me to check him does he? I was thinking after dinner tomorrow that I'd have him come over and make sure the shotgun is working, let him clean it. It'll make him feel that I'm safer if he knows it's working. Oh! Did you like Scarlett? Teo gave her to me for Christmas.

"She's adorable," Doreen says, cheerfully. "And I'm sure your father would love to. You know how he is."

"She is. Thank you for coming up Momma. I know that you and Dah are probably unhappy that someone else paid for the tickets but, I needed it. With everything happening and me not being able to come when I was trying to, to surprise you, it's good that your both up here and I won't be mad at my friend for doing it. I really.. I'm glad your up here"

She puts a hand on her daughter's shoulder, lightly. "I'm glad we're here, too," she says. "Glad to see you're doing well."

"I'm doing good" Abigail smiles, realizing as she says those very words to her mother, she means it. "I'm going really good Momma. Come on, there's a place called Cold Stone Creamery. I want Ice cream. You pick your base and then you can pick all sorts of stuff to put on and in it Momma. I swear it's my Vice. And waffle bowls dipped in chocolate and with sprinkles" Like mother like daughter, the sweet tooth is genetic.

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