Lamb To The Slaughter


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Scene Title Lamb To The Slaughter
Synopsis With Minea down, Len's adds another member to his posse — but has he given her too much too soon?
Date May 13, 2009

Office of Len Denton

Well, this has not been the most infamous of first weeks in the history of employment. Disaster after disaster has stuck against Len and those who work for him. One agent down, one failed capture of a time-traveler, two escapees — three if you count the technopath, two infiltrations and he has not had one night of karaoke since he's been in the city.

The agents are all very busy as of late, so getting them in for introductions has been difficult to say the least, but finally he's cornered Carrie before she left and called him into his office. Standing as she enters, "Thanks for sticking around. Things are kind of a mess here." he admits as he offers his hand to the agent. "Len Denton — and at least for now, I'm still your boss. That may change soon if things don't turn around." He's not dressed like any agent you would have ever met, with a large cowboy hat and boots, jeans and a work shirt, buttoned up the front.

Carrie had been leaving to meet her partner when she was cornered by the strange cowboy. She had heard there was one, she had seen him in passing, but that was about it. She's in her usual outfit, a kind of mix of casual and business. Her hip hugger jeans and leather biker like boots was the casual. The wine red button up shirt under the black sports jacket what her business attire. She gives him a wary look when he stopped her, but then she entered the office as beckond. When he stands, an amused smile tugs at the corner of Carrie's lip. "A little far from the rodeo, Mr. Denton." She takes his hand in a firm grip. "It's nice to finally meet you, sir. What can I do for you?" The question is straight forward and filled with curiosity.

"Well, that's a question I like to hear." He pulls out a notepad where he has some sort of list there. Some of the names are crossed off with a big thick line. "Before we get there — do you sing karaoke?" The cowboy looks up at her — and by the expression on his face, Len is incredibly serious about this particular question.

There is a bit of shock on Carrie's face at the question. It's not one that she expected. "I… uh… I… " She gives him an odd look. "Not sure that it has to do with anything, but I've never gone and done anything like that." She had much better things to do with her time. "I… am not sure I can even carry a tune." She frowns a bit, tucking a lock of loose hair behind her ear.

Len's eyes narrow at your answer, then takes that marker and draws a line through another item on that notepad before tossing it aside.

Back to business, Len leans back in his chair after pushing a folder towards you. "This was Minea Dahl's case. She's been — indisposed, and I need an agent to take this one over. That being said, when she's back on her feet, she may be assigned to this case with you." He knows about the one of us/one of them rules, but it doesn't seem to concern him in the least. "I know you both have partners, but this investigation is high priority and very classified. I do not want you discussing this case with another living soul. Not even your partner. The only person you can talk to about this case is myself and Minea Dahl. So, before you open that folder, do I have your word? Or do I need to find another agent?"

Carrie's eyes drop from Len to the case file he pushes forward. She stands there straight backed, shoulders back as she conciders. Her hand twitches at her side a bit as if she wants to reach out and pick it up. She frowns a bit and her eyes flick up at him. "Indisposed?" A delicate black brow archs curiously. "Grim won't like me keeping secrets from him." He's worked so hard to try and get her trust…. but.. her hand gives another little twitch. Finally, after a moment she says sounding determined. "Yes. I can do this. It won't be easy to keep it from him, but I would be happy to help on the case." If it takes down another one of /them/ it would be worth it.

The folder still sits there. Waiting for her to take it. "You need to be very careful Agent Castillo. Minea Dahl was — put out of commission over this case. I will warn you — you will be put in a position of constant danger by just taking this assignment. So, I will ask you again — are you certain, because the story I am about to tell you will seem like that — a story. A fairy tale. You may not even believe me, and to be fairly honest with you — I would not blame you in the least, however, I cannot tell you this story — without your committement." Len reaches for his cup of coffee and takes a swallow.

There is the first touch of doubt on Carrie's face at the mention of Minea Dahl's condition. Could she do this? Could she handle this? She suddenly feels the need to sit down, moving to settles into an availible chair. She sits as straight backed as she stood. the moments stretch out as she conciders. Something passes over her face and her chin lifts a bit. "I have nothing to loose, sir." Her tone flat and emotionless. "The evolved took everything I had. It's why I agreed to join the Company." She eyes flick to the casefile. She will do this.

The file is there. When she picks it up, she would see the name of Taylor Reed, aka Robin Hood. There is no picture, but a brief history as they know it from his time here. It also notes that there is a possibility that Taylor Reed is seven years old.

"The story I'm about to tell you is about time travelers who returned to our time and set up a chain of events that will alter the future. They have already begun and we feel that Taylor Reed is the first cog that we need to remove. The breakout this past weekend relates to this and Taylor Reed was inside this facility. You'll note his ability is Technopath — I will tell you that as far as we know right now — he has no body. He temporarily acquired a body from Mallory Allistair, forcing her to take his place in the net, but that has since been rectified, and we are confident that he is back inside the net. Meaning the Internet." He leans forward again, elbows on his desk. "I need him, Agent Castillo. I have no idea how you go about getting him or finding him, but I am hoping that you'll come up with something." There is more, but he pauses to see if she have any questions about he's already told her.

"Time Travelers?" Carrie says it as if she doesn't believe it. Even with knowing there are evolved the time traveling has always been a bit far-fetched for her. She reaches out to draw the folder to her, opening the cover slowly as she listens to the story. Her brows knit as she looks up at him. "He sounds about impossible to catch." She sounds uncertain. "How do you catch something intangible?" She glances at the report again, but only for a moment. "It's like a bad sci-fi movie." She murmurs softly. "Like 'Shocker' or… the 'Cell'" She gives him a bit of a smile. "This is one hell of an assignment."

Normally, Len would be grinning his big goofy grin right back at her. "Just by the fact that I'm telling you about this series of events, your life is now in danger. Just ask Minea Dahl — when she comes to. What I haven't told you, is that our very lives are going to be compromised unless we can stop these future-selves from accomplishing their mission. They have returned with stories of the fact that the Company has been taken down, and those who worked for the Company have been sent to prison. Now — I don't know about you, but I'm not going to take too kindly to being placed in jail like a criminal. There is an agenda within this organization to take us all down. I'm working that issue, but I need you to watch your back. When I tell you that the only persons you can discuss this case with is myself and Agent Dahl, I am being deadly serious. If you are approached by anyone higher ranking than myself, unexpectedly — run, Agent Castillo. Run or shoot. But get the hell out. Can I be any clearer for you on this matter?"

Unable to hide concern on her face, Carrie shift a bit uncomfortably. She hasn't been with the Company all that long, so this new is a bit of a shock. "I'll do my damnest, sir, or die trying." There is a hard determination in her voice. "I know this Company can do well for the county. The Evolved need to be held accountable. They need to be controlled." She looks down at the file, running a hand over it. "It's a bit disturbing to hear that someone within wants to take it all down." There is that worry again creasing her brows. "Thank you for trusting me with this. I'll… try not to be a disapointment."

"Just make sure you remember one thing. We are being watched. We are not trying to take down the evolved. We are trying to make sure that those who can be a dangerous to the public at large, are not going to do so. We take each case individually. As long as you remember that, Agent Castillo - we'll get along just fine." Now it's time for that charming grin to return as Len leans back in his chair again. "Even if you don't do karaoke." For now, he seems to be done.

"No.. Your right. Grim's proven they are not all bad." Carrie states softly, looking a tad bit self concious. She gathers the file close to her chest with one arm and slowly stands, a small smile is given in return. She uses her free hand to straighten her jacket. "I think it's best to keep my cat yowling from the ears of good folks." Boy she has so much confidence in herself. She inclines her head in a sign of farewell and turns to the door, glancing back at him over her shoulder. "Good Day to you, Mr. Denton. It was a pleasure to finally meet you."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"Oh, Agent Castillo..?"

Carrie pauses in the doorway, turning back to arch a brow at him. "Yes, Mr. Denton?"

Len shakes his head. "Do me one favor. Do /not/ die trying."

The smile that graces her lips, is a sad, almost tired smile. A smile that says she could still easily give up. "No garantees, sir. After all it comes with the job." She starts out the door and pauses again, but she doesn't look back this time as she adds. "But I promise to /try/ not too." And then she's out the door, leaving the cowboy to his own thoughts.

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