Laser Tag Part One


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Scene Title Laser Tag Part One
Synopsis Aric and Graeme's Official/Unofficial "first date".
Date March 15, 2011


Lloyd's Love of Lasers

The "first date" has come and without the girls knowing it. Aric decided to call Graeme up and surprise him with some fun. He informed him it is best to dress comfortable and have the ability to move around. However, he doesn't reveal much more then that at this time. As he himself gets dressed, Aric makes his way to Columbus Circle dressed in a pair of basketball shorts, a black wife beater, a pair of ankle socks and his K-Swiss sneakers. A backpack swung over his shoulder as he waits.

He runs a hand through his hair looking around to catch sight of Graeme.

It takes a bit, and Graeme spent some time fussing, looking through his closet. Eventually, he settles on worn black jeans, and a light gray teeshirt that's probably half a size small by the way it clings to his frame, and then he had to actually get over there. But he does immediately catch sight of Aric as he arrives, making his way with easy steps that don't vary in pace towards the other man. There's a definitely curious, cat-that-ate-the-canary expression on his face as he waves.

Aric grins softly, as he walks over to Graeme giving him a little bit of a nervous wave. "Hey…thanks for coming." He looks Graeme up and down and says, "You look fantastic." He runs a hand through his long hair as Aric smirks softly, "You ready to have some fun?" He begins to walk slowly down the street in hopes Graeme will follow.

There's a definite increase in the curiosity of Graeme's expression. "Yeah," comes the response, as he follows the other man, keeping pace relatively easily. And there's also a definite slight flush to his features at the compliment. "Thanks."

Aric smiles softly as he walks side by the side the man. "So how have you been? I haven't had a chance to see you since the Mardi Gras Party. I have to say I am grateful you said yes. I thought my outfit would have scared you." He chuckles as a pair of girls look at the men walking and sigh in a disappointed fashion.

"It seems Remi has been a busy girl with the ballet. And no biggie I know Lizzie has been insane doing her thing. So I still want to do dinner with us. I just think getting us all in one room will be interesting ya know?"

Graeme grins a little. "We will make it happen." With his next step, he steps inwards, a little closer to Aric. "And are you kidding? Seeing you there… that was sort of the highlight of my evening. Otherwise I just would have been out at a party with hundreds of total strangers." There's a slight chuckle as he says that.

As the apples in his cheeks flush a bit more he looks down at the ground as he walks next to Graeme and says, "Thanks. I was a bit embrassed yet I was glad you found me. I have a colorful past that I don't share with everyone. I had to pay for college on my own. Dancing was a way I could do that and make a lot of cash and have fun at the same time." He chuckles giving him a side glance as he says, "And hey you got to see the full kit and caboodle."

Graeme nods. "I paid most of my own way through college myself," he says, quietly. "Worked as a bouncer in bars, because I could go three days really without more than an hour of sleep a night, so I went to school all day and worked most of the night." He grins. "None of the bars I worked at had the dancers I liked to watch, though." He grins playfully, and his eyes sparkle a bit in the light. "But then again, it was New Mexico."

Aric grins and says, "Well…if your good maybe one day I will give you a private showing." He smirks as he walks up to a store front and stops and says grinning like a Cheshire Cat, "However…today? We play." He motions to the store's sign, "LLoyd's Love of Lasers." As he runs a hand through his hair and moves quickly to open the door, "After you sir."

That," Graeme responds, blushing bright red, "that sounds like a very good reason to be good, to me. Or you know…" There is a pause, and his words are teasing as he continues, "good at it." He looks up, bouncing on the balls of his heels as he steps through the door turning back to glance at Aric, appreciatively.

Aric grins as he begins to blush walking up to the counter. A young teenage boy no more then 17 or 18 years old stands behind it putting away equipment that looks like armor. "Hi…I have an appointment for Gibbs. Party of 2." The boy looks at the pair of men as he cocks an eyebrow, "You guys look to be in shape yet…you don't have any back problems or injuries. We advise against anyone who does being a pair of the events if they are unable to perform." As chuckles, "If your asking if I am too old sonny. I could run circles around you. Yet…I don't know about my friend." Aric leans against the counter turning his eyes on Graeme with a smirk on his face.

Graeme just chuckles a bit. "I could run circles 'round you," he says, "and then keep doing so for twice as long. Or longer. Soooo." There's a bit of a grin, and he leans on the counter right next to Aric, his shoulder brushing the other man's. In a quieter voice, he says, "I could. I even slept last night."

Graeme grins a good bit more. "I do indeed," he says, with a bit of a stretch as he watches Aric put away his backpack. "And I think I'll remember my aim, soon enough." After he says it, he flushes a little more. Because what he just said, to his own ears, sounded quite wrong, and his posture shifts a bit as he slips his hands into his pocket, eyelids fluttering for just a second. He leans against the lockers for a moment until Aric leads the way. "This is great," he murmurs. "I'd never have … thought of it. But it's gonna be fun."

Aric grins as he walks into the equipment area as a pair of 16 year old boys begin to grab equipment for the men. The gee the needed head gear, elbow guards, shin guards and a chest plate. The chest plate is a bit heavier then the rest with a built in machine that vibrates and beeps loudly when hit by the laser.

As he smirks softly, "My aim is not that bad." In fact he has been practicing at the firing range since his kidnapping. "I might give ya a run for your money. It should be fun. This place is huge. We have the whole 4th floor course for you and I. I know the owner…he kind of owes me a favor."

Graeme smiles a bit, with an experimental shifting of his feet after the protective gear is fitted, followed by a jump and a side-step, and then another side step placing him closer to Aric. Getting used to the weight, more or less. When he speaks, it is a teasing murmur, soft enough that only Aric hears it. "I think you damn well might," he says.

"But I'm sure as hell going to give you one for yours, too." He grins. "And I promise, I'll be very, very good." Will be? He's certainly good at teasing, and his cheeks flush bright, bright red.

As he takes his gun, Aric makes his way to the elevator. He presses the button and grins, "Ok so now we go to the 4th floor. We will go to opposite ends of the floor. It has obstacles filled with fun things. You are blue and I am red. Find your blue circle and hit your button. When I find mine I will it mine and the lights will go green and we are good to start. We have the whole floor for two hours of fun." As the doors open, he holds it for Graeme to step into the elevator.

Graeme slips into the elevator, a slightly goofy grin on his face. "You know, I think the last time I played laser tag, I was a freshman." He smiles at Aric as the elevator doors shut behind them. "I…thank you for this," he says quietly. "I needed the good surprise, for once." The last surprises he's had before this…not so good.

Aric smiles as he nods, "I am glad you like it. You're never too old for laser tag. We just don't move as well as we use too. Well…I don't have super human endurance but I am in decent shape for my age. I am going to be 31 soon." He shivers and looks slightly sad for a moment before he turns and smile and says, "Yet….but…" As the doors open he grins like a Cheshire Cat. As he runs out the elevator to find his circle, "Let the fun begin."

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