Laser Tag Part Two


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Scene Title Laser Tag Part Two
Synopsis The continuation of what turns out to be a very good date.
Date March 15, 2011


Lloyd's Love of Lasers

The time clock has been clicking on and off through the last hour and a half. The two players who control the fourth floor of "Lloyd's Love of Lasers" have been having a great time on the laser tag course. The score is currently Aric: 30 and Graeme: 35. The man has skills and the fact he does not get tired gives him his own advantage.

Aric is currently hiding on one of the upper catwalks in the shadows doing his best to not move as he waits for Graeme to come into his sights. God I wish I had my telepathy back. I would know when his sexy arse was anywhere near me. Aric uses his free hand to wipe the hair out of his face as it clings to his sweaty forehead.

Graeme is keeping himself back pressed to one of the walls, taking quiet, sure steps sideways in what he hopes is Aric's direction, which ends up putting him in clear sight of Aric's perch far sooner than Graeme will notice Aric. There's a silly, contented smile on Graeme's face as he does this, though, and for the moment, he's only half-paying attention to avoiding getting hit.

As his eyes fall on Graeme from above he gets his own silly grin on his face as he points his laser gun at his chest sensor. He whispers, "Boo." And he begins to open fire on the man. *ZAP ZAP ZAP* as he makes an attempt to shoot him 3 times in the chest. After the third zap Aric is up on his feet running above Graeme in the opposite direction. As he holsters his gun he leaps for the rope at the end of the swinging down towards the thick padding below!

The reaction of the chest plate is enough to waken Graeme from the slightly distracted state, and so only the first two shots actually register. By the third, Graeme's dodged, eyes tracking Aric. *ZAP* as the other man runs for the rope, Graeme pursuing, light on his feet for the most part. And being slightly distracted by Aric running, his chest heaving with heavy breath as he ducks behind a protrusion that's supposed to be rock, right at the side of the padded landing area, peering around the edge. Of course, distraction has been pretty much par for the course, so far.

The swinging of him coming down the rope must have been lucky for him because he wasn't hit. As he lands on his feet, he rolls to the left and dodges behind the same rock yet happens to be on the complete opposite side of the rock. As he runs a hand through his wet mop to be able to see the clock reads 4 minutes left as he smirks and pulls his gun from his holster again and peeks around the other corner of the rock. If someone were watching the match it would be amusing at the position these two are in at this time.

Graeme raises one eyebrow at Aric, the laser gun held to one side in one hand, and his other hand palm against the rock while he looks, before quickly pulling back around the side. And then the pounding of feet will indicate that Graeme's taken off down the corridor he had first came down, turning into the pursued rather than the pursuer. The steps turn left, then right, through the maze of corridors a bit, and Graeme ducks into a hollow in the wall, protected from sight. And not, however, hidden fully, because there's a low chuckle of laughter that gives away his position.

Aric blinks seeming sincerely surprised at Graeme being right next to him and he did not even know it! When the man turns to run down the hall, he peeks over the edge of the rock and chuckles himself watching the man run away. He loses sight of him and Aric is up and running down the hall and ducks down an hallway. He stands really still and holds his breath when Graeme's chuckle gives him away. He turns slowly on his heel and begins to creep towards the man and his hiding place his gun held out in front of him side ways. Aric looks real Gangsta right now!

Oops. The chuckling quiets as Graeme realises that it gave away his position. "Oh well, here goes nothing," he says, as the clock ticks down another minute. *ZAP.* He steps out of his hiding place, aims, shoots. *ZAP ZAP.* Then he takes off running again. Back in the direction where Aric is now standing, rather than away.

The two minute bell goes off and distracts Aric as he is hit once and he turns to the left in an attempt to dodge the second. He begins to laugh as he goes big or goes home and turns to run towards Graeme as he opens fire! His laser gun unleashing an array of zaps in attempt to rank of the last few points before the end buzzer!

Aric grins and lets out his best Xena cry as he charges Graeme!
Graeme is doing that same thing, shooting behind him as he runs, several of Aric's shots catching the back and shoulder sensors enough to even the score. But Graeme is determined to at least have the last shot, here, turning around rather than continue to run away as the clock ticks down, and then shooting back, *zapzapzapzap* in an attempt to keep his own. His own sort of battle cry thing is not quite that loud, but he grins.

The buzzer goes off, and Graeme throws his hands up over his head a bit. the gun now only held loosely, and a silly, satisfied smile edges onto his face.

As the lights go from green to normal, Aric grins and looks over at the score board. Aric: 36 vs Graeme: 38. As he looks over at Graeme and laughs out loud Aric begins to lower his lip in a pout and says, "Ahhh you win. But it was an awesome game. I guess you deserve a prize or something. What would you like?"

"That was close," Graeme says, closing the gap between him and Aric with several steps. Must not say something stupid. He chides himself mentally, tilting his head to one side. "I dunno," he murmurs, teasingly a bit, once there's only perhaps six inches between himself and Aric. "I …" Graeme blushes a bit, and there's a moment of slightly awkward silence as his blue eyes look over Aric's face.

As he walks over a bit closer to Graeme, he places a hand on his face and tilts his eyes upward so he can see his eyes clearly. The intense look in his eyes as he thinks, God I wish I had my ability to know if this guy is gonna hurt me or not. As his voice is caught in his throat he says, "Well…I…ummm I like ya Graeme. I haven't felt like a high school kid with a crush like this for some time. I really want to take this slow but…well I have been wanting to do this since the second I met you."

As he leans in towards him, Aric is going in for the first kiss!

Graeme smiles, gently, meeting the kiss. "Me too, you know," he murmurs before his lips are then pressing against the other man's as Graeme slides a hand to twine in Aric's hair. When he draws back for a second, though, it is only to speak, and he doesn't let go, doesn't move back, in fact, Graeme steps just a little closer. "I think this might be a pretty good prize." There's a mischievous grin on his face as he kisses the other man again.

As he allows himself to surrender to the kiss, Aric's body begins to tingle with a low level of electrical static. It is not anything painful but a tingly sensation as he is lost in the kiss for a moment and then he steps back away from the man as his laser tag equipment suddenly sizzles and shorts out.

Aric sighs as he looks down at his hands and shakes his head, "I can't wait to get rid of this fucking power."

There's a very faint smile on Graeme's face, but there is also slight hidden concern, and he nods his head towards the elevator. Graeme lets his fingers run through Aric's hair, gently, before drawing his hand away and down to his side. "I hear you there," he murmurs, then leaning back against the nearby wall.

Aric smiles as he looks down at the equipment and sighs before he looks back at Graeme, "Shall we do dinner tomorrow? We can do my place if you want…I be happy to show you my business if your up for it."

Graeme grins a bit. "Dinner Friday?" he asks. "Remi had something planned for tomorrow, and then there's that party of hers, but I'd love to, and yeah." He flushes a bit. "Thank you for this," he murmurs, before kissing Aric one more time, just ever so briefly. "It was wonderful."

As he lets the man kiss him, he leans into it allowing himself to go for the first time in a LONG time. When the elevator doors open, a group of college girls are staring wide eyed at the duo. As he slowly pushes himself away from Graeme, he touches his lips with his index finger before looking at the group of girls. He smirks as they walk out of the elevator and Aric looks over at one of them and says, "Yes…if you were wonder…his lips taste like cotton candy." Aric runs a hand through his hair as he and Graeme walk towards the counter to check out.

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