Lassie Rides Again


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Scene Title Lassie Rides Again
Synopsis Lassie finds Timmy, again, down a different well. Lassie is also please with Timmy and Timmy's anatomy destroying powers of certain pimps.
Date February 28, 2009

The Rusty Warehouse

At one point in the not-so-distant past, this derelict warehouse was used to store loading equipment for the dockyards of Fresh Kills Harbor. Today, it serves as a makeshift prison with storage containers converted into simplistic cells that look out across the warehouse's concrete floor, blocked off with three steel walls and one made from industrial-grade wire mesh with an electrical current running through it to prevent escape.

Each cell is outfitted with a cot, a toilet and sink to provide the prisoners with fresh water, as well as a bucket that can be overturned and used as a stool.

Evening makes for quiet time in the warehouse. Fighters are off to go do their thing, get the crap beat out of each other and make lots of money for their 'owner' and for the people who attend the fights. Abigail isn't a fighter, and her job normally is when they're gone. Armed guards sit, playing cards and doing their things, leaving the shipping container cells alone.

Abigail's jerry rigged a way to put one of her two blankets up using the gauze that used to be around her leg, to stretch across from one jagged piece of metal to the other side and drape a blanket over. Give her privacy to use the facilities in there and try to keep as clean as possible. Right now, the blonde sits on the floor, the shot leg elevated up on the cot, laying down on the floor and looking up at the ceiling. Deep in thought, blanket covers the front fo immediate viewing.

It's a sudden movement in the private little enclosure, a shadow that spreads up the blanket's inside edge into a fluttering bird — spreading there in a macabre sort of shadow play. A voice that she will recognize stirs quietly in the metal-sided cell after it spreads there, a hollow and echoing whisper.

"You _are_ a hard girl to keep track of, Abigail…"

Richard, the Shadow. Abigail's gaze flip flops around the dim container, blue eyes searching out the difference in texture of the shadow or strange shape. The bird, it's obvious. What was a dour and thoughtful look turns to alarm adn the blonde holds a single finger up to her mouth, bisecting her lips. Quiet.

Slipping her leg down carefully, the blonde maneuvers, moving, her feet hitting the floor softly as she gets upright. A shooing motion made with her hands for him to move away from the blanket, she rigs the fabric to go across, hide all but her feet from view of the guards. The finger that shushed Richard is now up again, her forefinger, one minute as to the little sink in her room is turned on, A person talking to themselves, might draw attention, especially in light of Deckard's escape and no Magnes here to say that it's him she's talking to. That done, she's back to searching, looking for the companion shadow.

The shadow spills downwards like an image washed away with rail, down over the floor and out of view as it mingles with the dakr of the floor. Once she settles in beside the sink, she can see the shadow spill itself up the side of the metallic basin, washing over its edge and spreading over the water like ink. An eerily rippling pool of blackness.

The blue eyes track the movement, watching, even reaching out at one point to try and touch the shadow. "He moved me" She grabs the bucket, turning it over, propping her socked heel up on it, her shoes neatly aligned underneath her cot, other leg juts straight out. She keeps her voice angled low, enough for Cardinal to hear but not anyone who gets too close. But not so low as the water would fail to do it's job. "I thought that you might clue in, if I wasn't there, where I might be. Magnes is beside me" She gestures to where her back is, the empty cell. "Sergei is four cells down and across"

"He hurt you." Those fingers spill through the shadow, finding only the water beneath — perhaps a degree cooler than the surrounding area, but nothing more. Even that might be imagination. The voice is a low whisper, barely discernible about the sound of the sink's spill, "You healed yourself?"

THe blonde hair shake side to side against the metal wall. "I've been asked not to. Her name is Mu-Qian, She's the husband of someone I know, knew, who's dead. She can heal, somehow. She re…" Abigail closes her eyes and shakes her head again. "It isn't important. Whats done is done. The nerves of my leg are fine, but the bullet wounds aren't healed. She wants me to.. wait, till I'm more.. rested, to take care of it"

Just a hint of anger, of malice, threads through that quiet voice then. "I know _what_ he did to you, Abigail." There's a moment's silence, "…and of course she does. The longer they can keep you from healing it, the less you can move around, the harder it'll be to escape. I need to get you out of here, and soon."

"How do you know?" Her cheeks flush to scarlet in the shadow, looking away from 'him' and towards the floor. "I wasn't awake for it. I passed out before .. his guard did it" It. Took her tongue. "So I couldn't pray"

"'Who knows what evils lurk in the hearts of men'?" The quote is spoken ever so softly, "He'll pay for this. He'll pay for all of it… are you all right? I mean" A pause, "aside from the obvious."

Her cheeks flare redder and she nods. "They didn't touch me, not in that fashion that I know of. Just my leg, my mouth is fine. They bring me food and I haven't had to heal in a few days" two of which she just plain couldn't head, but tonight, she was sure, she'd be yanked out. "He got.. me into a panic, he can do that, and he can calm a person, on top of what I told you already. He must.. be able to do something with a persons emotions, or their body. He slapped me when I wouldn't tell him who Teo and Eileen are, were, to me, beyond saying 'human beings' and I.. I was already panicking and I hit him, with my bible, and he tried to pin me, but I got under the bed" her hands come down to rub against her thigh gingerly, even though it doesn't hurt, she knows that it's still wounded. "There was a whore, who brought me some soup a few days in. I saved the spoon and I make a .. weapon and I got his eye, his head guard shot me, while the other stepped on my leg and then Logan told them to send me here after they cut off my tongue" She's a little numb right now, the heat diffusing from her cheeks slowly.

"That's my girl. An eye for an eye…" An approving rasp of voice through the basin's depths, "…don't worry. I'll get you out of here. I promise. Just hang on, Abigail."

"Why does everyone say that? Hang on Abigail. Everyone keeps saying that. I'm still here am I not? They took my tongue and I'm still here and not in some corner having a pity party. I'll still be here when the Calvary comes. I'll still be here, it's not like I can go anywhere. The front of this thing is electrified, high enough that it hurts to touch it. When I'm out, they have guards on me. It's not Logan you have to deal with anymore, it's Muldoon and I don't.. know what he does"

"I don't care _what_ he can do." The edges of the basin stir with flickering shadows at that angry hiss, as if the sink itself was aflame, "And Logan's still in the picture… one way or another, I'll get you out of here. Even if I have to see the Island burn."

"If.. you can get me out of this cage, if you can get me out of this building and away from them, I can get away. There's places I can go on this island. People I know. I lived here for a few weeks months ago. There's a place called the garden" Abby looks up at the sink with it's trickling water. "You may not care, but it's knowledge and knowledge, is power. He's scared, and he's going to do anything he can to protect his whorehouse. It's why I'm here. Teo, and someone named Eileen, they came looking, asking questions I guess"

"I know he's scared. He's going to be more scared by the time I'm done. And I can _use_ that against him, trust me…" A moment's silence, a stir of a sigh, "…it figures. Do you know where I can get in contact with Laudani? A phone number, an address…?"

Address, no, she didn't. She deliberately didn't know where he lived anymore. So she couldn't be made to turn him in. She can rattle off a phone number though. She rattles off a bunch of them. Teo, Brian's number, the both of them. A silent prayer sent on a wing of breath out that they hadn't changed their number again in the near month that she'd been in here.

"Ah." A pause. "I know that second number. I'll just call Brian, then. I think I may have… something of a plan. I've talked to others, as well." Rueful, the murmur, "You have a lot of friends."

"I do. I've worked a few different places and I don't turn away those who are hurt. It makes for a lot of unsaid favors. That's what happens when you save the world side by side. Brian.." Abigail looks back up at the sink. "Can you tell him, that.. I thank him, for his faith. That I needed it, but that, I have my own back. He'll know, what that means. Who else have you gotten ahold of?"

"Hah. The world doesn't want to be saved… just the people in it, each and every one of them…" There's a long silence, then the voice stirs quietly once more, "I'll tell him. I've talked to Jezebel, to Jessica. To Ivanov. To Isabelle and her… attack bitch."

"Her attack bitch?" That catches Abigail by surprise, mentally combing through people in association with Isabelle who would qualify for that. He found Parkman, but.. Parkman said that Richard didn't know he had. So she stays silent on that for now.

"Tall. Black. Scary as hell? I didn't catch her name, but she didn't exactly have a warm and fuzzy personality," the shadow murmurs. Is that a thread of trepidation in his voice? Perhaps.

"Huruma" Thought he name sounds slightly off as always when spilling forth from the southerner's lips. "Bouncer, where I work. She likes to embed shot glasses in the forehead of trouble makers.

"Somehow, I am unsurprised." Dry, the response, before he adds, "There's no way I could get close to Parkman. HomeSec's too dangerous."

Get ready, here's an address now. It's rattled off, a building in Chinatown it seems. "There's a card, on the fridge, business card, it has his number on it. Call it. I should have told you before, I wasn't thinking"

"Your place? Is there anything you want me to do while I'm there? Pets to feed, plants to water…?" A quiet, thoughtful stir of voice, "I shouldn't stay long. They could hear us."

"There's a bird, and a cat, There's also a guy named Ewan, he's staying there. Just, check in on them. There's.. " This part is hard. "there's a lockbox, in the closet of the room with a cross on it. There's about… like nine hundred dollars in it. Rent.. rent's due, and …" Yes, she's worrying about her rent.

The fact that she's worried about the rent stirs a quiet chuckle, "…I'll make sure your rent's paid out of it, Abigail. If I wanted to steal from you, I'd steal from somebody with far more money than yourself, let me assure you. You are such a girl scout."

"yeah well, i'll be lucky if my water and my electricity stays connected, but at least i'll have a roof over my head when I get out of this… hell" Abby shifts, pulling her leg down and getting up to her feet by using the wall as support. "Just pass on where I am now, on the phone to Parkman. Everything you can, don't worry about giving your name. You can call from my apartment, there should be a disposable phone in a box in the kitchen and some time cards." She smooths down her jeans, then her sweater. "They'll be coming for me soon, fix anyone who's really bad off in the fights. Thank you Richard. You don't even know me and yet your… like Lassie"

"I don't know if I should be flattered or not, by that comparison…" The shadow spills out of the basin, spreading out through the shadows across the floor, "…I'll talk to you soon, Abigail."

"I'll be here, I don't know where else they'll shove me next. I wont' heal my leg, until .. everyone's ready. Take care Richard" And with those words, Abigail reaches over, putting her hands in the water so she can splash her face, dry it off on her sleeve. The toilets given a flush, for theatrics, and the blanket that hangs over the line is taken down, to be used for it's real purpose, blanket, with her other and Abby sets about to getting a few hours sleep.

The shadows are gone, once again. Places to go, people to see. Men to drive mad.

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