Last Kiss



Scene Title Last Kiss
Synopsis Ethan gets a case of the guilties.
Date Nov 21, 2008

Dorchester Towers — Ethan's Apartment

Dorchester Towers is home to many upper class, or more wealthier inhabitants. This apartment seems to be no exception. First impressions of this place, give a homey, and well furnished feel. Lamps are put in the right place, decorations here and there. The living room consists of a large green sofa facing the wall of windows, which has a large flatscreen TV in front of it. Speakers are installed all around for the Surround Sound feel. Next to the TV is a cabinet full of DVDs. Most of these movies include a gun of some sort in each of them. A small coffee table sits in front of the couch, a few magazines spread out on it.

The kitchen is well stocked, with a microwave, coffemaker, and of course a toaster. There is an overhead pan rack hanging over the stove which has many pots, pans, and other utensils hanging from it for easy access. Three doors lead away from the kitchen and living room. Two are large, comfortable bedrooms, complete with posters on the walls, and one is a room that is furnished with a stand up punching bag, dumb bells, a treadmill, and other types of work out equipment.

For the -extremely- well trained eye, or for someone who knows what they're looking for it would be apparent that there are little things off about this apartment. Reinstalled panels, etc, that would suggest whoever lives here has done some renovation work. (Note:Ethan has 'toys' hidden throughout his apartment, in case of 'emergencies'.) Overall though, this spacious living area has been well taken care of, and kept very tidy.

The night crept up on him. He has had the apartment to himself. Which usually would be a good thing. But in tonight's case. Is a very, very, bad thing. He has spent the last hour standing in the bathroom, staring at himself in the mirror. Ethan is not a vain creature, he is not studying the images of his toned muscle or the definitions of his face. He is simply staring. His shirt is off, and the only light in the flat that is on is the bathroom light.

"Balance.." He finally says flatly. "I've just got to make it so it's balanced again.. That's what this is all for.." Ethan's tone is more of one to convince himself, rather than stating a fact. "They can do something unnatural. They shouldn't.." His fists clench as his eyebrows narrow as he stares straight into his own face. Then a fist flies straight into the mirror.

The glass shatters and some of it is embedded into Ethan's now bloody fist. Rage is painted on his face now, though he can no longer see it as he continues to slam the his fist into the mirror, completely decimating it.

A cry of unhindered rage is let out as the blood continues to leak from his hand. The door is thrown off as the shirtless Wolf stomps into the living room. "What makes you any better than them?! What makes you any better?!? They killed your children, now you go and kill children.. You're a fucking monster." Ethan practically howls, the pain in his hand goes mostly ignored.

"I'm making the world a better place." Finally comes the much softer answer, once again from Ethan. "I-..I.. It will all be worth it in the end." The man fumbles his way to the kitchen. Opening the giant cooler alcohol any and all of it is quickly retrieved and soon he is pounding down drink after drink. It doesn't matter if it's beer or whatever. If he gets sick, it's all for the better, he deserves it. He deserves anything.

Liquid splatters on the ground and some bottles actually fall and shatter. Though it is of no matter, the man staggers slowly to his bedroom, his hand dripping a trail of blood. The door is opened and the man enters.. Only to be faced with the mirror inside. Letting out a feral cry the man immediately lunges at the glass thing and propels his head forward, smashing the thing with a tremendous headbutt. The pain this time forces him to stumble fack and fall to his rear. Now the blood trickles gently from his head, down his face.. "They deserved to die. You deserve to die." The man slowly stands as he faces the shattered mirror once again. Taking a few steps fowards he drives his fist into it once again, letting out a yelp of pain. His fist is slowly unclenched as he collapses against the bed, and sobs start to rack his body.

The man finally takes himself off the bed, blood now mixed with tears. Going to his dresser he reaches into the first drawer and takes out one of his most prized possessions. A picture of his children and his wife.. The only picture he has of them. A long moment is devoted to simply staring at the picture in the dark. He can barely make it out, but he doesn't really need to see it. He has it completely memorized. Just the fact that is in his hand makes all the difference. Slipping the picture back in the drawer the man takes a long breath. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.." He whispers, reaching into the drawer again. This time a different possession is taken out.

"They deserved to die. I deserve to die." The silencer is twisted onto the gun firmly as he clicks off the safety. Walking quietly over to the bed the man sits down. "I was trying to make the world a better place." He says weakly. The weapon is slowly raised as Ethan's heart starts to beat a little faster. Many people have tried to kill him. Many have died trying to kill the Wolf. Many people would like to see the Wolf dead. But all of them fail, he is too skilled, too clever, too cold, to be killed. The only one who would succeed at killing him.. Would be himself.

Raising the barrel, he slips the cold metal into his own mouth. His last kiss.. all those years ago had been Kathryn's kiss.. As she was dying. It's only fit that this be the very last kiss of his life. The kiss of death. The gun is cocked. Blood drips down his face as his finger steadily approaches the trigger…

Control is key…

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