Last Time I Saw



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Scene Title The Last Time I Saw…
Synopsis When Gillian tries to visit Eve, she finds nothing but an empty home and the memory of the last time she saw her.
Date April 4, 2010

Mas Mechanics

The wind blows outside, the door to the warehouse is not locked but it is closed.. but battered. Like someone kicked it in. Eve's snake slithers in the glass case.

The wind howls but no sounds of human nature leave the place. It doesn't look as if anybody is home.

The smell of burnt metal also hits Gillian's nose as she moves into the building. The pasta that had been cooking on the stove has long sense boiled all the way over, leaving the pot to burn instead. Luckily the stove died before it set fire to the whole building, but that doesn't get rid of the smell left behind. "Eve?" Had she really been here the whole time, sick?

The phone didn't get an answer, so Gillian braved the frozen and unplowed frozen wasteland known as Midtown, where the snow drifts have gone out of control, and she happens to be pretty much covered in snow. It reminded her of Antarctica, except in Antarctica the snow was packed together enough that she could walk on it…

"Eve?" she calls out again, spotting the snake in the glass. There's some fear in her eyes as she checks the bedroom, half expecting, in this day and age, to find the woman dead of the flu.

But Gillian finds nothing, no Eve. No where in sight. Along the walls, there can be seen bullet holes. From Eve's gun as she fought her captors.

Why didn't she go to a safehouse? The idiot.

Maybe she did! But… if she had why wouldn't she answer her cellphone? Why would she leave her snake.

Picking up her phone again, she dials one last time. No phone rings in her hearing. The battery has long died.

It wasn't too long ago that she visited the woman, to ask a favor.

To ask for a favor.

"Eve, I need to borrow your dogs for the Lighthouse," Gillian says, where she stands in the same exact place she stands in the present, bundled in scarf and coat, dusted in snow. So little has changed since then. But at the same time so much has.

"Sure thing Gilly." Eve says with a light smile and she then breaks out into a cough and covers her mouth quickly. "What do you need them for?" she asks as she tilts her head at her best friend. She looks sick.. she looks bad actually. Laying down but sitting up, her skin pale and hair hanging dead and loose around her.

"One of my kids was killed," Gillian says, voice soft and almost whispered as she looks down at the floor. Where there aren't bullet holes, but it could be better kept up. "She was killed by some wild dogs, or possibly wolves. I was thinking having some big dogs in the back yard might deter the dogs from getting too close— it also might distract the kids a bit.

Using big dogs to distract them from what big dogs did to their friend? Well— yes.

"Oh no.. are the others okay? I.. I should have seen it." Eve looks away in guilt and she sighs and tries to look away from Gillian. "I'm sorry hun.. go on and take them for as long as you need."

"Girls, say goodbye to Jax and Rex okay? They are leaving for a bit.. and no Kylie.. you can't pull his tail." She speaks to her delusions.

"Eve, you need to go to one of the Ferry houses. You shouldn't be here… when you're this ill," Gillian says, frowning at her older friend in the same way that she would frown at one of her kids being stubborn. Denisa had always been the most stubborn of them all. And look what happened to her. "Really, you should consider it. Find someone to pet sit your snake and then go to a safehouse until you're better."

"Who will watch my paintings? Megan.. she has a nurse coming out often to help me." Eve looks away, she's afraid to leave. She's afraid to move really. "I.. promise to think about it. The girls might not want too." She says with a soft smile in the direction of nothing. "I love you Gilly.. but I'm scared."
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"I can hold onto your paintings," Gillian offers, not moving close like she wants to, and instead just crossing her arms. It's scarier to imagine the woman dying here with only her snake and hallucinations to keep her company. Gillian is accustomed to her friend heing crazy, but this…

"Really consider it, please."

"Okay.. just don't let them fall into the wrong hands.. okay..?" Eve has painted so many futures.. she doesn't even remember them all. What if she's seen something important and it's lost? "I will.. I.. want to.. get help. But if something happens to me.. please guard those paintings and songs with your life.." they are her legacy..

With her life?

That— well— Gillian just nods for the moment, though it's clear she probably won't risk her life for the paintings over something like, say, the children she's taken into her care. She won't knowingly let them burn, either, though.

"Thanks for the dogs," she says, unable to hug her friend like she may want. "Take care of yourself. I'll call as often as I can. And you better be moved eventually!"

And she is moved, but from the way Gillian's gloved hands run over bullet holes… it wasn't to a Ferry house. "Damnit, Eve… why didn't you move somewhere else when I asked you to."

The government was rounding up sick people. Apparently they didn't just grab the ones on Staten after all.

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