Lazarus Abides


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Scene Title Lazarus Abides
Synopsis Sarisa Kershner has plans for Doctor Gregor…
Date January 6, 2010

USS George Washington

"These are not— optimal operating conditions." There is perhaps a touch of irony in Doctor Gregor's words as he rattles the handcuff holding his right hand to the metal surgical table. "Perhaps if you could— uncuff me we could discuss this a bit more, intimately?" The blonde doctor twirls a shining scalpel around in his gloved hand as he makes this statement, perhaps not to his benefit in the argument.

On the opposite side of the gurney, Sarisa Kershner narrows her blue eyes as she stares down the shackled surgeon. "No, I think I've seen exactly enough of what you do with both of your hands." Blue eyes angle down to the patient on the table, covered by a surgical gown, face concealed partly behind the plastic of a respirator mask. "I want to see this miracle of yours for myself." There's a skeptical tone in Sarisa's voice, but only mildly there.

Gregor considers the woman on the table, eyes narrowing behind the lenses of his glasses. "I'll need a transfusion kit, and the samples you— stole from my lab?" There's an edge to Gregor's tone, brows furrowed and tone dry, though the asthmatic rasp of his breathing seems just a little more pronounced than usual, coupled by a wet rattling. "These samples are infected, I'll have you know," Gregor offers with a furrow of his brows. "Miss— Bennet was suffering from an acute form of Malaria when she was given to me, and I was unaware. The— parasite infection still persists in the blood, and has grown strong by its regenerative properties."

Sarisa nods her head once, walking around the bed slowly. "If you inject her with the blood anyway, will the regenerative effect still be apparent?" Blue eyes alight to the doctor, and Sarisa is carefully curling a black-gloved finger around a lock of brown hair on the woman's face. Gregor rolls his shoulders and purses his lips thoughtfully in response.

"More or less," is his unfortunately brief answer.

"More or less?" Sarisa parrots right the hell back in his face, walking around the table to stand beside the surgeon, looking down at the short man with a furrowed brow and icy stare. "Will it work or will it kill her?" She waves her hand back to the woman on the gurney, glancing down at the patient silently before settling that predatory stare on Gregor again.

"Not right away," he offers quietly, exhaling a rough cough as he goes into his hand that curls around the scalpel. Tiredly, he settles that down onto the surgical tray after the fact. "The malarial infection will ravage her system once the regenerative effect takes place. She would need constant medication to keep the infection— suppressed enough. Unless of course you know a way to— permanently treat super-parasites?"

Sarisa doesn't answer Gregor's question, she just walks over to the glass-faced cooler and opens the front, letting out waves of cool fog that roil from the interior of the cabinet. One vial of color-labeled blood is taken out, waggled between gloved fingers, and brought over to Gregor after the door is shut. "Show me."

The doctor's hesitance is visible as he looks down to the vial, then bobs his head from side to side and goes to snatch it up with his cuffed hand, only to have his hand jerked back by the chain and the table brought to rattling. He gives a frustrated grunt, but Sarisa's unsympathetic expression indicates she isn't going to let him off the cuff so easily. He takes the vial in his other hand, then sets about finding the IV tube that's been plugged into her arm, bringing the vial to it and settling it into place to deliver the blood.

Sarisa only half pays attention to the process, it's not so much the transfusion that she's interested in, but the results. Removing the respirator mask, Sarisa sets the plastic frame down carefully beside the brunette patient, then brushes a gloved hand over the prone woman's forehead, tracing a touch down her cheek thoughtfully.

As Sarisa watches,t he effect of the blood is almost instantaneous; bruises begin fading on the brunette's face, cuts and scrapes start sealing up. With all of her facial bandaging missing, the swelling on her sealed eye heals, and the swollen quality of her lips diminishes. All across the incapacitated Marine's body, her injuries begin to heal, heart rate and blood pressure stabilize on the monitors near her bed, and the look on Agent Kershner's face is one of revelry in the amazing restorative powers contained in one girl's blood.

Gregor's expression is somewhat less enthusiastic, and he watches the scene play out with a disinterested lidding of his eyes. "There, you see? It works." He's wholly unhappy with the entirety of the experiment, it's old territory, retreading prior research. "Are you satisfied, am I going to be able to continue my work now?"

When the marine starts coughing and waking up, Sarisa is quick to put the respirator mask back on her, stroking a lock of hair away from her face. "Oh," Sarisa breathes out happily, "oh yes, doctor Gregor, I think this is exactly the kind of brilliant minds they're looking for at the Institute." When Sarisa's blue eyes meet Gregor's, there's a look of uncertainty in the doctor's expression, as if he isn't sure what exactly it is Sarisa means.

"But first," the CIA agent states in a soft voice, "first we need to get Adelle out of here, and back up into the infirmary." Sarisa's brows furrow, tongue rolling across her upper lip slowly. "Doctor Gregor," she notes with a sharp smile, "I think this is going to be the beginning of a very beneficial partnership."

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