Le Petit Déjeuner


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Scene Title Le Petit Déjeuner
Synopsis Two women have breakfast. One gets a few surprises.
Date March 01, 2011

Le Petit Déjeuner

The invitation to breakfast when she ran into Remi in the elevator was almost turned down. Elisabeth is beginning, finally, to find a couple of hours here or there to get off the base and out of her armor. She hesitated, and then finally acquiesced. Now, sitting in the cafe with a plate of eggs Benedict, toast, and coffee, the blonde is still somewhat quiet.

"So mostly at this point it's down to the horrible stuff." Body removal and the like. Stuff Elisabeth doesn't want to say out loud at the breakfast table to the woman across from her. "I'm getting back more now into the organization and running things from the office instead of being on the street. I think sometimes the people above me don't know what to do with the fact that I'm out in the armor as often as I am. They hold meetings at all hours. Meetings ABOUT their meetings, meetings to plan other meetings, meetings to recap those meetings." She rolls her eyes. "Bleah."

Remi was charming and cheerful, and was quite happy to invite Liz along with her to the fancy breakfast she was going to go enjoy. A nice, fancy little bistro about two blocks from Dorchester, 'Le Petit Déjeuner' is a breakfast bistro that the woman likes to inhabit, mostly because it's one of the only places in town where she can really get a taste of breakfast.

Now, she has a more traditional French breakfast in front of her: two small slices of bread, a small ramekin filled with strawberry preserves, a croissant, and a cup of coffee. As Liz speaks, she listens fairly intently, brows raised. "Mon dieu, I do not know if I could ever do as much as you do, Madame 'Arrison. Or what you do, for zat matter."

The woman sips at her coffee. "You sound stressed."

Stressed doesn't really begin to cover it. Elisabeth smiles faintly. "I run an Evo SWAT team, Remi," she says drily. "Of course I'm stressed. And I'm not a politician. I find it tedious in the extreme to be dragged into ridiculous meetings when we should be doing something." She laughs softly. "Richard laughs at me," she admits. "Says I'm still definitely a cop at heart — impatient."

Remi chuckles softly, spreading a bit of the strawberry preserves on her bread and taking a bite, chewing thoughtfully. "You are a strong woman." She offers a warm smile. "Meetings are usually tedious, in my limited experience." She's the daughter of two businesspeople. She's seen her fair share of meetings, though usually as an outsider. It is thus a bit difficult to relate completely.

"You should take up dancing. I know it sounds completely off topic, but…zere are principals zat you can learn in dance zat can definitely be applied to ze real world." She crosses her legs at the ankle, leaning back in her seat and taking a sip of the coffee. "I know zat it 'elped to shape ze person I am today, in many positive ways." A chuckle escapes Remi's lips.

"I learned ballroom dancing and salsa. I think it must have been in college, because I don't remember doing it," Elisabeth says with a bit of a smile. "I have a minor in music and I used to teach it." The admission is difficult. "It was while I was on hiatus from the police force." And possibly something that Remi will both see and feel that part of her misses like mad. Music is a part of the blonde's soul. It's just not as obvious as for some.

Remi smiles. "Well, per'aps you should take up dancing again, oui? You 'ave ze perfect body for it, I think zat you would do well." She chuckles softly, taking a bite of her croissant and washing it down with her coffee. "It is marvelous stress relief. You just…lose yourself in ze music and ze dance." She chuckles softly, running a hand through her hair. After a moment, she perks a bit, and reaches down into her purse. "I almost forgot." She pulls out a small envelope, with the American Ballet Theater logo on it. This is pushed toward Liz. "Ze tickets zat I promised you." There's two of them, two of the best seats in the house, in fact.

Elisabeth finishes the bite on her fork and sets it down, reaching out to take the envelope. The grin lightens her air of weariness tremendously. "Oh, Remi… thank you." She checks for dates — because it could be that she may not make it. That would be a shame. But she slips them into her pocket and looks at the ballerina. "If I can be there, you can count on it. Lord knows I could use time off."

"If you can't make it, just bring it to ze box office and exchange zem for a day zat works better for you, oui?" The tickets themselves are for March 18th, a Sunday afternoon, for the opening day of Swan Lake. "I am sure you will enjoy yourself. We 'ave a wonderful orchestra, and ze dancers are ze best in America." And they're her dancers, to boot, a fact that makes Remi's pride swell just a little.

Elisabeth nods immediately, her smile rueful. Felix might really enjoy it, being Russian. Or perhaps she'll ask Aric… he could use the escape as well. She has no idea if he'd enjoy ballet. …. Christ, where have all her girl friends gone? She has to laugh softly at that thought. "Thank you, Remi. I'll do my best. That they're exchangeable for a day makes it easier." She leans back in her chair and goes back to the other topic. "I play piano when need to unwind," she admits. "And sometimes I sing."

A bright smile forms on Remi's face, her head tipping toward the woman. "Well, if you need an extra quiet place to unwind, we 'ave pianos and zere is always an empty studio, unless it is ze week before an opening performance…even so, zere's always a piano zat can be played. And ze dancers always prefer to dance to live piano, rather zan CDs." She chuckles. "Per'aps you could come see ze ballet studio and play, one day." A shrug. "I admit zat it is my 'aven away from ze world, so I could just be biased, but it's relaxing zere."

Plus, she wouldn't mind hanging out with the beautiful woman more.

Aaaaaaand it sails right over her head. That she's being flirted with lightly. Elisabeth picks up her coffee and sips from it. "Oh, I don't even know if I know music to any of the things you might do," she demurs with a smile. Though her repertoire seems pretty large, in truth. "I play to lose myself… It's where I go for solace," she admits. Not that she gets a lot of time these days. But occasionally.

Blue eyes study the Russian woman for a long moment and she says, "You should be careful going back and forth. Humanis First is getting more and more rabid." Elisabeth grimaces. It's not her place to tell Remi about Graeme's sister. She does say quietly, "I wouldn't like to see you get hurt if they start hitting public venues like shows. So … keep your eyes open, all right?" And her mind too, though that goes without saying.

Remi laughs softly. "Oh, zat is just a challenge for my dancers." She chuckles, shaking her head. "Zey can dance to anything. If it is not ze music zat zey are used to? Zey improvise." She grins. "You should try some time. You may be amazed what zey come up with." The French woman chuckles softly, smiling to her. "It is something I actually do often. 'Ave zem improvise." Then, she grins. "Zat, and I must confess zat I would enjoy seeing you around a bit more often."

The concern prompts a soft smile on the telepath's face. "Oui. I am far more paranoid zan my general demeanor may give off, and I 'ave my own defenses." Which usually involve screaming at the top of her mind into someone else's mind. It works frighteningly well. There's also the ability to plant thoughts. But those are not mentioned to Liz. "But thank you for your concern, Liz."

The discussion about music and improvisation is met with a simple smile, but the latter…. well, the latter makes the blonde shrug just a little. "I admit that I … am not entirely comfortable with your particular ability. It's one of those that I tend to find invasive — it's human nature to be nosy," Elisabeth says with a smile.

"I can't blame you for your discomfort." The redhead lifts her coffee cup to her lips, taking a sip before setting it down. "My ability is one zat makes many uncomfortable, and I do not blame any of zem. I would feel ze same, were the roles reversed." Remi still wears a pleasant smile. "Though I must admit zat my interest in you is not ze information zat you 'ave. More so…" Remi looks Liz over a little suggestively, before smiling. "You as a person in general, oui?"

Well, she's mildly oblivious at times but it's not like that wasn't blatantly obvious! Elisabeth is swallowing her coffee when it smacks her in the face, and she chokes slightly. And where'd her calm go?? A hint of a pink flush climbs her face as she coughs, grabbing a napkin and bringing to her mouth to cover it. "Sorry," she says with a slight wheeze. "Wrong pipe." Clearing her throat, she blinks somewhat owlishly at Remi. "I'm … flattered. Thank you," she says, managing… just barely… to not disgrace herself with a stutter. It might be the first time in her life that she's been propositioned by a woman. No… in fact, not might. She's almost certain of it.

The redheaded French woman can't help but grin at Liz's reaction, leaning back in her seat. "I take it zis doesn't 'appen to you often, by your reaction." She can't help but chuckle softly, taking another bite of her croissant. "In any case, let's break ze ice a little more, oui? You like to play piano and sing. What else do you enjoy doing?" Brows raise, Remi smiling warmly over to Liz.

Wiping her face, Elisabeth's brows go up. "Uhm… no, not really," she laughs. "I tend to be the one propositioning, and well… men. You're absolutely lovely, but… " She shrugs with a grin. "In spite of my very nontraditional outlook on dating and relationships, I'm afraid that girls just don't generally interest me. As flattered as I am." As to the question. What does she enjoy doing? "I used to spend what off time I had attending concerts in the park, seeing the occasional movie… nothing too extravagant, I guess. I like to play Frisbee on a nice day. Go shooting at the range." She chuckles suddenly, a sudden flash of a thought passing through her head. "I had a friend who took me on a motorcycle. That was … amazing. If I ever have free time again, I might think about getting one."

The woman grins widely, offering a soft laugh. The sentiment of 'first time for everything' doesn't leave her lips, a smile instead replacing it. "Well, couldn't 'urt to try, oui? You are a gorgeous woman, I might add." She laughs softly, finishing off the bread and strawberry preserves. "I am what zey call a omnisexual. I like everyone, regardless of gender, oui?" She offers a soft chuckle.

"Sounds like ze best kind of fun, oui? Extravagance is overrated." Says the rich French woman who goes to the expensive bistro for breakfast and invites her newest 'target' along with her. "A motorcycle…I can't say I 'ave ever ridden on one."

There's a hint of a smirk. Elisabeth still has that blush. "Well… thank you." What else are you going to say when someone tells you that you're gorgeous?! "It doesn't hurt to try," she agrees on a rueful laugh. This from a woman who sleeps with a man who sleeps with other men! She diverts the conversation to the motorcycle. "I hadn't — that I recall — either," she admits. "But I had a blast. Haven't had time to learn something like that, quite honestly. My last couple of years have been back-to-back world-ending crises."

That sentiment certainly doesn't mean that she's going to stop trying, by any means. It's just another challenge, to her. And she always did love challenges. They're so much fun. Especially a challenge as pretty as Liz. Remi offers a soft chuckle, nodding toward Liz. "I would love to ride on a motorcycle. I bet it feels much more free zan a car." But then, she prefers limousines.

Elisabeth shrugs and says, "It was pretty amazing." Her smile twists slightly into a wistful one. Alec was a good friend, in spite of himself. She misses him. Shaking off a momentary melancholy, grateful that he's the hell out of the mess that is New York right now, she finishes the last of her coffee. "Remi… I hate to eat and run, but I'm afraid I should go ahead and get to work." She smiles a little. "Thank you. For breakfast. And for… " She shrugs a little. "Just the time." She's struggling to find 'normal' in this crazy city, and this morning has been a really nice change.

"Oh, it is fine." Remi waves a hand, smiling warmly. "I can understand! I 'ave to be at work soon, anyway." She tips her head toward the blonde, a warm smile on her face. "I am 'appy to assist. Per'aps we should to zis a little more often." If Liz wants normal, Remi can certainly provide that, as one of the few in the city whose life hasn't been touched by anguish or difficult times. "Breakfast is my treat."

"Well…. doubly thank you, then." Elisabeth grins as she stands. She's dressed for more of those meetings today, black tailored pant suit with a violet blouse. Very … feminine, actually. Far more so than she usually gets away with. "I'll talk to you soon." She picks up the heavier wool jacket on her chair to throw it around her shoulders sighing as her damnable phone begins ringing. Rolling her eyes at Remi, she heads out already talking to someone in her operations center, her mind on the business of the day.

Remi smiles faintly as Liz raises from her seat, watching her with an almost admiring gaze. The French woman definitely has an appreciation for beauty, and people are no exception to this general rule. "Thank you for joining me, and I will see you soon." She smiles charmingly, waving after Liz, before settling back to finish her meal while she waits for the check.

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