Leaky Pipes


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Scene Title Leaky Pipes
Synopsis The pipes aren't the only thing letting something out.
Date August 31, 2008

Condemned Tenement, Lower East Side

Once home to dozens of working-class families, this building has long ago been officially evacuated and condemned after it was partially gutted by a fire. The brick exterior is covered with layer upon layer of graffiti, the windows are boarded, and some sections of the roof are less than sound. The fire took hold on the fourth floor and expanded upward. Below that, many of the apartments are still intact.

It is a relative quiet morning at the headquarters of the terrorist group known as Pariah. The sun peeks through the cracks of the windows and it fills the room with light. Coming up from the basement is Eve, who is dressed in a black dress with leather black boots. Her long dark hair falls almost to her waist and her light colored eyes are searching as she comes to stand by the staircase. She tilts her head and pulls a strand of her hair. Today is a good day for Eve, no stress today. None at all.

One of the apartments has had its door left open, and from further in the sound of a shower is heard. The building's water heater is a bit finicky, and this is evidenced by the sudden shriek and thumping, as a door slams and out stumbles Helena, clad in a towel with a second one wrapped around her head. She's scowling over her shoulder and looking a bit like a wet kitten, scowling ferociously.

Eve's eyes widen slightly when Helena comes out in only her bath towel. "Got cold on you again?" her voice has a softness to it and she grins in a playful manner. "I would talk to Cameron about it but I don't really know what we can do to fix it" Eve looks around for a moment and adds, "Have you seen him by the way?"

Helena says in a grumbly tone, "We could get Monica to fix it." She frowns a little and moves to flop herself in a tattered but still comfortable chair that was foisted from Goodwill. "I was almost finished anyway. What I wouldn't give for a decent LUSH body butter, though." She reaches up and starts unraveling her hair towel as the weight of damp long blonde hair falls down onto her bare shoulders. "I haven't seen Cam. Maybe he's brooding up on the roof or something."

"Maybe we should ask Monica and he would be up there" Eve smiles softly as she sits in another chair next to Helena. "Don't we all wish that we were living a more /luxurious/ life?" she winks at the other woman and then runs a hand through her hair, "How have things been for you lately?"

Helena studies Eve furtively. The precog weirds her out sometimes, but she's not a bad person. "I guess we should." she says carefully, adding, "I really don't know where he is, though." She shrugs. "I've been okay. I'm trying to get control of my moods better. The last thing we need is constant rainfall because I'm Miss Grumpy Pants. Not only would it be really inconvenient, but it might set off to people we don't want knowing if there's a constant thunderstorm in just one spot on the Lower East Side."

The seer knows that she creeps people out sometimes, but she is used to it by now. "I like the rain, but it being a constant thing wouldn't be such a great thing" she turns and looks at Helena with her light colored eyes, "You've been doing better with your moods. I can tell. No lightning has struck in a while" Eve then leans her head back against the wall and looks up at the ceiling, "I've been so tired lately. Hardly getting any sleep at all" she is referring to her dreams of course.

"Can't you take something for it?" Helena asks curiously. "The housewives in Sleepy Hollow were all on prozac and valium and lunesta and stuff. There's gotta be something that can help you sleep."

Eve nods her head slowly, "To be honest, I really haven't looked into anything recently. I know that I should but I don't want to take the chance that the medication will interrupt my visions and if that happens, what if the vision I didn't see gave me a way to stop a group of people from dying?" she scratches her head and looks out of the window. "Maybe I should try to take something and see what happens with my abilities as a test" she muses.

Helena rises to her bare feet. "Maybe you should." she says. Padding across the living area, she ducks into the bedroom, but leaves the door open so she can still talk to Eve. "You could try something natural, like maybe serotonin before trying something more hardcore. You could try it for a couple of nights and see if your visions go away and if they don't, cool, but if they do, well, you stop taking it." She emerges, now dressed in jeans and a plain pink t-shirt. Her feet are still bare. "Why did you want to know where Cameron is?"

"I think I will do that" she says to Helena and she continues to sit in the chair as the teen gets changed. When she comes out Eve studies her clothes, "Cute shirt" she says and then she shrugs, "I just wanted to talk to him? that's all" Eve tries her best not to blush. She doesn't want everyone to know she has a crush on their leader! "Umm yeah?" she looks off to the side and does something to her dress.

Helena grins a little bit. Eve's going to have to go about being subtle a bit more if she doesn't want anyone to know. But Helena doesn't push the topic. "Do you know if there's been any discussion about the next target? Nobody tells me anything." That's actually not true, but as one of the youngest members of PARIAH, Helena sometimes feels like the others treat her like a kid.

After turning back to face Helena Eve shakes her head, "No talk yet, but I'm sure Cam will let us know soon" she grins at Helena. "I should be getting to my room and see if I can take a nap" she stands and smiles to Helena, "I'll see you a little later" and with that she exits the room to go to her own apartment.

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