Learning To Skate


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Scene Title Learning To Skate
Synopsis While out skating, Magnes asks Claire for her help.
Date September 06, 2009

Skate Park Somewhere.

Magnes and Claire have been skating all afternoon, which no doubt involved much freaking out about trying dangerous stuff, despite her ability. He had custom skates ordered for her, ones she may or may not have opened when he gave them to her on the roof that day. They're a lipstick red color with pictures of Mr. Muggles copied from 9th Wonders comics.

He's wearing a faded blue t-shirt with a Superman symbol on it, under a black denim sleeveless vest with another Superman symbol on the back, apparently shopping at Hot Topic now. In his comfortably fitting blue jeans and skates which have their entire paragraph of a desc, he's skating backwards holding both her hands.

After hours of skating, finding a secluded spot to talk, he smiles and asks, "Do you wanna help me, Claire?"

It's been a painful day for Claire, since she's never really skated before. She probably tried before, but she doesn't remember. There were many falls, many healed scrapes and probably a couple of broken bones, too. Eventually, she does seem to get the knack of it. She's probably not dressed the best for it. Opting for a black ribbed tank top, blue jeans that now sport holes in the knees and well… the skates.

The question gets a raised brow from her. "Help you? Depends on what it is." She teases, though the tease is marred as she seems to loose her balance, her skates going this way and that… Okay.. she doesn't totally have the knack.

Magnes wraps his arms around her waist to catch her, holding her up with a chuckle. "I've got you. And, well, you know how I'm investigating Refrain? I've been thinking about this a lot, and everyone keeps telling me you're great at tactics and stuff. I have tactical knowledge, but I'm not very experienced. So I want you to help me with two things. Help me train, and help me investigate, make sure I don't do anything dumb, y'know?"

Clinging to him, Claire's fingers curl into the front of his clothing. "Thanks. Just when I thought I was doing good." She gives him an embarrassed smile, though it melts away a bit. "Who says I'm good at tactics?" Her head tilts a bit and she nods. "Sure. I told you I'd help you, Manges." Her skates still don't seem to want to stay under her, but she's at least being held up.

Magnes is definitely not complaining about tank top'd Claire clinging to him, but he's doing his best to keep his mind straight… or at least his words. "Everyone who knows you talks like you're a sexy female Rambo, usually followed by threats of death if I hurt you." He laughs, mostly because he can relate concerning his other female friends dating. "I've gotten pretty good at being undercover, that's probably my best skill right now thanks to a healthy dose of cosplay and being in character. I was just wondering if you'd wanna go undercover with me when I'm investigating, that way if things go wrong, someone has my back."

"Well, if they didn't threaten your life then I guess they wouldn't be true friends." Claire comments with a small grin. Arms move to loop behind his neck, which makes her thankful for her clinging tank top, else he'd probably have more a view then a good amount of cleavage. "But sure, I'd be more then happy to help you investigate. But what do you mean about practicing?"

"Remember how I lost my memory of the people I was working with? Well, I can't remember where or who I trained with, but I remember a lot of sparring and shooting, ability training too. It feels… weird not to regularly spar and go to the shooting range and stuff." Magnes' eyes not-so-subtly lock directly on to her cleavage for a good ten seconds before averting… anywhere but there. "But uh, damn, what was I saying… right, right, shooting and stuff. I wasn't so sure about asking my girlfriend to spar and train with me, but I don't wanna treat you like a weak little girl, you can probably beat the crap out of me, so it's only fair if I treat you like a viable option."

There is a small satisfied smile as his glance is not missed, Claire obviously wore the the shirt on purpose. Devious female minds. "Well, I'm probably a little rusty, so I could use with some sparring myself." She leans closer and gives him a mischievous smile. "Maybe I'll learn a thing or two from you, hmm?" But then she pulls aways so she can carefully try to start skating again. "And your right, I'm not weak, but I'm not sure if I could beat the crap out of you.. more like I can outlast you."

"The only ways I can think of to beat a regenerator, I'd never do to you." Magnes keeps his pace next to her, within arm's reach if she feels herself losing her balance. "I was thinking, there's something I've never done for you. Wait here." He touches her shoulder, decreasing her gravity so she doesn't fall while he's gone, then turns around and starts quickly skating away.

"Well, as long as you don't go mentioning this thought to people we'll be good." Claire about loses her balance when her body suddenly lightens, but she recovers quickly arms held out to her sides. "Hey.. wait… where…?" And then he's gone and she's left standing there hoping her feet don't suddenly go flying out from under her. She kind of minces her ways to where she can glance where he went with an amused smile.

He seemingly vanishes (Probably flew), by the time she turns around, but a few minutes later, he flips from behind her and drops down in front of her, smiling. "Sorry, I just couldn't help but notice." Magnes points a finger up, where a bouquet of roses slowly floats down in front of her. "I've never gotten you flowers."

The blonde jumps a bit as he lands in front of her, her arms flailing a bit, "What?" Claire glances up and loses her balance reaching out to grab his arm to steady herself. Once she's steady she reaches up to take the roses, a her expression soft. She brings them up to sniff them as she gives him a coy look. "Thank you. I… don't think I've gotten many flowers." She moves her hand from gripping his arm to slide it up to his shoulder, so that she can pull him down into a deep kiss.

"I don't think I've given many…" Magnes wraps an arms around her, leaning into the kiss, eyes closed and ignoring anyone who might be walking by. When the kiss is broken, he slowly pulls back, arm still around her as he briefly licks his lips, then stares down at her. "Sometimes I have no idea what I'm supposed to say…" he admits a bit awkwardly, smiling.

Looking down at the roses again, Claire gives a little smirk. "Sometimes, Magnes, no words are needed." Her hand slides off his shoulder so that a finger can hook on his vest where the V of the neck ends. "The flowers were really sweet. I imagine I will get teased about it I'm sure." She doesn't sounds like it bothers her. "So…" She starts steering them back on to the subject, "…when do you want to start all this stuff?"

"I'm waiting on a phone call, once I get it, I'll know what I'm doing next. In the meantime, I'm just compiling reports, and whatever's floating around the department." Magnes takes a deep breath, starting to guide her out of the park with the arm around her waist. "Wanna do something else before we get home? I'd ask if you were tired, but… I mean, do you get tired?"

"Not as easily as you would… I imagine." Claire admits softly, her eyes still on the roses. "But I do get tired." She glances at him out of the corner of her eye. "Lets go get some Chinese food and go somewhere to watch the sunset? Then we can go back to your place for a bit…?" She adds quickly, "You know to watch one of your movies or something."

"Sure, I know some really high places we can sit." Before they exit the park, Magnes releases her and couches down to start removing her skates, which double as sneakers. Of course due to the design, they might seem like a silly pair of shoes to wear. "And yeah, we can watch a movie. I don't know what else we'd do at my place." he teases, grinning to himself.

Leaning down to rest a hand on his shoulder, Claire watches him remove the skates. Her cheeks turns rather red at his last comment. She wears these obviously teasing clothes, but she just can't get herself to just go for it. "Yes… well… for now." She murmurs, fingers moving from his shoulder to brush gently at his hair before he stands again.

Magnes removes his own skates shortly after her's, smiling up at her before standing, handing over her pair. "Let's get going, anymore sexual tension and we'll be Harry Potter characters."

"I don't know if there can be much more." Claire says with a chuckle taking her pair, her cheeks still a light shade of pink.

"I'm sure it'll pop eventual- " Magnes' hand goes to his mouth as he cuts himself off. "Bad bad choice of words, oh god, let's just go eat." Awkwardly laughing, he reaches for her hand so he can lead her to the closest Chinese store.

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