Scene Title Leave
Synopsis They say you can't ever go home again.
Date February 27, 2020

"One, two…"

The sea is calm today, whereby a rowboat steadily drifts across a mild chop. The skies are cloudy, but that's typical. A gentle drizzle falls from the skies, a cold wind comes from the north.

"…buckle my shoe…"

Drifting on a rowboat out in the open waters, with but two oars to guide her, the wayward prophet Else Kjelstrom stares up at the sky. Her eyes are reddened, cheeks sunken, lips parched with flakes of dry skin. A thin sheen of sweat and sea spray clings salty to her brows.

"…three four…"

She stares up at a swirling haze of jade light dancing overhead, a spiral aurora tinged with pink.

"…better lock your door…"

A distant splash draws Else's attention from the skies, blind white eyes turning toward the sound.

"…five six you know her tricks…"

A man emerges from the sea, gasping for breath and pawing at the air, naked.

"…seven eight reach the coast and wait…"

He screams, a reflexive and shocked howl against the cold.

"…nine ten he is home again."


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