Leave A Light On


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Scene Title Leave A Light On
Synopsis After receiving word about the death at the Lighthouse, Kain Zarek prepares to make a personal trip out there to handle the matter of a child's body.
Date March 23, 2010

Red Hook

Lola's Safehouse


That's not a good sound.


Apparenlty living with Lola, or staying with Lola, is almost exactly as one might have preditcted it would be. Almost. For the most part it's been rather quiet, rather restrained, rather unremarkable. She's a surprisingly clean houseperson, and although her fridge is made up of beer and a full chicken and condiments, she always manages to find a good pizza place or chinese take out number. But right now? Well.

There she is, in jeans and a loose t-shirt, hair up in a ponytail (still faux-red). And she's dumping out….bourbon. Vodka. Just letting it all flow down the drain, and tossing the empties into a large trash bag. Guess she wasn't kidding when she said she was getting Kain sober - maybe that's why she's so grouchy herself, seeing as she'd like to bathe in all this flowing liquid just as much as he might.

"That ain't really necessary…" Comes the grousing tone of voice by the bathroom door, "Ah' ain't gonna' fall offa' no wagon. That ain't gonna help me get done hallucinatin' dead people any faster'n it'll help me get outta' your goddamn apartment." Towel draped around his shoulders and head cocked to the side, Kain Zarek looks slightly less worse for wear these days. Blonde hair is swept back from his face and beads of water from a shower still cling to bare shoulders and chest, though the belted jeans he wears unfortunately means it's business time and not pleasure for the Cajun.

"Ah' gotta' go head back inta' town. Got some business that needs doin' an' Ah' intend t'actually get it handled…" There's a furrow of Kain's brows, chin tilted up and his mostly unshaven jaw visibly peppered with spots of gray amidst the darker hair of his five o-clock shadow. "But if you wanna' keep dumpin' all that booze out, you jus' go on' an knock yerself out darlin'."

Now he tells her.

Lola gives Kain the eye of death as she turns to look over her shoulder - somewhat muted by the fact that he's wet and shirtless (come on, she's only human! Well…evolved!). Maybe, just maybe, her tongue darts out and wets her lower lip. But then it fades into anger at the fact that she just wasted a good bourbon. "Ya owe me two bottles a the good stuff," Lola says, leaning her rear against the counter and taking a long drink out of what's left in the bottle she was pouring out. "An ya'd be surprised - after Ah got clean took me awhile ta stop seein' shit, but Ah eventually did. Not that we was on the same shit but…" she shrugs, again taking another hit of alcohol. "Whatcha got goin' in town?"

"Side job," is all Kain bothers to tell Lola about his business, dark brows furrowed together as he moves towards the kitchen, slinging the towel off of his shoulders to lay down across the countertop he leans his hip against, arms crossing over his chest. "Danny's gone and offered t'fix up some'a mah debts for me, get things straightened out until we figure out where th' hell all'a that missin' money went." All hallucinations offering him answers on that front aside. "Ah'm already in Danny's pocket balls deep, so Ah' may's well just push all the way home, if'n y'know what Ah' mean."

He has such a colorfully tactless way of putting things.

Yes, he does.

"Ah….dammit. Ah can't even top that with nothin'." Sullenly, she takes another swig of her alcohol, because why not, right? It's not like she's the one trying to sober up. She mutters something, that sounds a lot like 'stupid son of a bitch'. But that wouldn't surprise anyone anyway.

"At least ye'll be gettin some action that way," she says, winking mischeviously over her hsoulder at him as she puts the bottle back in the fridge. "Now ya ain' gonna turn 'round an go tiltin' back a bottle again as soon as ya know Ah ain' watchin ya, are ya? Cause fer all ya know Ah had Crazy Jack put cameras all up in yer business ta keep an eye on ya."

"Crazy Jack?" One dark brow of Kain's lifts up slowly, lips pursed together as he looks askance at Lola. "You know what, Ah'm probably better off not knowin'." There's a shake of his head, stubbled chin rubbed by one calloused hand. "Nah Ah' ain't gonna' be drinkin'. There was some sorta' accident down at that orphanage on Staten Island that Danny runs, some… kid got hurt, or killed, Ah' dunno which." A slow shake of his head later, and Kain's moving back towards the bathroom, laving his towel for Lola to pick up after him.

"Ah' gotta go round me up a coroner and drag his ass out there t'take a look at the kid off th' radar." Here's Kain, talking about taking care of kids and orphanages and not even blinking twice at a still mostly full bottle of whiskey on the counter nearby. Lola may have to invest in shapechanger-be-gone because this can't be the Kain Zarek she knows.

"You wanna' tag along that's all well and good, but Ah' ain't above puttin a fist in your dumb mouth if'n you say somethin' stupid." Said with all the loving and tender care of a houseguest. From the Bathroom, Kain withdraws a powder blue dress shirt from a coat hanger on the back of the door, drawing it up over his hsoulders as beads of moisture darken the fabric where they'd clung to his skin previously. Buttoning it up, he squints a blue eyed stare from the doorway to Lola.

And as he squints, he'll get a rat-tail from that towel he dropped right square in the man-parts. Or maybe just barely enough to the left where it hits his thigh rather than his…well, you know. But enough of a snap to let him know she means business. "Ah aincher maid, Zarek." She tosses the towel at him and walks over to the closet.

"Ah'm always up fer a road trip," Lola says, reaching for her coat. Whatever her reasons for actually going - which Kain probably expected her to say no to - are kept to herself. "Might get ta see yer pretty as a picture gal pal Manny. Ain seen him in awhile, miss 'im somethin' sore."

Hissing out a sharp yelp and hopping on one foot, Kain bounds away from the snap of that towel and fires back a don't start a fight you can't win, woman look with a furrow of dark brows and a narrowing of pale eyes. He's silent, if only for a moment before smiling slyly and commenting, "Manny's in Costa Rica, probably hip deep in some little brown cabana boy or something, hell if Ah' know." One hand reaches up and rakes fingers through dirty blonde hair as Kain eyes Lola up and down slowly.

"He had some heat come on him after helpin' out one'a mah co-workers, so he's layin' low till it dies down. Can't say Ah' blame him, missing all the fun in the sun we got goin' on 'round here." Sarcastic to the last, Kain glance around the apartment and huffs out a frustrated sigh.

"Ah'm gonna' be straight up with you darlin', thi job out on the island ain't for fuckin' around okay? Them kids are honestly in need'a somethin' right in their lives, so Ah' swear t'god if you take so much as a salt shaker from that Lighthouse Ah'll throw you in the Hudson like Jimmy Hoffa."

"Ah ain' gonna steal from orphans, ya shit," Lola hisses back actually sounding offended that he might suggest that. "More like than not Ah'll just be stealin' shit offa you fer most a the trip. Anythin' left that Ah ain' stoled already. Ah got yer lighter, yer wallet, yer dignity, yer balls…" she smirks, zipping up her coat all the way to her neck and pulling on a knitted cap - she doesn't like cold, okay?! "Sides, good chunka them coats an shit're prolly the ones Ah done stoled for 'em way back in the day." This last part is muttered, that he may or may not hear.

"Ya got a way ta reach Manny? Ah'd love ta call 'im an bitch 'im out fer not takin' me on vacation with 'im."

"Nah, he didn't leave a number. Too many feds barkin' up his tree, better he just disappear for a while then come back all jazz hands and showtunes once the heat's off." Finding only that leather jacket he'd come here with, Kain slings it on over his shoulders, zippering up the front as he offers Lola another askance look out of the corner of his eyes. There's something still distrusting about his expression, and it's likely he can't imagine Lola wants to honestly help him after he shot her in the stomach like he did.

There's a lot of ways Lola Mayeux could get Kain back for that, and right now it's clear his trusting her would facilitate a great many number of those. "You got a car, sugar?" One black brow lifts, question somewhat guarded in its tone. "Manny owes me a new one."

Over her shoulder, Lola gives that absolutely wonderful, mischievous grin that she is so known for. "Gimme ten minutes, sugar, an sure, Ah'll have a car." Oh Christ.

The Cajun girl heads to the door, pulling it open and checking her pockets to make sure that she has her keys. "Make sure ya turn the lights off on the way out. Global warmin' an all a that." Really? Lola worried about global warming? What a fucked up world.

"Sure thing," Kain notes quietly with a raise of his brows as Lola heads out of the apartment. When Kain follows behind her, there's a momentary pause near the kitchen, eyes lingering on the bottle of Jack Daniels sitting perched by the sink. His brows furrow, and a few steps takes him over to its black labeled glass. One hand reaches up and over the neck, and the bottle is lifted up and turned upside down and laid that way in the sink, vomiting up its contents into the drain.

Kain takes a step back, lips downturned into a frown, and makes his way for the open door of the apartment and out into the hall, remembering to lock the door before swinging it shut with a resounding slam. Inside Lola's apartment, the amber liquid inside of the bottle burbles out from the tiny mouth of the bottle, circling around the drain and into the sink.

He forgot to shut off the lights.

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