Leave a Message



Scene Title Leave a Message
Synopsis Peyton tries to contact Wendy yet again. She's caught on that she's being avoided.
Date August 26. 2009

Peyton's Apartment, Upper West Side

You've reached Wendy Hunter's residence and she's not taking calls right now so you can leave your name and number and she'll get back to you when she find the time or inclination to listen to the machine. Thanks!

It's the fifth time since Wendy Hunter and Peyton Whitney escaped from their kidnappers a week before that Peyton has received the outgoing message. She's left three, and the last couple of times just hung up.

Peyton's thumb hovers on the red "hang up" button on her cell phone. How many times can you leave the same message? How many times can you tell someone you want to talk to them or to call you back, before they don't, before you give up?

Apparently once more.

Four times might be the charm, right?


"Wendy," Peyton says, and decides on a different tactic. So far, the messages have been just "Give me a call" or "Just calling to say hi!" Nothing serious and nothing urgent. But this time she has information that might be important to Wendy, and she might as well share it.

"I don't know why you're not calling me back or if you're mad at me or what. I'm sorry if you think everything was my fault, and I'm sorry for anything that I did wrong during the kidnapping but I … people had guns to my head, Wendy, I couldn't think straight, and I'm sorry already."

Her throat catches but she swallows back the sob before she speaks again: "But anyway, forget that. Look, I got the name of the guy from the bar, the one who called the cab on us. And another guy who was involved with it somehow. This group of people are working on it — but they kidnapped someone new. That woman we saw at the piano bar that one night, of all people. The blonde who thought you were hitting on her."

Peyton shudders at the strange "small world-ness" of it all. "So be careful. I have the name of the guy who got us the cab, and I'm trying to help people by using my power, but so far it's not a lot of help."

There's the unshakeable feeling that she's talking to someone she may never see again. That Peyton's friendship with Wendy may be just another a casualty in this relentless war. Score one more for Humanis First.

"So … that's it. Give me a call if you want to… talk or anything." Like ever, Peyton adds, silently in her mind.

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