Leave At Once, You Are Breaking And Entering


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Scene Title Leave At Once, You Are Breaking And Entering
Synopsis Lola breaks in while Coren is preparing dinner. She wants to talk to Cassidy, and Coren is mad that she broke in rather than knocked.
Date September 22, 2009

Casa de Shelby — Lower East Side

When Monday rolled around, Coren was quick to trade in his recently acquired Chev Malibu for a 1989 GMC Suburban, which he then used to transport some of Cassidy's furniture over from storage. He made sure Cassidy sat in the cab. The couch and coffee table are now Cassidy's, thanks to the damage they both received in Coren's battle with Mortimer, and a few other knickknacks have managed to creep into the apartment's decor beyond that. Now, however, he's preparing food. Food that can be eaten without knives or other sharp culinary instruments. Chili. If Coren were any more protective, it would be a big plastic spoon, but thankfully he hasn't gone that far.

Coming out of the hallway on crutches, Cassidy is dressed for comfort in a pair of sweatpants. Of course, the one change to her outfit is the pale blue dress shirt. It's too big for her, so it's obviously not hers, and the sleeves have been neatly rolled up the elbow. Her red hair, is pulled back loosely at the back of her neck with a scrunchie, just to keep it out of her face. It's awkward moving around on crutches, but she's not about to let Coren carry her every time she wants to move. Removing the crutches as she reaches the counter near her partner, she leans them against it, watching him. Resting a hand on his shoulder, she rests against him briefly, a head on his shoulder. "Looks good. Anything I can do to help?" She asks softly, brows lifting.

A man and a shotgun. That's their defense. Of course the door is probably locked. Not a big deal for Lola Mayeux. In fact, she walks right in and closes the door easily behind her. She's wearing a raunched, layered skirt and a tank top as she walks in, she even thought ahead enough to put a strand of beads around her throat. How fancy! She's carrying a jacket, and a pair of fancy sandals - she had to break into Adam's place to get them back, but he wasn't there so there wasn't a huge to-do about it. She also managed to swipe some Refrain, but that's not worn on her sleeve.

"Smells delicious," Lola announces, as though she were coming home for work. She peers around the corner into the kitchen, giving Cassidy a friendly nod. "Howdy sugar," her eyes move to Coren. "Dis dat girl? By the way, ya didn' happen ta make enough fer a guest, didja?" she waggles her brows suggestively. Guess who the guest is.

Of course, that doesn't stop Coren from wanting to carry her around, sweet man that he is. It's out of respect and adoration that he doesn't force the issue, even though she knows it breaks his heart to see her walking around on crutches. Why she asks that particular question when she knows the answer…. "You can kick up your feet on one of the chairs," he says. He really is a stickler for those doctor's orders of getting rest — as in, not working. He probably obsesses a bit about it, really.

Of course, his entire train of thought comes to a screeching halt in the middle of a dark tunnel when an unexpected voice announces itself. If he wore his gun, it would quite likely be aimed at the source of the voice. It's only to Lola's benefit that such is not the case. "Oh Lord, it's my very own Mortimer." It's a surprisingly calm statement. The calm before the storm. "You do know that breaking and entering is a felony, right?" He puts a hand on Cassidy to try and stop her from freaking out. It's bad enough that he's on edge, she's fit to be tied.

Right now, is probably not a good time for the younger detective to have someone sneak up on her. There is a small shriek of surprise, at the unfamiliar voice and she turns around, for the moment forgetting that her foot is a mess. The only reason Cassidy doesn't end up on the floor in pain, her foot unable to keep her weight, is Coren's hand. Her hands hold on to him tightly, fingers curled into the shirt he's wearing. She's terrified, she can't help it, her forehead is pressed against his shoulder, eyes closed. Who is it? She asks in a panic, afraid to look yet.

"Hey!" Lola yelps in response, just as Cassidy freaks out over her presence. She doesn't respond terribly much to that, as it's rather expected given the circumstances. "I ain' nowhere as crazy as that guy. At least there's only one of me in my head. And really, is that any way ta thank me fer blowin' the head offa yer serial killer?" She asks, moving to walk past them toward the stove so she can smell the chili.

"Felony, maybe, but did ya know havin' a cheap old knock off lock like that on yer door an thinkin' yer safe is just beggin somebody to break in? Least it was me, not someone dangerous or lookin' to rob ya blind. Didja put hamberger or turkey in here?"

Coren gives the top of Cassidy's head a kiss. This is the sniper who blew Azrael's brains out. Of course, she'll remember all about that, given how the nearly headless body then landed on her. Coren looks at Lola with an incredulous expression. "Most people can't get past the wrought iron door that blocks entrance to this building, and aren't crazy enough to break into someone's home in the middle the evening. Clearly I'll have to talk to the landlord about tighter security. Maybe keeping the door locked twenty-four-seven instead of just after business hours." He scoops Cassidy up and sits her on the countertop. "Thank you for blowing Azrael's brains out," Coren says. Though it's sincere, it's not without a hint of irritation.

Cassidy pretty much ignores Lola for the moment, but her head comes up after the kiss. Her head turns and she looks at Lola still somewhat wide-eyed through a light veil of red hair. She does remember the headless body and the feel of his blood spreading through the blanket that covered her at the time. There is no protest as she is set on the counter, her eyes still watching the other woman cautiously, her fear is still heavy in her mind. Shooter or not… she's uncomfortable. She swallows, a hand still gripping his arm. "Yes, thank you," she manages to say, her voice soft and a bit shaky.

Lola rolls her eyes as she picks up a spoon, dipping it into the chili and stealing a taste. Stop her, go ahead. Ah! Too late. "Could use a lil more spice, sugar," the Cajun says. Then again, to her tongue, what couldn't use a bit more spice? "Anyway, I'll ignore ya bein' snarky. I didn' come here fer you." She steals another taste, and licks the spoon clean, gesturing to Cassidy with it. "I came here fer her. Well not fer her, but ta talk ta her. Say hi. See if she was okay. Hi," She finally speaks directly to Cassidy.

There are so many problems with that plan that Coren would like to point out, but he keeps from saying anything. It's bad enough she insulted his cooking. Even for a Cajun, it's plenty spicy. After all, Cassidy's from New Orleans. He makes it to her taste, not his. "Make it quick," he says, finally, "You're not staying for dinner." Because she insulted the chef. And she broke into their apartment. And they told her to disappear. And she broke into their apartment after they told her to disappear and then insulted the chef and the security of a deadbolt lock.

Red brows tip upwards as the other woman looks her way, Cassidy's hands tighten their grip on Coren a sign of her anxiety. "Hello…." She states politely, from her perch on the counter. "I —" She glances at Coren, before answering, "I'm as well as can be expected. Healing.." Of course the fact that the dress shirt is unbuttoned a bit, not indecent, but one can see some bandages and one of the more shallow cuts. Between those and the foot, it's only a hint of the damage. "..and the chili is just fine."

Lola offers a single-shoulder shrug as she sets the spoon aside. "Didn' say it was bad at all, sugar. I like really spicy stuff," she frowns at Coren a bit, and at Cassidy. They're certainly not the smiling thankful people she'd expected them to be! She looks from one to the other and back again. Finally she settles on Cassidy. "Just wanted ta come say hi, darlin, pay my respects an all. Hope ya get better an…I dunno. Whatever it is ya'll do after somethin' like that. Spoze ya'll got my number if ya need anybody else axed off that ya ain' gonna do yerself," She shakes her head once more and starts to turn to head out.

"We're trying," Coren states. Trying to do whatever it is people do after something like that. Aside from smiling at each other on occasion, and they're awkward smiles given all that's happened, this couple does not smile particularly frequently. Too much shit has happened. But Core's kind enough to let Lola part on a more pleasant note, so he offers up some advice. "Try to be careful whose house you go breaking into. Some people keep loaded shotguns around."

Okay… now Cassidy feels kinda bad, but the anxiety she feels towards the stranger. "Hey.. uh….. " Cassidy doesn't exactly know the woman's name. "Look.. I… can't help how I'm feeling right now.. But know. I really do appreciate that you killed that son of a bitch…" Fingers dig slightly into her partner's arm as she can't help the memories. Flashes of her time tortured by the mad man. "… I don't know if anyone else would have been able too." She gives Coren one of those small smiles, and looks at her lap. "Don't take all this wrong…. it is… a long road. Maybe one day I can really express my thanks."

Lola pauses, glancing over her shoulder. "Aw, sugar," she drawls softly to Cassidy, shaking her head. "I can'….I been some bad places, but noplace as bad as ya were. Ya don' gotta apologize ta nobody, ya hear? Not a single person. Ya don' gotta feel guilty for nothin - I mean, maybe if ya kilt a puppy or somethin, yeah, maybe ya oughta have a little guilt. But dead puppies aside, ya ain' no kind of wrong, girlie," She looks back to Coren with a smirk. "Get a better lock an maybe I won' break in next time." Chances are she will, but….

And Coren's there to hold Cassidy's hand in his, all the while watching this awkward exchange between two women. It's all very… strange. Of course, Lola goes and brings him right back to his original train of thought following her break-in with that mouth of hers. He shakes his head, "Breaking in here again would be a bad idea. I'm willing to excuse it this once, but you better knock next time."

Her partner's hand is held tightly, hand shaking slightly as she wars with her own emotions, Cassidy doesn't look up at the woman, she just nods slowly. See… a good girl. "I… ah…. thank you for stopping by to check on me." The words are softly spoken. Her head turns a bit she that she can glance at Coren, her hand lets go of his so that he can show the woman out. She'll stay right there and wait for him. "If you see Mortimer… " The emotions Coren gets are mixed… Angry and still thankful, "Tell him… thank you for sending the help."

Lola chuckles. "I might see him," And it's always dangerous. She never knows what he'll do. "Anyway, change the lock sugar," she winks to Coren, not waiting to be shown out. Instead, she steps to the door and offers one last playful, mischievous grin over her shoulder before gently closing the door behind her.

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