Leaving A Legacy


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Scene Title Leaving A Legacy
Synopsis Mother and Potential Mother To Be talk about recent events.
Date May 10, 2011

Village Renaissance Building: Elaine and Quinn's Apartment

Since moving out to Eltingville, it hasn't been hard to see people she used to all the time- it just has been made into more of a process, in that now Delilah has to deal with the border guards more than once a day, usually. Sable is out on patrol for Marien, and so Delilah has decided to stop by with Walter after work instead of tramping on home for a night of quiet- Dee isn't the type. Mother's Day was good enough for her, even if there was a Pee Incident.

With Walter in his seat, she holds it with one arm while navigating the elevator with the other; the closer she gets the more excited she feels, though for no apparent reason other than she was looking forward to it. Her knocking on the door comes as a staccato rapping on the wood, administered by her knuckles and punctuated by the bump of Walter's carrier onto the carpet. He watches with a vested sort of interest, fingers holding onto his now omnipresent stuffed fox.

The creeks open a bit, just enough for a visible sliver of a person to be visible - QUinn, obviously, since there ins't brilliant red hair framing the face that peers out. She's been catious ever since the visit they got from the Other Magnes the other week. But once she spots Delilah - and possibly more importantly, Walter - there is a bit of a sqee ad the door flings open, Quinn throwing out open arms out to the visitor.

"Delilah!" she says in a voice that's not quite a shout, but not really quiet either. And then eyes look down to Walter, ehr smile wide. "Walter~ What brings you two to our neck of the woods?" Stepping aside, leaving Delilah plenty of room to come in, she grins. "I'm guessing since you have Walter it's nothing bad. That's good. Alwas could use some good news these days."

Delilah takes the open arms as an opportunity to try and get a quickie hug in- perfectly reasonable effort, if you ask her. She picks up Walter's carrier again when Quinn lets them in, holding him with both hands on the handle. "If I came around with bad news I probably wouldn't be smiling-" And she is- "Nothin'bad. Nothin'new, either, I just figured we were due for an abrupt visit. I need my girl time too, honestly."

Dee keeps mostly quiet as she sidles into the apartment a bit further before setting down the baby seat and pulling Walter up out of it. "It's been nice out, so I've been taking him for more walks after work. He seems to enjoy being outside. We fed pigeons yesterday, didn't we?" Walter doesn't have an affirmative for that one, but he looks between Dee and Quinn as if expecting a cue. All his mother does is chuckle. "Better than the ducks, I think. The ducks got all up around my ankles, he kinda freaked out."

"You say that now," Quinn says, having readily accepted the hug and then promptly stood aside, looking towards the kitchen. "But you'll realise the pidgons are the worst enemy of all when one poops on him." She really should not be grinning at that joke, but she is. "Still, I'm glad to hear it's nothing bad. Things have been kidna… wild around her the last month, so… I worry a lot when people just show up at the door now."

Straightening her skirt, QUinn starts towards the kitchen. "What's he allowed to eat now? We have some oreoes that ahve been out a few ngihts, so they're real soft. I figure we should keep him apepased, ELaine's taking a nap right now, and I feel hoorrible if she got woken up."

"You guys must be having more shenanigans than I am, then." Delilah nods and keeps her volume down now. "Well, I've been giving him some solids here and there, but he mostly just chews on things now. Any day he's gonna start hardcore teething. I feel unprepared for the anger." Dee chuckles and tails after Quinn, baby in tow.

"I've been giving him softer stuff, he might think a cookie is just the darndest thing. And yeah, it'd keep his mouth shut." The redhead crosses into the kitchen second, hefting Walter up so that he can watch what they're up to. His arm isn't full of stuffed toy anymore, but the bink in his house takes up whatever he is mumbling at them.

"Well then, I think someone has earned a cookie!" Don't ask how Quinn reached this decision. Really, Walter's earned it simply by being Walter. But when her attention turns back to Delilah, she gives a bit more of a puzzled look. "Really? You have heard about any of the shit that's going on?" An euebrow is quirked at the redheaded woman, even as she reaches into the cabinet for the container of cookies. "Like I said, its been kinda crazy. I can tell you 'bout some of it, but I don't think you'll believe me terribly much."

She shrugs a bit, offering a cookie down to Walter, seeing if he'll take it in her growing hands. "Actually… there probably is one big thing I should tell you. Well. I kinda feel like I should tell everyone, but I haven't been able t' get to Sable t' tell her, an' I'm not sure how t' tell Mganes, so you gotta promise not to tell them first."

"Sable mentioned Magnes has been a tool lately- I wasn't really listening at the time." Delilah shrugs, almost defensively. "She gets going and then I look up and she's off ranting about something else." She tries not to laugh, because Quinn seems to be taking it seriously at the moment. "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

"I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to." Simple enough, right? Walter averts his gaze to the approaching cookie; he stares at it up close for a moment, the imprint on the surface, the white and brown colors, the crumblies on Quinn's fingers from it already. He does decide to reach for it, at which Dee pops the sucker out of his mouth. Once he has a grip on it, he continues peering for about three seconds before putting the edge between his lips to gum at it.

'Magnes is always kinda a tool," QUinn replies with a chuckle. "But he's a loveable tool. I know she ahd a run in with- there's some guy running around lately. Looks like Magnes, sounds like him, but he acts even crazier and talks about shit from "his world" and generally is even more insane than Magnes is." That's possible, right? "He showed here with a gun," is said much more seriously, "an' I think he was about a second from shooting me. Maybe she confused him with the real Magnes? Not that I think she would, but…"

A small shrug, and Quinn's eyes close. "It's one of those things that makes me glad I've taken up learning how to shoot." Watching Walter gum at the cookie, she can't help but smile, and even laugh a little as she mulls over something. "I really shhould do this with Elaine here," she comments when she does look abck up at Delilah. "But one of the cazier things lately is that we're kinda…" A pause, and hand runs back through her hair as she lets out a held breath of air. "Engaged."

Delilah stares at Quinn now, looking like she's hearing gibberish. "That's just- bizarre." She finds a chair to sit herself and Walter down, and when Quinn goes on to explain her crazy information, she is glad that she did. Or you could just knock her right over otherwise. Still, Dee leans back in the seat with a look of mild surprise.

"Say what?" Nah she heard it- A smile grows, infectious, across her face. Walter looks up, pondering, and working the soft cookie in his mouth. Tastes like chocolate. Not that he knows that. All he knows is that it is pretty good for not being colorful. "Engaged-engaged? Not like, maybe one day engaged?" There's a difference! Somewhere. "Ohhhh, no wonder you guys haven't told anyone…" It does dawn on Dee that it could be a sore subject. Now, of all times.

"If she gets up, I'll have her show you teh emerald ring I gave her," Quinn replies - that should answer the "maybe one day" question. She suonds a bit nervous, and looks it too, her attention largely focused down on Walter now. "I think it'll only be a problem with Magnes. ELaine makes it sound like Sable… I dunoo, she maeks it sound Sbale's kinda cold about some things lately. I don't think it'll phase her much." Another a bit of a smile, QUinn's arms crossing as she looks back up to Delilah.

"We haven't really told anyone because we know people'll say it's too soon, too fast. I mean…" She fidgets a bit, stratching at her shoulder. "It was… you know those dreams? The ones Kaylee talked to us about? We kept having them… an' it got a us kidna rattled. I don't want t' say it's something that happened because of the dreams, but it definitely- we've thought about it, over the last month. A lot. It's defintiely something we want to do. But we know people are going to scoff." When Quinn says "we" she actually means "I", but tat's okay.

"Sable is, all in all, in this for the haul." Delilah can feel confident to share that much with Quinn; she knows too well about the precarious place Sable stands. "I know how it is, with the dreams rattling people. They rattled Sable too, cause she wants to be with me, and everything." Adel, she means. It's a complex, yet not so complex knot of things to be wary of, all of a sudden. The baby in Dee's lap continues sucking on the oreo, supported in his sitting by Delilah's hands.

"Unless there's an actual date, there's no such thing as too soon. Besides, I think you guys are allowed to be gracious with yourselves like that. If you both wanna do it, do it. Fuck'em, whoever they are. 'People'. Pah. It's about you, not them. As for Magnes, I think he might just be happy to know his friends are happy. That is, if anything I said over the years sunk in."

"Well… the idea was, in a year, if we felt the time was right, we'd do it. If not… we'd wait another year. So… I guess theres sorta a date? But it's not set ins tone enugh for there t' be plans or anything…" Quinn rolls her shoulders a bit, smiling at Delilah. "I'm glad you think that, though. It helps alot. Puts my mind more at ease. I still don't know how I'll tell Magnes, but I'm hoping he won't… you know. Flip out on us. He wasn't too thrilled when I told him Elaine and I were trying to build a relatonship, so I've always kidna walked on eggshells with him."

Walking back for a moment, she retrieves the thing of oreos, taking one for herself, and then offering teh container to Delilah. "The dreams were… theyr attled me and ELaine really bad too. Knowing things like that she an' Sable were supposed t' be married, have a kid, an' that Ygraine an' I were t'gether, an' had adopted a kid… that really messed with us." A pause. "How much has sable told you about Adel?" she asks curiously.

"He just really cares about Elaine." Obviously, if Adel exists at all. Delilah accepts the container and puts it on the table, helping herself to one while keeping Walter sitting on her lap. "She's told me about how Adel is Elaine's and everything- when those things wake her up in the middle of the night, I kind of need to pay attention. Plus it makes her nervous sometimes, knowing things. Like something is in her hands ready to jump out."

"It kinda sounds like all of the women in my life have some kind of… stake going on, with these people we know almost nothing about." Delilah is kept just outside of the loop most of the time, but she's smart enough that not everything just runs willy-nilly around her without notice.

"Hers an' Sable's. An' I guess Magnes'," Quinn orrects without really thinking about it. "The family situation sounds like it was… interesting. For Adel, that is. No dad,four of her being her mother. Open, uh… relationships, from the sound of it." She laughs a bit at that. "I don't blame her for being nervous, Lord knows I have been. Particularly… since Ygraine an' I broke up. She's on the run now, and that just make s it harder. I'm glad Adel's who she is, she makes it a lot easier to swallow. So does…"

There's a bit of a trail off at that, Quinn's eyes closing as she moves to take a seat. leaning forward, she looks more directly at Walter, offering the baby a smile ad her finger to grasp. "The girl that I said we adopted? Her names Jolene. She's… actually someone else in the network's kid. She came back too. It's been… interesting."

Treading loose ground here. Delilah increasingly looks down to Walter or at the cookies rather than fully at Quinn; she picks him up and sets him on the table nearer her, one hand around his belly to keep him upright. "Adel's a nice girl. Probably cause of her parents. Parental figures. Whatever you wanna call yourselves." Delilah does laugh a bit, running her hand over her son's hair to straighten the puff of orange into something slightly less unruly. He needs a haircut soon.

"Do you know how many of them there are?" It comes out nervous, almost wary.

"Well." QUinn looks up at Delilah with a smile. "I mean, She said she hada lot of aunties too. And Is till dunno who that fourth mom is. I;m sure you were still around to hel us clueless people who have no idea how t' handle children," she says with a bit of a laugh. That queston, that, gets her to lean back, taking a bite of an Oreo. "I know about five," she says quietly. "Adel, Jolene, Adel's boyfriend I ahven't met, a guy I work with named Kincaid, and… I talked t' someone else who said her son had come back. I think there's a sixth too, Adel had a really good friend named Ingrid. Considering how close she seemed t' be t' her, an' how close I know she is to Jolene…" She shrugs. The conclusion seems obvious to her.

Delilah lets her hand linger on the baby's satin sheen of hair, and she smiles a little bit past him to Quinn. At least six- seven? Her smile wavers a moment, and she wets her lips. "Okay, you told me something you haven't told people. Is it bad of me to want to be quid pro quo here? Cause there's something I've been told, about all this. And- well- nobody told me to not say anything, but I've just not been sure how. It's never been right."

"It almost feels right, now, but I won't tell you unless you're certain that you can handle something kind of- heavy." Delilah tries to be level with Quinn, though there is a trepidation throughout. "But it's also something you can't just- say- to anyone. It's- tricky."

"I've weathered a lot these last few months," Quinn says with a smile. "I tink I can take a bit more. Unless you're going to tell me someone's dead or hurt. I can't… handle that, not after the kids." Her eyes close for a moment at that memory, before she shakes her head again. "I know what you mean, though. About some things being… tricky. Not knowing when or what t' say. But you can trust me to be smart about whatever it is, if you want to share. I won't force you or anything."

"I haven't even told Sable, it'd freak her out. It's been a few weeks since I was told. Getting hard to not say anything, with all that's happening." Delilah shrugs her shoulders just a bit, sorting out proper words in her head first. The hamster wheels turn vigorously behind her eyes. "The thing is, I know how they all got here. And I know that everyone- me from before included- thought it was Hiro." Thought it was, being the tricky part in question. She doesn't say who told her all this yet, either- Francois is private enough as it is without Dee making people turn their heads.

Quinn sits still, hands in her lap as she listens, nodding. When the name Hiro comes up, she can't help but wrinkle her nose with displeasure - at least until she catches the thought it was Hiro part. Her head tilts, regarding Delilah with curiosity. "Wait. I thought it was Hiro too. I mean, I can't exactly think of anyone else besides the guy he was fighting in thef all willing to go around, messin' with time. Or- not emssing with it, I guess the case was…" She looks down at Walter, a finger reaching out to push on his nose. "So, I guess someone else brought them here? I know they didn't use a Delorean. Adel hadn't even heard of one when I showed her Back to the Future!"

"It wasn't a TARDIS, either." Delilah smiles wide, the expression playfully forced onto her face. "But even a TARDIS would be closer to the truth, I guess." She snorts a little, trying to make this less of a serious matter. She can't quite escape that even when trying. "It wasn't Hiro, no. But I'm sure if everyone wants to assume, it won't hurt anything…" Not why she's saying something though; she has to share a burden here! Big business.

"Let's just say my bloodline has a liiittle Gallifreyan in it." And at this, Dee makes a comical effort in pushing Walter across the table like a pile of poker chips. Meanwhile, he has broken the crumbly cookie into chunks, now unceremoniously mashing white icing over his top lip and letting the rest create a mess of brown on his shirt and the kitchen table.

THere's a few moments where Quinn jsut sits there with a quirked eyebrow, shewing on her own soft cookie. She doesn't get it, at all. SHe's sitting there, still waiting for an answer. She's in suspense! Come on, if it's not a TARDIS, what is it!

And then suddenly, her eyes widen, and she freezes midbite. And then she almost lunest forward hands placed on Walter's cheeks. "Oh my god!" and this time she is kind of shuoting. "No way!" She pinches and stretches, examining the boy closely. "So, this is what a time head looks like, then? FIgures it'd be ginger!"

Walter's eyebrows knit as Quinn latches onto him, and whatever bits of sugaryness that were in his mouth are forgotten and left to drift on his gums. He immediately drops the rest of his cookie clumps, still with a smear of icing on his face. What's going on?! Why are we shouting?! Let go of my face- His mouth opens when Quinn pulls his cheeks, and something of a protest comes out from then on. Not quite fussing, at least.

The redhead across the table scoffs. "Go figure, yeah, sure. It's -what I was told. Reliable time-displaced source." Of which there are perhaps only a few that Quinn also knows. Process of elimination, but Dee isn't about to give it away. "He's actually here with the rest of them, but, I haven't seen him… Not yet. Every time the doorbell goes off, I want to jump out of my skin. Every time I see someone out of the corner of my eye, I brace myself. Nothing's ever happened yet. Knowing is half the trouble." Delilah looks sheepish now, unsure of whether to be proud or not.

Quinn doesn't know of many time displaced sources. She's heard a few rumours, but never really talked to anyone they were about about it, so she's not going to venture a guess just yet. Releasing Walter back to his cookie eating devices, her hands fold back into her lap, and she looks off to the side. "I imagine that's hard. Adel and Jolene came to see Elaine an' I pretty quick. I'm sure he'll be around t' see you, you know? Particularly if someone else already knows. Hopefully, he's smarter than t' make his mother worry like that. Christ. You have a Time Lord for a kid! How's that feel, Amelia Pond? Or would you be Donna…" She winks at Delilah, giggling a bit

"If Walter Reynard Trafford is as smart as I hope he ends up-" Delilah pulls him back across the tabletop, picking up crumbs from his chest and smudging the white from his lip. "-then he is going to have to deal with his own business before mine. I can wait, but- whatever they came for in the first place, I don't know if that can wait." And he hasn't come to sneak the sword from her either, so one can presume a busy little lord.

"I feel more like the TARDIS myself, actually. I suppose that's kind of poetic, for the BBC." Delilah shakes her head and can't help but give Quinn a small laugh. "I'm scared of when it's coming, but I'm envious of you all too. To have a face to the name. Everything like that."

"They're here to change the future. I mean, I don't think either a' them's said that directly, but that's more or less what they're here for," Quinn relates to Delilah, fidgeting a bit. "Apparently, where they come from… it's pretty awful. That's what teh dreams have been. I dunno what got them to actually come back, but… Jolene was pretty accepting that things have changed. So was Adel, given that neight a' them might exist anymore." She laughs a bit, looking down. "It's weird, having a face to a name like that. Particularly when it turns out to be someone who's a friend, like Adel. I mean, I ahve two grown women who call me, in some capacity, a mother, an' there's only a few years younger than I am. It is the weidest feeling in the world."

"I sort of have a face, don't I?" Delilah mutters into the baby's hair as she leans in to brush and schmutz him clean. "Maybe he hasn't come cause it'll cause a paradox. But this one isn't old enough to remember anything, is he?" No worry about paradoxes here. "If they came to change things, then at least I know I did a good enough job now that he used what he has for something good."

Her hand brushes over Walter's hair again, and she pauses to finger it over at the ends, burying her nose against his ear. "That's something that matters most of all." That in the end, nobody is traipsing around time leaving mud. One could say this itself is muddy, but at least it is well placed mud?

"Oooh, a paradox. That's thinkin' like a time traveller!" Quinn exlcaims, giggling. She's read and watched more than her fair share of time travel fiction, and yet that had never really occurred to her. "I don't know, can that happen? I mean, couldn't we have caused that even when we went back t' make sure things stayed on track? Though I think if Magnes avoided causing a paradox, then Walter's probably just fine as long as he doesn't look himself in the eye. Depending on what you read, that'd cause the end of time. Like, completely. And that'd suck."

Another laugh, and she leans back a bit more comfortably in her seat. "I don't doubt that he's doing something good. Him or any of the others. Jolene and Adel, they're good girls. And Kincaid seems like a nice enough guy. They're here to do good, to make things better for us all. The fact that… that means giving up what some of them have… I know I'm proud I helped raise someone willing to make that sacrifice."

"It is a hard thing to be able to do, yes. Something I wish they hadn't had to decide to do, though. Nobody should have to decide between nonexistence or existence." Delilah watches as Walter tries to take some of the swept cookie in his hand, but she draws it out of the way before he can start getting into it again. "Cut that out, you're a mess now. I am not looking forward to when you start moving around on your own."

"Looking himself in the eye? I think it'll be fine. I am pretty sure if he shows his mug, I need to get him to babysit himself just- for a minute, right?" Delilah tries to make this more comedic- just a bit- her smile flickering and voice chuckling.

"No," Quinn says quietly. "No they shouldn't. Though, it's not like they'll jsut stop existing. Apparently it doesn't work like Back to the Future, or they'd all already be gone." Which is really a relief to everyone, because of what it would mean if things did work that way, and no one was vanishing. Or if it did and they did vanish. Either way, it'd be bad news. "They just… might have get born in this timeline. Though I've already given permission t' make sure Adel is," Quinn notes with a bit of a laugh. "I more… feel sorry for them having to leave behind people who raised them, that loved them, an' that they loved. I mean, they still get us, but… we're not their parents. Much as I'd like to have been, you know?"

Quinn rolls her shoulders a bit, looking down at Walter. "You can blame me for the mess. I can find, like… I don't know. A carrot or a graham cracker for him to gum on, if that'll e better." Moving to clean up some of the crumbs and other mess left behind, she looks up at Delilah. "Make him change his own diaper. Be all 'See? See what this was like?"

"That's going to be …interesting." Now that Delilah knows what is going on between Quinn and Elaine, that is. Magnes in the mix will prove most tumultuous. "That's right. We're not the same, no, but I think that living around us was part of the sacrifice. To know your parents or siblings won't know you when you talk to them face to face. Not so much anymore, but even so- they have to know we don't actually know them anymore."

"A cracker would be alright. And yeah, exactly like that." Delilah gestures a finger in a wag. "Nobody'd ever give their mum sass if they had to do that."

"Yeah, it will be. But… honestly, I'd rather turn t' someone I know for that anyway," Quinn says with a shake of her head, "and I think she'd rather do that than adopt, so…." Quinn shrugs a bit. "They know it. But… well. I don't know about all of them, but Adel an' Jolene… they want us t' know what we were to them, and what it means to them even if we have to be peers now. They certainly have no problems calling us mom or anything like that, so… I don't know. I know where things stand, so I'm willing to let them do whatever works for them." With that, she rises up, starting towards the kitchen for a cracker.

"I'm glad you feel that way. I know most people might not be able to come to terms with things like this. It's the kind of day and age where someone says 'flying man' and we shrug it off. Even before the millennium turned. Superman was the king of his time, but the mystique faded. Now we carry on with time travel and nazis and whatever else, and nobody bats an eye." Kind of depressing, actually. Delilah sits up straighter and turns Walter around so that his feet hang off the edge of the table.

"In any case, I hope they get what they came for. Cause otherwise it'd be a sad affair, wouldn't it? Coming back and not being able? And then you've got an ouroboros of shite that keeps doing back to the future."

Quinn gives a bit of a laugh as she brings back both a sleeve of saltines, and a graham gracker, just for Walter. "A year ago, I wouldn't've been able to. I mean, seriously, if I could go back in time, and tell myself about the last year just to see my reaction… I'm pretty sure I'd call me insane and dismiss it. But, I mean… affter the flashes, after Hiro taking me and Magnes back in time, and everything else that's happened… I dunno. This all hasn't seemed as hard as it should. Probably because I'm just letting them do whatever. They'll come to me if they need me, you know? I mean, I kinad got a bit motherly with Jolene last time I saw her, which was kinda weird. But otherwise, it's just like havin' another friend."

The mention of them not stpping what they came back for is met with a sudden and suprisingly flat and stern look from Quinn. "Not an option. What I've seen and heard? They're going to do what they came here to do. I'll make sure of it. I'm not letting that stuff happen."

"It's not really up to you. Or me. They have to do it themselves, in the end, cause only they know what they gotta do." Delilah has faith in action, sure, but there are always some things that might hitch. "But if they do need my help or anyone's, yeah, I know they'll be getting it." Dee takes the cracker and offers it to Walter after breaking it in half.

"We can't help them unless they ask though, right? I kinda hope they do. Cause we all know they can't do it alone. Like Catherine Zeta Jones always says."

Quinn lets out a bit fo a sigh as she takes her own cracker to chew on. "I know it's not up to me. But still. If I can, I'm going to make sure that they get to do what they're here to do." Taking her seat, she focuses her attention on Walter. It's a future that's bad for all of us. Not jsut them. It just… it can't happen. With teh stuff that's already happening now, I just can't imagine it getting worse. The governments already found ways to spread the 5-10 right on to // pollepel. And there's those robots. If //they can't do something, someone has to. I just… yeah, hope taht they ask, if they need the help."

Delilah holds the cracker up for Walter to put his lips around; he puts up his hands to grasp onto it, blue eyes peeking around the edge of it at Quinn. "I think we'll be okay. We've got heroes all over the place." The redhead tickles at the baby's cheeks with her fingertips. "They'll make a movie of this one day, huh? Maybe we'll all be comic book protagonists. Urban legends, even. With a legacy and everything."

Walter looks up as she talks, though obviously not with any recognition. Besides, he is busy with the cracker now?

"Don't tell Magnes that," Quinn jokes as she settles a bit more comfortably into her seat. "He might make a new costume and try to prove it. Maybe sell some movie rights while he's at it, who knows." She laughs, shaking her head at Delilah, and at Walter. "That would be pretty rad, all things considered. But only if my music gets used on the soundtrack!" Grinning, she turns her gaze upwards. "It'd be kinda weird to leave that kinda legacy on the world."

"I don't mind it when Magnes does it…" Delilah shrugs her shoulders and smiles, taking the other half of the cracker and eating it herself. Walter looks at her devouring it with a mote of curiosity, though thankfully he doesn't try it himself. "It really would. But you know what? We will be doing just that. Either famous or infamous, I dunno quite yet. Hopefully the former, but even the latter means we're all totally immortal, yeah?"

Quinn leans forward, elbow proped on the table as she points on Delilah. "I don't know about you," she remarks with a crooked smile, "but I'm going t' be famous - immortal - no matter what happens." She waggles her finger twice - once at Dleilah, once at Walter - before she withdraws it. "If it happens to be for being a hero? I'll take that, even if it's not what I'm shooting for. As long as I get to leave some mark behind, I'll be happy."

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