Leaving On a Jetplane


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Scene Title Leaving On a Jetplane
Synopsis No one trained for this mission but it's of the utmost importance. Getting drunk up on the roof.
Date March 5, 2011

Bannerman's Castle

"I don't know what you're freaking out about…" There's a long huff of breath as Delia pauses and looks up at the night sky. The white cloud of air that puffs out from her nose and lips leans toward exhausted, with good reason. The dizzying view of down is avoided and even though she's tethered to the ripped man above her, she's not feeling overly confident about this idea.

"I'm the one that'll have to hang on harder if you fall. Just so we both don't die."

Picking her way between the rough hewn stones that make up the tower, she finds a foothold and launches herself a little higher. Now they're clinging to the face of the wall, side by side. "I refuse to die before I turn twenty one, so you're safe by default, right?" Reaching up, she finds a small niche and digs her cold fingers inside before pulling herself up past him. "We're almost there."

Brian presses his face to the wall. Hands practically shaking against the wall. "Are we going to get in trouble?" He hisses in whispers down to her. But she's climbed up beside him. A steadying breath is taken. Reaching up he grabs another cleft in the wall pulling himself up as well. "I don't.. I can't believe I am not tired." Well he is tired. But not as tired as the sixteen year old should be.

Pulling himself up past her a little bit. He pushes a shoe down into the cleft nearing the top of the wall. A deep breath is taken. "If we get in trouble or dead. I'm going to be so mad at you." He whines.

"We won't, unless— Nah… we won't." A gurgling cough erupts from somewhere deep in her chest and Delia presses tight against the wall. The tips of her fingers turn from red to white as her torso convulses and her abdominal muscles tighten. A few hacks and an impressive mouth full of phlegm is hocked to fall…




And land with a splut against the ground. It's not very ladylike but given the choice of making Brian mad at her for killing him or spitting the biggest loogie she's ever managed? She'll take the spitting every time. "We're not going to die. You're like— a big deal around here, you can just tell them to mind their own business." A few more feet and the redhead pulls herself up onto the sloped roof of the tower. She's not worried about being seen, her relatively dark clothing masks her against normal sight.

The redhead braces herself against an outcropping of brick and begins to pull the rope attaching her to Brian. "Besides, this is a great idea. I bet no one's ever done it before." No one's been crazy enough, likely.

Grappling for the top of the roof, Brian pulls him up with a burst of muscle. Marveling at himself at the bulge of his biceps he pauses to admire his own physique with an arched brow. "Cool." He lets out quietly before pushing with his feet at the tower. His foot slips, hand slapping against the slick curve of the roof, his other hand swinging out to grab at Delia. Going white knuckle on Delia's leg instead of the wall Brian flails and eventually pulls himself up.

One knee going on top of the tower he charges forward, going to headbutt the woman in the chest as he wildly overcompensates to get himself up on top. Clambering and slowly stopping his flailing, he takes a few deep breaths before looking down. "Sorry." He lets out a little breathlessly.

Going to lay on his back, he looks skyward smiling a little dopily while hoping that he didn't injure Delia too badly. "That was a cool loogie. I've never seen a girl do that."

"Aaaahh!" The hand clamped on her leg receives a long cry of pain and then a grunt as she falls backward from the force of the headbutt. Her backpack gets shifted to the side, thankfully, the clink of bottles being a little too loud for her comfort. She does her own little scurry to gather up the bag and look inside.

"It's safe, thank goodness for the blanket!" Delia smiles to the man-boy at her side. She reaches in and pulls out a bottle of wine and passes it to him. Then she retrieves another for herself and a corkscrew. It would have been unfortunate if they'd forgotten that, there's no going down from here. That's something she hasn't quite figured out yet.

Pushing off his back, Brian peers over Delia. "What's safe?" He asks quietly. He leans forward somewhat to peer over the edge. He swallows tightly. Pressing his hands against the roof he goes to push himself backward slightly. His hands tremble against the roof. Brian glances over his shoulder to Delia.

A deep breath is taken. Breathe in, breathe out. Get the heart rate under control from being fifty million miles up in the sky. Brian flicks his gaze over to her once again. "Um. So.. What are we going to do up here?"

And then the answer comes to him. The wine is brought out of the backpack. Ah. That's what we're doing up here. Peering at the bottle, he opens his mouth for a moment. "I've never drank before." Brian lets out quietly. Peering at the edge of the roof. "Won't.. How will we get down?" Brian asks, peering at the bottle. He looks over to the corkscrew. "Isn't this stuff gross?"

"Are you kidding me? You're the one that got me drunk for the first time ever. You do this all the time." Pause. "Not that you're like, an alcoholic or anything. You're not." Twisting the pointed screw into the top of her bottle, Delia pulls it out with a soft pop. Retrieving the cork, maybe to use later, she passes it over to him to fiddle with his own bottle.

Stretching her neck, the redhead peers over the edge of the tower and gulps. "I figure we'll either fall or someone will come and get us." Beat. "Or we'll freeze to death up here and we'll make a couple of pretty ugly gargoyles." She offers a shrug before holding up her bottle in mock toast and takes a swig. A full body shiver is the answer to his last question. "It's good!" She squeaks before clearing her throat and hefting a purple colored wad of sputum into an arc in the air. She doesn't hear this one land.

Giving her a skeptical look he grabs the bottle. Brian pulls it up to his mouth, placing the bottle on the edge of his lips. Tilting it back into his mouth. Taking a swallow he pulls the bottle away from his mouth. And then he spews it out a spray of purple sprinkling over the frosty white of the tower. He glares, his lips pulled back into a snarl. "It's disgusting." He growls. Pushing back up he looks down at the bottle.

For some reason he wants to drink again. Even though it was clearly gross. bringing it back up he goes to take another sip from the bottle. Pouring it down he takes a long swig. Closing his mouth he swallows hard. "Are you getting sick?" He asks after. "I'm not old enough to drink this."

Snerk but that soon turns into a rasping cough that doubles her over in her seated position as she shakes her head. When she finally calms, Delia takes a long drink from her bottle, appreciating the warmth as it courses and tingles through her entire body. "Aaahhh~' she breathes before looking over at him. "No, I have a cold. Caught it from— this guy."

Her eyes shift to the side as she realizes leaving the statement alone like that might give Brian the wrong idea. "A friend of mine, I was staying at his place for a bit before I came back. He caught a cold from working too hard, I— must have drank from the same cup as him or something." Or platonic napping.

"Oh." Brian dismisses it easily enough. He was a nerd in highschool. Sleeping with a girl was outside the realm of possibility so other people sleeping with girls or even making out with girls? It doesn't really pop into his mind. What does is that he's currently getting drunk for the 'first' time. He takes another swig, though as he does his eyes wander over to watch her cough, slightly bemused. Yuck.

The bottle comes away. "So if this is one of those movies. Where I'm given a glimpse of what happens in the future of my life." Which he's pretty convinced that it is. "What am I supposed to change in my life when I go back? Do I need to meet you earlier?" Because she's obviously the leading lady to his protagonist. She showed up first, tackled him. That is most definitely the meet cute.

Good question.

Delia raises a hand to rub at her chin and she shrugs once. "So, if this is one of those movies and you're just getting a glimpse of your future. Does that make me like… your spirit guide or something? Like the invisible angel or whatever that tells you that everything is better with you here?" Brian Winters starring in It's A Wonderful Life. The redhead stares at him for a long time and shrugs. "I dunno, I mean, I know that you think you're only fifteen or sixteen, right? You're a few years older than I am though. Meeting me earlier would sort of— I dunno. It'd make things weird. I already went through that."

A sudden ache in her chest causes her to turn toward the orange glow in the sky off in the distance. "Jaiden did that, went back in time. I think it really changed things.." she quiets for a moment and lets loose a sigh before stealing another swig from her bottle. "No, it definitely changed things. I mean, if I didn't meet him way back then— I don't know. I might not have— Maybe I wouldn't have— No. If I hadn't gotten lost, then I wouldn't have cheated on him and things would have been the same."

She turns back to Brian and gives him a weak smile. "Sorry, I don't mean to be a buzzkill. Let's toast. To better tomorrows and… uhm… hoping you get your memory back so I have someone to push me around again." A stained smile precedes the clink of her bottle against his and then she takes another long drink.

"Spirit guide? Don't you have to be black to do that." Gasp! That Huruma lady! "Huruma!" Brian exclaims. So it all makes sense. Huruma is his spirit guide and Delia is his future romantic interest. Another gulp is taken from the bottle. Despite the taste, he manages to keep tipping it back into his throat. Swallowing hard. "Who's Jaiden?" The bottle is pushed in between his legs. Leaning back his hands spread out behind him. His brows arch at her words. All this stuff is confusing.

But at the toast? Pulling the bottle from in between his legs he gives a lopsided smile. "Better tomorrows and pushing people around!" He echoes, going to tink his bottle against hers. And then another gulpgulpgulp.

"Black? Why would you have to be black to be a spirit guide? Seriously Brian, that's just insane." Delia rolls her eyes and gives him a little smirk to indicate that she doesn't, in fact, think he's insane. Placing her own bottle between her legs, she reaches into the pack one last time to pull out the wool blanket inside of it. That gets spread out over both of them to share, she wasn't astute enough to pack two. Besides, it's not like he was carrying anything.

Laying back against the roof, she stares up at the murky sky and purses her lips together. "Jaiden's my ex boyfriend," the words are said with a little remorse, nothing heart wrenching. "We drifted apart." At least she drifted from him, he stayed the same… pretty much. "I got lost and I started living with that guy, the one I caught the cold from. Things totally changed for me when I got lost… It was like… I don't know. I grew."

Leaning back he gives a little shrug. "Morgan Freeman's black." He points out weakly. Holding the bottle against his chest he gives a lazy smile. "My chest feels hot." He lets out a quiet laugh at that. "Hot chest." The bottle is swirled around a little, hand holding it aloft to watch the wine swirl around.

"I've never had a boyfriend." He pauses. "Sorry I meant girlfriend. I've never had a girlfriend." Laying back he stares up. "At my ranch the stars are a lot prettier than here. Every time I drive home, late from work they're all bright and.. so many." He gives a dizzy smile. "Like I'm not a guy like that, but every night when I look at the stars." He gives a shrug. Looking over at her. "What's it like? Growing?"

"Yeah but Jiminy Cricket is green," the young woman contradicts with a slight uplift to her chin. Crooking her elbows, she laces her fingers together and places them behind her head before resting against them. The rough roof makes them ache in almost no time flat but she doesn't seem to mind. Her blue eyes slide to the side, presumably to look at the hot chest before she glances back up to the sky again. "It's the wine… makes everything feel good."

Staring at the moon, the redhead lets loose a long cludy breath. Not a sigh, just a quiet release. "You have a girlfriend, her name is Samara. You guys are so in love it gives me cavities, calling each other babe and stuff… it's like watching some reality show when you guys are together. You know, like Wife Swap or something. Except the only swap is you going from normal Brian that calls me stupid to goo-goo eyes Brian that's all oh sam-eye… i looooooooove you~"

A little chuckle filters out of his mouth after her mention of the wine. Wine~. One lazy hand wanders up to his own face, poking gently at the loose cheeks. Hee. Pokepokepoke. His grin goes wide and toothy as he goes to grab his bottle once again. Pulling it up towards him, another swallow is tilted back. Gulp. Swallowing down hard the bottle is placed on the roof at his side. A little giggle lets out again when she starts to talk about his girlfriend.

"I don't remember her." He contests. So she doesn't exist. "Reality show? Wife Swap?" He squints some over at Delia. "Why are we like a reality show? Is it bad that we're like a reality show?" A hiccup is given, his body shaking against theroof. "I'm sorry I called you stupid." Apparently. "Why do I call her sameye?" Another gulp.

"Nevermind about the reality show.." Delia mumbles, tipping her bottle to her lips and draining the last few gulps. She sits up and huddles into her half of the blanket and stares out over the rest of the castle. They are truly on the top of the world right now. Able to see everything. In turn, everything is probably able to see them but that's more a worry for more sober times.

"You call her Sam-eye because she spells her name ess~ ay~ emm~ eye~." The sing song is way out of tune but she sounds soooooooo good when she's a little inebriated. "Well my bags are packed, I'm ready to go~ I'm standin' here outside your door~… duh duh duh duh~ LEAVIN' ON A JET PLANE! I DON'T KNOW WHEN I'LL BE BACK AGAIN!!"

"Oh." He responds, body slinking to try and curl up his entire self under the blanket. It's more difficult than he thought. Foot kicking around he lets out a groan. The bottle tips back into his mouth once again. Brian pulls it back, head lolling to the side as he gives Delia a too-wide smile. Stretching back, he lets out a quiet yawn. His eyes starting to drift close. Until she stars blaring that old favorite.

Eyes shooting back open, he instinctively rolls to his back, away from her somewhat. Aaa. Watching her for a moment. His brows arch. When she stops the chorus he feels compelled to finish the verse. "I hate to wake you up. To say goodbye~. But the dawn is breakin' it's early morn, the taxis waitin, he's blowin his horn~. Already I'm so lonesome, I could die." And then the chorus starts! "So kiss me~" Brian arches his head back smiling broadly. Yeee.

"Beneath the milky twilight~ Lead me~ Out on the moonlit floor~" Her horrible singing of the wrong song is interrupted by a long yawn and Delia covers her mouth with one hand while laying back against the roof again. Her eyes start to close as she gathers the blanket up around her neck and tugs it back a bit to get a little more than the amnesiac beside her.

She hums the rest, since she still doesn't know all the words to this song either. When she stops, she turns her head to look up at him and gives the man-boy a silly grin. "I'm a way better rapper, you should have heard my brother and me at karaoke this one time. We did this song by Eminem, it was kickass."

With the blanket leaving him some he goes to grasp at it weakly, pulling back. Grr. Brian tries to roll some to his back, pulling the blanket with him. The bottle slumps against his side. Peering down at it. He looks over at her, his mouth drooping down in disappointment. She doesn't know the songs! Why is she singing if she doesn't—

"You have to know the words." He frowns. "Somethin' in the way she moves tonight~." His voice is considerably more presentable, but the comical amount of wine the sixteen year old twenty four year old has consumed has his lyrics slurring a bit.

"You're so druuuuuunk~" Delia sings as her index finger wiggles in Brian's direction. "You shouldn't have corrupted me like this, seriously. This is all your fault and you're going to get into soooooooo much trouble." Shaking her head to dissuade his worries, she lifts one shoulder in a slight shrug and then stares up at the sky.

Instead of the teasing grin she's been holding, her face smooths to a serious expression. "Do you think there's a wishing star up there right now?" The twitch of her eyebrows and the downturn of her lips dam a countless mix of emotions ranging from despair to hopeful. "I have like… a thousand things I want to wish for. What do you wish for?"

Brian frowns deeply at Delia, eyes going wide. "Wait this was your idea. You're a bad influnce!" Slumping against the roof. "You said that.." He hiccups before placing the bottle back in his mouth. Sticking it back up to let the wine slide into his throat again. As if more alcohol would wash away his complications with alcohol. Drowning it he pulls the bottle back up, eyes sliding to the side to view her. Then his head rolls back up to the sky. Viewing the obscure sky.

"I don't want to get in trouble." It sounds somewhat whiny. But then she's talking about the wishing stars. Brian stares up at where the wishing stars might be. His mouth stretches open, staring up at the sky. "I can't tell you my wish. Don't you know wish rules."

"Yeah… but I'm a rule breaker, a rebel without a clue— I mean— cause, I'm like the road less traveled. No wait… I'm not the road I'm like the person on the road." Then she lets loose a long sigh and shakes her head. Flitting her glance toward Brian, Delia wrinkles her nose. "No I'm not, I always play it safe. Too safe. No one ever lets me do anything because it might be too dangerous." A small cough wracks through her body and she takes a shallow breath in.

"I can take care of myself, you know, just because people think I'm stupid… I'm not, I just— " One more shrug of a shoulder and she stares up at the sky. "I'm going to tell you one of my wishes. I wish that we could all go home again, that none of this stuff would happen. No one would disappear and we could just be safe. I wish that everyone would see people the way I do."

Brian rolls to his side some over the blanket. Cheek drooping against the cold of the roof as he watches her. Mouth agape. He watches her lazily. Frowning when she coughs. One hand slides up to pat at her shoulder. Stop coughing. Patpat. He watches her for a long moment. "I don't think your stupid." He smiles broadly. "You're pretty and smart and curly."

His bottle comes up to tip back into his mouth. Liquid pouring back beyond his mouth. The bottle empties finally, placed down on the blanket. "How do you see people?" He mumbles distractedly.

"Curly.." Another cough, this time deeper from the addition of a laugh, sends her into convulsions until it dies out. "I'm curly. That's a good one." Assuming that he's talking about her hair, she pulls at a long ringlet and stretches it out to almost reach him. When it's let go, it springs back toward her and flips across her face.

"I see in their dreams, a lot of the time it's a lie. You know? But there's always something under it all. One thing that's true in all the lies." She looks over at him and smiles, "When you rescued me, you had firehands. And you always wear this mask… you have a pretty cool costume."

"Curly~" Brian practically sings, reaching over to grab that ringlet and pull on it himself. It is pulled back some before released. A broad toothy grin spreading as he releases the springy curl. It leaps over her face. Hee. But when she starts talking about dreams, he looks a little confused. But just a little. His brows furrow up, one hand coming to slap at the side of his face.

"Firehaaaaands." Smile. He rolls his head some to the side. Eyes fixing on Delia. "Rescued you with firehands?" And he wears a mask? "I don't own a mask." He hiccups brightly.

"Yeah, firehands. I told you before, you're a superhero, all superheroes have masks." Except the ones that don't. "Yours is like… uhm… Rorshack's without all the splotchies. You know the Watchmen, right?" She doesn't know if he actually saw it or remembers it, but the comic is a kajillion years old already.

"When I got lost, you were with all the people who got me back to my body. Jasmine, and Cat, and you, and Jaiden…" Delia shrugs one shoulder and gives Brian a little smile. Then she reaches up and taps the side of her head, "I can go into people's dreams, that's what I do. You can clone yourself and have like one hundred bodies."

"No. Watchmen. Is that like the Jehovahs Witness group?" Brian peers down at Delia. He has no idea about Watchmen. "Rorshack. Splothchies." He just seems to be repeating things dully. Watching her with a confused expression. He just murmurs things that she says every other mutter. Peering at Delia.

"You're funny." Brian lets out quietly. Laying on his side, facing her he probably has little to no idea what she's saying. "A hundred bodies." Finally the daze stops and Brian's hands slap against the roof. "How do we leave this castle? Do you like video games? We should go play video games." Pushing himself up on his hands and knees. He smiles over at her dazedly.

"I— There's boats," Delia stammers, startled by the hand slapping against the cold roof. Shaking her head, she holds up both of her hands to him and points at him with both index fingers. "I can't go though, so if you leave, someone else will have to take you. People here, they're still sick, I have a job to do." Furrowing her eyebrows, Delia presses her lips together and half lids her eyes.

"Brian, I know— I know you can't remember any of them but can you please go visit the kids that are sick? They're asking for you… You got your shot right? Megan made sure everyone got their shot." Another cough rips through her body and she rolls onto her side away from the man, trying to catch her breath.

Brian frowns down drunkenly at Delia. They can't leave. "I don't like castles anymore." He grumps as he twists to land on his butt with an agitated noise. His hands flopping on either side of him. In the twist he loses the bottle. And the bottle starts to roll towards the edge of the tower then…


Grabbing after it a full five seconds after it falls and a whole one second before it breaks way down there he lets out a, "Oops." Looking back up to Delia he gives her a severely confused look. Watching as she coughs her lungs out. "We should go inside." He mumbles. To the kids? What. "Okay.."

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