Leaving The Garden


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Scene Title Leaving The Garden
Synopsis Elvis leaves the Garden, Helena gets bad news.
Date December 8, 2008

The Garden

It was a night like any other at the garden, at least for Elvis. She'd actually been meaning to do this earlier, but just hadnt really got around to it. She'd acquired a fairly impressive amount of "1 percent" badges over the years, she'd worn all of them inside her old motorcycle jacket as her instant street cred wherever she went. She'd collected them from other bikers of course, but never willingly. Well when she biffed, the jacket that carried all of those patches died. So here she was, working through a fresh pack've cigarettes whilst she put needle and thread to the silk liner of her new italian stitch.

She isnt really paying that much attention, until she hears her name. She pauses mid stitch, and glances up towards the door. She's not allowed to move the plants, and said plants have taken all of her ideal locations for a workstation so right now she's just on the floor with her little sewing kit stored inside an old cigarette case. Who could be calling at this late hour.

There's more mumured exchange, and then Helena walks into the room. She looks tired, but smiles and starts to greet Elvis, when she suddenly has her gaze trapped by the all the plants. Her lips part, and her gaze takes on a somewhat misty-eyed expression.

Elvis smiles broadly. "Hey yous, have a seat."she indicates, yes to the floor. "Jezebel is a little crazy with the botanical bullshit, she's good peeps but its a little creepy. "she wouldnt say shit to Jez about it, this was sort've -her- pad but hey nobody asked Elvis right? "So whats up, ya'll coulda called. I'd have come seen ya, aint no need to come all the way out here."

Helena looks faintly apologetic. "Sorry, I - this reminds me so much of my mom's garden. She could do things with plants. I mean…things." She makes a vague gesture, and Elvis can draw her own conclusion. She looks for a seat. "Word got to me that you had a run in with a Phoenix operative in the middle of a recruitment effort. I came to see if you were okay, and if I could maybe put you at ease about it."

She ponders for a second, offering Helena a cigarette as she replaces her own. "oh wait, is this about that thing with Sonny?"her brow furrows, it was the only person in Phoenix who she'd been knowingly disagreeable with. "Look I never said nothin real harsh, he was just sort've a prick about this whole 'you people' and then 'us' thing. I saw him to his cab, I swear I didnt hit the guy or nothin."

Helena defers with a wave of her hand, though a faint wind picks up, blowing the smoke away from Helena herself while not preventing Elvis from enjoying her nic fit. "Sonny? Oh, Dr. Bianco. He's not Phoenix. I mean, he's Ferrymen, but not Phoenix. Did you have a run-in with some kind of shapeshifter who you thought was Sylar?"

The plot thickens. "Oh."says Elvis, nice and soft like "Yeah, Mr. Sylar. I didnt know he was one've ya'lls or, a shapeshifter. So I sent Deckard to help Abby and get her to safety, and I went where she saw Sylar. The plan, was to fight the fucker long enough to let Deckard get Abby out. He was talkin to some feller bout Abby, in a tone I didnt take for friendly. So yeah, I swung and got my dance card cut short. Two on one, I'm reckless not stupid. So I left. "she sighs a touch. "You know I'd never..right?"

Helena holds up her hands. "Sylar is not one of us." She cannot emphasize more. "But he's not the only shapeshifter in the world, or even New York City. I think the person Abby saw, she mistook for Sylar. He was actually someone we were approaching. I'm glad Abby's safe, though." She grins. "Yeah, I know. But listen, how would you feel about shifting over to Phoenix more directly? I mean, we're not ready to take on the camps tomorrow - there's a lot of training to be done, information to process. There's also a new faction in town, and they're all kinds of trouble. The ones responsible for the highschool bombing, who have big, dangerous plans for the Evolved. We could use you. And it helps not to be alone."

"Fucking please, seriously."she tosses down her needle and thread. "I cant do this, I been so bored I'm gettin ink just to have an excuse to get out've this fuckin coffin. I can pick locks, I can kick ass, I can fix anything and they want me to fuckin housesit. I dont know if I should be insulted, or fuckin what. I didnt say I'd help, so I could fucking sit around. Get me doin somethin, and shit I'm yours Helena this sucks."

Helena grins. "I just need you to understand - we're not pacifists, but we're not terrorists. We fight back when we need to, and killing's a last option. I hope you're cool with that…" her voice trails off as her cellphone beeps. Frowning, she pulls it out of her jacket pocket and flips it open. Gazing at the screen, "Shit. One sec." She hits a number, and holds it to her ear.

"I fight when its right to, not just cuz its fun. "but it -was- fun. "I aint into none of that terrorism shit, but I aint against any of that."she was just about to go into a particularly lenghty speach about punching cops, but Helena's phone interrupts and for the moment she's fit to return to needle and thread.

Helena speaks into her phone. "It might blow her cover with SCOUT. It might be safer for her to go through them. Is she with you? Put her on." Though it is kind of funny, as Helena has in fact punched a cop. She looks back. "Are you comfortable living here in the Garden? We've got a place in Manhattan which is livable, but not nearly as pleasant. Do you have a cell?"

Elvispeeks back up. "well, I dont much like green things. "she admits. "I lived off a bike for like, two years Helena I can live anywhere and be happy."and indeed, anything was better than a rest stop. "I have a pay as you go thing, which I need for work but I hardly ever use it."

"Hey, Elisabeth? It's Helena. Listen, Conrad is suggesting you go to a safehouse, but I'm wondering if that's best. Would it be wiser for you to report to SCOUT on this? Who is Jessica, exactly?" Helena listens, her eyes narrowing. "I see. Tall blonde, wearing a business suit? That means Company. I'll try to see if I can find anything out. I don't think a safehouse is going to do any good, but we need to pull everyone in and see if there's anything we can do. Put Conrad back on." She looks to Elvis. "If you want to relocate, I can move you to the library. It's where we base out. But that means you're in all the way, and you'll be sharing a burden of a lot of secrets. You'll have to watch other people's backs, and expect them to watch yours. So if you're sure?"

Elvis returns to hew sewing, though she's on nearly her last patch by now. "I'm all in Helena, nothing half ass. " Stab,pull goes the needle. "I aint so worried bout anyone watching my back, but I dont mind watchin theirs. Library sounds nice, can it fit alla my bikes?"Well there was two, so it wasnt like she had -so- many but then again she'd prefer two hundred.

Helena continues speaking into her phone. "I agree with Elisabeth, she doesn't need a safehouse. She can see to her own precautions, since this Jessica got what she wanted. Contact Wireless and ask her to see if she can use the GPS on Elisabeth's phone to track her down. We can't do anything until we figure who's taken her. I'm bringing in a new recruit to the library, so I can meet up there." She looks back to Elvis. "The place is huge, but we also have to be discreet, it's on the edge of the rad zone and we don't want it to attract attention. But we should be able to fit your bikes in. We may not be there very much longer. Or start to use it as an initial meet up spot. Anyway…I'm going to bring you to the library, so get your stuff."

"Can you ride my Triumph?"she glances back to the black Honda behind her, Roger. "I cant ride both bikes at once, but yeah I can leave in all the time it takes me to get Roger outside. "she'd want to grab her little backpack, but otherwise that was a rather accurate description of the situation. She had never felt comfortable here, never wanted to entertain the concept of hanging around long enough to acquire much stuff. So dips her cigarette to burn the thread off, and close up her sewing kit. "Perfect timing, I just got my jacket fixed."

Helena winces. "I don't think I'm that good on a bike yet, but we can manage the back of one, and we can come back and get the other? Abby's been kidnapped by some crazy bitch, so I need to get people's heads together."

Goodness, isnt that a curious thought. "We'll move me later, right now lets take care of Abby."Elvis smoothly rises to her feet, and jerks on her jacket. She tugs on her gloves, not the normal everyday affairs but her heavy titanium armored mits she used when she was expecting a fight. "That sound good to you, boss?"

"Unless you've got a whole heaping helping of stuff, we can do it now. It won't take away time from tracking Abby, and we've already got people looking into it. I can wait five minutes." Helena rises, walking to the doorway and seeming content to wait.

Elvis she pauses for a touch before nodding"I'll be -right- back, just a moment."she turns to slip up the stairs, and as promised its not five minutes until she's back. A few clothes, a carton've cigarettes and a couple spare knuckles slung over her shoulder in a cheap backpack. "Its gonna be pretty chilly, where is this place?"

"I can't exactly tell you, but I'll give you instructions as we get there. We're going to get to a point where we'll need to stop the bike and walk it a ways. Are you cool with that?" Helena inquires.

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