Legally An Adult


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Scene Title Legally An Adult
Synopsis Kaylee surprises Valerie on her 18th birthday, but her little sister has some news.
Date March 17, 20011

Grand Central Terminal

She's never had this before.

"Happy Birthday to You~"

A sister to celebrate a birthday with. Her own had been such a blur that like last year it slipped her by. However, she wasn't letting this one go by.

"Happy Birthday to You~"

This one was too important. It was the birthday Valerie almost didn't have… or any after it. This was the big one though. Today Kaylee's baby sister was an adult and she told Joseph, there was no way she was going to miss it. Certain things would wait a day or so.

The flicker of flames dance a top an actual cake, it's make up seems home made, the frosting chocolate. It proceeds the singer around the corner, Valerie's big sister, who sings with a big grin, teeth flash white. Wearing rather casual clothes, tshirt with jeans. Her long blonde hair pulled into a braid. She almost seems smug. At least Kaylee isn't a horrible singer.

"Happy Birthday Day, Dear NotSoBabySister~"

The cake is lowered down to a level where Valerie can reach the candle's from where she sits curled on her bed. Kaylee happy to surprise her in her bed that evening after dinner… of course… Kaylee only just arrived really. Cake brought with her. A few of the Terminal's residence glance in with smiles, but for the most part the antics are all the telepaths.

"Happy Birthday Toooo Yoooou~"

As the song ends, Kaylee nods to the cake indicating Valerie should blow them out. The oldest of the Ray girl's looking rather pleased with herself. "Remember to make a wish," she adds in a sing songy way.

Neither of them have ever had this. A dimple is visible on her cheek as Valerie looks between the cake and the candles and the older woman singing to her. In her life she's had many cakes, usually small ones, with candles and frosting and songs— but never sang by family. Not that she could remember.

Maybe Edward sang to her when she was a baby, but she doesn't recall any later birthdays having such things.

There's a joyous clapping of her hands in response to the final you~ and she takes a deep breath before leaning forward, blowing air as well as she can against the quivering candles.

A wish is made. Though never outloud, as the last of the flames flicker out, leaving the partially melted wax and wicks behind.

"Thank you, Kaylee," she says genuinely, turning to wrap her arms around her older sister.

The older blonde smiles brightly, shifting the cake to one hand so that she can wrap the littler Ray kid into a tight hug… or as tight of one as Kaylee can manage one armed. "I was not going to miss today for the world. Ray put all that work into getting you here, it's an important day." Her tone bright, like her smile.

"I hope you wished good, not that I want you to tell me." Everyone knows telling wishes will render them null and void. "Joseph sends his wishes, too." Kaylee tries not to think about the fact, she left him back there burying bodies and all that alone.

"So eighteen, huh?" The telepath leans back and studies the younger girl, managing to look scrutinizing. "Legal to the point that you don't need me to protect you from the boys," she teases gently. "Unless they hurt you — then, I'm sorry, I must invoke my right as an older sibling to box their ears."

"Who says I won't be the one to hurt him?" Valerie says with a mischevious smile for a moment, before pushing at her sister a bit. "I knew you would do your best to be here— I mean it's my birthday. Technically I should be twenty-two, but— eighteen's good enough for me." And is it still her birthday when she was rescued from November 8th a month before November?

Time travel makes birthdays difficult.

And there's definitely no telling her wish. Not when she needs to keep wishes secret for secretty reasons!

Suddenly the teen, dressed in a green dress as usual, pinches her sister's arm— gently, really, but enough that the woman knows she's being pinched. "You didn't wear green."

"Ow!" Kaylee exclaims, arm jerking away… it's more play then anything, she's grinning as she does. "I totally forgot what day it was," she says with a huff, as if frustrated with herself. Taking the cake in both hands now, she glances at the door, a kid stands looking in.

"I'm thinking we should take this out there and serve it soon," Kaylee's tone soft, but loud enough that the kid grins and ducks out of sight. The cake is carefully set on a table in the room, before turning to her sister again. "Just wish I had a gift for you. Christmas tapped me out for that… so I hope at least the cakes okay." She seems almost nervous about that. "Old recipe… but chocolate cake… is chocolate cake."

There is a small shrug, but then Kaylee gives her another small hug. "Just glad I could get away to be here. You holding up okay? How did you fare with he vaccine?" There is a legitimate concern with what happened to Abby.

"My middle name is Clover for a reason!" Valerie says with a grin, moving back over for sitting in front of the cake. "Though I suppose it should'a been Shamrock, but dad probably didn't think I looked like a Valerie Shamrock Ray," she says in a joking voice, that seems well-humored, despite the tension that often came with talking about their dad.

It seems to be better now— at least with her. Probably because he may not have been lying as much as they all thought he was for a while there.

Then again, he's Edward Ray.

"I'm fine. Not even the sniffles— I mean my back still hurts occassionally and I lose feeling here and there, but that's normal for me." Partial paralysis may be a symptom of the H5N10, but that doesn't mean much when someone's had it most their life in relapsing forms. "Still able to ghost around town all I want, so I think I'm good!"

"Shamrock sounds like a boys name." There is confidence in this fact, Kaylee giving her a matter of fact look. "So I think Clover is much better." Shifting around, to sit next to her on the bed, Kaylee relaxes finally.

"I'm thinking… when I get back to the island, I'll talk to the doctor we have there. Barring that, should try take you to a doctor friend of mine," Kaylee starts thoughtfully. "Well… maybe not friend. I remember he didn't think too much about me, but… I think I trust him enough to bring you to him."

Teeth nab her bottom lip briefly, "Maybe I'll talk to Francois first, before Dr. Brennan… We need to find you a doctor." Just in case goes unsaid. "But he needs to know your situation… that gets kinda sticky." Kaylee trails off, glancing at the cake, eyes going distant for a moment.

"You don't have to worry about that," Valerie says, hesitating a bit as she glances up at her sister. The smile has faded some, but— "I've lived with this for a while and I should be okay for a while longer. And— I'm going to go to Warren for help," she adds after a moment, a decisive nod to her as she thinks on it. "I know your situation is more sensetive and risky— so I'm gonna meet up with him at Cardinal's place soon and then I'm probably not going to come back here for a while." If at all, considering how the last time Kaylee met with her brother things went bad.

"As long as you're within my range I can find you whenever I need to if something goes wrong, so don't worry about me. Warren's got plenty of resources and he should be able to help me without endangering anyone."

Except maybe her.

She can tell Kaylee doesn't like it, in the set of her jaw and the flash of saddness in her blue eyes. The telepath doesn't say anything at first, but then she finally asks, "Are you sure?" The older woman, seems to be fighting to say more… to try to convince her to stay.

But then she remembers where they are.

Kaylee glances at the door again, not sure what else to say. "Not sure when Joseph and I will be back to Grand Central again." She seems a bit crestfallen about what he sister is doing, but she really can't blame her. Right now she lives in a hole in the ground pretty much. "But… I mean… if you send word…" Valerie knows enough people for that at least.

There is a moment and Kaylee asks again, "Are you sure?"

"You wanted help from Warren, too, so I figured the easiest way to get it is to give him some trust," Valerie says simply, having already made up her mind for some time. It's been in the planning for a while, no matter what the cost of it actually is. "It's the least I can do to try and help out you guys. And I'd like to get to know him, too— while he's not crazy."

Always more to it than that, but— it's a big part.

"I stayed until at least my birthday, cause I knew you were planning something," she adds with a grin, cause keeping secrets from her isn't exactly easy. "I'm eighteen and I'm allowed to make my own decisions." Has been since she was sixteen, really, but now her sister has to recognize it too. "And I'm deciding we should have cake, hang out, and then you should help me get over to Cardinal's before you go back to your boyfriend."

"Alright." Kaylee finally concedes, giving Valerie a sad smile. An arm moves to drape over her little sister's shoulder. "You're right. You are eighteen today. An adult." There is a soft sigh, but then there is a much more genuine smile for her. "I'll miss having you around like this," she admits, giving Valerie's shoulders a gentle squeeze. "And thank you for waiting at least. I'd have been crushed if you were gone." She tips her head to the side to rest her head against her sisters, blonde hair mingling with blonde briefly.

"If you ever need me to come get you…" Kaylee sounds almost like her mother with that, she realizes it and gives a soft chuckle straightening. "What I mean is… if you have to get away at anytime. Contact any of us, whoever you can find first. We'll come get you and get you safe." The telepath will make sure of it.

"I know you will— you're family," Valerie says, leaning closer to nudge her shoulder against her big sister's previously pinched arm. "I know when to ask for help, and I promise I will if anything goes at all wrong." And she expects she'll have a few people who will storm the gates, not just her sister.

Cardinal's responsible for the idea in the first place.

"Birthday girl cuts the cake!" she says as she reaches for the knife and plates. "How big a piece do you want?"

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