Legitimate Employment


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Scene Title Legitimate Employment
Synopsis Ash comes in to Biddy's to be evaluated for a position in the League.
Date July 02, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Dim yellow light accents natural wood floors and rough brick walls, the interior design that lends to a warm and old-world atmosphere. While foreigners would balk at the notion of calling this place a pub, due to its strictly Americanized layout, the patrons here are comfortable with the level of decour being just European enough to accent the stout served behind the bar. Biddy Flannagan's is a local fixture here in the Upper East Side, a place of welcome respite for the thousands of upper and middle-class residents of the neighborhood to come and share a pint amidst a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Inside of the pub, it's hard to tell whether it's day or night outside, with thick burgundy curtains covering the front windows, and the deeper recesses of the pub near the bar shrouded in the smoky air darker still, creating a certain ambiance that lends itself to drinking.

Ash was told to arrive at Biddy's in order for someone to 'evaluate' him. It seems doubtful from what Isis might have heard that he's going to be hired as a bouncer, but there might be other work there. Adam is in the bar, sitting at a corner table with a couple men and one Kaylee, who was told to attend this meeting.

Ash slips into the familiar bar, looking around at it a bit before moving on inside. He lets his eyes wander around slowly scanning over teh bar before he notices Adam, two guys and a Kaylee. He offers a nod over that way and then heads that way. (Assuming he got a description of who he was meeting.) His footsteps are slow, careful as he makes his way over towards the table.

Fingers tap out a rhythm on the table and Kaylee is humming 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA softly under her breath. Realizing some of Adam's men are looking at her, it takes her a moment to realize why. "Son of a…." She quickly crosses her arms, under her chest and presses her lips in a line. When the man enters the bar, she eyes him thoughtfully and nods in return.

Adam looks up as Ashe enters after glancing and Kaylee and her angry obsession with Abba. He arches a brow as he considers Ash quietly for some moments and then says, "Ashley, I assume? Please, sit." he leans back in his seat and says, "How are you doing tonight."

Ash sings along, softly as he nears the table and hears the song being hummed. A smirk spreads over his lips at it, a light chuckle escaping the man as he steps in by the table and looks down at all of them. He cringes when he's called Ashley though. "Ash, please… just Ash.." He does indeed take a seat smoothly and look to Adam. "Not too badly." He's got a bruise on his right cheek, mostly faded but it looks like it was recently a nasty one.

Kaylee holds up both hands at the man when she realizes he was just singing along with her. "Please.. PLEASE tell me your not an ABBA fan." Her expression is pained. "I would probebly have to hurt you if you are." She looks like she's probebly had too much of a good thing. A glance goes to Adam and she murmurs a "Sorry." And gives him a sheepish smile. Her attention goes back to Ash and she studies him carefully.

Adam arches a brow at Kaylee. There's a someone confused expression at her obsession and hostility to Abba. He shakes his head a moment and turns to Ash, "Very well, Ash. You've got…an interesting background." he says, "One that makes you completely incapable of legitimate employment. You are wanted, it appears."

Ash gives a slight shake of his head to the question. "Not at all. Hate the band as a matter of fact. But the tune is catchy, can't help it.. .I'm human." He winks at her, another light chuckle escaping him as he leans back in his seat some, relaxing a little bit. He turns his eyes on Adam as the man kind of… puts his background out in front of everyone like that. His body immediately goes tense, his eyes narrowing a little bit, but he doesn't speak at the moment, just listening.

"Good." Kaylee says simply, but nothing more. Adam's arched brow, Kaylee looks embarrassed. "I'll explain later." She murmurs, before focusing on Ash. As Adam as the question she notes the other man reaction, a small smile touch ing her lips. Her ability awakens as she watches him, scanning this surface thoughts. She leans over to try and touch his arm, as if wanting to show him comfort, thought unknown to him it make the use of her abilities easier. "Relax Ash.. Trust me." Those first two words seem to have weight to them. Yeah.. he should relax, he really should. "How about something to drink?" She asks politely.

Adam watches Ash's reaction, "There's really no need to get tense. If this was an…" he pauses, "An ambush, it would certainly go different than this." his head slips to the left a bit in a tilt, "Ash. Tell me…your life of crime, what sorts of skills have you picked up?"

Ash doesn't let her touch his arm, he skirts it away from her carefully. You don't know what people are capable of, and he's quite nervous at the moment. "No thanks… don't drink unless I'm with a friend." He murmurs, but it's an obvious excuse. His eyes go to Adam then as he speaks. "You'll have to forgive me if I'm jittery. I haven't survived as long as I have by being stupid and trusting everyone that tells me it's all good." He scoots the chair back a bit, not rising from his chair, but it gives him some room to move if he needs to. "A little of this and that."

A small disappointed frown, touches Kaylee lips as her mind trick appears to have failed for once. Pondering another attempt, she's stopped by the things that flutter through Ash's mind. Glancing at Adam, she lifts her brows a bit, she's caught something interesting. Her eyes flick back to Ash as she considers him, her ever present smile widening a bit. "Life of crime? I bet…" She glances at Adam with a sly smile. "..he can hold his own. Most can." She touches her healed cheek, only a faint scar left. "My last boyfriend could." Glancing back to Ash she gives him a wink, she does like the bad boys.

Adam considers for some moments as he looks between Kaylee and Ash for some moments. He then settles on Ash. "Ash, let me explain the situation. You can leave, if that's what you want. I'm not holding you here. I won't call the coppers and tell them where to find you. But there's just no way you're going to be able to come up with legitimate employment in your state. However, I may have illegitimate employment at my disposal. Hypothetically. But first…I have to know what you can do. Over time, I'd have to know you're capable of trustworthiness. I've some references on you, but they're…well, let's just say many people you have worked with in the past aren't exactly paragons of reliability."

Ash looks over to Kaylee as she gets that interested look and then mentions him having a life of crime and being able to hold his own. He shoots her an odd little look before looking around the table and finally letting his eyes rest on Adam as the man explains the situation. Ash pulls in a slow breath, then lets it out in a long exhale. "I'm a fighter. Spent a long while in the underground fights here in New York. Accidentally killed a guy during a fight and got shipped to Eastern State." He leans back slowly and sighs a bit. "Sorry, not used to trusting people."

Leaning forward, Kaylee props her elbows on the table, and her chin on her hands. When he gives her an odd look, she gives him a bright smile for his trouble. "Ooo.. A tough guy, nice," she says sounding impressed. Turning her head bit to Adam, "understandable, Ash.. Trust is a thing earned. It can be tough to give someone trust right out the gate." She gives Adam a smirks, before looking back to Ash.

Adam considers all of this quietly. He mms, "Well, that's unfortunate." he says calmly, "It's never particularly pleasant when things accidentally happen like that." he pauses, "Can you use guns?" he questions as he watches Ash impassively, "Have you ever had to do security work? Or have you strictly been a.." he pauses, "A knee and leg man, so to speak."

Ash looks to Adam and his broad shoulders give a slight shrug upwards. "It wasn't the first time I took a life, and it wasn't the last. But it was the only one that was an accident. So I guess that's a bit more of an important one for me. Plus its' the one that landed me in prison." He crosses his arms over his chest and looks to Adam as he asks further questions. "I can use guns yeah, and I've done a bit of enforcer work here and there, a little bodyguard work, but nothing serious. Not sure if that's what you mean by security."

Kaylee continues to sit there, looking like Ash is something shiny an new. That is until something makes her look away from him, she turns her head away from Ash, resting her temple on her hand. This blacks her face from Ash as she grimaces, Adam can at least she the expression. Glancing at her boss, sh gives him a look like she saw something nasty. However, she quickly schools her face back into a smile, and rests her chin on her hands.

Adam continues to watch Ash and says, "Ordinarily, I would want to give an arrangement some time to build up. But to be honest, I'll be going on a trip soon and I'll need a few people with me." he pauses, "So, for now, I'm willing to offer you employment, to work exclusively for me…in whatever capacity I need you to." he pauses, "You can accept my offer or not. But for now, it is on the table."

Ash watches Kaylee look away like that and it brings a curious arching of a brow to his features before Adam is speaking once again. Ash's eyes turn back to Adam, his attention solely upon the man as he offers a job. "Do I have to accept before I know the kind of work it's going to be exactly? Or do I get to know that before making a decision?" He leans forwards in his chair, resting his elbows on the table and peering at Adam curiously. "Can you answer a question? How.. .did you find out about my record?"

Adam tilts his head for a moment as he considers Ash and his questions, "It would be the kind of work that requires someone of your talents and will sometimes require you to use a gun. It's…not that mysterious." he pauses at the record question, "New York is a big city…a big city where people gossip a lot." he says, "Nobody's secrets are their secrets alone."

Ash purses his lips at Adam's answer, obviously unhappy with it, but he doesn't seem to want to press the issue. He nods his head slowly to the statement. "Then I accept. As you said, finding work with a record is not… easy, and I need work." He sighs a bit and lifts his elbows from the table, leaning back some. "So when are we going out of town? And for how long?"

Adam considers the question, "Soon. Within the month." he says, "And we'll be gone for a few weeks likely. In the mean time, I may ask you to do some work for me now. In fact, I'd say it's almost a certainty. I want to know how well you work, how well you take orders and just what sort of capabilities you have."

Kaylee seems to brighten a touch when Ash accepts. "Nice to have you along." She adds brightly, even though her eyes narrow a touch at him. Glancing at Adam thoughtfully, she leans back in her chair, giving a small nod to what he says.

Ash looks to Adam and gives a nod of his head. "Well, you have my cellphone number. Let me know when you need me." He shifts and rises from his seat, his eyes looking… suspicious still, but he doesn't press the issue that eats at his mind. "Try to give me a little bit of warning if you can. And… I don't own a gun at the moment. DO I need to obtain one?"

Adam nods gently, "I will give you what warning I can." he says, which is no promise of a warning at all. At the question of a gun, he says, "No, you won't need to do that."

Ash smirks a bit, and his head gives a slight nod to the mention of what warning can be given. He then turns and heads for the door. "Thank you Adam. And I won't forget this, you doing this for me."
Adam nods and gives a wave. His party remaining seated at the table as Ash leaves.

Shaking a finger at Ash, Kayle says. "There is a good place…." She trails off as Adam says no about the gun. There is a small shrug of her shoulder and a sighs… She watches Ash leave carefully, before leaning against Adam and whispering softly so it doesn't go past just them. "What is Moab?"

Once Ash leaves, Adam turns to Kaylee and says, "You need to do better to control your reactions." he says in a firm voice. Then he answers her question, "Moab was a supermax prison where they held evolved, in order to keep them all.." he pauses, "Under lock and key."

There is a blink at Adam and then Kaylee frowns slightly. "Well, kinda hard when I'm seeing heads being blown apart and skulls caving in," she grumbles glancing at the door where Ash left through. "Sure about him?" She frowns a bit. "He's a thief and a murder… and he's hiding more.. but I didn't want to dig and risk getting caught."

Adam turns to Kaylee, "This is two times you've almost been caught." he says in reply. "You need more discipline." he leans back for a moment, "So are almost all of my men. I'll trust him for now and hopefully he won't disappoint me. That's why I have you and Huruma, to sniff out people who shouldn't be trusted."

Looking down at her hands, Kaylee looks much like a dejected puppy, her soft tone echos that. "Sorry, Adam." Glancing at him she continues, " I thought I was being careful.. I can't believe he even resisted me when I /told/ him to relax." She rubs at her forehead and the pressure that's there. "You sure about me? I thought I was better at this… obviously not."

Adam looks at Kaylee, "Power comes with experience and practice." he says, in response. "You will get better. And I will help you. But you're going to have to concentrate." he pauses, "I think, the first thing you should do is a mirror exercise." he lays his hand on the table, "You stare at the mirror and you think of funny jokes or sad stories or terrible images and you practice not showing them on your face.

Nodding a little, Kaylee listens to his instructions. A "yes sir," is given when he's done. "I'll work harder at my poker face." She runs fingers through her hair, brushing it form her face, as she gives the door another glance. "I just know I'm gonna have nightmares of him pounding a guys head until it caves in. I think… He's pretty strong. Wish I could show you what I saw… " She presses her fist to her temple. "Single blow…" She tilts her head away from the hand and gives a full body shiver.

Adam nods gently, "Well.." he says, "Once you've seen a few deaths you've seen them all." he says rather impassively." he reaches over and puts his arm around her shoulder, "It's alright, it'll all be worth it in the end. And frankly, it's much better to have people like that on our side than not."

"I've killed.. but I never saw it. I told a guy to go drown himself and he did." Kaylee says blandly. "I still don't feel bad about it.. the guy was an ass and was about to do a bad thing to me." She wrinkles her nose at even mentioning it.." But that.." She motions at the door as she leans against Adam, when he puts an arm around her shoulder. "That will take getting use too.. " Taking a deep breath, he turns thoughtful for a moment.. then out of the blue she says, "he was pretty cute though."

Adam shakes his head and removes his arm from around Kaylee. "Go do your exercises." he says after an annoyed sigh.

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