Let It


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Scene Title Let It
Synopsis Abby comes to check in on Joseph on his sick day to discover he's not sick, as such. She gives him a little bit of advice and offers her help.
Date May 27, 2009

Greenwich Village: Joseph's Apartment

It's a humble apartment building in a humble corner of town. Daphne Millbrook was quite right — Joseph is a part of the nicer side of religion. He's certainly not in it for the money. The pastor's car in the little parking lot around the corner is a good signifier of Abby arriving at the right place, and the journey over will be moderately damp with spring showers and light thunder storms.

It's dry inside, so that's a blessing. Speaking of blessings.

At first there's no answer to the knocks Abby lays down on Joseph's door, save for the sound of heavy dog-paws dancing just on the other side, a soft whine from the animal and a snuffle of a nose investigating at the edges. A scrape of claws against the wood, and then louder— a sharp, guttural bark.

Almost as if no one is home, but then eventually, a human set of foot steps, the scrape of a couple of locks being undone. "Coming," is Joseph's voice from the other side, apologetic and faint, before the door is cracked open, then widened when he sees who it is, resigned surprise on his face when he makes eye contact. A far cry from the immaculate suits and ties that he tries to wear even day to day when spending countless hours at the church, the sweater is loose and comfortable, as are jeans. Argyle patterned socks are his protection against cheap carpeting, and he affords her a smile. "Sorry, I didn't hear you."

"I figured you were either… praying into the toilet, or in your bed, and was patient. Worst came to worst, I found your Super and asked to be let it" She's got a bag of chinese food in her arms and a small worried smile. "They said you weren't well. I can't help you right now, how I would normally but… I can offer up good old fashioned help?"

Alicia is attempting to insinuate her oversized head between the door and Joseph's legs, though the pastor nudges her back, firmly. He seems not only as sleepless as someone pronounced 'sick' might be, but— nervous, in a way. "It's— that's kind of you. Not sure if your ability would do much good anyway— " But Southern sensibilities have him opening the door wider and stepping back, so as not to discuss such things in the hallway, as much as privacy is something to be valued. "Here, come in, but you— I wouldn't have you stay for long."

Furniture that obviously came with the room is tidy and simple, with a few personal effects here and there - books, especially, dishes he's yet to put away, picture frames, a dining table used more like a desk than to eat at. Right now, it seems as those he's at work, with a textbook Bible laid open and a notepad with both words and sketches draw onto lined paper.

"You can have me stay as long as you need. I took vacation from work.. Monday, I'm off for the week and somewhat on Vacation. I'm not doing much save getting drunk with Flint Deckard and teaching him how to use Gods gift" She's easing into the door, so that Joseph can close it. "Have you walked Alicia yet? I can do that for you, before curfew kicks in. Poor girl probably needs to go use a fire hydrant" Red hair is down and she's in her leather jacket, jeans, sweater beneath. "If i'm being forward or you just plain don't want help, you just need to say and i'll take off. Just.. you weren't at service and the senior pastor looked a little.. strange"

The door is shut, the lock is slid into place, although not the chain. "I had Raquelle Cambria hover here all mornin' 'til I convinced 'im all I needed was sleep. Took some doing. If you can walk Alicia without having her drag you all over the Village, that would— I'd appreciate that. I'm sure she would too, just…" There's the scrape of a chair as Joseph makes to sit down, gestures for Abby to do the same should she want to. He's about as unkempt as she's seen him, but not so unexpectedly. His hand goes to clasp over a cooling mug of tea at the table. "George probably looked a little strange 'cause he's not a good liar, and he's not good at talkin' about…"

About what? It's a question Joseph asks himself, inwardly, brow furrowing as he looks across at Abby. "Abilities, generally."

"I can try, pretty sure that if I can handle Tom Jenkins down at the bar trying to make a grab for my rear, that Alicia won't be that bad. You eaten yet or should I just put all this stuff in the kitchen and let you deal with it later" Since he's not seeming to want company through the night. "As for the senior pastor, well, no. Some people aren't. The gifts are generally not something you bring up. It's like asking someone if they're.. gay, or pregnant. Hello, are you gifted? Oh! Yes? Really? What then do you have?" Abby imitating two people talking while she eases down into the offered seat from the older man, settling the brown bag onto the counter. "Won ton soup, there's plain rice, plain fried rice, some honey chicken and beef with broccoli. Eggrolls, dumplings and crab rangoon. I didn't rightly know what it is that you might like, so I got a little something for if your stomach is bothering you or for if your stomachs not bothering you and should be good to last a few days"

Gay or pregnant? Suppose so. That gets an amused smile from Joseph, as distracted as he might be, and he sits back in his seat as she reels off what she's brought for him, and it occurs to him— no, he hasn't eaten. "My stomach's fine," he assures her, hands going out to pick through. "Sure am hungry, though. Thanks for bringin' all this. I don't— "

And the reason he's not going out, not even walking the dog let alone conducting Wednesday service, hits him then, as unexpectedly as its hit him every other time. Hands come away from the container of eggrolls he'd discovered and lets it land with a soft clatter. This is getting really…

…old. "Sorry, just gimme a moment," is muttered, without much clarity but then again, if he could hear himself speak, eyes trained away from her if only so as not to stare sightlessly. The chair shudders a little as something he sees— certainly not something in this room— makes him twitch away, a hand raised as if to grip at empty air.

Only to find Abigails hand, warm from her own body and not some missing or genetically suppressed ability. Latching onto his hand and holding onto it. "Take all the time you need" Offered up softly from her lips, blue eyes watching as time passes by and whatever fit he's going through to pass. Yes.. she can see now why the Senior paster held service on Wednesday and hoped that Joseph would be better come sunday. She squeezes his hand, firmly, let him know that she's there.

No reply to her words, but her hand is gripped onto compulsively, his other coming up to clasp his forehead as it to keep all he's seeing inside his skull, or pressing it out. Either one. His posture, eventually, relaxes, long minutes but only minutes, until it subsides like a retreating tide, and just as temporary.

He looks up around the same time his fingers loosen from Abby's hand, a crack running down the middle of stoicism but Joseph is nothing if not reserved. "It's my ability. It's goin' haywire on me, like— as if it's reversed itself and now I can't stop getting them. The visions. They don't even make sense."

Or they do, but perspective is shattered enough that it likely seems too crowded to make sense. His voice is low as he talks, weary. "Figured it'd— go away eventually."

"Leftovers from your visitor or.." She leaves it open for him to tell her, taking her hand back from his when he relaxes. "How often they happening?" Instead of him gathering things from the brown bag, Abigail stands up, chair pushed back and she pulls out the eggrolls and the sauces that go with it. She's not going to mollycoddle or hover, but she can at least pull the stuff out, get him a plate. "Uhh, fork or chopsticks? They gave me both" A glance up to him, unsure if even the vision would revert back to normal. "I dunnno. Maybe? If God has a reason for taking mine away and giving it to Flint, then surely, he has reason to do.. this?"

"Don't think so." A left over, that is. "Fork. Thanks." Monosyllabic words, let's stick to those. Joseph isn't looking at Abby as he reaches out a hand to drag the notepad closer, flicking over to a fresh page as he writes in hurried small words. "Been happening since last night. Got hit in the head and my wallet stolen, figure the former has more to do with it."

Scratch scratch, goes his pen, hand steady but with writing so determined, perhaps the act has more to do with it than his nerves. Alicia has come to be a small black furred mountain in the middle of the kitchenette, head on her paws and eyes rolling to watch Abby navigate the kitchen.

"How often— longest stretch between 'em so far's been about forty minutes." The answer comes muttered, and a little jittery, and he sets his pen down. "Timed it."

"Like having a baby. Though, you know, not with a squalling little girl or boy and the inevitable diapers that come with it" She calls over from the kitchen. Back with a fork and a plate for the man, setting it beside that pad of paper. She claps her hands, softly so as not to freak Joseph out, beckoning Alicia over. "Any reoccurring theme to the visions? Something similar in any of them?" The former healer inquires. It's a thought. "If you want, I can see to getting Flint to come, he can turn it on and off now and he can try and.. heal."

"Most times there's nothin' I can hardly remember," Joseph says, pushing the notepad aside in favour of the food being set down. "Otherwise— " There's a pause, looking at first towards where Alicia is clambering to her big mop feet, then back towards Abigail. "Water. Lakes. Firs' one I got— the only one I really remember— it was like my baptism."

He considers those words, picks up the fork and gives a huff of laughter. "'cept scarier, more like a drowning at first. Other times, they're too wild to keep track of. 's when I'm trying not to have 'em, they got confused, kinda. I'll— I'll let you know. Right now I feel like I should be prayin', not finding the easy out."

A beat, and a raised eyebrow glance. "Getting drunk with Flint?" Really, Abigail?

"Wallowing in self pity, sorta. Trying not to give in to my jealousy" She lets her hands seek out the big bear of a dog's ears and neck and scratches. "I went to Staten Island, which is like voluntarily stepping foot in hell. He can turn it off now, and I think heal himself as well, but it took .. a little bit of Alcohol. Will, frankly Pastor, was about the only reason I was able to even catch a wink of sleep on that place. The hangover though…" Might not have been worth it.

'So, water. Bodies of water. Drowning is scary, very scary" She glances over towards him, still lavishing Alicia with attention. "Have you thought about just letting the come Pastor Joseph? You know how they say that just giving in, sometimes, instead of fighting, will make things easier? Maybe you need to let it happen? Acc.. Accept it? I mean, obviously, there's some kind of message trying to come through"

There's gentle amusement, rather than judgement, on Joseph's face as she talks about her teaching Flint how to use her ability. Faint approval, too, despite the methods reached. He lets out a sigh, casting a look towards his research— as if hunting through the Bible for its metaphors would help him discover what it's all supposed to mean.

"I've considered it," Joseph says, with a slow nod. Opening his mouth to say more, before deciding against it, nodding once more. "Couldn't hurt, it's not like— resistin' is doing much good. I'm only sorry I couldn' be there this afternoon. Haven't missed a service in this city before."

"You also haven't been long in this city Pastor Sumter. So. I think that the Senior Pastor can hold the fort and do what he went to school to do while you figure it out what god is telling you. The good Lord knows that we'll all rally behind you and keep things going if it take a little more than a few days to figure it out. You're good for the community. A pastor, and a gifted pastor at that who doesn't rightly hide what it is that he does. Good role model" She's still spoiling Alicia with attention. "If i'm allowed to miss service, then you're allowed to miss service. God won't think any the less of you. I know that you'll just put that much more effort into your sermons when you do get back on your feet"

Alicia is happy. Her owner's been distracted and bizarrely self-absorbed today and she's more than glad to milk Abby's attention for what it's worth, a dopey dog smile accompanied with leaning her heavy head into the former healer's hands.

Joseph watches both Abigail and his dog as she talks, a hand out to pick up and pick at an egg roll, thoughtful fidgeting. The difference between drowning and renewal, the former being what he's scared of happening should he accept it, the latter— well he's certainly not getting that kind of clarity now.

He offers her a wan smile, accepting of her reassurances, and then nods to her and the Newfoundland. "Would you mind comin' around again tomorrow mornin' to take Alicia out again? I'd ask Kelly but he's got his hands full with those daughters of his and he— worries. Pretty sure he thinks I should've stayed at the hospital, even."

"Iff'n you like, I can stay the night on your couch, in case you need anything. You're not obligated to accept the offer, heavens knows, I'd rail at it if it were me, but then, I had Brian living in my home for nearly two months. But, yes, I can come and take care of Alicia, only if you promise to just let them come. The visions I mean. I can go visit Raquelle and let him know that your resting, taking care of yourself. Heck i'll lie and say i'm bringing another healer in if you think it'll make him worry less"

She smiles down at Alicia. "You want to go for a walk? I bet you could flood a street, yes you could. I'd bet the farm that you could" She glances back towards Joseph. 'I agree with him. You might hate it but.. maybe you do need someone around. Not to nurse nightengale you to death but… I dunno, just be there, in case something.. does happen? Gift wise"

Walk? Alicia's long tail begins to swish to and fro at the prospect of a walk, Joseph avoiding these recommendations for a few short moments as he gets to his feet, moving towards where a leash and collar are kept coiled, moving to fix it around Alicia's neck with gentle, practiced movements.

"You don't have to stay," he agrees, dark eyes cast down as he loops the bright red material against black fur, attaches the leash and holds out the grip for Abby to take. "I'm good at bein' alone, if that— makes sense." The singular nature of his apartment certainly screams this message loud and clear, a wedding band on his finger or no. He has more to say, obviously, but the tide comes back in, eyes going blank and unfocused as his vision is once more dominated by something more dreamlike.

Joseph's hand goes out, fingertips grazing the wall and he moves towards it, hand flattening against the surface in a now practiced method of grounding himself. Takes a breath, and almost defiantly continues to talk. "Let Raquelle know I'm okay, an'— I promise. I'll handle it like…" He trails off before he can stumble deafly over his words, fingers curling a little as the vision continues. A few seconds of silence transpire, and though his voice comes tensely and jittering, breathing shallow, he at least finishes it. "Like you say to. Let it come."

"Then, i'll take your big brute here for a walk and see to her" COncern rushing through her as he stops, the vision rocks him again. Much sooner than 40 minutes. A single solitary hand coming to rest on a shoulder blade as he talks it out. She rubs, back and forth, forgoing that invisible wall that she keeps between herself and others. She's been doing that a lot these last few days.

"you know what. It's still light enough and I think there was a radio shack that was down the street. Alicia and I are gonna go visit it and i'll pick up a little voice recorder. Save yourself a bunch of paper and your poor wrist. That way, you can just hit a button and you can just talk out the vision as you see it. Better than having to remember it all afterwards"

It's a good idea, one of those that Joseph would have wished he'd thought of, but Abby gets no response or immediate credit. She would, had he been able to hear, but the silence in response says that he didn't, blank gaze covered as he closes his eyes a few seconds too late.

He's been right, about it helping if you shut your eyes. Just not an awful lot.

On the upside, the tension beginning to knot in his shoulders unwinds once more at the touch, hand clumsily coming up to touch and acknowledge her arm before dropping again around when his eyes flicker open, head giving a compulsive shake. "Lord. Hi," he adds, with a distracted smile towards Abby, as if sensing her initial concern. "I'm alright."

"Your blinking and you're talking, breathing, course your alright. Won't mean I won't stop worrying, cause, it's all gone haywire on you" She repeats again, about getting the little recorder for him, when out taking Alicia for a walk. "You'll get through this Pastor. God willing, you will. I'll leave my number for you, call, anytime this night. I can skip around the patrols and curfew and if I can't, i'll just flash my card and they'll escort me over. When I come back, we can sit and pray, if you think you'd like that. Lord knows, we could probably both use that huh?"

But Alicia wants out, probably soon and Abigail glances down to the dog. "You eat. I'll deal with Alicia, we'll be back soon, i'll make you some tea and help get you set for surviving the night. Deal?"

He nods along with her, moving to undo the lock for her as Alicia tugs eagerly at her leash, near pulling the redhead along towards the front door as Joseph goes to open. "Deal," is the simple consent to her help. He doesn't say if he'll have her traveling across the nighttime city for his sake, but he's certainly not saying no to a prayer, or even the extension of help.

A reaching hand is often enough. "Don't let 'er put out your shoulder or anythin'. See you in a few." And when the door is shut to the sound of scrabbling paws and Abigail's foot steps in keeping up with the beast on a leash, Joseph turns ti regard his now emptied apartment, hands coming to rest on his waist as his eyes track on over towards the phone.

Too soon. Not for Abby, no, or Raquelle, or even Flint if he somehow had the current healer's number. Instead, he sits down by the food set out for him, and tries not to think on the connotations of drowning.

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