Let's Bounce


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Scene Title Let's Bounce
Synopsis What happens when a speedster crosses paths with a negator, a phaser, and a clone? Girls fall down and boys throw punches.
Date January 28, 2011


New York city isn't what it used to be.

The City that never sleeps is now tucked in bed by nine o clock. The night life of NYC has suffered endlessly since the institution of the curfew and martial law. The more ambitious clubbers leave the city for the weekends, seeking their thrills in the outlying bars away from curfew of the Big Apple. But for those who remain inside the borders of the great city, nightlife has become evening-life. And the eveninglife is raging.

Shots shots shots shots shots~

The heavy bass permeates from the club, the ear killing music flooding out as the doors open for a brief moment. A few stray snowflakes being practically blown away by the sheer volume of the beats. Two individuals break from the throng inside the club out into the street. Where a line of people trying to get in the club is forming. The street itself is populated heavily with people hurrying this way or that to try and get their swerve on before curfew hits.

"Everybooodyy~" Is sung as Brian trips over his own feet, one hand flying up to catch Samara's hand. Winters has gone a little heavy on the sauce. And is desperately holding onto his fiancee to keep himself upright. The phone in his hand is peered at intently as he tries to figure out what the fuck it says. "Koshka wants to know if she can groin us.." Brian lets out, his speech definitely slurred. His brows furrow deeply as he passes the cellphone over to Samara so that she can read the text. "Absolutely maybe not!" The man says definitively as his feet go out a little wider to ensure he doesn't fall over.

Meanwhile, around the corner and out of view in an office building, one man holds out a portfolio for the another to take — something his company has been working on, spent millions of dollars in research and development on, something that will change the very way the world does business! — or so it was pitched, two years ago when the project began. Two years and millions of dollars, all neatly typed, with charts and bar graphs and a cover sheet.

It's a very Jerry McGuire moment — this is not a memo. It's a mission.

That mission is snatched out of the man's hands by a blur of black and red and white that's there one second and then gone, nothing but a rush of wind left rustling the men's clothing.

Idea theft — who knew it could be so lucrative? Daphne needs the money — cash, thank you, now that she can't access any of her accounts in the US and running elsewhere, while easy enough, can be inconvenient, even for a speedster.

That blurred streak of black and red and white comes around the corner, toward the club entrance before suddenly she collapses at Brian and Samara's feet.

At the door, the bouncer arches a brow and snickers. As long as there are Evolved in the world, he will always have a job — negators are in high demand.

It's probably fortunate that Samara laid off the sauce (or maybe gone really easy on it?) tonight if only to take care of the very intoxicated Brian. She's not super strong, and certainly not super capable of keeping Brian propped up right now. "I'm pretty sure Koshka isn't going to groin us— " she counters as she peeks over at the phone, craning her neck to see the text across the screen. Her nose wrinkles, "She wants to join us. Not the other— the other would be— " she cringes, quite visibly cringes, as she chews her bottom lip and texts a quick reply complete with address. If Koshka isn't home it's probably best for her to walk back with an adult, right? Two responsible adults. Or.. two pseudo-responsible adults?

The collapse at her feet has Sami actually gasp as she tugs Brian so he doesn't trip. Tripping over random blonde in the middle of the road = bad. Except… in her tug to draw him away, and with the little bit of accident prone non-grace that she bears whenever offstage, SHE trips. And then tries to phase to catch herself. Yet, with the negator present, this is all in vain. Sam wipes out on the pavement to much throbbing through her hands and knees.

Yet even being the one who is tripped, the chatterbox drifts quickly into apology mode, "I'm sorry! I'm soo soo sooooo sorry! I'm sorry! I'm soooorry! I didn't see you there!"

"Do you even know who the fuck I am?"

The tone and the question are both punctuated by the chomping of a handful of Skittles. And then the amazing man gives his name. "I'm Tahir Avery Dunham, boyo. Alright? Now, I know you probably have NO CLUE what that means. But I can tell you right now that this time next month? I'll be able to buy and sell your ass to the lowest bidder, because nobody's gonna' wanna' pay top dollar for a power tripping, low rent, wish I had a better job than this, no gun having, piece of crap bouncer like you." More Skittles are popped and chewed, as Tahir narrows his eyes on the person watching the door of this particular club.

Tahir is, obviously, at the front of the line and just brimming with impatience. However, as usual, he has managed to put together an epic outfit that consists of one of his many suits, this time he's going with something a little on the dark green side. There's a black shirt and a white/green two tone flavored tie. His glasses are black framed with green tint and he finishes off the last of his Skittles, in time to ball up the package and throw it at the Bouncer. Granted, this happens at the same exact moment that there's some hottie that ends up on the ground, in front of some couple that Tahir is paying NO attention to whatsoever. What? He was eating Skittles, okay? Anyway, there is very much commotion as the couple trips too and it's all a big mess that has Tahir blinking, "Sami?" is whispered to himself and there's some rolling of the eyes before his attention goes back to the bouncer of doom.

"Man, you lucky that just happened, dude. Cuz I was about to be all over you like the NBA on Jordan." Tahir says this and points at the Bouncer, all the while backpedaling out of line and in the general direction of his sister (he knows that apology anywhere) and whatever else is in this pile of people on the ground. To help.

Certainly not to try and catch glimpses of Not His Sister's Cleavage. Honest.

The movie had ended and when patrons were spilling out into the streets to head home or seek entertainment elsewhere, it left a trio of teenagers loitering. And thinking up ideas of what else to do for entertainment. Or that had been the intent. Daryl had been called home, much to his chagrin and Adisa had decided to return to shopping. Which left Koshka alone to either return home herself or remain out for a while long.

Which prompted the text. The girl certainly did not want to return home and interrupt any of Sam and Brian's tv watching.

Still lingering in the streets, though not enough to be called loitering while waiting for a reply, Koshka meandered away from the theater and in no predetermined direction. Just following the flow of what little foot traffic there is. But when the reply comes back, the teenager takes note of where she's at and changes directions to find this club.
ORDER: Brian Daphne Samara Tahir Koshka

It's… It's a miracle!!!

Everyone falls down yet the drunk man remains standing. When Sam pulled him, Brian was able to get his balance back. And then she started to go down and pull him with her. To which he replied with a firm 'hands off bitch!' arm yank. Freeing him from whatever clusterfuck Sami got herself into. It has Brian stumbling back a little bit. And then his brows are narrowing. Why isn't he seeing the rest of the city. Being drunk hasn't affected his ability before. He's actually been able to give himself tips on how to act less drunk when being drunk and sober at the same time.

"Where am I?" Brian asks a little pathetically, very concerned on where th other hims in the city have gone off to.. But oh look! Skittles! But then they're gone. Which has Brian :(ing. Taking a few steps back to his downed fiancee and random girl, Winters cocks his head. Eventually deciding that this is NOT Samara's way of initiating a threesome, Brian goes to try and yank his wife to be to her feet. His own head going to Tahir at the same. "Hi Tahir~" He sounds happy.

Happy, Daphne Millbrook is not. The portfolio is grabbed first with a hand in a now torn glove, then tucked into her black coat swiftly — though oh-so-slow in Daphne's mind — and she throws a glance over her shoulder to make sure no one has followed. Not that they'd be here for several minutes.

"Who the hell's the negator?" she growls out fiercely, not trying to get up. Her dark brows crease beneath platinum hair, and she turns to peer with angry and frightened dark eyes into each person's face. "Please — whoever's negating… you need to stop. I can't…" God damn it. Her cheeks flush with embarrassment.

The bouncer crosses his arms, keeping an eye on the train wreck in the street, lips curving into a sadistically amused smile.

Sam is easily yanked to her feet, she's not particularly large or heavy, but the scrapes along her knees and hands continue to throb, and even bleed some, as she's moved. "Tay— " her expression becomes pained as she glances down at Daphne, back to the very intoxicated Brian, and then rests of Daphne, "Can you help? Please? I have— " A glance is given to Brian and then one to her free non-held hand, which is bleeding. "Please help," she implores again.

Her attention turns back to Daphne, "I really am sorry, I didn't see you there and I then when I did I was trying to— and couldn't and so I prodded him, and I fell and… I'm so sorry— " Her frown deepens for a moment as she shakes her head and tries to reassure Daphne, "I'm not… " she points to Brian and shakes her head again, "…he's not…" and then her eyebrows furrow at Tahir, "..I… are //you?" she asks quizzically, completely unaware what her brother can actually do.

Her eyes track back to Brian, "You're… here," she answers her own judgment fading underneath her manic.

Tahir Avery Dunham is doing that thing where he's glaring at the nemesis that is Brian. Because this is probably all his fault. Unlike some of the others, Tahir doesn't even know his ability has been negated. He hardly ever uses the damn thing anyway. He likes being charming without it anyway. For the moment, though, he's making a mental note of the drunken state that Brian is in. "Strike One." is all Tahir has to say, which comes out in epic Big Brother voice. "Sami, you oka—"

Pause. Cutie Alert.
New Objective: Obtain Those Digits.
Mission: Accepted.

"Yeah!" Yes, he is Sami. "Who's the negator?!" Fooled you! Tahir finds his body immediately drawn in the direction of Daphne, though he's turning to make it look like he's on her side whilst looking at everyone, the same way she is. "Stop it! Can't you see we've got a situation here?! I swear, this city…" Tahir is then offering a hand towards the platinum haired one. "My name is Tahir Avery Dunham. And I'm here to rescue you."

Oh Lord.

Rounding a corner, still a block and some from the club, Koshka nearly comes face to face with some of the city's local law enforcement. It has her drawing her phone out all casually and backtracking, as though she'd make a wrong turn. She heads for home instead, without a backward glance. No need to appear suspicious in any sense of the word. A message, while she walks, is tapped out to let Sami and Brian know where to find her.

Brian peers at Tahir. When did they start playing baseball. Pretty sure that they have not started an impromptu game on the sidewalk, Brian opts to not start calling 'hey batter batter'. Though it does sound like fun. Instead he's a little more focused again on the fact that he's only seeing through one pair of eyes. Which, hilariously enough makes him a little queasy. Or maybe it's the alcohol. Or a combination of both. But for some reason, Winters is sad he isn't multitasking right now. So much time wasted!

Negator. Oooh that makes sense. He's being negated. Well, that's upsetting. Looking at Samara, his lips pull down at the sight of blood. "Oh no." Winters lets out in complete defeat. "I've got to take you to the home." He was going to say hospital, but they don't go there anymore. One hand goes to rest on Samara's shoulder as he peers down at her knee. "Oh noooo."

Daphne stares at Tahir's hand, her face screwed up in frustration. "I can't get up," she whispers through clenched teeth. "I need to get out of the negation range, whoever's doing it." It costs her dearly in pride to say this much to a stranger.

She finally does move, pulling herself on her hands toward the curb before awkwardly maneuvering herself to sit so that she doesn't get hit by a car. "It's okay," she finally says to Samara. "Not your fault." She stares down at her knees — the black pants are torn and holy, her own knees sporting a very ugly case of road rash, blood seeping through the holes and through the fabric. Falling suddenly at high speeds hurts.

The negator at the door stays quiet, watching the scene unfold.

A flicker of a smile is cast to Brian as Sam glances down at her hands and he at her knees, "I'll be okay…" she manages as she peeks over at Daphne a little regretful and unsure what exactly happened. "I.. I've had worse.." she's not entirely convinced, as evidenced in the weakening of her smile. With a quiet sigh, she rests a hand over Brian's on her shoulder only to move the hand again. It's still bleeding. She sighs.

She reaches over to tug Brian towards the curb with Daphne. "Maybe— maybe— " she turns to face Tahir, "Maybe you can help her get out of range or something?" Her palms continue to throb, prompting her to tug on her shirt sleeves underneath her jacket to cover them, pressing the fabric to her skin.

Tahir is not about to let that stop him from doing what he does best. And that just happens to be trying to Get Those Digits. Eyes are narrowed at the situation and the crawling and it all becomes something that he can't actually bear to see happen. There's a frown on his face and everything. "I'll handle it. But you gotta' promise to not disappear as soon as I do." Tahir's signature wink (which should mean different things to Daphne and Samara; one is 'hellooooo there' and the other is 'uh oh. here we go again.') follows that up and he's whirling around on his heels and headed back towards the crowd and the bouncer.

"Alright, people! Let's move it inside! The party's inside, not outside! Everybody in!" Tahir is just ignoring the bouncer as he works on getting himself closer and closer to him and the door. But mostly the bouncer. Tahir's left hand is reaching for his back pocket. "Everybody's cover charge is on me!" Tahir's wallet is whipped out the moment he's close enough to reach the bouncer. Because he has to give him the money, right?

Of course, it could just be a little misdirection, because Tahir's right hand is coming around with more weight than should be allowed to see if he can't catch the bouncer with Dunham Special Sucker Punch!

Looking down at Daphne, Brian tilts his head a bit. Yeah he will help! He stands ready to help for a little bit, but nothing happens. He then realizes that he has to do something. As Tahir moves past him and starts to flap his wallet at the bouncer, Brian half turns to go help the other man. His brows arch as they are suddenly fighting. But not the type to drop back and ask questions, Winters is soon joining in!

Right after Tahir's punch lands, Brian is sending a powerful uppercut aiming at the probably staggering man's chin. He's not totally sure why they're fighting, but he's going to help Tahir fuck this guy up for doing.. whatever he did.

The bouncer isn't much of a bouncer — he was hired more for his negation ability than for brawn or ability to fight. He's tall and big, weighing in at about 270 pounds at 6'3", but he's not a fighter.

Down he goes, falling forward into Brian — but once he's down, Brian will feel the minds of his other Brians out in the world once more. Daphne is suddenly on her feet, stumbling a little as one knee fails to hold her weight. Shit. Her left foot is gingerly raised to try to keep the pain from shooting through, but at least she can, if she has to, limp away. "Uh. We better… go."

She fidgets, fighting the urge to just zoom away in a lopsided blur. "Before someone calls the cops."

Sure enough Tahir's wink brings a roll of Sam's eyes, and a quiet curse under her breath. There's a distinct gasp as Tahir punches the bouncer and an even louder one when Brian joins in. "Eff," she murmurs quietly to herself. It's not a swear but it's as close as she's willing to get today. "Yeah— we need to get out of here," she trudges back to Brian who had been stumbling out of that club only moments before. Her hand reaches out one bloodied hand to him, to tug him away, while her other bloodied hand reaches out for her brother. Chasing tail or not, he helped, even if it wasn't the way Samara had intended.

"Let's go— " there's another pause as she takes a deep breath, "Now." It's a quiet demand. She's not demanding by nature, but there are special occasions for everything.

Tahir actually blinks at Brian as he assists and then he smirks. "Okay. Strike redeemed." But that's not the important thing. The important thing is that he must get back to the girls and especially the one that's not related to him. "We're right behind you. Go." is said to Samara, as he shoves his wallet back into his pocket, while his other hand is reaching out for Daphne. "Okay, you don't even have to tell me you're impressed. We can start with your name, your phone number and the top three things you like in a guy that just knocked someone the hell out for you." Tahir's flashing his TV Show Host smile this entire time. It's like he didn't just lay into somebody that can have him barred from the club that he used to frequent on a semi-monthly basis.

Hey, the voices are back. That's a plus. Brian frowns down at the negator, his hand waving back and forth to get rid of the pain from suckerpunching a bouncer. Taking a few steps back, Winters looks over at Samara. Who is greeted with a big stupid smile. Hi. His hand affixes around Samara's tightly, his head lolling over to lazily plop on her shoulder. Eyes closing for a moment.

"Where are we going?" Brian asks happily as he allows himself to be lead off by Sami. He too is acting like he didn't just lay into somebody that.. something something something.

"You didn't have to hit him," Daphne protests, peering up at Tahir through her shock of blond bangs. She straightens her red beret and red scarf, then squints at Brian. She's seen him somewhere before, hasn't she? Then back to Tahir — she doesn't have the attention span for television, so she doesn't recognize him.

"You could have just pushed him inside or — here's an idea! — moved me. He probably didn't really even realize what he was doing. Most people don't take nose dives just because a negator looks at them funny, right?"

Samara might have met her match, as Daphne speaks a mile a minute. Her mouth scrunches to one side as she considers that Tahir did just get her back on her feet, in a roundabout way. "Thanks, though," is added as an after thought, as she tentatively puts more weight on the injured knee. It nearly buckles. "God damn it."

"We'll go back to the Chinatown apartment," Sami decides quickly as she tugs on Brian's arm. It's going to be hard to move him quickly, but she'll do what she can. "C'mon babe," she tugs a little harder as her own skinned knees burn against their scrapes, the throbbing continuing. She takes a few staccato'd steps, tugging Brian along for fear of the police showing up. "Can you do me a favour, next time my brother decides to hit a bouncer, please ask your other selves first and if you can't hear them ask me? He does a lot to be the white knight— "

Her eyebrows raise at Tahir before her gaze cuts back to Daphne. "Tay— " he may have offered Daphne a hand already but, "—Tay can you like carry her or help her move… police…" she's a little exasperated, somewhat unable to tug the drunk Brian and coherent wounded Daphne at the same time.

Tahir is in the middle of trying to keep up with whatever it is that Daphne is running off at the mouth about. "Yeah but— see then— but I wanted to— and then— so I was already—" And Tahir finally catches up when it comes time to himself being thanked and he's shrugging helplessly, "Whoa. Hold on. Don't thank me yet. Not until we're back at my apartment." Oh brother. He never stops.

Samara's voice is pulling him out of his Mission at the moment and he realizes that he's staring a problem right in the face. "Sis. You're a genius." Of course, this could have something to do with the fact that Tahir is already ready to play hero and thus why he's actually posing with some arm flexing before looking back at Daphne. "You're not gonna' like… power punch me into next week if I pick you up, right?" He's just asking to be courteous because in the next moment, he's already attempting to see if he can't scoop her up: Wedding in Las Vegas style.

"I'll come pick us up." Brian says with a big grin over to Samara, he's trying hard to keep his head on her shoulder even though he's taller and they're walking. But it seems like something he has to do, even though he looks quite awkward as he does it. "Next block." Winters lets out with a little chuckle. A big smile is delivered to Daphne.


"I can wa-" Too late. Daphne is scooped up. She opens her mouth to protest again, and likely more loudly, a Tinker-Bell-esque fury painting across her pixyish features, but around the corner a siren's wail announces the approach of police. A glance back toward the club shows a crowd starting to form near the door, checking on the bouncer's vitals.

"Hurry," she says, changing her mind about being carried. "Go through this alley," she points. "And then there's a park we can cut across."

Sami tugs Brian down the directed alley. "Yes, come pick us up!" she says all-too-quickly and super enthusiastically, having a getaway car would be more than handy at this moment. "Are you close to here?" she asks as her paces quicken. And then as an afterthought she asks, "Is your hand okay?"

She looks over her shoulder to her brother, Daphne may have already scolded him but, "Next time I ask for your help I guess I need to be a little more direct with my instructions— why did you punch him? Like… you couldn't think of another way?"

It is a good thing that Tahir is Ex-Army! He's having no trouble at all carrying the (VERY LIGHT!) additional weight that comes with Daphne being in his arms. He's quick with the following of the others down the alley. He's about to flash another heroic smile and start with the flirting again… but then his sister is being all sisterly and that's just not going to help him with his game. "Uh. I went for the thing that looked the most awesome? I mean, seriously, did you see the way his head snapped back?! That was like… Mike Tyson's Punch Out!" Tahir then looks back at Daphne with an eyebrow waggling smile. Oh brother.

"Park? I love parks." Brian practically sings as they make their way through the alley. Winters brings a hand up, holding a shh shh finger to Samara's lips. Winters eyes go after Tahir and his luggage. "You know.. Tahir is on TV. Gonna be.. Tahir.." His face screws up. "Super famous." Winters smiles brightly. "And he used to protect the country. With his bare hands."

Then Winters is looking back to Samara, a big smile going up. "We can wait at the park. I'll pick us up there." And so the troop does cut across the park.. With a detour at a playground that Brian swings on for a little bit before complaining about his stomach. Eventually the four are picked up in a sedan. And the drunk Brian is absorbed by the sober, Driver Brian. And offff they goooo.

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