Let's Rule The World


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Scene Title Let's Rule The World
Synopsis Tracy and Leonardo discuss matters of political ninjaing.
Date February 7 2010

Bert's Falafels

No matter what has ever changed in New York City politics, or even national ones, Tracy Strauss has made sure there is always one man in her life. Her constant, her north star, the man she can always rely upon to make sure that things go okay. At her worst, he always takes her in, and sends her out on her best.

Bert, of Bert's Falafels, always smiles when Tracy enters, and fixes up her favorite. In her power-suit, that's what she's got now, and she's moving to take a seat. Her phone buzzes as she sits, and before she knows it, she's elbow deep in her inbox while she eats.

Having only met her one other time, Leonardo isn't one to make meetings when all he wants is an information gathering conversation, which essentially boils down to advice. He had 'people' figure out her general schedule for this completely spontaneous run-in.

He enters wearing a black suit that's clearly around the range of a few thousand dollars, takes his own good time making his order, then as he's going to walk out the door, well. "Tracy Strauss." he says with a pleasant smile, then heads over to slide into her table across from her. "You're as busy as rumor suggests. I don't know if you remember me, from the time I visited you in the hospital. Leonardo Raphael Maxwell, president of Maxwell Development Corporation." A hand is offered across the table, with his Falafel bag sitting in front of him.

Tracy offers her own hand, setting her phone aside mid-email. "Of course I remember you, Mr. Maxwell," she says, with that political smile of hers that seems to be oozing with good intentions and prettiness. "It's very lovely to see you agian. I admit, this is not where I expected to run into you." She sets down her plastic fork, knowing that he probably isn't sitting with her just for the company. Men never are.

"Well I do like to try out these small places. It's a lesson I learn every time I take a trip to Italy; you never know what gem you'll find in the most unlikely places." Leonardo gently takes his hand back, then starts to open the falafel bag that he was presumably going to take with him, though he rarely breaks eye contact. "I trust everything is going fine with you? Working with the President and all. From what I hear of you, you'd dominate the corporate world if you tried."

"Perhaps that's why I don't, Mr. Maxwell. It would be too easy, and I like a challange." She continues to hold his smile, but she takes another bite of her food. Surprisingly, in her case, with all the eye contact, she doesn't seem like her usual shark self. She holds the position of comfortable and unalarmed quite well, even if it's not true. Lots of practice - after all, if you can stare down a gun, you can do this.

"I have to agree it is too easy. I'm only twenty-seven and I took my father's company from under his feet and made it more profitable and efficient." Leonardo shrugs, not quite showing too much ego, but clearly not all that modest either. When he lifts the falafel from the bag, he gives it a once over, then takes a careful bite. Not bad, is the expression written on his face. "Speaking of politics, I have been thinking of something lately, and I'm sure you'd know the answers. What are the most hurtful things to someone politically? Not just mudslinging campaigns, but behind closed doors as well."

"The same things as would hurt a politically-minded young businessman," Tracy answers with a mischevious look. Oh yes, she's smart. Look at her being smart! "Surely you do things in order to keep from mis-stepping. I think that almost everyone in the world has to take those steps to some extent, everyone from the President down to the janitors."

"So, an unsavory past, skeletons dug out of the closet, bondage equipment in their basement, things like that?" Leonardo chuckles after another bite, relaxing back against his seat as he gives it all some real thought. "I see. And let's say you were going to destroy someone's political career, for very good reasons mind you, what would be the first move you personally would make? Me, I think I'd start with a thorough background check."

"Mister Maxwell, I don't get paid to destroy. I get paid to create. Normally a lot of people do quite a good job of destroying themselves on their own." She takes another dainty little bite of her food, appearing completely calm and unconcerned about the conversation. "If they weren't so self-destructive, they might never need me."

"I believe a bit of directness may be in order, with this discussion, though I'm quite reluctant. Let's continue being vague for a while and see how that works out." Leonardo stays just as casual as her, saying some things in a vaguely joking manner. It's like social chess! Except nobody wins. "So, what exactly is it that you have to make sure they don't destroy themselves with? Typically, at least. I'm sure you have to protect them from opponents digging up dirt somehow."

"Now why would I want that? We live in the United States, Mr. Maxwell, information is free and certainly, the people have a right to know the background of their elected officials." Tracy, it seems, is not going to be swayed. After all, she works for the President of the United States. Admitting something underhanded in her work would reflect badly on him. "Some people are simply more admirable and likely to be elected than others."

Leonardo spreads his arms across the back of his seat, his smile turning from chatty and casual, to amused and impressed. "You really are a professional, Miss Strauss. If I had nearly as much money as I'm sure the President certainly does, I'd hire you right from under his feet. It fills me with envy, staring at such a valuable asset. It's a very rare thing that I see something I can't afford, I both hate and savor this feeling."

"I'm a public servant, Mr. Maxwell," Tracy corrects with ease. "Believe me when I say that I do not do the work that I do for the money. That's not to say I'm not payed well enough to live comfortably, but there's something in government work that is entirely lacking in the private sector." Of course, some of that money comes from lobbyists, quite legally of course, but still.

"That makes it all the more frustrating, doesn't it? A person who can't be bought. But perhaps when I've reached my goals in the future, I won't have to buy you to work for me." Leonardo sits up and leans in a bit, arms resting on the table, though he's sure to keep his elbows off. "I'd like to ask another question. What do you think of the three mayoral candidates?"

Tracy takes a moment to chew before she attempts to answer. "I think they all have their strengths and weaknesses. It will be a very interesting race. Why, do you intend to enter? Isn't it a little late to do so?" She asks, slightly amused.

"My dreams go a bit beyond mayor of the city. I prefer to have others in power, people who further my goals. Then again, what business man doesn't?" Leonardo turns his head, spotting someone with a drink, then looks down at the falafel in his hand. Definitely should have gotten a drink. "I intend to support one of the candidates and offer my resources."

"Well, individual citizens are allowed to contribute direclty to campaigns up to the amount of 2,500. Corporations are a different story. Now if you're looking through a PAC to go through, I might suggest a few if you're unaware of which route to go." Tracy continues to smile, taking another bite of food.

"I intend to meet with the candidate I'm supporting. This will be more of a private contribution than anything." Leonardo holds a finger up for her to wait a moment, then lifts his phone, pressing speed dial and raising it to his ear. "Yes, hello, Cassius? Get out of the car and go buy me a drink, I'm in the middle of a discussion and it would be rude for me to suddenly stand. No, I don't want beer, do I look like some sort of lush? Just use your best judgment, so, the opposite of what you think is correct."

He hands up, shaking his head and shrugging. "Sorry about that. The help and all, you know how it is. So as I was saying, I should probably not even be telling you all of this, but there's very little harm in it. You have nothing to gain by smearing me, and I have nothing to gain by harming your reputation. We're simply two people in vaguely related fields, having a casual chat."

Casual chat? How veyr interesting. Tracy smiles a little, sitting back with an amused look on her face. "And who is it you intend to support, Mr. Maxwell?" Tracy asks, as though it were just that - perfectly casual.

"The one who seems to have my best interests in mind, even if he doesn't know it yet. The seemingly nicest of the candidates, which is important for my own reasons. I intend to support Donovan." Leonardo leans in again, finishing off his falafel before motioning for another to be prepared. "What do you think of that, Miss Strauss?"

"I think that he has his strong points," Tracy says, noncommitally. "Although it will be very interesting to see a democratic candidate to have such backing as from a large corporation. It was my understanding that after the credit crunch, most organizations didn't get involved in politics due to the bailout."

"This is my personal little project, nothing to do with my company, unless of course it feels advantageous to do so." Leonardo's expression takes a serious turn, though his gaze remains firmly on her eyes. "While our chat is a casual one, I give you this bit of potentially damaging information to show that I'm also there for the President, if you ever needed some sort of aid. And as I said, I aspire to one day have you working for me, so getting on good terms now seems very wise."

Tracy raises her eyebrows, but she doesn't speak. Instead, she gestures vaguley with her well-manicured nails. Her face hasn't changed in the slightest - it's impossible to read. But she does seem open to hearing what he has to say.

"I intend to, over time, have my hand in the pot of most politicians, starting with the ones in New York. Now, I'm not thinking of anything politically unethical, of course," Leonardo flashes an innocent smile that vaguely suggests otherwise. "But with the power I'll eventually amass, especially with the help of someone like you, the potential of Nathan Petrelli could possibly rise far beyond president, if everything goes as planned. Though, you likely believe these to be silly dreams, do you not?"

"I believe that I've heard this speech from you before, Mr. Maxwell," Tracy says, setting her tray aside as she moves to rise, slipping on her jacket. "With this little secret, let me share one of my own - as the CEO of a major corporation, being openly involved in government, especially considering the skepticism that the public views corporations with in this day and age. I would advise you to make your moves through politics through PACs."

"I'll keep that in mind, Miss Strauss. Perhaps you could recommend some to me over the phone? You do still have my number, I trust." Leonardo chuckles and tilts his head back, something clearly amusing him. "I feel like a dog that's just been hit in the nose with a newspaper. But I trust your political prowess, Tracy Strauss, as it far exceeds my capacity to dream."

"Of course. I'll be happy to send some over," Of course, she'll be kind enough to send some over that she uses - republican-based ones, but that doesn't need to be said. After all, surely Mr. Maxwell knows what he's looking for! "Enjoy your falafel, Mr. Maxwell. You'll be hearing from me soon."

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