Let The Darkness In



Scene Title Let the Darkness In
Synopsis The search continues.
Date April 7, 2019

A laptop closes with a soft click.

“What we've learned is that Mr. Monroe’s activities are isolated to small geographical areas so far.” The conference room is dark, save for the wall-mounted display showing a red border around portions of coastal China near Shanghai. “We've received scattered reports of his activities over the years, but unfortunately no international agency will operate on these details, given how tenuous they are.”

One agent isn't listening to the debriefing as he slides his laptop off of the table and into his bag. He levels a look up at Deputy-Director Voss, standing tall and reciting what SESA doesn't know about Monroe’s activities. Yamagato Industries is mentioned, Los Angeles comes up, something about Praxis Heavy Industries. Noah pushes his chair out quietly and pulls his phone out of his pocket, placing it to his ear as he excuses himself. Voss continues, undeterred. This meeting is for the benefit of the junior agents.

Noah Bennet was only being polite by showing up.

Governor’s Island

Fort Jay

April 7

5:17 pm

Stepping out of Fort Jay’s front exit, Noah tucks his phone back into his jacket and ends the charade of pretending to talk to someone on the other end. As he walks down the steps from the building, Noah pauses as if he hears something. He turns, just for a moment, and looks askance at a car parked in the circular drive. Not the car, the reflection. Not trees; someone.

Shoulders tense, Noah starts down the sidewalk. “You can turn invisible?” He asks of the air, to which a young girl’s voice relies back.

“You saw me.”


“Your invisibility isn't perfect. Your body scatters light wrong, left a shadow on the driver’s side door of the car.” Noah doesn't look in her direction, but keeps walking and can hear her footfalls beside him. “You shouldn't be here.”

“Have you found him yet?” She asks, impatiently.

“No,” Noah says, pulling his cell phone out again to cover the fact that he now looks like he's talking to himself. “You're a mosaic, can't you just find him?”

“You know that's not how that works,” is her quick response.

Noah moves off the sidewalk to a paved jogging path that snakes around the coast of Governor’s Island. His attention turns to the walled ruins of Manhattan in the distance, then to the winding road ahead. “It might be months or more before we find him.”

She doesn't respond. For a second Noah isn't even certain that she's there, until he hears her scuff the heel of a shoe on the ground and sigh. His brows furrow, and he stops to look roughly where he thinks she stands. “Are you just going to follow me until I find him?”

“No,” the girl replies. “What about the others I asked of you?” That question has Noah drawing in a deep breath and exhaling a tired sigh.

“I told you, I don't know.” Noah’s jaw is tense, and he feels her step closer.

You're lying,” sounds closer than he thought she was. Noah’s expression remains implacable. “It does work like that,” she reminds him. “Where are they?”

With a twitch of his right eye, Noah looks back to the ruins of Manhattan in the distance and then quickly away. “Volken’s ability was spotted on Staten Island, a gambling hall massacre. A former Ferryman, Lynette, saw it first-hand. I think I know who the host is but…”


“She's supposed to be dead,” Noah says quietly. But the girl doesn't seem deterred in the slightest by that, and her tone sounds almost mocking.

“What is death?” Is rhetorical and Noah knows it. “Where can I find the host?”

“I'm working on that,” Noah says with an uncertain shrug of his shoulders. “Maybe Staten Island, maybe further out. I need to get access to the reports of Agent Diaz, then I'll know more.” But he reassures her. “It won't be hard. But you have to be patient.”

The voice says nothing back, and Noah draws in a slow breath followed by a steady exhale. He isn't sure if she's there anymore. But he's certain that she's somewhere.

Waiting in the darkness.

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