Let The Games Begin


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Scene Title Let The Games Begin
Synopsis Forgoing the state of being student and teacher, Magnes becomes a devil worshiper, and decides to court danger.
Date May 11

Yana's Apartment


In an odd show of initiative, Magnes decided not to wear a blazer today, instead wearing a black formal buttoned up vest over a white shirt. He still wears a pair of black jeans, which seems to be his choice of pants when they aren't going out somewhere, and black leather shoes. Now he just has to wait to see if she announces her approval/disapproval of his vest as their lunch ends, politely whispering to her that he'd like to be alone, IE: without Christopher.

He walks into the living room to take a seat on the couch, covering his mouth to yawn. "I've been practicing for the gala, to waltz I mean."

Yana has gotten to the point that she feels she can move past the worry of what Magnes will wear. A step in the path of self-evolution she had set him on. One less thing for her to correct. Well, at least half of it. She reserves her opinions of jeans, to which she owns not a single pair. She honestly can't think of anyone in her family that does.. Oh, he eldest brother of course. But he's dead now.

She is quite somber after eating, sending Christopher to go pick up her dress from the cleaners for yet another Puika Clan function that requires her sparkling presence. Why her sister cannot fill this role she will never know. "The gala, yes." Yana comments, sitting upon the large decorative chair in her apartment, it is ideally in the centermost spot of the place and certainly the most expensive chair she has. "My father has postponed for a few more weeks past the initial date. Which he never does. That concerns me. It isn't like him. And his demand of my presence in recent events strikes me as unusual as well. He's up to something.."

"At least it's not my father's kind of up to something, like having a whole second family." Magnes watches as she sits in the chair, stretching a bit while getting comfortable. It was clear he'd slept a bit late and is having trouble hiding this fact. "I'm sorry I got so weird the other night, I guess the kids… you know, I guess I was just very upset and everything was just hitting me all at once."

She sets her mind to divide her thoughts on contemplating the puzzle of her father and his motives while being halfway in the here and now. She gets that look to her eyes, to where she isn't looking at anywhere in particular and they squint just the tiniest bit, her jaw setting. She is still listening, though at any moment, her next statement could revisit another topic. "You're only human, Magnes. There is only so much that will be thrust upon your shoulders at once before you crack under the pressure. That's when it is most important not to let it cave you in."

"Yeah… but I'd like to talk about something. I have a handle on what needs to be changed about me, while overall retaining my actual personality. So…" Magnes crosses his arms, looking over so he can try to make eye contact. "You keep reminding me that in the beginning I asked you to make me into a better person, and you've been doing a good job of that despite my occasional lapses. So what I want to do now is officially establish that I am courting you, and despite your lack of desire to actually indulge me in a 'yes', I want you to acknowledge what I'm doing as more than just… something that needs to be corrected. We're at the point that we know it isn't going to be corrected, so I want you to seriously consider that I could possibly, no matter how unlikely, one day be the kind of guy you'd want. That's a fair request, right?"

Yana slips a brow upward, arching at his proclamation and she responds in a way her father recently responded to her. "It is a fair request. And I can acknowledge your intent to court me, rather than the simple relationship we have now. However," Beat, "In doing so, our previous arrangement becomes a bit void. As a woman, recognizing a man's interest in her, I can no longer correct your behavior, or steer you in the direction to become better suited to fit the role. Believe it or not, some women don't want to make the perfect guy. You'll be completely on your own with this, without guidance from me. So that means you'll go back to guessing and wondering just what is on my mind. There are in fact rules to courtship. I know these rules, and it is also something I won't share with you. That would be cheating." she sits up, still sitting straight, but she can rest her elbows and forearms in her lap.

"I also reserve the right to avoid you at my whim: screening phone calls, not returning messages, and taking 'away' time for myself whereas I would normally be available. A woman's prerogative." she is at least being up front with him about that. "It's a big change, really. Subtle differences, but they will likely seem quite major to you."

"I see… alright, I can understand the weight of the situation. I'll admit that one of the reasons I liked being near you is that you always tell me what I'm doing wrong, but I don't need that anymore. You've taught me a lot, you rarely ever correct my behavior anymore, and I think I've been doing a good job of expanding on my own." Magnes closes his eyes and looks down in a moment of thought, then looks back up at her. "Before I decide, tell me in your honest opinion, do you think I'm ready?"

"No." Yana answers him pretty quickly, meaning she didn't think about it too long. "But to be fair, very few are. It takes.." she ponders on this for a moment, "A certain caliber of man to achieve what you intend to achieve. This is all just speculation, going by how I used to be, with a bit of what I am now, mixed in. An educated assessment. The thing is," Yana settles her eyes on him, and for once he can see her looking at him critically. Highly critically, rather than just looking him over for correction. "We come from two different worlds. Ones that are so vastly dissimilar that you just weren't born in the right caste. You already have a strike against you with your age. You're what? Five years my younger? That alone doesn't take you out of the running, but it is a very significant handicap that you simply cannot change."

She lets that sink in for him for a second, then she smiles. It isn't a kind smile, but yes, a critiquing one. "You're wearing jeans." beat "With that formal jacket. Along with those shoes. It's like you took two delicious pieces of Roquefort and Almond sourdough bread just pulled fresh from the oven… and sprayed canned cheese in the center them." He wanted to experience what it would be like to court her, rather than be her student. She is giving him a taste of it. "I'm a very difficult woman to court for the wrong person. And honestly, if you truly want to continue with this course… I'll probably end up destroying you." At least she is honest. She isn't talking about literally so much as.. well, it kinda speaks for itself.

"I have gone through far harsher things than courting a woman. If this is going to happen, then it's sink or swim, chick falling out of the nest. I'll have to conquer or be destroyed, and I'll have no one to blame but myself for accepting." Magnes looks down at the jeans, which he's always been a bit unsure of, but now he has official confirmation. "I'm now courting you."

Let the record show, that she did warn him. It was a rather blunt warning at that. She cannot be held responsible for the result if he doesn't want to listen. Her lips press tightly together, having wanted to spare him of the slings and arrows that come with this type of courtship, but it can't be helped. He'd have been better off selling his soul to the devil, because Yana… will probably just devour it. "I see. Alright then.." Yana reaches over to her purse, sitting on the table to the side, removing her iPhone from it's contents and aligns it in front of Magnes, snapping a picture. Next, she sends a quick text, before setting the phone back into her purse.

After this, Yana rises to her feet, "Having established that, I'm afraid you'll have to go for now. It's early, but I believe I'm going to take a bubble bath, have a bit of champagne to adjust to the change, and call my father. But thank you for stopping by and having lunch." Hm. Is she getting her father involved in this? Fathers were in fact an obstacle in courtship in the olden days.

"Very well, Elvira." Magnes stands, looking down at his pants one more. "You won't be seeing anymore jeans." he's quick to point out, then nods without offering a hand, since he knows that she doesn't like hands. They're officially courting, so there are things in his behavior that'll he'll have to adjust as well. "I'll see you around."

Walking for the door, the thought of her father does cross his mind, but another part of him simply figures she won't go that far.

The beauty of it is, she doesn't have to. Her family is a major part of her life. Her father being the most important person in her life at the moment. It is a bit of a package deal. But Yana is curious to see it's result. This could help her find out just what her father is up to. It probably couldn't have come at a more perfect time. "Have a good day." she remarks dismissively, heading for her room.

Let the games begin.

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