Lets Make A Deal


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Scene Title Lets Make A Deal
Synopsis Nalani drags paul back to the office with her after lunch to meet Eve Mas and pitch the woman an offer. After than it's confession time to Paul.
Date December 31, 2008

Nalani's Office at Pause Magazine

It's early afternoon, Nalani's settled into her office after a lunch with Paul Heart. Casual lunch, and now business. A teal and cream long sleeved dress, wide belt, she eases down into her seat, coffee's for both. "Really Paul, it's silly but it's business. At least I have you to take care of such business. Alice in legal will bring you more up to date on it, and it's a hiccup. I don't see it going further than just this sniffing around for revenge for getting fired. We have records of the persons reviews and poor performance. But better safe than sorry" She shuffles some papers on her desk off to the side so she can leans her elbows on the glass top of her desk. The office, with an outer office in front for her two assistants, is warm blues and creams with an occasional green tossed in. "But it's enough for me to drag you down here for coffee and lunch"

Paul smiles and shakes his head, "I enjoy what time I get visiting with old friends, So anything else on the agenda?

"I have an appointment soon, been to the Orchid lounge before Paul?" Nalani leans back into her seat, some sleek modern white leather affair.

A knock is on the door and Eve opens it to walk in. Dressed in a purple colored dress, her winter coat and a pair of high heels, the singer also has her hair did up. Wanting to look presentable for the interview. "Hello Nalani." She says with a soft smile and gives a nod to Paul.

Paul raises an eyebrow, "Once or twice, why?" He turns and nods to the new arrival, looking her over."

'This would be why" She'd seen Eve coming through the glass walls. "Ms. Hollingwood, please. Ms. Mas, please meet Mr. Paul Heart" Nalani rises from her seat with a sly grin. "Ms Mas sings at the Orchid Lounge, you've likely heard her. I was thinking of having someone do an article about the rare gems found within the city. I wanted a second opinion and thought maybe you had heard her before"

"Nice to meet you Mr. Heart." Eve extends hand and smiles at the man before looking at Nalani, "Thank you for having me here Ms. Hollingwood." Eve says towards the other woman with a soft smile.

Paul shakes the hand and sits back down, he leans back, to listen to what they are discussing.

"Sit, please" She motions to a leather armchair in front of the desk. "I was able to squeeze you in. I'll be sending you down to the third floor soon enough, so you can make arrangements with Francois and we can see which of our writers is best suited to you, or you them. See if you were still amenable to an artile or not. You have a manager or no?"

"At this moment I do not have a manger, no." Eve settles into the armchair and crosses her legs. She looks at Paul again before nodding back at Nalani.

Paul pulls out a little pad of paper and makes some notes on it, nodding to himself

Nalani steeples her fingers, bottom lip resting on her forefingers. "I'm sure Mr. Heart can refer you to someone Ms. Mas or knows someone who can refer you. You'll likely want one, not that I wouldn't love to take advantage of you, but it's what's fair. I just wanted to make sure you were still willing. It'll be a small piece, tucked in with other gems found in the city" She looks down to her desk, waving a hand. "They'll want to take pictures, one of my assistants will be dealing with you. It's being planned for a future issue. Mr. Hearts been the focus of one before and he can tell you how the whole ordeal plays out"

"Sounds easy enough." Eve says and then turns to Paul to ask, "So how is the whole ordeal?" she asks with a smile and she glances back at Nalani. She must not forget to ask her how she can get in contact with Mohinder.

Paul says, "It's relatively easy, they ask you to shed some …light on whatever it is they want to know…a bit of questions, and then they send out people to learn every secret about your private life, to add…depth to the story, a few pictures, and thats it."

Nalani glances to Eve after Paul's words, waiting to see what the woman's thoughts would be.

Eve raises an eyebrow. "Secrets?" Eve doesn't like the sound of that. She isn't worried though, nobody will be able to find anything on her. "What sort of secrets? As in following me around?"

Paul says, "I don't know, I know they brought up my grades from college, talked to my first girlfriend in high school, and knew how I spent my free time off, even though I never told them any of that." He shrugs and grins, "I think they may have connections with Homeland Security and the NSA" He winks at Nalani."

"We have very good resources. It was.. Neomie, wasn't it, you first girlfriend" Nalani grins back, the corners of her mouth turned up into a wide smirk. "I think homeland security has tried to recruit a few of my fact checkers before" Nalani looks back once again to Eve. "We have someone follow you around for a week, to get a general 'day in the life of Eve Mas'"

"Uh huh." Eve says and she ponders for a moment. Homeland Security doesn't know anything about her, that she knows of.. "The only thing they will find is a struggling artist who didn't go to college." She says as she chuckles and says to Nalani, "I can handle that." The singer grins and brushing imaginary dirt off of her dress. "So before I go off for the interview and all of that. My sister is interested in genetic research and the like and I wanted to know if you could arrange a meeting for the Mohinder, my sister and I? It would greatly appreciated. A sort of meeting of the minds." Eve says with a soft smile as she states her request. If Nalani refuses than she will just have to wait until she sees Mohinder at the Orchid Lounge.

""Well, then you'll have to go downstairs to see Francois, who will arrange a time and place to meet and discuss more and get working on the article. As for Dr. Suresh… my assistants should have his number in the front, they can hand it to you if you like. Just tell them that I said you could. Is that everything Ms. Mas?"

Paul raises an eyebrow, "Dr. Suresh? That's an odd name to ask after." He smiles softly.

"Thank you so much Ms. Hollingwood." Eve stands and offers her hand. The woman looks to Paul. "My sister is interested in his work." She says and then smiles and nods at Paul as she prepares to leave. "Talk to you soon I hope."

'not really. He was with me at the lounge when I heard Eve. That's all Ms Heart" Nalani doesn't offer her hand this time, just sits back in her white chair, studying the woman. "Stephanie will help you, out there, I look forward to hearing progress on the article. Have a happy new year" She offers a smile before drifting her attention back to Paul. "My brother thought to play matchmaker"

Paul says, "You and Suresh?" He chuckles softly, "He seems to be a bit of a bookworm, from what reports I have."

The woman shakes her head as she leaves the place. "That's all." She says with a large smile on her face as she leaves the office.

"He's not my usual arm candy no, but there's a certain, likability to him. He's a change of pace and I'm enjoying it. You know him, or just know of him?" Nalani watches Eve depart before she glances over to Paul.

Paul says, "I haven't sat and talked to him, We have seen each other at some conferences and parties, nothing more."

Nalani nods, retrieving some papers from where she'd put them. "He's not the type I would have chosen, but we'll see. He's very, busy with his work, and that's fine. It's not like i'm not busy"

Paul smiles and nods, "Sorry…didn't mean to be nosy.

'No, not nosy. Mind you, now I'm curious. Maybe her sister is evolved?" Nalani taps her finger on the desk. "Why else would someone want to speak with the good doctor Suresh" Nalani moues her mouth out.

Paul smiles, "Does she have a sister?" He chuckles softly.

"SO she speaks. Paul, I have another question for you" Nalani rises from her desk, chair pushed back as she walks over to close the office door. "Where do you stand, on the registration of evolved abilities? The Linderman Act" Her hands are cupped in front of her, standing well enough away from the door to keep anyone from eavesdropping.

Paul says, "My stance is pretty public, and pretty clear. I believe that it is something akin to registering religion, or eye color, or race. I think it worked really well about 50 or 60 years ago, we should definitely readopt it.""

Nalani's hand rises, balling into a fist and her finger stroking her upper lip as she comes to sit beside Paul on the opposite side of the desk that she usually sits at. "What I say here, goes nowhere yes? You can't speak about it, seeing as I'm your client?" Nalani's drown eyes stay locked on pauls.

Paul nods, "Client-Lawyer Privilege, is protected by the law, if I said anything I would be disbarred, not that I ever would consider it.

'With the events that have been occurring in the city. The success of my business, I've been getting skittish. I haven't even told my brother. He suspects, but he's never asked. we have a don't ask, don't tell policy. Some day I might tell him. But if it came out, the ramifications for Pause would be great and I suspect that a great many… suits might be launched against me and the magazine, if it should ever come out" Nalani waits, quietly, for Paul to connect the dots.

Paul says, "That your evolved?" He smiles softly, and puts a hand on yours, "You really think I am going to think less of you for that?" The light in the room rise, as he begins to glow softly."

'It's no mere trick of light that I can do Paul" Though she does look him over, the glow that permeates him and his clothing. "Ever wonder how I manage to snag such lucrative contracts? The stories that I seem to get out of many people, that others can't when I become personally involved? That I have a dozen lackey's all waiting on me hand and foot?" Her hand stays comfortably under his.

Paul says, "Telepathy? Mind Control? Pheromones? Or just your natural skills god gave you, a pretty face, and a silver tongue. What makes …a power to run fast any different then legs that run fast, just because it's more so? That doesn't make you wrong….It makes you using your god given gifts to make your way in the world."

'What if I can make you do something, you wouldn't ordinarily do though paul. What if i can make you… do jumping jacks, right here, in the room" Nalani points out. "What if you came in, deciding no, your not going to take a case, and I looked at you and told you "yes, your going to take the case" and suddenly you did. Whereas before, you weren't"

Paul says, "I would think you were a pretty woman using your feminine wiles, people take that chance every day."

"I'm a pretty woman with evolved wiles. And a woman who knows what might, what is likely to happen this day in age if it ever comes out that I can make nearly anyone do my whim Paul. I'm letting you know because at some point, it's going to go to hell in a hand basket, I'm sure, and I'll need a shark, to protect Pause from people who will claim unfairly, or in some cases, fairly, that I used an unfair advantage over them, and convinced them to do something they wouldn't have done" Nalani takes her head back, resting it on the arm of her chair. "Never mind that I can't make a person do something that they wouldn't have a small shred of wanting to do in the first place"

Paul says, "Why do you ask…you could always just make me protect you" He smiles"

"Because I don't use it on friends. Same as I've never used it on my brother. Though I admit to have been less than moral at times, and it has protected me many a time from other more less than stellar and straight things, or has backfired" there's a gesture to her arm. "Only the last few years I've managed to get a reign on it, before it was… whenever my consciousness thought to do it" Nalani smiles. "I don't rake in all that money for charity through just my smile and my hospitality Paul"

Paul smiles, "I still say that it is your smile and hospitality, just you have a little more of it then others.

"Charmer" She knows what he's getting to though. "I ooze an excess of it" Her muddled accent tinting words. "But you can see what I mean. To those who are scared of it" Nalani rises, her steps carrying her to a shelf and a Perrier water there, waiting beside a glass.

Paul says, "Do you want me to prefer a constitutional defense, for when…and if…it comes out?"

"Ideally, yes. I want to be on top of things. Be on the ball so to speak. I foresee the magazine taking a hit, and there are many people who depend upon me for their jobs. If it comes out, and I stress if.. well." Nalani eases back to her desk and down into the white seat. "I'm not registered, and I have no desire to. I know what tier I sit at round about, and until it becomes absolutely necessary, I won't"

Paul says, "They would put you at Tier 2, assuming that they figured you were not a danger to society as a whole." He shakes his head, "You have nothing to be embarrassed about, and nothing to register."

"Just to the pocketbooks of those who attend my charitable functions Paul" Nalani grins. "Better to be safe than sorry no?"

Paul nods, "I wouldn't advertise if I were you.

"Paul, unless I spoke up, would you have known?" She regards him then, carefully. "I think the only reason my brother suspects is because we are what the other has, the ones and only"

Paul shakes his head, "And if I suspected, you could just ask me not to tell anyone.

"I could have. But your bound by laws if I tell you, and can protect me better" Nalani leans back and to the side, feeding a piece of paper through a shredder. "Speaking of charities, there's something for some small bird that's endangered, next week. Care to go with me?"

Paul nods, "I would love to" He smiles and rises, "So what is going on with Miss Mas?

"Miss Mas, is.. like I said. I'm thinking of doing an article on her, gems within NY. really, I have to bring you to the Orchid lounge and hear her sing, she's quite beautiful. As for her asking for Dr. Suresh's number, he was with me at the lounge, and he is well known. Maybe they have questions? Who knows"

Paul nods and smiles, "Ok…is there anything else I can do?" He smiles and lets the lights return to normal levels.

"nope. Just be my arm candy in a weeks time. Black tie. I'll have a car sent round?" Another piece of paper is being shredded. 'Anything you need Paul?"

Paul shakes his head, "Nope…This was your meeting remember?" He smiles and walks over to where you are shredding papers, but doesn't look to see what they are.

Even if he did looks, it's nothing special. Nalani rises from her desk, the air kisses to either cheek. "Yes, I did call you in here, so, now I shall send you out, and let you get back to work defending others"

Paul says, "Any time you need me, just ask" He smiles and picks up his briefcase, heading for the door."

'I always do Paul. GO out, wreak havoc" She shoos him away with her hands before pressing abutton on her phone. "Stephanie can you get me Edward on the phone, and the can you send Amelie out to get me a coffee please. Thank you" Back to work for Nalani, magazines don't make themselves.

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