Levi Ezekiel Ezell
Portrayed By Wentworth Miller
Sex Male
Status Unregistered
Ability Illusions
Age 21
Date of Birth 1/24/88
Date of Death Sometime Soon?
Occupation Tattoo Artist
Family Devi
Significant Other(s) ???
First Appearance
Last Appearance None

Character summary.

Levi is a conflicted individual, he knows right from wrong, and he knows the things they do are wrong. But he also knows that he loves his sister, and will do anything for her. If this is the life she wishes to lead he can either support her or leave her, and he can never leave her. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, or to fight anyone, but he will do anything to keep her safe. He is a good and trustworthy boy, who has learned that you can not trust anyone. Because of that he is more apt to use his powers in defense of himself and his sister to try to keep anyone from getting truly hurt.

Character History:

Levi Ezekiel Ezell, was born into an average middle class family in South Dakota in January of 1988. He grew up with two dogs, a cat and a sister he totally doted on. It was on the day of her graduation in 1999 that his life changed forever. His parents died in a car crash and the world just fell apart. The only thing he had to hold on to was his sister.

As life went on, as it always has to after a great tragic event, there was a lot of confusion on what to do with the two of them. Eventually his sister was given custody of Levi. She insisted he stay in school, and get a good education, and did everything she could to make sure he did. He was a straight A Student, he wanted to make Dee proud. He worked on his studies constantly, even doing homework while sitting at the Tattoo parlor, waiting for her to get off work.

As he got older, he noticed Dee struggled to make it as a single mom, and she turned to more and more escapes to make sure he had everything he needed. She went from drinking, to smokingto shooting up, until by the time he was in high school she was dealing on the streets in addition to working at the parlor. She said it was to make sure that he had everything he needed for college. As she took care of him, he took care of her. She would come home drunk and disheveled and he would get her ready for bed, tuck her in, and many nights hold her sobbing form all night long. Most times she wouldn't remember anything in the morning. He decided he couldn't let this go on, and that he couldn't afford to leave her for college. So the last semester of high school he tanked every class, to ruin his GPA and make sure no decent school would accept him. He graduated, if only just barely, and told Dee that he was done with school.

They took their act on the road, he would pick up odd jobs painting people, and act as look out, while Dee took care of the more black market business ventures. As time went on the expanded their interests, to weapons smuggling. They also began recruiting, slowly people began riding with them, adding to their numbers and turning them from a couple of nomads to a full-fledged criminal gang. "The Ravens" eventually decided they wanted to settle down, and when looking for new territory to carve out a life their eyes fell on Staten Island.

Only a few months after he graduated High School and they took their show on the road, an eclipse fell upon the Earth. Some people would call this an Event. For the 19-year-old boy, it was a new crinkle in fabric of his life. He found that he had discovered some odd abilities. Ones that he kept quiet from others, even though who would later join them. Only his sister suspects the full extent of those abilities, and she would not betray her brother's secrets to anyone. When the Registration act came he didn't even consider taking them up on it, instead keeping quiet and his head down and on the move.

Evolved Human Ability:

Levi's powers have two forms that he is aware of: Animation, and Sensory Control. His powers of illusion may actually be capable of much more, but since he has only had them briefly he can only use them in two ways so far.


Levi can make paintings come alive. He creates 3 dimensional creatures from two-dimensional images. These animations can be made of any drawn media, be it oil paintings, or crayons, or tattoo ink, or graffiti. They can not be created from actual photographs and the like. These creatures can not actually hurt anyone or effect the environment, being illusions but can be used to scare and intimidate others. They can be felt, heard, seen, tasted, and smelled. They can also be walked through, with only minor pressure, as if you were putting your hand through pudding. The size of the creatures is a matter of perspective, so even a small tattoo of a snake could become a huge python when animated. Animating things takes some concenration, and if the animation is kept active for more then a few minutes he will begind to get light headed. If it last for more then 10 minutes he begins to have a nosebleed, and if more then 30 minutes he will pass out. If he goes unconsious his illusions end.

Levi Ezekiel Ezell

Sensory Control:

Levi has also learned he can control all the senses of those he has inked. If he has placed a tattoo on a person's body he sees it as a connection between him and them, and he can make them sense anything he wishes. These illusions again are not real, but can cause pain and other sensory input, though no real damage. Levi believes he can only do this to people he has a bond with through the ink. The illusions can no only add things, but make things invisible as well. He has complete control over their senses once they have been marked, they will see and feel anything he can imagine. His range is limited to being able to see the person whose senses he controls, whether on live feed video, or in person.It does have to be real time observance so if the video is on any delay, even a second or so, it does not work. Because of modern technology, Digital cameras to no show things at a live rate, instead taking a series of pictures and transmitting those pictures. Additionally Web Cams and all broadcast Television is delayed by the time it takes to travel through the air waves or across the country. As such only Analog closed circuit video, can be used as a means of seeing someone for the purposes of his power. He also must see them clearly, and identify who they are, if they are a spot on a hill side 3 miles away on the horizen he can not use his power on them, though if he was looking through a telescope or binoculars at them he could. Intense illusions, such as those that cause real pain take intense concentration, and leave him very drained afterwards. He could only really harm them if they had a weak heart, or if he made them believe a car wasn't there and then they walked out into traffic or if he made them believe that open air outside a window was really a solid hallway.


Math Whiz: Levi is a prodigal genius at Mathematics. He has a head for numbers like a steal trap. He took honors accounting in high school and can tell you the value of any weapon ever made and the exchange rate for any type of currency based on current market conditions. If his powers had been turned to good he could be a quantum physicist or stock market czar, instead he uses his powers to keep the gang profitable and his sister in business.

Artiste: Levi has a love for art, drawing and pictures. He has turned it into body art, tattooing mostly. His skill level has only grown year after year as what he pictures he can almost see and then use as a model to fill in paintings that almost seem to be able to come alive.

Get The Hell Out Of Dodge: Levi has been trained for years by his sister that when things get hairy you get gone. Since he was 12 he has run drills on how to hide, how to run how to evade capture. He learned to hot wire cars, and to drive just about anything from a motor cycle to an eighteen wheeler.


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