Liar Liar Pants On Fire


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Scene Title Liar Liar Pants On Fire
Synopsis Two twins make stuff up. Like, that guy, just totally pickpocketed them. Ash helps to run down the guy and trip him up while Aude inwardly grumps about stupid civilians thinking they're cops.
Date May 21, 2009


Though it's less than two miles square, Chinatown is home to some quarter of a million residents. Cramped, ancient tenements are the norm, though the fourty-four story Confucius Plaza standing at the corner of Bowery and Division does boast luxurious accommodations by comparison. Mulberry Street, Canal Street, and East Broadway are home to street side green grocers and fishmongers, and Canal Street also boasts an impressive array of Chinese jewelry shops.

Ash walks down along the street at a slow pace, his eyes scanning around him as his feet scuff on the concrete. He looks, alot like a tourist in the way he looks at everything around him, though he definitley knows how to try and look unnoticable, his shoulders hunched a bit, just another New Yorker weighed down under the strain of the city around him. He bumps in a man as he walks and neither say a word, just glare at eachother and keep on walking. Ash mutters a few curses and keeps on going.

Ugh, gonna be a cool spring night. She can take it, just. Tonight was a night that she'd have rather been in the precinct and manning say the front desk, but that yappy little Empathic bitch was given it first. All the more better for her to judge a person emotions they said. Walking with a coffee in hand, hand on her her belt resting atop her night stick. Boots shiny, uniform ironed. Her vest on. God she really hates this vest, but it's necessity. Her partner is off in the corner store getting bubblegum or some other such inane thing. Really. The mistress of the street corner, the petite dark skinned woman looks around, surveying all that is her's. Or well, all that is hers to watch over.

Coming from Canal Street, two identical young women with their arms linked laugh, comparing their new purses bought from one of those stalls with designer names for half the price. Suddenly one stops the other, pointing at the tattoo parlor nearby. "We should get something… you know, for graduation or something," Faith says to her sister. The man that Ash bumped into now bumps into Hope, and Faith glares at him. "Watch where you're going, will ya?" she calls after the man, clearly not about to let herself or her twin be walked over.

"What? Tattoo? Are you crazy? I pride myself on my unblemished skin. There's no— HEY!" says the other twin, Hope as she's bumped into. She gives a scowl. "Whatchit, buddy!" she grumbles to the man, apparently not seeing that Ash had originally bumped into him. She slips her hand down towards her puse. She has pepper spray and is not afraid to use it.

Ash turns his eyes when he hears the man being yelled at. He turns his head to peer back at what's going on, a smirk crossing his lips before he just shakes his head. He lifts a hand, running fingers back through his short hair. When he catches sight of the police officer he offers her a respectful nod of his head and a pleasant smile as he continues to walk along the sidewalk. His hands find thier way into his wool coat, a soft laugh coming from his lips as he lsitens to the ruckus going on behind him.

Aude had seen it all. Seen ash bump into the guy who then bumped into the twins. The respectful smile from the original bumper. She dips her head to him in return, though her attention remains on the guy near the twins. In case, you know, fur started to fly. Idly she wishes that the fur would fly. It's been quiet. Heck, right now she'd take traffic duty for some entertainment value.

"Whatever. A tattoo is art, you know. Your body can be a temple and all, but even temples have artwork in them. Er. On them?" Faith says, apparently forgetting the ruckus as the man mumbles his apologies and scurries away. Faith turns so just her twin can see her, and then glances into her large purse. "Hey. Hey! That guy's a thief!" she cries out, rummaging through the tote bag as if to find something. "Pickpocket! Stop him!" she cries out.

"Get a photo! Just in case we need it." Hope nudges her sister, meaning for her to grab her camera. She then turns around and also begins to shout. "Someone stop that man — he's a thief!" She's pointing and waving her arms and basically making quite the production right there. "Hey, asshole! Get your kicks from stealing from girls!?"

Ash turns as he notices the officer paying attention to the man and the two girls. Ash stops and turns, making sure everything is okay. His hands slip out of the pockets of his coat and he watches the trio, his gaze flickering over to the cop for a moment. Then Faith begins to cry thief and he gives a sigh, glancing over to the officer, then back to the man. He turns and takes off after the pick pocket, not waiting to see what the officer does. He eats the ground up at a good pace too, an athlete by how fast he runs.

"JACKSON!" Such a big voice for such a petite woman. But just like that, even as the twins were yelling, the littlest police officer is taking off, soles of her boots slapping on the pavement and head down. Heading straight for the purse snatcher. Even as Ash is got a head start she isn't going to stop him. Citizens, always trying to get the glory.

The man turns back with wide eyes and then sees Ash running for him. He takes off, apparently not seeing Aude, so now he can evading arrest to his rap sheet — if he has one. Faith gets out her camera, a very nice digital SLR, and starts snapping photos with a bit of a smirk. "Wonder how much money he has on him…" she whispers to her sister.

As her sister begins to take pictures, "Did you see what he was wearing? He probably is a thief." Hope whispers, watching the action unfold. Of course, if the guy really would have pick pocketed their purse, he really wouldn't have gotten much as these two are in their last month of college. But then again, they do like to stir things up. "I wonder if we should split before that cop comes back. If they actually catch him, they'll figure out you lied." Hope, focusing blame.

Ash picks up speed, racing down the street after the guy. He's not shouting for the guy to halt, just running and chasing. His shoes hit the pavement with a rapid staccato of impacts, his eyes utterly focused on the man as he catches up to him steadily. He turns his head to glance back at the officer, a smirk touching his lips, but it's not a mocking one, just a smirk. He then turns his head back and waits until he's close before jumping forwards in an attempted tackle.

SOn of a bitch! He's picking up speed. Aude's partner starts dragging his ass out of the corner store to look for where his partner took off. Oh look, there she goes, chasing two guys. So now he's joining in belatedly to the chase. Aude just pours on a little more speed herself, running hard to try and catch up with the pair ahead of her. "JACKSON! GET A MOVE ON! SIR! STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!" Yelled to the actual criminal. Or well, the known criminal.

Faith opens her mouth in mock-hurt at her twin's comments. "Me, lie?" she says with a smirk, moving closer to get more photos. "Nah, you know me. It's not like I have a wallet in here…" she shakes her purse, where everything from lipstick to her ID and credit cards swim in a sea of madness that only she can find any method in. "Come on, let's see. And even if there's nothing there, it doesn't mean I lied. I might have just been… mistaken." She grins and follows the chase at a slower pace. Meanwhile, the traffic at the corner keeps the man from being able to cross the street, unless he wants to be hit by a car.

Shaking her head at her sister, "Mistaken? You? That would be a first." Hope and Faith just love to dig at each other, even lovingly so. "If that cop gets him, we may not be able to get a dime from him." At first it looks like he wants to cross the street, so Hope starts to jaywalk, but as the traffic thickens and prevents the man from crossing, she moves back next to her sister on the sidewalk. Not that she was going to try and catch him, but she was going to make sure she kept up with him.

Ash looks back to the officer once again before his attention flashes back to the man in front of him. As traffic stops him from crossing the street Ash crashes into the man at full speed, a winding for both men. They go down and Ash clambers around, trying to get on top of the man with his arms pinned behind his back, but minus breath and a bit disorientated from the way his head bounced off the concrete when they went down, he's having a hell of a time with trying to do so.

tackled by the civilian. great. Stupid civilians always thinking they can do a cops job. Aude is panting slightly when she catches up with them. 'Thank you sir for catching him, I can take over from here" Jackson's still running his portly ass down the street. Aude offers a hand to Ash, since it looks like the guy beneath him won't be taking off any time soon.

"Probably not," Faith says with a sigh. "I didn't see the cop there. Stupid of me." They end up right on the heels of the robust Jackson, though they never broke into a jog. "Why, thank you so much for helping," Faith says in a faux-sweet voice to both Aude and the man pinning down their 'pickpocket.' "I hope no one's hurt…" she adds, clutching Hope's arm as if she's still frightened.

Ash ends up sitting on the guy's tailbone, pinning him to the ground as he catches his breath, getting some air back into his lungs. When he's offered a hand by the small woman he looks up at her, amusement dancing in his eyes. He takes her hand, but he gets up with his own power, not putting any weight on her. When he's standing he dusts himself off a bit then his shoulders give a slight shrug. "Not a problem ma'am." He offers a quick smile then turns, moving to head back down the sidewalk, apparently not a glory hog after all.

Somewhere a phone chirps! Hope digs into her purse and pulls out her Blackberry which goes right up to her phone. She turns awa from the others as she takes the call. "What? Now? I.. All right!" she hands up the phone. "The boss needs me. Find out what he took and make sure you get it back. Probably some of your cash." she nods. "I'll see you at the apartment tonight." With that, Hope leaves her twin and disappears around the corner.

Lookit that, the guy is walking off. "Jackson! Go get his statement will you, before he disappears" And then there's another person taking off. Aude rolls her eyes, but none the less start whipping out her handcuffs. Precaution as she then starts to check pockets and the like for anything that was pilfered from the other woman and since he's a pickpocket, odds are that he might have other peoples things on him. "Ma'am, you need to stay here at least, since he picked you" or so she said.

Faith nods, looking wide-eyed as she stares at cop and at the man who is being frisked. "Thank you!" she calls down again to Ash, eyes dipping a bit as she watches him walk away. Eyes return to all the items being pulled from the man she called a thief. Well, if she had any morals, she'd at least feel good that she accused a man of a crime he did commit, just not in the last few moments.

Ash turns to look over to the officer and then her partner, a slight furrowing of his brows. "Really, it's okay. You can just say you ran him down." He offers a quick smile then slides his hands back into the pockets of his coat. "I don't want any…recognition or anything, consider it my good deed for the day." he winks at Aude and then waits to see if she'll let him go. His eyes flicker to Hope as she heads away, then over to Faith before returning to the man on the ground.

"Then walk away sir and I'll see to it that it's just a nameless citizen who apprehended the man" Holy crap how much does he have on him. He must have been walking to his holder to dump stuff off and make more rounds. "Thank you for your help in the matter, have a good day, Ma'am, what does your wallet look like?"

"No wallet, just a buncha cash," she says with a blush. But it was in the side pocket, and now it's not there," Faith says, peering into her purse again, and reaching around inside. "I think… a Starbucks card too," she adds, to make it sound a bit more authentic, as the best lies have just a touch of the odd about them, to make them sound more authentic. "I don't even know how much… I just cashed my paycheck, but we bought a purse on Canal Street, so probably like… three… maybe two hundred and seventy bucks or so…" Faith murmurs, still rummaging around as if looking to be sure she didn't just misplace it.
Ash nods his head in thanks to that. "Thank you officer." he flashes her a quick smile and then he turns, heading over to, well the corner store that her partner came running out of. He slips inside for a few minutes, then comes out with a cup of hot coffee and a pre packaged sandwhich. He leans back against the wall to watch what is going on.

"I'm sorry ma'am then, you'll have to come down to the Precinct and fill out a form. Because what's on him is evidence." her attention diverts back to the man below as her Partner calls in for a ride. The operator fires back that someone will be there in about two minutes cause they're nearby. "Sir" Aude's voice booms at the slightly still dazed man. Thank you anonymous guy for dazing her perp. "I'm going to read you your rights, can you hear me?" Even as she's maneuvering him up into a sitting position. When she gets a nod, she starts in on it, the usual passages while still checking him for weapons.

Faith frowns a little. She didn't really want to have to do paperwork. Is it worth it for the cash? She glances at her watch. "Do I have to go right now? I'm actually supposed to be somewhere, but I can come by tomorrow morning, maybe?" she says, glancing down at the dazed man. Maybe he won't remember that he actually didn't steal from her. He doesn't seem to be arguing the matter, at least.

"Jackson, take her name already. Ma'am going down tomorrow is fine, we'll have everything accounted for then" She answers. Just give Officer Jackson here your name, address and phone number. We can send someone to take your statement and bring you the papers necessary to claim back your money if it's here" You are not duping this woman. She's not stupid. The money is now evidence.

Ash stands where he's at, listening in on what's going on, an amused smile on his lips as he takes a bite of his sandwich, then washes it down with some coffee. He tilts his head to the side a bit, unable to hear everything being said, but able to catch the general gist of it all.

Faith nods. "Faith Kelly," she tells Jackson, then murmurs her address and phone number. "I'm sorry to cause such a big to-do." After Jackson takes down her information, she nods to Aude once more. "I can reschedule, I guess. It's fine. I just need to call and tell them I'll be a bit." So she'll go down to the precinct after all — she doesn't want to make it look like she was lying and get in more trouble. She pulls out a Blackberry, much like her sister's but metallic pink, and begins texting.

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