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Scene Title Liberty Reviewed
Synopsis After a year in the works, Liberty's album has seen the light of day - and with the aid of a friendly technopath, has been making a splash
Date November 16 2011

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“…and next up on our review of the top-trending albums in the online world this week, we have Liberty.”

“Wasn’t that a single by Adelaide Naimarc from last year, Susan? Catchy chorus, fancy social media campaign with it?”

“It was, Dom. The campaign is even stronger than before, and - out of nowhere - this online-only release has been making waves in the charts, and has been trending heavily on all your favourite social media platforms. The Liberty single is on here again, but there’s a lot more besides: this is a full double-length release, and rumour is that they have still more tracks in reserve. An acoustic version of the Liberty single is no surprise as one of those extra tracks, but there are several more pieces of Miss Naimarc’s elegantly polished work… and she brought in some friends. We’ve got Harmony and Nathan Roberts -”

“The children of Authentic? They’re releasing music again?”

“They are, Dom - at least for this project, which says a lot for how important it must be to them. Two songs from each of the siblings, and a duet as well. My personal favourite’s Nate trying his hand at something closer to rock than he has before, in I Still Need You. It’s something I think he should explore more, personally, though I suspect that the two-hander with his sister, Thousand Miles, could be a real hit in its own right.”

“Is that what you were playing before the show? No wonder you wouldn’t tell me who the singers were! Yeah, I loved that!”

“I don’t think you’ll be alone there. You also heard me playing Harmony’s Take My Hand, which I know we both loved. But we’ve also got some less well-known names here - New York indie-scene rebel Sable Diego makes a particularly strong showing, with several songs of her own creation. You’re most likely to have come across her previously as Robyn Quinn’s guitarist on the raved-about Glass Wonderland earlier this year, but here she’s doing her own thing. One of her more unusual songs is a duet with the oddly-named ‘Ygraine’, on whom I can find no information at all. I can’t say that I’d have expected to see Sable keeping company with a mainstream pop princess like Adelaide or with the Roberts siblings, but she holds her own and adds some distinctively different textures to the mix.”

“That she will, Susan, though I admit I’m disappointed that there’s nothing from Robyn Quinn herself on here. Maybe she just doesn’t want to risk being seen as ‘political’, though that’s clearly not a concern for the artists on Liberty. But you’re teasing us, holding back for a big finish to this segment of the show, aren’t you?”

“It’s almost like you’ve worked with me before…. Yes, yes I am. The last big name is not one you might associate with music, but it is one you will have heard before. Not least in that amazing last episode of The Advocate, that’s gone viral in a way even us music journalists have noticed. Who’d have guessed it, but it seems that Elisabeth Harrison is a recording artist.”

Elisabeth Harrison?!? America’s most wanted? Though I suppose if you believe Russo’s interview…”

“That might be a topic for our colleagues covering political affairs, though I’m sure that some of our listeners will say that we’re dipping into the political arena just by mentioning this album. But on a purely musical level, I have to say that Miss Harrison came as a welcome surprise. Her big finale’s a cover of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work, but if you’re a fan of a richly-voiced woman accompanying herself on the piano, then there’s a whole section of this album that will be perfect for you.”

“I suspect we’ll be coming back to Liberty for our end-of-month review, Susan. But now, a word from our sponsors…”

“American to its core, but something that could only be released online and outside the US in the present climate, Liberty is eclectic, startling, political and bold.” ~ NME, London print edition

“A clarion call and loving tribute to the higher ideals of American liberty and freedom, with all proceeds going to support efforts to mount legal challenges to some of the present administration’s more controversial and divisive measures.” ~ The Guardian, London

“Progressive drivel, bleating about rights and tolerance, from a bunch of SJW traitors to the true America.” ~ American Eagle, Shock! Radio Network

“A strange, emotionally-charged mixed bag of an album. There should be something on here for most people, and there’s a lot for those of you who take an active interest in the current state of the US of A. Rumour is that Adelaide Naimarc is using her contacts to get an urban music album on the same topic out in the near future; we’ve also been assured that there are already further tracks from some of the artists on this current album, ready for release in a follow-up.” ~, online edition

“Magnifique, étrange, enchanteur et engageant. Une sensation en ligne, et un album qui parle de la nature troublée de notre époque.” ~ Le Monde, Paris


OOC Note 1: References to online prominence are in part a reflection of efforts undertaken by Alia to tweak search results and bolster its social media presence. Something being a story online then tends to become a story in its own right…

OOC Note 2: All data was stored on Liberty’s servers, which have always been located far outside the US. The album’s release and Alia’s online assistance were triggered two days after Russo’s broadcoast.

Track list

Liberty (single release)
4 other songs

Cristofori's Dream (instrumental)
Silent Running
This Woman's Work

Someone To Fall Back On
Take My Hand

Harmony & Nate:
Thousand Miles

I Still Need You
Take Me Home


3 other songs

Sable & Ygraine:
1 song

Dark Night of the Soul (instrumental) - Elisabeth
Liberty (acoustic) - Adelaide

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