Library Targeted By Humanis First

BROOKLYN — On the nine-month anniverssary of the hostage crisis at the Brooklyn Public Library back in October, members of the anti-evolved terrorist organization Humanis First once again targeted the venerable institution. Just shortly before 9:00am this morning, two on-duty security guards working for the Brooklyn Public Library and four other armed gunmen stormed the library in a six-man team much in the same fashion at the October 2008 hostage situation.

This time, however, the gunmen began by executing the first Registration Card carrying Evolved they came across. The leader of the raid, Private First-Class Dominic Morgan (43) was dishonorably discharged from the United States Army six years prior for disorderly conduct and insubordination. Two other Humanis First members arrested on scene, Daniel Chavez (28) and James Winston (27) were on-duty security guards at the library that morning, and helped orchestrate the bloody violence that followed. The remaining three arrested were minors under the age of 18.

Eyewitness reports from the attack state that the gunmen, like in the October hostage crisis, attempted to sort the crowd by registered evolved and not, but turned violent immediately. Were it not for the heroic and brave efforts of of a New York City Crisis Councilor who was on scene, who managed to not only talk down the leader of the assaulants after disarming him, but distracted the gunmen long enough for nearby NYPD officers to arrive.

All six gunmen were arrested outside of the Brooklyn Public Library, and the one shooting victim on scene was pronounced dead by the time paramedics arrived, his name has not yet been released to the press.

Following the incident, sources for the New York Post inside the NYPD have informed this paper that Dominic Morgan's daughter that he lost to his ex-wife in a divorce hearing four years ago had been the victim of the evolved serial killer known as the Reaper on October 10th of last year.

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