Life Lessons And Lingerie


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Scene Title Life Lessons and Lingerie
Synopsis Another apology and the experiment is back in play.
Date March 31, 2011

World Center Mall

Situated on the north end of Battery Park City, the World Center Mall is the largest shopping mall remaining in New York City. With the destruction of midtown Manhattan and the general financial decline following the bomb in 2006, many former businesses that eclipsed this large shopping center have gone out of business. The World Center Mall is a three story establishment featuring 150 stores as well as dozens of fast-foot restaurants and a 20-screen cinema located on the mall's third floor.

Given its status as one of the last remaining shopping malls of its type on Manhattan, the World Center Mall remains a busy and active shopping center, crowded with people during operating hours and severely lacking in parking accommodations that have not been expanded since the time of the bomb.

In a state of normalcy on a personal day, Yana brings herself to the mall for a bit of shopping. Looking a little like a girl from the 70's with her black and white dotted skirt and dark blouse, with her hair straightened down evenly on all sides with a small flip at the very ends. She moves across the mall and into the local Victoria Secret, where she is politely greeted by the clerk who has seen her in here once or twice before and knows she spends a heavy penny. Most likely, Christopher cannot be too far behind. Perhaps off somewhere picking something up or waiting in the car.

Yana spends a little time at a rack where there are several dark colored lace and silken items, looking them over.

Walking in not long after her, Magnes is in a buttoned up white shirt with a dark blue blazer over it, with some black jeans and blue Chucks. He doesn't spot her immediately, but she can hear him as he walks up to a different clerk, beginning to discuss things of interest. "See, I want something nice, like, something that a rich woman would like. But it can't be inappropriate like underwear… something classy but modest."

Of all the places she could have run into him, this specific store is probably the most unlikely. She had expected to have him away longer than just a few days, though it doesn't particularly surprise her that he pops up. Not usually one to play coy, Yana moves from around the rack and over to the counter where he stands, "The only reason for a man to buy articles of clothing for a woman is to ensure he sees her in it. Lingere or not, he expects to get a show of looking at her in something that he finds attractive. Do you have someone in mind?" Yana raises a brow, peering at him. The question is probably a trap, but one that really cannot be avoided, and is probably a damning one either way.

"Well, uh… this was sort of for you…" Magnes turns around, clearly a bit startled as he leans against the counter and watches her. He can't help but look up and down at her outfit and hair. The verdict in his eyes is that he definitely approves. "My outburst the other day was highly inappropriate. I was just jealous because you kept mentioning that guy in a way that sounded as if he was more useful than me…"

First, a pointing out of his behavior, "It implies a sense of ownership, Magnes. You really only buy clothing, jewelry and perfume as an apology, for women you are at least somewhat intimately acquainted with. Because a man who is into a woman deeply enough, and is indeed intimate with her knows the detailed ways that clothing drapes over her body, in every curve and angle. He knows her scent, and what scents mingle best with her natural fragrance to enhance it all the more. The same could be said for make-up as well. Really anything that she has to wear or put on. Your safest, neutral ground, without causing offense would be flowers. But no candy. You're waging into the area of weight issues with that one and could very well have sharp and heavy things thrown at your head for it." She is of course speaking about your general woman. Yana probably isn't that irrational over something like that.

She places a few articles of clothing on the counter. Some things that probably only she would see. And perhaps Christopher in the mornings, under her robe. "Fortunately, you're in luck. I don't really care for flowers. I find them to be cheap, canonical gesture to push some type of emotional response from a woman for doing something wrong. And as you know, I don't care to be pushed into doing anything." she raises her eyes to settle on him pointedly.

"Make no mistake, Mr. Rosen is a very useful man. You have to realize that he came at a very convenient time with a very convenient solution to a problem that I could achieve very easily. On a subject that I am most excited about. So my compliments of him were a direct result of my excitement. For that, I may need to be a bit apologetic." She say may not that she is.

Magnes stares down at the things she buys, then quickly averts his eyes from them to focus on something else, namely, her face. "I never really thought about any of that before… I mean the perfume and jewelry, I understand what you mean. But clothes are a bit different for me. I'd have my arms around you and I've seen you in many types of clothing, so I have a pretty good idea of what your figure is like."

Suddenly he's not quite sure if he's ever let her in on something about himself, and runs a few fingers through his hair. "Didn't I ever tell you that I make clothes?"

"Mm. It is the little things that men don't think about that make the biggest difference to a woman. It's the fact that you all don't consider them that makes us so difficult for you to understand." Yana mentions, "Look at it this way. Elaine.." as he has mentioned her, and obviously still has feelings there. "Close your eyes when you think about the things on her that I just mentioned. Since you have— I can only assume to call it— made love to her, do you not know some small detail about her body that would not be seen if you hadn't kissed it, or caressed it with your own fingers? Do you not know to touch her in that same spot to make her skin rise in delighted bumps? The way her skin smells when she is aroused, or how it glistens with sweat? Can you not also picture just what you would find to be perfect to adorn that skin that was so special?" Yana's brow raises, "There are large differences between simply holding a woman and knowing her body. Detailed, small differences that become the biggest things in truly knowing her." A few secrets into the mind of a woman, from Yana's perspective. Why he isn't taking notes, she'll never know.

"Anyways, no, I was not aware. Though I am certain that your designs are a bit out of my taste. I wear things from designers who are passionate about their trade, the tend to obsess over creation of the perfect fabrics and outfits. You, Magnes, tend to stretch yourself over a wide spectrum of things: Music, massages, cooking, science and tailoring. Unfortunately, someone stretched that thinly is known as a Jack of Trades. They can do various things, but are not masters of many of them. I strive for quality."

"I put my all into everything that I do, and I would never claim myself a master, no one can be a true master of an art because there is always someone a million years better than they could ever hope to be. No…" Magnes rubs his chin, considering for a moment. "Not better, different. No true artist is better than another, you're simply getting something different. One day I'll make something for you."

He does however close his eyes to visualize, though he tries not to think of Elaine so much lately… that usually leads to bad mental places. "I think I understand though, I know so little about you when it's put into that perspective." Of course now there's another issue at hand, and he has to ask, "Why are you at a mall anyway? I would think you're the type to exclusively buy from designers."

"The definition of master is: 'to be or become completely proficient or skilled in'. It isn't a contest of who is better at it." Yana corrects with a shake of her head. "There can be more than one master of a skill. And in the instance of comparing skills to another master, you would be right. But my point is, if you are a Jack of trades, you will never really be a master of a particular skill, because you are devoting yourself to improving so many different types of things that it increases the amount of time it would take to get that proficient at it. And we all know how short on time we are. Necessity, survival and mortality make our finite existence.. precious. So mastery of many, many skills is difficult or impossible. That's why people usually focus on just one or two." She reaches within her purse, pulling out her charge card to hand to the clerk to ring her up.

"Jack of trades do focus on the number of skills as opposed to the proficiency of them. Which is fine too, really. I'm just saying is all." A lift of her shoulders in a small shrug. "And you're right, normally I would buy them directly from designers, but sometimes you just have to be seen in public."

"I like to think that I'm not terrible, but I guess only time will tell." Magnes looks around for Christopher, then offers his hand. "I can carry the bags if you'd like." he offers, then looks out to the mall again. "Where are you going next? I doubt you'd want to go anywhere I'm going, so I can join you if you like."

"Thank you." she says, letting him take up the bags, "I have visited Victoria's Secret, so I believe I'll take a look around in Fredrick's of Hollywood. They rarely have anything suitable, but sometimes I can get lucky." Even Yana's makeup is apart of her appearance. Her eyeliner is darker and thicker than normal, bringing out her eyes more boldly. "Christopher is taking the dog to get groomed. He'll be waiting at the car by the time I am done."

"Guess it's just us then." Magnes carries her bags as they head out of the store, finally shifting topics. "I made up with my friend Quinn, so it seems like the band's going to turn out fine. But Sable moved to Eltingville, so for now things are a bit on hold. But Quinn and I plan to do a project together, not sure what yet." And then there's a sudden thought that has him staring at her. "What kind of music do you like? Classical of course, but is that all?"

"Well, at least things are coming together for you on some level." Yana replies to him about his friends. There for a while, it looked as thought that part of your life was dissolving." Which is a shame in her mind really. There are things in Magnes' life that need to eradicated in order for him to transition into the state she is looking to put him in. "I suppose I have been a little curious about certain aspects myself. Like what it is you actually do for a living. You were going to Victoria Secret to buy, so you must at least have some kind of decent position somewhere." Just a small deduction as she walks, "And I suppose my taste in music is limited. Classical and opera for the most part. I find that I cannot stand for much else."

"Richard Cheese does lounge versions of rock and metal songs, it's rather strange." Magnes reaches into his blazer and takes out a card, handing it over to her. "I work for the American Ballet Theater, they pay pretty well and I don't live in a very expensive place, so most of my money goes to my savings or art endeavours." Or comics and video games. "I wouldn't say that I have a lot of friends, just mostly the band and that tightly knit group. Right now you're probably the person I associate with the most."

"With a name like Richard Cheese, I can only imagine that it would be quite strange. I probably wouldn't be able to tolerate it for more than 30 seconds." She reaches out to take the card and have a look at it, "Hm. American Ballet. I rarely catch one of their shows, I much rather prefer the Russian Ballet. Sometimes French even. Now that I think about it, there is a show coming up in Paris that I intend to catch this year. I try to make it to Paris at least once or twice a year. We'll see how things go.." Yana is still rather calm, and her dark appearance gives her the look of a model or an actress at the present time. "Perhaps you should broaden your horizons a little. Or at least pick a certain type of people."

"I think the woman who hired me used to be with the Bolshoi Russian Ballet. And I've been trying to broaden my horizons, that's one of the reasons I associate with you. I've also decided a few things regarding my personality, but I need a little more work. I'd rather show than tell." Magnes eyes a pretzel stand not far from them, and there's a sudden urge to say two different things. He'll keep it to one first. "You know, when I do things like try to give you a massage, or try to introduce you to something new, it's not because I want to change you, it's just that I think you'd be happier in some small way. I really hope you don't find my actions too unpleasant."

"I don't believe in happiness." Yana states rather easily. "Not for me. Contentedness is far more practical and less likely to result in failures and disappointments. I'm quite content with just being content. What emotions I do have are given a small gauge of nurturing to keep them alive. The necessary ones, that is. I moderate my activities as not to allow an overload of one or another, which could cause irrational behavior and embarrassment in the long run. In otherwords, I live by a strict regimen, and try not to derail or let things derail me from it." Her she keeps her gaze ahead, but she does shift her eyes to the side to look at him out of the corner of them. Yana's peripheral vision is quite good. She can clearly see most things that are directly to the side of her when looking straight ahead. "It isn't that I find them unpleasant, I just don't accept them."

"My relationship with you is full of frustration and disappointment, but when something good comes out of it that always outweighs all of the bad that resulted." Magnes reaches over to lightly take her hand with his free one, walking to the pretzels. "Have you ever eaten from a pretzel stand?"

"That is because you struggle to develop something more than what has been established, or what I will accept. Having feelings for someone can be both frustrating and disappointing when those feelings are not reciprocated. But you also just have to accept the fact that they probably won't be. I suppose I wasn't completely honest about listening to other music. There is perhaps a certain song you should listen to, that might have a bit of meaning to you. It's by a female artist, and the title is 'What I Wanted'. I will have to get it sent to you. I suppose you come to mind when I think of that song." Like usual, there is apprehension when he makes contact with her. It is certainly something she does not care for, no matter how many times it is done. She is just as tense as the first time. "No. You might notice that I don't normally eat things that are not balanced or are considered unhealthy. I'm very conscientious about much."

"One pretzel won't kill you." Magnes walks up to the stand and hands over a Gold card, ordering two soft sugar coat. "This pretzel is pretty good, they're dipped in moist sugar, pretty delicious. I didn't think you'd be the type for salt, and this sugary taste is very warm and subtle." Turning to face her while the man prepares the pretzel, he returns to their previous subject. "I'll look forward to the song. And I know you don't, and maybe won't accept my feelings, but I can live with that as long as I'm not bothering you."

"No, it won't. But I'm also not going to eat it. You can have them both, I am certain your metabolism can handle them." It isn't that Yana has a closed mind, she has a highly sophisticated firewall in her mind. She won't accept what she won't accept, and there isn't much anyone can do to convince her otherwise. Perhaps the fact that his intention to get her to try it was accompanied by a touch that makes her much more resistant, or perhaps it is the fact that he is trying to get her to do something new period that makes her refuse. Whatever the reason, she isn't budging. "I let you know when most things are bothering me. However, you generally don't seem to hear when I do. Or rather.. you don't really listen. I don't understand how you believe— remotely believe that you can develop anything from a person that you can't even pick up hints or direct quotes from, Magnes. It is one of your main problems."

"As time goes on I do learn, you have to admit that." Magnes takes the pretzels in both hands, allowing the bags to slide over his arm as he takes large but neat bites out of his first pretzels. "You don't even want a little bite?" he asks, just to make sure. "See, I think that's something I genuinely don't understand about you. It's not as if I outright dislike this, but don't you ever feel like you're missing something? Like when you simply pass something up on principle, that there's some part of the only life you'll have, that you will never experience?"
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"Selectively learn." Yana corrects him, "You pick up a thing or two, but there are just some things that you seem resistant to learning and are destined to repeat. It is most unfortunate and very irritating." She watches him tear into the object with very little interest for it in her eyes. "Not really." she answers, "You'll have to learn that I do things at my own pace. It is not to say that I won't try a pretzel at some point, but as it stands now, I don't want it. How likely is it that I'll try it in the future? Small, but it still exists. It'll happen when I want it to. Not anyone else. I'm just not a person that is easily influenced by others."

"I'm sorry. I guess there are some things that I ignore, I mean, who could resist touching you? But… you're right. From now on I should do what you say and just completely cease anything you tell me not to do." Magnes gives a firm nod, taking another bite of the pretzel that practically melts in his mouth. "Speaking of touching, are you ticklish?"

A dark brow raises when she looks at him, wondering if he would so much as dare. "No." she replies with a simple answer, with no further explanation. "Be careful not to get crumbs for that in the bags." Eating while carrying her things is something that Christopher is mindful of not doing when shopping with Yana. Even if he is starving.

"I have my own gravitational field, I don't think you have to worry." Magnes is quick to add, finishing his first rather quickly and wiping his hand on a napkin held in the other. "I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends. I'm not sure if that's something you'd want to do, but…"

"Mm. Perhaps." Yana replies, not entirely sure as to the types of people to expect, though she has a generalized notion in her head. "The weekend is coming, and I have very little planned, so it is entirely possible. However, we should get going, I don't want to leave Christopher waiting too long, even though he will without complaint."

It's as they're walking back that Magnes goes a little quiet, though it's a pleasant silence. And then it happens… a comic shop is opened in the mall, one he didn't know about. He suddenly stops walking, momentarily forgetting who he's with as he stands in front of the doorless store. There are just comics and figurines sitting right there. His jaw has practically dropped.

Yana would be blind not to notice his fascination with the shop and it's wares. She keeps an eye on him usually at all times, even when he probably thinks she isn't paying much attention. So when he sort of drops off out of her sight to stare, she looks back to peer at him. She isn't surprised by this, really. It is within the scope of his persona to be drawn to such things. "How about you just call me later? Hm?" she suggests, holding out her hands to take her bags from him. "I should probably get along, anyhow."

"Yeah, I mean, I have some research and practice to do…" Magnes of course stops looking at the shop when she speaks up, choosing to pretend it doesn't exist as he carefully places the bags into her hands. They all weigh virtually nothing, meaning there will be little effort on her part to carry them.

That's a bit of a lie. She is pretty sure it is a lie for him to get away and zoom into the comic shop. But she won't call him on it. Even though there is a subtle shift in her demeanor that would indicate that she knows the score. "Alright. Well enjoy yourself." she tells him, taking her bags. Without much else, Yana turns and heads on her way. Her shopping can resume as initially intended.

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