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Scene Title Lifetime Movies Make Everything Better
Synopsis Liz stops in to see how Abby's doing.
Date April 4, 2009

Abby's Apartment

The place is quiet, but not from lack of people in it, but more from the person in it choosing for the place to be quiet. The TV's on but turned low, some lifetime channel movie, about a wedding dress that's made the rounds through some unknowing and unwitting couples that leads back to some fancy love story. Abby tried going the night without Brian, or anyone there, and it turned out pretty crappy. Alexander was supposed to be broken out of Moab by now and the place occupied with one more person, but it's not. Just her, the cat and the bird. Her swamp sludge in a glass beside the couch, wrapped up in blankets, cat in her lap, Abby's watching the movie listlessly. Too tired and high strung for work today.

With her own keycard and keys into the building now, Elisabeth doesn't have to wait to be buzzed up … but she does anyway. She doesn't want Abby to feel constantly monitored. But when she called and asked to come by, she could tell that the other blonde was not doing so hot, and so now as she rings the buzzer downstairs, waits to be buzzed through, and takes the elevator up to the apartment, Liz is coming bearing gifts. And not just any gifts. Exquisite chocolate croissant-kinds of gifts that come from a specialty bakery not too far away. She waits patiently at the front door for the healer to get there, and she holds up the bag when the door finally opens. "Thought maybe you could use some company."

Elisabeth is worthy of no peephole or night chain. Just open the door and look out at the woman. "Bad night. No Brian. Come in" She's even still in Pyjama's. The last few pounds are being a bitch to gain, but those croissants just might do the trick. The other woman is shuffled through before the door is summarily closed and locked behind her. "lost track of how many times I woke up till I just decided to stay awake"

"Oh, Abby," Elisabeth says with a frown as Abby shuts the door behind her. "Why didn't you call? I could have come to stay last night." She looks at the younger woman and reaches out to give her a brief, hard hug with her free arm. "Next time, don't hesitate, okay?"

"Because it didn't seem important. Because I needed to try it on my own. Obviously, I'm not to that point yet. Not that I don't mind Brian but I have to be able to function on my own at some point" It's brief, the quickest of hugs before Abby lets go, a brush of her fingers through her own blonde hair as she turns, shuffling off to take the confections towards the kitchen. "How are you?"

"Well, I'm all for you trying it out on your own, you're a grown woman, Abby…. but that doesn't mean you can't lean when you need to, okay?" Elisabeth's tone is gently exasperated as she nags lightly. "No one expects you to be okay overnight. I'm …." She grins a bit. "Well, I doubt you really want to hear about my crises this week — I figure it'll give you worse nightmares than you already have," she admits quietly. "And yours are pretty bad already." She pauses and asks, "Abby… do you mind if I ask you something about Staten?" She follows the other blonde toward the kitchen to help get plates and such for croissants — they really are sinful.

"Depends on what you ask," Abby answers back. There's a few dishes in the sink, like she hasn't gotten around to doing the dishes yet today. It's really frankly been a dead lazy day. There's temptation to tell her to go find one Hiro Nakamura and ask, but she doesn't know what he knows. Just that he knows something. Out of the cupboards two plates are brought out, one pastry relocated for herself to a blue plate, letting Elisabeth serve herself. "I have swamp sludge or milk, or there's some seven up. I'm out of coffee."

"Milk's fine," Elisabeth replies to Abby with a small smile. She plates up one of the croissants as well, she leaves the extra two for Abby for later — enough to share with Brian if or when he comes by later. "I don't… want to make you talk about stuff that will give you nightmares, but… you said there was someone out there who healed you. I guess I wondered…. if you had any idea of the extent of her abilities."

"My file has her name. Mu-Qian. She's Wu-Longs Wife." Well now, there's something she hadn't said before. "I don't know. It was something in the tea. It was thick, once I had the liquid in my mouth" Ohh yeah, that croissant is no longer appetizing as she remembers the feel of the woman's gift working. She's almost as green as the contents of a cup across the way in the living room. "She's Logan's partner, one of them."

Elisabeth grimaces visibly. "Crap, I'm sorry…. Really, Abby." She looks all kinds of sorry for bringing it up. "Don't think about what she did, I was hoping you could tell me anything about her and what she can do. But never mind, it was a bad idea. I'll pass her name along, and see if we can dig up the information some other way, okay? Word of mouth and stuff." Oh dear. So much for being a help!

Word of mouth. Great choice of words there Liz. "That is What she can do. She can heal, without touching. it was something she put in the tea." If it makes any sense. "Grab your food." Cause she's not eating. Nope. She'll have it later. "I only met her twice.. Her skin goes hard. I think. She did, she did something funny with her skin the night Deckard escaped. His sister came through a wall and got him. Mu-Qian grabbed me so they could come back for me. The other time.. was in the.. the cells. She was just there when I woke up and talking to me. So what are your problems?" Because she had hinted at them. Back towards the living room she pad's and eases down into her nest of blankets, making space for Elisabeth.

She leaves her own croissant on the counter as well. "Nah… upsetting you makes me not hungry," she admits with a smile. But she joins Abby and heads to sit down near the other woman, though. "Someone I know was hurt really bad out on Staten. He's… mostly okay now, but some things don't seem quite right. And I'd had a report that he was actually dead — like confirmed, someone touched the body kind of dead. But … clearly not. I guess I wondered… if it was even possible that the woman could have healed him." She shrugs. "My other problem is that a guy I've been seeing since … not too long after the virus thing has turned out to be a complete shit. Not like that's all that unusual. I seem to have a knack for picking guys that are absolute bastards. But generally, I go in knowing that all they want and all I want is sex." She grimaces. "This one, I let get close… I needed a friend, you know? When Norton was gone. And this guy … was." She shrugs. "Except that he wasn't… he's been tailing me and bugging my place, and all kinds of bad stuff that Teo's gonna have a complete ballistic shit-fit over."

Holy Lord the woman's got issue. "Have Wireless go over your place. She'll get rid of any or make them nonfunctional." That's her small piece of advice. She learned that lesson the hard way. Bugged apartment though. She'll store that thought away for now. The rest though. "Need me to visit your friend? Make sure he's okay? I can tell if it's Mu-Qian that's healed him. Her.. way, does something strange to my healing when I try it. It's like an endless bucket for sucking in healing when it's something she's fixed. Like my tongue, or the back of Deckard's eye socket." sex. sex sex sex. Elisabeth just grabs guys to have sex with them. Memo to self, buy her a box of condoms for Christmas. Maybe those flavored ones. She can get Brenda to find them for her.

"No," Elisabeth says quickly. "I don't want you to take a look at him right now. Some things… are more important. Maybe in a couple of days." Because she doesn't want Abby to find out that Felix was supposedly dead for a few days… "And I'm not getting Wireless over to my place yet. Because although he claims he's got all his equipment off at this point, I don't want to expose Wireless to him, you know? God only knows what he's up to." She grins a little. "Instead, I asked Cardinal to check him out. Cuz… well, maybe one thief can catch another." She shrugs a bit, noting Abby's blush and just laughs. "You know, you crack me up," she tells the other woman.

"What have I done to crack you up this time?" Cardinal. Good. Means he's getting jobs. Maybe it'll mean less stealing other things to live. Blue eyes, with red cheeks beneath glance over at Elisabeth as she picks up the glass of green stuff to take a mouthful from then put it back down, licking at her lips.

Elisabeth grins. "I can tell you any number of horrible things, and you don't blink. You help as much as you can. But I tell you that I'm sleeping with someone, and your face turns all kinds of pink and red."

"Right now, it's because of little white pills Elisabeth." The pink cheeks well, she's not exactly a bawdy kind of woman. She's as chaste as they come these days. "How long's your place been bugged?"

Blowing out a breath, Elisabeth leans her head back. "Hell, I don't know, Abby. At least as far back as the rescue. He knows an awful lot of names, but one in particular caught me — Parkman. The only time I've said that name in … months… was to you in my place the day after. So. Possibly as far back as the first time I met him, I just don't know."

Well shit. Even Abby knows how bad that is because she did a lot of meaningless babbling that day. She frowns, laying her head on the back of the couch, against the cat who's made it's home up there and glaring at the two of them. "I don't know what to say or help"

Liz glances up at the cat and smirks. The feline can glare all it wants. And then she looks back at Abby and says simply, "Nothing at all. But I appreciate the ear," she admits with a smile. "Cardinal will look into it, and we'll see what comes of it. Maybe it'll turn out just fine. But ultimately…. it is what it is. I just have to do the best I can to contain it."

"Makes you feel any better, I brought a GPS tracker back home one day right after healing someone from the Vanguard. Right back home to my bathroom. Wireless had to come and take care of it. Because of that, Teo got found out."

Ugh…. "Yeah, I'm still in the process of searching my apartment for bugs and trackers and crap." Elisabeth shakes her head. "Right now, he's claiming that he and the guy he work for wanna help Phoenix, but…. it's just all kinds of a mess." She shrugs a bit and says, "C'mon, let's find a good movie on and nosh on the sinfully wicked creamy chocolate goodness of croissants and milk, okay? Cuz your green sludge stuff just looks nasty as hell," she laughs. She gets up to go get the plates and tempt Abby with buttery, chocolatey goodness once more, plopping down on the couch with every intention of keeping the blonde healer company all night, if necessary.

"It only looks gross." Really, it's fruity more than anything. Even with its chunky bits. Teo was brave enough to try it. "Dr. Bianco taught me how to make it. he's got me on a diet to gain back my weight, properly, and in another week or two he'll be grabbing me to tell me other stuff. He's trying to find a way that I can heal without relying on caffeine" AS if to prove a point, she takes a long sip from the cup as Elisabeth returns. And it will be a night of Lifetime movies, and other movies, and at some point, much needed sleep.

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