Light Of The World



Scene Title Light of the World
Synopsis After squaring away the situation at d'Sarthe's, getting her people seen, and managing to change clothes….
Date December 25, 2010

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Upper West Side

Midnight Mass was always her favorite service. The candlelight vigil tonight has more meaning to her than it has ever had. Even a head exploding with pain in spite of injected painkillers wasn't keeping her from it tonight.

The Light of the World was born this night if you believe such things.

And even if you aren't sure he was the only begotten son of God, he was a man born into a dark time where tolerance was scorned, and he managed with the help of a few people to change the face of the world. He brought hope for a brighter tomorrow. And finally a glimmer of that hope has been made manifest in the here and now. At least for one person there is something to hold onto in the darkness.

Settled on the padded kneeler in her pew, Elisabeth's head is bowed over her clasped hands in the nearly empty church. Her prayers on this most holy of nights are not for herself. She prays for everyone else.

For Alia to be safe, God help her.

For Abigail to find her way home to the man she loves.

For Felix to eventually make things right in his own life.

For her father to be happy.

For those that she knows on the run or in hiding to be safe.

For her FRONTLINE team to stick together and stay safe too.

For Endgame members to be able to keep faith in what they're all doing.

For Niki to put the situation with D.L. to rest.

And for Richard….. simply to find his peace.

God, you sent us your only son to be a beacon of light in the darkness. You've given me these skills and talents, You've put me in the place that I am. I have to believe there is a reason for that. That I am where I should be. That I am meant to use these abilities to help others. We've accomplished so many amazing things in the past two years, I am ashamed to look back on them and realize that I've taken it for granted in some ways. I have suffered the sin of pride in the idea that of course we succeeded. But that was not a given. Anymore than tonight was a given.

I am a sinner; I have done horrible things in the name of trying to help others and save the world. I could never aspire to being what your son is to the world, but I try very hard to bring some hope to my own little corner of it. Sometimes, like tonight, I can believe that we're doing okay. Sometimes, like tonight, I can see just a hint of light at the end of the tunnel and believe it's not a train.

Please give me the strength to keep going, Lord. Please let tonight renew the hope of everyone who needs it. I'm trying very hard to hold on to faith for all of us, and it's exhausting. I'll keep doing it because it's what's needed, but I could use a few more people with hope to help me hold onto mine too.


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