Lighthouse Assistance


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Scene Title Lighthouse Assistance
Synopsis Kaylee finally gets to the Lighthouse to talk to Brain about everything going on and ask for asistance.
Date December 13, 2009

The Lighthouse

Huddling in her coat against the icy cold drizzle, Kaylee hurries towards the Lighthouse, boots leaving deep imprints in the rain softened earth. Out here it's such a dreary day with the constant rainfall throughout the day, coupled with temperatures, not quiet cold enough for snow. Hurrying up to the door, she stomps her feet to knock most of the mud off, before knocking.

Once the door opens and she's recognized, Kaylee slips inside. She gives a soft sigh at the warmth and started to pull off gloves. "Brian home, I need to talk to him?" she asks of the kids there, as she unzips her coat, eyes searching the immediate area.

"You're not allowed to open the door!"

Several things are happening at once upon Kaylee's arrival. One, the little boy who opens the door is stumbling backwards, reeling from the scolding he is getting from the stairs. He gives a frustrated look to the other kids, before looking to the man at the stairwell. And the man in the kitchen. Both, Brian. "You can't open the door." He repeats with a small frown, walking towards the door. Going to swiftly close the door behind her, Brian goes to take her coat without so much as looking at her.

"My room is over there. Go ahead and get in there." The young man murmurs, pointing to the door opposite of them in the living room. "Joe! Come put this jacket away for our guest, please."
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There is a blink at all the different Brians in the room, "Whoa… " Is Kaylee's only response as she hands over her jacket to yet another Brian, as she gives him a once over. It's the first time she's really seen his ability in action. "Um.. Okay." The word drawn out slightly, as she starts towards the room. She wiggles her fingers in hello at the kids who know her and wave.

Opening his bedroom door, Kaylee glances back at the multiple Brians once more as if making sure she saw right before slipping through the door with an amused smirk.

The Kitchen Brian keeps cooking while stairwell Brian follows Kaylee into his bedroom. Closing the door behind them, Brian gives a slightly exasperated look back towards the door. "They aren't supposed to open the door." He murmurs, irritation clear in his voice. Finally he looks back. "We've been attacked before. A few times. The whole lighthouse was destroyed once. They aren't supposed to open the door." Pausing a moment, he sucks in a deep breath.

"Why are you here?" Brian finally manages, placing his hands on his waits. "Disappear into nowhere and then show up on my front door? My front door you're not supposed to know about." Brian murmurs. "I've heard you're working with the Ferries. So do you understand what kind of bad bad man, Adam is yet?"

Giving an exasperated sigh, Kaylee says like a kid repeating something over and over, "Yes I do, Brian… If I didn't understand what a bad man he was, I wouldn't be alive right now.. you know that." Arms coming up, she turns in a slow circle giving him a grin, "Yet here I am the picture of perfect health. Lesson learned." Hands drop to her sides, "Okay? And I'm sorry sorry about coming on such short notice.. But I'm kinda here on business… and trust me.. not my first time here for the Ferrymen." Shows how much he missed.

Brows lift a bit as Kaylee asks, "How are you doing, by the way? Since it's been awhile and all."

"You still seeing that guy? Whatshisface? Guy who worked for the Company but wasn't as cool as me?" Brian asks, smirking a little bit. Motioning with his hand for her to go sit on the bed. Going to sit near the pillow himself. Folding his hands on his lap, he glances over to her. "What business are you here for?" He pauses. "I'm doing fine, how are you?" It's more of an afterthought than anything.

"Uh… no… and I had no idea he was Company. Figures." Kaylee says with a chuckle, moving to sit on the bed, turning so that she can face him, one arm propping her up, "It was Seth and when I left.. I left everything. We were exactly serious anyhow."

"As for the reason I'm here…There are two items of business." Kaylee starts, pushing away talk of her personal life, "I've been working out at Summer Meadows, doing this whole reconstruction effort thing. Well…" Pressing her lips tight for a moment, she studies Brian. ".. I met Matilda. I what I got was that she was from the Lighthouse.. but had runaway. She ran away, but I figured I'd better tell you. Colette is out looking for her right while I come talk to you."

Molly. Brian's lips turn down at that, "Right. Matilda." He gives a light sigh, shaking his head. "Okay. Colette." Bringing his hands out of his lap he goes to stand. "Yeah, I was working at Summer Meadows, too. A little. I saw you there, remember?" He grives a shrug, walking the length of the bed. "I guess I should talk to Colette."

"I imagine Colette'll want to talk to you, I can let her know too. She and I have been hanging out some. A good girl. She's been working out at Summer Meadow as well. We're needing to find Matilda." Kaylee states seriously, watching Brian curious, it's been awhile after all and totally different situation. "We're hoping she can find Pastor Sumter. He's gone missing. Normally, there wouldn't be concern, but he left and didn't get anyone to care for his dog. The safe house operator found her with no food or water."

Kaylee sits up, tucking hair behind her ears, before resting her hands in her lap. "Colette asked me to ask you.. if we find out that Joseph is in trouble, would we be able to recruit your help? A lot of people are gone or missing… So I have a feeling finding a rescue crew is gonna be rough.

She lifts a hand and adds. "If we need it.. it could be he's fine, but we're planning for if's."

"How do you know about M..atilda's ability?" Brian asks, peering at her tightly. "Did she tell you, tell Colette?" Bringing up his hand to scrub at his chin lightly, he narrows his brow for a moment. "Did you talk to Peyton? She's not as direct as Matilda, but she certainly helps." He gives a light nod. "I can talk to Peyton about looking for Joseph and… Matilda."

Brian gives a light chuckle at that. "So is Colette manning Ferry operations now? She's no Bennet." Brian shrugs lightly. "Yeah. You can count me in. One of me, at least. I'll talk to Colette."

"Colette told me actually, the night we found out Joseph might be gone." Kaylee admits, though she sounds somewhat relieved at his offer of help. "Thank you, Brian.. Any help is better then none. .. Though I've only saw Peyton at Danko's trial. She was blind folded, so I didn't know there was anyone else that might be able to help with locating."

Then grinning a bit, Kaylee shakes her head slowly. "No.. Colette isn't manning too much. Her and I are working together on this one. She thought you should know.. though I had thought about coming out, but it ended up being a little more urgent, with Joseph missing."

"You know…." Kaylee glances at the door with an amused look. "I have to say… I am jealous of that ability. I feel like lately there needs to be more of me to do everything I've got on my plate."

"Comes in handy." Brian agrees simply, but gives a little shrug of his shoulders. "But you know how statistically speaking people who drive more, or drive for their jobs get in more car accidents? When you have more bodies, you tend to die more." He smirks lightly, tucking two thumbs into his pockets. "Not an experience I recommend." He pauses, standing by the door.

"I'm engaged, you know." It comes out of nowhere really. Folding his arms and leaning against the door. "I've had a girlfriend for a while. So I guess I was kind've dishonest. With you, back then." He shakes his head. "Sorry." He finally offers before pushing himself off the door. "Anyway, I need to take care of the kids…" Says the man who can make a gajillion of himself. "But I'll talk to you and Colette soon, sure."

"Really?" Kaylee says with a touch of surprise, "Engaged? Lucky woman." She observes politely, sliding to her feet, Kaylee smirks. "And it's alright… I understand that I was the way to get to Adam. I get it." Her smile falters a bit at his dismissal, and she nods, "Yeah.. get back to those kids. Thank you for your time. I'm sure another one of you will show me out. I need to head back to Summer Meadows anyhow and see if I can help Colette." Moving to open the door herself she gives him a small smile. "Thanks for your time and your help, hmm? And thanks for helping me decide to get out of a bad situation and into a something much better."

Brian smiles weakly, as she goes for the door. "You're more than just a way to get to Adam." He mutters quietly as she goes. But falls quiet just after that. Stepping away from the wall, he turns to look at her. "I'll get in touch with you guys tomorrow." And with that he's closing the door. But on the other side of it, Brian is there, holding Kaylee's jacket for her. "Have a safe trip back. I'll see you tomorrow."

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