Lighthouse Kids

The kids of the Lighthouse vary in age, gender and ethnicity. Except in rare occassions, all of them are adoptable. Until then they are NPCable characters and may make brief appearances in scenes in and around the Lighthouse or at Ferry-related functions. If you have been in the Ferry and on Staten Island in the last year, you have probably met them. It is one of the few Evolved-focused orphanages, and as it is registered as such, all the children housed within, except in special situations, are considered Registered. Those under the age of 13 are Tier 0, no matter their ability, due to children internet privacy laws.

Recent events have caused the Lighthouse Kids to go on the run and they are currently living in Ferry custody, at the Bay House or Bannerman's Castle.

Table of Kids

Lighthouse Kids
Name PB Age Birthday Ability Available?
Juniper Whitmore Molly C. Quinn 17 04/29 Aroma Manipulation Yes
Hailey Gerken Darcy Rose Byrnes 13 07/24 Animal Empathy Yes
Mackenzie Fox Anderson Chloe Moretz 13 04/06 Sensory Hijacking? Clairvoyance? No
Lily Adams Ariel Gade 9 04/12 Postcognition Ask
Emily ??? ~2 or 3 ?? Unknown, poss non-evo No
Name PB Age Birthday Ability Available?
Bray Michaels Dillon Freasier 15 06/28 Magnification Vision Yes
Lance Gerken Quinn Lord 11 10/17 Inaudibility Yes
Justin Warren Herman Whitney 11 02/02 Directional Sense Yes
Paul Rodriguez Adrian Alonso 10 ??/?? Phasing Yes
Joe Fulk Tristan Lake Leabu 9 ??/?? Impenetrable Skin Ask
Former Lighthouse Kids
Name PB Age Birthday Ability Reason For Former
Elaine Darrow Karen Gillan 19 04/03 Omni-linguistics Over 18
Denisa Mendoza Caitlin Sanchez 11 11/12 Temperature Adaptation Death
Eric Jenkins ??? 8 01/21 Color Manipulation Death
Lucy Tanner Angelina Saloum 8 08/19 Unknown Death
Mala Patel Rubina Ali 12 12/01 Super Strength Death
Kasha ??? 1 05/31 Unknown (Presumed Stone Mimicry) In Abby's Custody

NPC Children With No Page Of Their Own


Portrayed By

Dillon Freasier

Bray is one of the least defined of the Lighthouse Kids and has the most open that can be filled in. He's the oldest of the boys still in the house at 14, and he tends to have a bit of a smart mouth on him. He likes to make attempts to take charge, but he doesn't actually want the responsibility. His defined ability is Enhanced Vision, specifically Magnification. He can zoom in on things from a distance, as well as see details close up that the naked eye couldn't normally see.

Ability Note

His ability is Magnification Vision, but it can be expanded into any form of super vision.


Date Title Things of Note
04/01/2010 What We're Fighting For While trying to help with the shoveling, he ends up getting put in charge of making sure no one snuck off. He doesn't really like it! But he does it anyway. In this scene it was also established that Bray and Mala were the two kids that metal-clone Gillian carried out of the Lighthouse.
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