Like A Daughter To Me


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Scene Title Like A Daughter To Me
Synopsis Adam visits Kaylee in her room. A certain crazy doomsday spewing man is talked about and Adam gives her a gift.
Date September 05, 2009

A Hotel in LA

Kaylee's mood hasn't been the greatest since her bout with bad fish in Seattle. When people are not around the woman is subdued. Even now, she sits on the small balcony of her room, over looking the rather smoggy view of Los Angeles, a cool ocean breeze blows lightly at her hair. While she lounges in one chair her feet are propped on another, a small laptop in her lap. She's already dressed in her gray sweatpants and the pale pink shirt she usually wears. Bare toes wiggle a bit as her scans over the words on a website, her expression vaguely serious.

Adam enters into the room, being in charge has it's advantages as he has the keys to everyone's room. And, clearly, he sees no need to knock on Kaylee. He pauses at the entrance, looking around as if trying to determine where she is, then notices the balcony door open. He makes his way over there and finds the girl with her serious expression and clears his throat, "Something bothering you?"

Obviously, she's into what she was doing cause the woman jumps as a figure comes into her line of view and she presses a hand to her chest. "Damn Adam… Warn a girl. Instead of sneaking up on her." She shuts the lid of the laptop and sighs, sliding feet off the other chair. Nudging it over to him with her foot, so he can sit if he wants. Giving him a small smile, she shrugs, "Guess I'm still feeling bad for getting sick on you all."

Adam shakes his head a bit, "It went fine, more or less." he says as he moves over and takes a seat. He leans back in his seat for some moments and says, "We got the job done. You shouldn't feel bad." he pauses a moment, "You sure that's all that's bothering you? You've been rather, distant lately. It's not quite like you."

"Mostly that really." Kaylee looks down at her lap top and then gives a sheepish smile. "Well… I just didn't want you to think I'm weird…." the blonde trails off looking up at him and brushes loos locks behind her ears. "That day at Central Park.. you know with that bomber. Well…" She opens her laptop again slowly and grimaces as she asks, "Remember that old guy? The one talking about repenting?"

Adam considers the question and thinks back, "Yes, I recall that one." he says after a moment, "Died in the bomb, didn't he?" he questions. He looks thoughtful as he thinks the situation through. It seems unlikely that she's particularly enamored with the man himself, but she's at that age. He doesn't recall being young, exactly, but he has witnessed it over time, "You're worried the world's going to end?" he asks almost as a statement, but he doesn't seem to be mocking. He's acting almost, fatherly.

"Actually, he got away." Kaylee says with a smirk, "And no… I'm not too worried. I mean most predictions never come true.. But Do you remember what he was wearing? The board with the Black circle and the numbers 12 -12- 09?" She turns the little net book around and shows him a photo of a simular black circle with the same numbers, the black edged in copper. "I've found similar instances all over the net in various countries." She taps the top of the lid. "It's got me curious is all."

Adam considers that for a moment, "All over the net?" he tilts his head and frowns thoughtfully, "Well that's….certainly quite a bit of a coincidence. Usually these types of groups or people like clean things. You know…9 9 9 or 12 12 12. 12 12 9 is actually an odd combination." he pauses as he leans forward, "What else did you find? Have they been connected to anything?"

Blonde brows lift high as he seems to take an interest. "Well.." She turns the lap top back to her and she flicks her finger over the finger pad and clicks something. "The only thing that stands out for me?" She turns the lap top back around it's a jewish site. "The 12th day of the 12th month of the year goes with the Jewish story of Cain and Abel. December 12th, 2009 is the anniversary of when Cain killed Abel." She tilts the lap top back so she can look at the screen and sighs softly. "Not sure about the significants.. but it's the only biblical thing I can figure." She watches Adam for a moment and she blushes in embarrassment. "I had a lot of time on my hands and not much to do.. Except throw up… a lot."

Adam nods, "Actually…" he says gently, "You may have caught something." he says off handedly. "Keep looking into it." there is a pause as he says, "I've seen a lot of doomsday prophecies in my day, obviously they never come true. But…sometimes signs do point to other things of significance. Perhaps you found one." he purses his lips at the Cain and Abel thing, "See what else you can find out." he pauses again, "But, this isn't why I'm here."

Kaylee brightens a bit, now that she knows Adam doesn't think she's weird. Why his opinion matters… who ever knows. "I'll see what I can find." She offers sounding relieved, as she closes the laptop again and clutches it to her chest. "Didn't think it was. Sorry to take you off track. What's up?" Her head tilts a bit and a brow arches.

Adam smiles languidly as he watches Kaylee and says, "Well, I was here because I wanted to…show my appreciation to you for all you've done." he pauses, "I know I'm hard on you, but that's because I want to make sure you build your character and make good choices. I do it out of affection. The truth is, Kaylee, that I've never been good with keeping up…family relations, at least in my past. I think that's lost me a lot of opportunities…" he waves a hand, "But that's a story for another day. But what I want you to understand is that you've become like a daughter to me. A precious girl that I want to protect and help grow in the beautiful woman you are and will be." he pauses and then reaches into his jacket and pulls out a long thing velvet box. It's one that clearly holds jewelry, or should. "I knew this man in LA, some many years ago." he says, "He's still here and owed me a favor…" he glances at the box and then back up to Kaylee, "I know you don't wear jewelry much, you're not quite the girlie girl, but I'd hope you'd make an exception." and with that, he opens the box. Inside in a necklace. A thin, but strong strand of platinum. And at the end, is a strange symbol, Kaylee may recognize it from the sword he used during the Pinehearst mission. There's small stones set all around the necklace, but they only seem to enhance the gleam, not take away from it. "And wear this."

"Well.. I admit people tell me I'm crazy when it comes to you." Kaylee's eyes drop to the box and when it opens she gives him a look of surprise. The laptop is set on the ground and she scoots to the edge of her seat and reaches to take it. She runs a thumb over the symbol. "You know Adam… I've never had any… man… treat me like I actually mean something. Even my own father didn't seem to give much thought to me.. Well, at least till the day of the bomb." She gives him a soft smile. "Thank you, Adam…" She rolls her eyes a bit as she smiles a bit embarrassed with herself on the next thing she says, "And I do see you like a father. Probably, why I stick around even with all those double shifts."

Adam smiles softly at that and says, "Well, I suppose I'm honored you see me that way." He leans in and places his hand on her shoulder to steady himself and places a gentle kiss on her forehead, "I'm glad we met, Kaylee." he says gently before he stands, "Can I help put that on you so I can see how it looks?" he questions.

Blue eyes close briefly at the kiss on her forehead, and she almost misses what he asks."What?" Kaylee says looking up as he stands. "Oh! Yes, please?" She offers the box back to him, her smile bright. "I'm glad we met too, Adam. I definitely feel like I'm finding my path in life finally. Not as lost anymore." She admits as she shifts in her chair to turn, a hand moving to twist her long hair up on her head to keep it out of his way so that he can do the honors.
Adam removes the necklace from the case gently and pulls out the necklace. He unclasps the end and opens it with both hands before placing it gently around Kaylee's throat. He pulls it around the neck and finishes by clasping it back and letting it rest. It falls down to about the solar plexus. He considers it for a few moments and smiles, "It looks very lovely."

Letting her hair fall once the necklace is in place, Kaylee tilts her head a bit and tries to get another look at it. She smiles at his comment. "I like it…." She trails off and gives him a curious look. "What does the symbol mean? I mean. I saw it on your sword. That means, at least to me.. that it means something to you?" Her fingers play along the symbol and the gems.

Adam considers for a moment, "In another life.." he says distantly, "A long time ago, it was the symbol that represented me, what people knew me by. What it means really isn't important." he strokes her hair a bit and says, "But what it represents is that you are one of my heirs. That you are now in my line. At least, spiritually. And if you keep it on, we'll always be connected."

"A long time ago?" That seems to jog something in Kaylee's memory. "You know.. you don't look old enough to have a 'long time ago.'" Fingers play with the necklace, as she studies him. "Brian kept saying your old…." she trails off and waves it away as not important. Standing she gives him a soft smile and moves to hug Adam. "Thank you for everything. I know I don't say it.. but thank you."

Adam hugs her back a bit. He prolongs the hug and then releases and says, "Well, there's actually quite a bit about me that you don't know..but you'll learn in time. I don't know that now is the time for dropping bombshells." he tilts his head, "But don't worry, you'll learn everything in time."

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