Like a Thief in the Night


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Scene Title Like a Thief in the Night
Synopsis When a silent alarm goes off, New York's mysterious thief is finally seen… but not captured.
Date December 10, 2010

The Bronx

Early evening in the city that used to never sleep, soon the city will enter its forced hibernation. But that's not what's going on here. In the Bronx, Riverdale to be exact, a silent alarm has alerted the New York Police Department to the presence of an unwanted visitor to one specific place of residence. It's one of the more expensive apartments in this part of the city, and its owner is registered as having stored an expensive antique marble statue in there, part of a collection he has stored elsewhere.

There's at least a pair of police who are on the scene shortly after the silent alarm is called over the radio. Officer Christine Jackson and her partner for the evening were on patrol in the area and were quick to reply. One thing that Christine had going for her is that she grew up in the Bronx, and knows the area. She had no problem maneuvering the streets to get there in the most optimal time. When they arrive at the building, they make their way to the apartment that the alarm was triggered in. Drawing their guns, the officers approach.

Completely unaware to the arrival of the pair of officers, the silent thief who is inside the apartment seems to be still there, if the silhouette seen moving through the apartment window is to be believed. A single figure, hard to make out through the white glass. The door is presently locked, and the police does not own a key. Where they to wish to enter, they'd likely have to bash open the door.

Christine motions to her partner, indicating that on the count of three (which she'll use her fingers for), they should both smash into the door at the same time to get it open. They've got to get this thief before he or she escapes. Sometimes affirmative action is needed to catch the bad guy. Even if that means smashing in the victim's door and eventually paying the damages to property back at a later date. On Christine's count of three, both of them smash themselves into the door, in hopes of getting it open.

The door opens up quite easily. It was locked, yes… but it wasn't quite the sturdiest of doors. With the door broken open, a Japanese looking fellow with a slight moustache and goatee turns to the sound of the noise… and he draws a small handgun. "Freeze!" He calls out, as he nervously points the gun at Christine, slowly walking backwards to a window. "I'll shoot you if you try anything!" His voice is unsteady, as though he's never been in a situation quite like this one.

Christine is quick on turning her own gun on the man. "NYPD! Put down the gun. Sir…please. Put down the gun and keep your hands where we can see them." She doesn't give her partner a second glance at all. She just hopes that her partner is following suit. Maybe two officers pointing guns at this man will make him listen to her. "We just wanna talk. Put the gun down and we can discuss this in a nice, calm manor. Okay?"

At that point in time, when the gun is pointed at the thief, he… disappears. Only to reappear in another part of the room, quite next to a window to the outside. He fires his gun, and while his aim isn't perfect, the bullet manages to lodge itself in the floor… after going through the flesh on Christine's left leg. That has to hurt. "I said freeze!" He speaks, still quite nervous. Meanwhile, the guns of the officers haven't quite had the time to readjust to the thief's new position in this happening.

Christine is hit! Oh woe is her! She falls onto her knees. While the bullet did go through, and it's probably more a flesh wound then anything, it hurts like all heavens! "Gaaah! I hate teleporters!" Her weapon is affectively dropped as she clutches at the bleeding wound. "Go! Get him!" She yells at her partner. Okay, she could have said that nicer. But she's in pain now! Her partner hesitates. "Just…go! I'll be fine! Shoot him. Get him before he teleports again, I don't care!" Unprofessional? Maybe. But they do need to catch him, right? If he was gonna steal things, he needs to be caught. But how do you catch someone who can teleport?

When her partner turns to shoot at the thief, he is too late. The teleporting thief gives a quick glance to the window, and then he is on top of the neighbouring building… where he doesn't stay for more than a few brief moments. In fact, it's going to be hard to find out where he went now. But at least there's a pair of eyewitnesses this time around. And the statue is still there, so that's a good thing as well. This job … might be a little more than the NYPD is capable of handling, indeed.

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