Like Bloody Cockroaches


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Scene Title Like Bloody Cockroaches
Synopsis On being stashed by Cat, Minea Dahl finds herself in the center of a Phoenix business meeting.
Date June 17, 2009

Village Renaissance Building, Fourth Floor Safehouse

The floors here on the fourth level of the Village Renaissance Building at 14 East 4th Street are of polished grey marble and the smooth walls are painted a cream color. Four corridors with four apartments each are found here, with stairwells at the front and back and elevators centrally placed in each corridor. The elevators have buttons for the first three floors visible, and control panels requiring both key and keycard to open.

The apartment doors, made from sturdy pine, are operated by keycards only on this floor. Like the second and third floors, they're numbered 401-416.

But that's where the similarity ends. This floor isn't for rental to the general public. It's a place reserved for temporary stays by whomever the person who lives on the top floor chooses to give sanctuary.

It's a safehouse of the Ferrymen, operated by a member of Phoenix, using the cover of musician's eccentricities to explain away the motley crew of folks who might come and go if anyone should ask.

It's a sterner Cat than the one who so recently met with Minea waiting on the fourth floor of this building she took pains to conceal her ties to. She's on the alert, having received word of a crisis situation and explanation to come on arrival from Elisabeth. Elisabeth has access to the elevator control panel, she doesn't need assistance in reaching this floor. One of the vacant units is ready, the door standing open, and Cat has some medical supplies at hand in case of need.

"What's going on now?" she wonders, eyes facing a wall. The iPhone she carries is eyed, the number for calling Father cued up and her finger hovering over the send button, but she opts not to press it. He hasn't answered any of the calls made since the fire and defenestration, is likely dead. But given the way people tend to not be dead when they likely are causes her to still have some degree of hope. Two things having high rank on Cat's priority list are Kill Arthur and Find Parents.

"I got your information," Minea bites out, leaning on Elisabeth lightly, jacket pressed to the side of her head. "Almost got a bullet in the head for it too." Minea's pissed, it's no act. The woman is livid and shaking as she comes in with the blonde woman. Dried blood on her cheek, her portfolio in her other hand with her purse. "Pinehearst or Company. One of the two. I can't go to a hospital so I hope you have someone good at stitches." Scared is not really an option for the now ex-Company agent.

"Need to destroy my phone, they'll track it if they want me badly. Though Liz says if it's Pinehearst, I'm good as fucked, that they'll find me anyways." Minea looks like she's having a painful and really bad day. And she really is. "Nice to see you too Ms. Chesterfield."

Elisabeth helps Minea in the door of the apartment and gets her to sit down. "They're not fucking around, Cat. They came damn close to taking her head off right there on an open street. And I'm gonna have to call it in, I know a bunch of reports of shots fired went out, and I had to flash the badge to get people inside out of the line of fire." She grimaces as she settles Min down. "Sorry… I know you haven't officially met before. Cat, Min. Min, Cat."

The door to the unit is clear for them to enter, Cat comes behind them. It's only then she takes time to assess the head injury, while listening. "They're ruthless people," she replies in a stony voice. "Both sides of this equation." Time isn't spent regarding the introduction, her aim is to check the severity of the wound and see what it might need to close. Gauze is at hand, this she brings to bear if needed to stop bleeding. Then there's alcohol and peroxide to cleanse the injury. "Where do you need to call in from, Elisabeth?" she asks. "And what do you need to tell them?"

Stitches, the bullet slicing skin, marking bone, but nothing more, a line across the side of her head and buried in her hair. Like someone barely missed. Down into a seat Minea sits, her belongings plopped on her lap and tilting her head to the right for Cat to get a better look. "Fuckers." Her vocabulary of the last hour has been mostly this word. More swear words pop free with the Panmnesiac's attentions to her head and she looks over at the female officer.

"I can just call in from the cell for now and tell 'em I'll be in shortly. They don't need to know where I am. I'm going to tell them that I was having coffee with a Homeland agent — not like it's a weird thing to do — and they started shooting. Min and I split up, and I assumed she was heading to ground. That we don't know who was shooting," Elisabeth says. "But I'm gonna have to file a report. Can't not."

She just nods in the detective's direction, saying "Hopefully it won't draw attention here." Cat studies the wound after she cleans the site up and pulls up tools to start suturing. In her mind flashes a memory of the last time she performed such a task; Gillian with a nasty forehead wound. Minea's is far simpler than that. Then, with nimble guitarist fingers she begins the work, moving slowly and carefully. "I haven't much in the way of anesthesia," she states for Minea's benefit.

"I'll live." She'll hate every moment of it. "Can't trust the company. Len was in on it with Goodman. Ordered my fucking mindwipe. I found the orders when I was trying to grab other stuff." She's not too tough a woman to not cry as Cat's stitching her up and her hands form fists then relax repeatedly, breathing through her nose. "But I got it. All of it, all of it and more. The virus, an Adam Monroe, Odessa Knutson, I got so much you'll be creaming your panties for days. I just hope you got Pinehearst evidence that made this worthwhile."

Elisabeth glances at Cat, because honestly at this point? She's got no clue what information Phoenix has on Pinehearst. Then she looks back at Minea. "Christ…. how'd you walk out with that much intel, Minea?"

"I've been studying Pinehearst since Edward Ray the Elder paid me a visit," Cat intones, anger coming into her voice. "Arthur Petrelli has gone insane. If he was sane to begin with. It's unknown at this point if Father is alive. Arthur attempted to kill me," she adds. "Threw me out a window and burnt down the family home. If I weren't intent on ending him before…" The sentence is left to trail off, she feeling the rest is obvious.

Steady hands work on the injury, the needle dips below skin deep enough for suture to be secure and emerges, the process repeats.

Glancing at Cat, Elisabeth says quietly, "I'm heading for Maine tonight. I've got a lead on something that might slow Arthur down. Not sure about it, though." She doesn't mention Cardinal's actions or Xiulan's knowledge. The more people who know about it, the more dangerous it becomes if Arthur gets hold of someone. "There's a scientist up there who may have worked on the formula Arthr's trying to get his hands on."

"I slipped them out with other files. I got lucky, Some were within my security clearance so I could make copies, others, I …" Well, there's a look to Liz.
"Feminine wiles to get a security clearance card and from there I knew I'd have a short window of time to do it. Last few days I'd been coming home with them. I stored them all, someplace secure. Probably need to wait a week before I go out to get them. I brought some of them with me, so you wouldnt' think I was lying." The portfolio that many had gotten familiar with seeing her with, that usually carted ID's around to be palmed off.

"Studying isn't the same as bringing proof for me to give to the general public Chesterfield. I brought you cold hard proof. We can't do this wit - fuck that hurts - Proof of what Pinehearst is doing." She glances to Liz as she rattles off going to Maine. "They took shots at you too Liz."

"The scientist's name is Lewis Zimmerman," Cat informs them as she works. It's starting to appear eight stitches will be needed here. "Father told me he worked with the original formula. There was and is also a Doctor Alison Meier. But there may have been others not yet mentioned," she concedes. "I thought I told you about them before, Elisabeth," she muses.

And Minea is addressed as the fifth suture is applied. "There will be proof. We'll take it right from the source when we kill Arthur. And find what happened to my parents, if they aren't alive." She's resolute on killing Arthur, there's not the slightest blink in speaking of it.

"Gonna pluck it out of his head and hope that joe blow public is gonna trust Phoenix, a known terrorist organization, is telling the truth about one of New York's foremost stellar organizations? They won't trust anything but paper and files, and stuff they can physically see and touch." Minea bristles. "You're a smart woman, fuck, you have a PHD."

Elisabeth looks toward Cat, surprised. "You didn't," she tells the panmnesiac. "But I'm still going to follow up on this one too — never know what else you can learn." She's worried, though — Between Cat's non-memory days after Arthur had her and the fact that Cat's parents are possibly dead at Arthur's hands, Liz thinks Cat's maybe a powderkeg. "Minea's right — we can't go public without proof, it's spitting in the wind. We have to have a paper trail of SOME kind. So… now that Minea's got some of it, I'm going to see what I can do about the rest of it. Someone, somewhere, HAS to know what Arthur was doing, had to have HELPED, and doesn't agree with him. NO ONE gets one hundred percent agreement among their friends and employees."

"He's quick," Cat replies as she adds stitch number six, her voice flinty. "He's a telepath, I'm told. It's likely he knows if people oppose him. I don't know if Father and Mother are still alive. Father was my inside person. He may still be." She pauses, her eyes moving from one to the other with a certainty in them. "I've been to Pinehearst. I know the interior, know how to find my way around. When we kill Arthur, we will also raid his labs and secure any and all data we can on his operations. We have to destroy the formula and any piece of it he may have once and for all. We may need a small army to do it, but if that's what it takes, that's what it takes."

"Anyone else we find along the way who disagrees with him may help. Especially if they no longer need to fear Arthur. And we have to kill him, this time making sure he's dead," her eyes roll, "because he doesn't have any reservation taking out anyone he sees as a problem. He already tried to kill me."

"So I sit, and wait," Minea scowls, then hisses as the younger brunette adds the next stitch, the skin around her nose and corners of her mouth white. "Do you have any orange juice? My sugar's gonna drop like a son of a bitch. Painkillers too. I'm going to assume it's probably safe to stay here for a few hours, they won't be able to track me that fast." The woman digs out her blackberry, head still at it's odd angle to facilitate Cat's work. Red splattered fingers work at popping out the back to removed the sim card and the battery from her phone. "There. They can't track it if it's got no power."

Elisabeth listens to Cat and nods. "I told you the list of powers I got given for him. If we ever get our thief back, we can let him take a run at the Pinehearst address. Killing him will be complicated, though, since we know he's pretty indestructible. He's tried for the both of you… I don't think that it was me they were after today. It's just time to start moving on intel gathering… which is why I'm going up there."

"It won't be easy," Cat replies. "But not impossible. Most likely it takes a group of people who lure him out into the open and keep him busy while snipers shoot him in the head with a really large caliber rifle. The mechanics of that, well, those we have to figure out." And for Minea she also has a reply. "We're not talking about waiting. Waiting is just waiting for him to come pick us off one by one, or to complete that serum and have even more power. Imagine Frontline with Arthur artificially boosting the numbers. Can you say Gestapo?"

Then she nods in the direction of the unit's kitchen. "There's food here, to help you recover. I'll make sure you have juice and other things that promote making new blood."

Elisabeth frowns at Cat and asks, "If the man has regeneration powers, what makes you think that's going to do it? I mean, even if we negate the ability, as soon as the negator's out of range, Arthur will just heal." She moves toward the kitchen to bring back juice and a packet of crackers for Minea to nibble on. "It's just a graze… she's had worse," she comments with a faint grin at Min. After all, the last time Min was shot, it was a gut shot!

Minea nods, well no, she doesn't move her head but she looks between the two women. "Portfolio. small portion of what I got. Information about the Shanti Virus, Odessa Knutson who stole it, There's the manipulation of the elections for Nathan Petrelli." Minea sharply inhales, holding her breath for a moment. "Rigged by Gitleman" The crackers are taken from Elisabeth, traded out for the portfolio.

"She goes by another name. K.Apila it seems. I have their dossiers and what I could grab of their files. Adam Monroe, Hana Gitleman who I know works for you, helps you, and Odessa Knutson who may be going by Brooke Lynwood." She spent time looking over these all, right under the nose of Magnes.

Listening as Minea speaks and hearing Elisabeth as well, Cat's hands pause in their stitching of the woman's head. She's put in seven already. One to go. But right now she's staring at a wall, the way she does when she's having a flashback of that indelible memory.

It's the 21st of May. She's in the entertainment area of her penthouse with Gillian, Knox, and Allen Rickham. The huge HD set is on, and R.Ajas is speaking to the group.

"I apologize for not knowing who you are," there's a depiction of Gillian as shown by the apartment's security cameras on the television, as if giving her context in which to reference his words. "But Catherine I know of, and Catherine is why I brought Washinton and Rickham here, why I tried to get Rosen and Redhouse here as well, but ultimately could not. Because they are people I know I can trust, people who have a sense of what is right. Catherine earned Wireless' confidence, and Monk trusts Wireless explicitely. We need you Catherine to warn Phoenix about what is coming, to warn them that when all is said and done with the people who do not belong here, the real war will start. I need you to rally people. Draw like minds together, and prepare for what we all fear will come."

Knox glances to Cat, then over to the darkened television, hanging on R.Ajas' words. "You are right, though, Nathan is a puppet. He has been a puppet for two years, since Daniel Linderman utilized a technopath to rig the New York Senatorial elections in which Nathan won by a landslide."

There's a moment of silence, and R.Ajas tone becomes a bit more somber, "I intend to clean up that mess."

Then it's the next day, with Helena, Knox, Rickham, and R.Ajas is speaking through the HD set again."Monk thinks it is inevitable." And that, apparently, is enough for R.Ajas. "I trust his jugement, though K.Apila might have a different opinion. Those two never reallt saw eye to eye, according to Monk." There's an awkward silence for a brief moment, followed by a change in R.Ajas' tone. "He send Robin Hood to K.Apila. Hoping that she could teach him, you know how to be a better person. In the only way she really can." Which is to infer the hard way, but the monicker of K.Apila is likely lost on the guests. "Wireless." He adds as an afterthought.//

When she returns to the here and now, Cat is speculative. "I'll ask Wireless about that soon. It's very interesting, the election rigging. Thank you for bringing us all this, Minea."

Moments later, Elisabeth's question is answered. "The brain controls many things. Hormones, physical activity, heart rate, breathing. I can't be certain, but I'd be willing to bet the trigger for regeneration is located in the brain. Destroy it, we probably destroy him too."

As Elisabeth brings back the orange juice and crackers from the kitchen, she pauses to inspect Cat's stitches. "Didn't know you had mad first aid skillz," she comments mildly, and then she hands Minea the food. She moves to sit down, and her eyebrows shoot to her hairline. "Waitwait….. you're telling me WIRELESS helped rig it so Nathan Petrelli got the Senate seat? Shit… that must have been back when she was a Company hag. Or else she didn't know what she was getting into." She grimaces. "Bet she's intensely disliking that action at the moment." And then she pauses.

"K.Apila? Not ringing any bells for me, but it doesn't shock me that she might have other internet aliases out there, either." Cat's assertion that a high-caliber rifle will take out Arthur, though, is met with skepticism. "I'm still thinking we'd need a perma-negator, not someone like Sergei, though. Someone who can literally wipe out his power permanently or else take it from him. Sylar'd be an option." Now that he's a sorta-ally.

The apartment unit Cat is in with Minea and the others is open a crack, and close to the elevator, making it possible for their voices to be heard in the hall.

The elevator door -pings- open at that time, and it's two people who step out: Helena, and a face perhaps only familiar to one other person in the room; Alec. Helena's mouth is tight and set with determined lines, but she does not seem to be taking any of her frustration out on the fellow she's leading into the safehouse. Alec's status as an operative has been relatively iffy - but apparently enough has changed for Helena to deem him trustworthy to start revealing secure locales. She catches the back end of Liz's statements, and seems quite mollified - they're pretty much discussing exactly what she wants to talk about. "The gang's…mostly here." she greets everyone.

"For those of you who don't know Alec - he's a Phoenix operative, recruited by Liz. I think his experience would be extremely useful in dealing with what we're talking about and - uh, hello." Helena peers at Minea curiously. She's seen the woman before, but doesn't really know her all that well.

Orange juice, banish the shakes, calm her nerves. Minea's head tilted at an awkward angle while Cat finishes suturing up the long line where a bullet played tag wth her. Portfolio of files waiting to be read and confirm what the former Company Agent is telling them. "Just napalm him." Blood down the side of her face and jacket, shirt. Head wounds bleed dontcha know? "I have more. But I stashed it all away in a couple places. I'm not giving it all up until you get Pinehearst proof. It's my only leverage and I've filled my half of the.. insurance policy. Then I'll unearth the rest from it's hidey hole and I'll take it to the pres…" There's people coming and Minea shuts her mouth, even when she sees that it's Helena with a strange man.

Alec follows Helena into the room, his cocking charming crooked grin is pointedly missing. There's a feeling that Hel's all serious, so it is deemed prudent that he be too. Gone is the playboy, here is the professional criminal, cold eyes, set jaw, the whole cliche. "Ladies." he greets, a bit of his other self shining through when he shoots Liz a wink. He has no /idea/ what anyone's talking about, so keeps a sharp ear open currently.

"Napalm," Cat muses as she adds the eighth and final stitch, then ties the whole thing off. "That could be effective too. I could be wrong about the brain, of course, and a negator would certainly help, but even then we still have to destroy the body so he can't come back. Which means, at one point or another, destroying the brain along with everything else." She still seems entirely certain of snagging Pinehearst proof for Minea. Raid the labs, take it from there, make sure nothing of the formula survives.

Then there are Helena and Alec. "Afternoon," she greets. "Our newest guest obtained data from Primatech for us, and someone tried to kill her in the process." The stitches are looked over, she's satisfied with the work. "They're biodregadable, they'll just go away as you heal."

And there's a smile for Elisabeth. "I read Grey's Anatomy once, and studied some emergency medical procedures too, years ago."

The sight of Alec makes Elisabeth draw up a bit, tensing slightly. She's not entirely sure how to interact with him, but she nods in the direction of the two new arrivals, merely murmuring, "Not sure I'd call it 'recruiting.'" His wink makes her shake her head just slightly, and she watches him for a long moment — she's never seen the criminal side of hte man let out to play. But anyway, beside the point. "Napalm sounds like a fine idea as far as I'm concerned. White phosphorous grenades, maybe? They work in undead zombie and vampire movies." She glances at the group and seems about to say something else, biting it back. It'll just have to be what it is until some other time.

"Willie-Peter seems to make everything better." Helena notes with eyes alight. Man, sometimes Conrad's influence really shows, who else would've given her that turn of phrase? She moves to find a place to sit. "I trust at the moment the topic of discussion is how to put Arthur Petrelli in the ground." She breathes deep at the sight of Minea and the potential evidence provided. "We could show you the facility, but that doesn't really prove what they're doing inside. Gillian might be able to provide proof - a business card, something of theirs - she's been on the inside with them for a bit."

"The press will not give a flying fuck about a business card, Helena Dean." Yes, Minea knows who Helena is. Everyone knows who Helena is. "I brought files, as I was telling Liz before someone tried to kill me or her. I have more hidden, Goodman contacted me, post death, as his insurance policy. I have that as well, that I can show you. Charged me with carrying on what he was trying to do. I followed the instructions, Chesterfield's father directed me to her and she told me what was wanted. I got it, and more. I guess now…" Now she needs to hide. "I have spare ID's tucked away, I have access to money they can't trace. I was making plots to disappear come August. Who's the stranger?" The only one she doesn't know and she's far too familiar with that look on his face. It's mirrored in hers.

Alec shakes his head, "White phosphorus burns to fast, what little would hit him would burn through his flesh and out the other side like a bullet in extremely short order." which would be bad, or so he gathers from what he's been told. He meets Minea's eyes flatly and without even a second's pause answers the question for her, "John Robie. I provide sex appeal for the group when what's required isn't a woman. You?"

Helena's comment brings a nostalgic grin to Elisabeth's face — Conrad Wozniak was one-of-a-kind and truth to tell, she misses him sometimes. She winks at Helena over it, and then looks back to Minea with a more serious expression. "Helena, you remember Minea Dahl from the Narrows situation?" Min went with Liz to the hospital.

"I asked Cat to keep it to herself, but I've been attempting to work with Minea and her boss at the Company, get their help in bringing down Arthur. Unfortunately… it turns out that my judgment in people is once again shit," there's a brief glance at Alec when she says it too, "and Denton is actually working with Arthur, whereas Goodman was apparently trying to do what we're trying to do — bring 'em all down. Or so all of this seems to indicate." She doesn't contradict Alec's name, either.

"That's what the evidence suggests," Cat replies in followup to Elisabeth. She still seems unconcerned over the issue of getting proof. "I've been to Pinehearst," she states calmly. "I've seen the inside and remember it. Proof can be had by raiding his labs and taking it from there. I had hoped Father could get me things, and he still may. If he's alive." An uncertain thing.

Her eyes track over to Alec, and she remarks "White phosphorus, if used, would need to maybe be a low caliber bullet so it stays in him and keeps burning. But napalm would be easier. That should be used to deal with the labs after we have all we need, yes? Put him into the air as dust and put the corporation out of business."

She moves then, to deal with bloody supplies and put away things that aren't.

The voices attract the attention of someone moving down the hallway in the direction of the elevator. A few recognized, even if she can't quite understand what's being said, so Gillian presses her hand against it and pushes it open. That's when she catches the end of what Cat says about napalm. "Sounds like an action movie ending," she rasps from the door way, stepping inside and pushing it most of the way closed behind her. She caught the word Pinehearst. That's enough reason to be nosey for her.

"Once we figure out how to kill him, we need to figure out how to put him in the position so we can." Helena murmurs absently, and nods to Minea. "I do remember you." she says. "And I thought the concern over Pinehearst was more you wanting proof, not the proof we'd share with the world. Despite our current status given to us by the government, we do have a fair amount of the population that believes what we have to say. But one topic at a time, I understand. And right now, it's Arthur. Let me play catch up - the idea is a sniper shot while he's being distracted from being detected?"

"You need The lab standing. You need evidence. Authorities need to be able to walk through the building. When I said napalm, it was a joke and I meant to napalm Petrelli." Minea resists the urge to touch her stitches, instead just uncrinking her neck and sitting upright. Now she can drink the OJ. "I'm Mary Sunshine, I bring the marijuana. Listen, NO asshattishness. I just wanted to know who was in the room and that i'm trusting my life with."

The glass is half drained and put on the arm of the chair. "You walked in on the middle of the conversation Dean. I have what's needed to bring down the company. I've given you a portion of it right now, and not simple stuff. I've handed you Adam Monroe, Odessa Knutson, I've given you Gitleman's file. Also known as Wireless, also known as K.Apila. There's information on the Shanti virus in there and Petrelli's rigging of elections."

"I have more, and I'll cough up more, when you, Phoenix, can cough up what will be needed to bring down Pinehearst into the ground. Not proof that they exist, but physical proof of what they've been doing. I was told that in August, the company goes down. We're exectuted or imprisoned. Some people for doing absolutely nothing other than having had the unlucky circumstances of being employed by them in a mundane fashion. An agent of the company got out, with a crapload of files and did it. I'm a company agent, probably now being hunted, and I have those files. You can do the math I'm sure. I want Pinehearst down. They and Denton ordered me to be mind wiped and left me on my kitchen floor dreaming about France. They almost wiped out the world with their carelessness."

Alec ponders Cat's words, "It's possible, but true napalm is harder to get then you think and the stuff you can make might not be hot enough. I'll have to work out some calculations. I'm pretty sure I can come up with something." Things that go boom are totally in his comfort zone. He steps a bit to the side as Gillian joins them, giving her a once over. "I can get in there." because he firmly believes he can get in anywhere. "If you can keep me shielded from any 'abilities', I can break in and get you video footage, taps, you name it. Get me the help of your hacker and I can get you more then that, but only so long as I'm not telepathicly monitored or whatever."

Elisabeth eyes Minea and looks at what amounts to the entire leadership of Phoenix: Helena and Cat. "He can do it," she finally says quietly. "Alec's a lot of shit, but he's actually a pretty good thief. We may have another possibility, one that's better, but he's currently tied up and I'm not sure when he'll get loose." Or even if he'll get loose. "Lacking that other skillset, his is the best we're going to find, I'm pretty sure." She glances at her watch and grimaces. "In the meantime…"

"Cat, I can't put off making my report any longer. If I don't come in soon, my phone's going to start ringing — I'm pretty sure the patrons are going to be able to describe me well enough that it'll eventually be tracked to me. Better if I go in before they come looking." Shoving a hand through her hair, she looks at Helena. "I'm on my way to see one of the founders tonight. She's about 6 hours from here. If I don't turn up or text by tomorrow evening, you should probably assume that I'm … indisposed."

"Make your call, Elisabeth," Cat nods. She's quiet for a time, turning back to the others and thinking in that silence. "The ally I'd really like to have for this is Hiro, but he's unavailable." Displeasure is evident then. "There's a telepath at Pinehearst, Arthur himself," she informs Alec. "Avoiding him is the most important thing. I also need to find Father if he's still alive. He can help us, if so. We could perhaps send a negator with you to shield against abilities too. I know some of the layout, I can describe it for you in detail, the areas I was taken to. Gillian can also," she adds. "Do we have another way to gather information?"

"Yeah, I can describe the basement in detail— there'd been a fight down there in one of the hallways. Guessing that might be where they kept people." Gillian explains, shifting away from the door so she can stand beside it and out of the way, without moving any further into the room. Hanging near the door also means she could leave when she wants… "Not sure how much else I can do for recon," she adds, not aware that any of the many abilities she'd picked up can help. "But if you need a distraction to stick a bullet in Daddy Assface, I'd be more than happy to provide it. Picked up enough crap that I could probably distract him for a few minutes."

Helena considers, turning to Alec. "This would be extremely dangerous." she says. "Anyone you encounter could potentially be Arthur Petrelli - he's a shapeshifter. And if he touches you, he'll rip your power right out of you. I think we could get people who've been inside Pinehearst to at least provide you with descriptions of the lay-out. Gillian's been there, yes - and so have Cat and I. If you want to do it, we'll give you whatever resources we can."

Minea, for the most part, just sits there like the newcomer/refugee that she's suddenly become over the span of the last hour or so. Watching all these new faces also come out of the woodwork. There's more of them.

They're not Phoenixes.

They're like bloody cockroaches. How many of them are there?!

More then even the Phoenix people thing. Alec winces slightly at that, "Yeah." he says simply, "About that." Alec frowns a little bit, "The idea would be not to be seen by anyone, Arthur or otherwise. And therefore, not to see anyone, but the point is moot anyway. I'm not Evo remember?" because no one alive knows Alec /has/ an ability, well, anyone that's not him anyway. So like… twenty people know. "And even if I were and there was a negator there, wouldn't that keep him from shifting and stealing abilities and stuff?"

"It would," Cat believes. "Stick close enough and telepathy can't reach you. As to defeating cameras, well, we could have an answer for that too." She won't mention Claude by name. "Having an ability ripped away is like the heart being torn from the chest while it's still beating." Silence follows as she seems to mull something over, before murmuring "I need to hang around a negator and develop a redundancy system, prepare myself to handle that better. To still be as me as I can be."

"It's definitely a good idea to be careful— especially considering what abilities he might have. Pretty sure he got super hearing," Gillian says for one thing, not helping with the attempt at stealth at all, she knows that much. But if there's one ability Gabriel would know he got back… it'd be his super hearing. That's not something a person would just not know. "Best case scenerio, you just avoid him. Maybe you'll run into that creepy doctor lady instead."

Helena oh's! "You know… Lucrezia's ability might come in useful. Her insects…she can control them, maybe she can even communicate with them. If we could get a couple inside the building…" Helena lets that thought rest as she nods to Gillian. "I think like Alec said, the point is to not get caught and well - if you don't have an ability Alec, I'd forgotten you'd told me - then you're in less danger, and that's a good thing. If you think it's more than a one man job, you'll get access to our information on appropriately skilled assets."

"Am I needed for this planning? If not, I've been shot in the head, and I'd really like to go lay down, see if I can get rid of the shock, plan what to do next with myself, take whatever pain pills Chesterfield has, if there's anything stronger than tylenol," Minea pipes up in her lower registers voice, watching the amassed people.

Alec shakes his head, "No offense, but the more people you stick on this the harder it'll be for me to get amateurs in there. If they have IR detection systems, laser trip wires, heat detection in the ducts and tremor sensors, I can deal with all that. If you guys give me the floor plans you remember I can get the low down on their security as such things are required to be filed with certain commissions and what have you." And no one does city building codes like Alec. That man can get anything if he needs it.

"Give me some time and I can walk into that place and out leaving all manner of techno bugs in my wake to record evidence if you like." he eyes Cat and Hel, they both know he can do it, it's how he found them. He managed to bug a woman who /controls sound/ for crying out loud and hide from a technopath (sorta). This is his kinda deal. "But there will be some concerns I'd like to discuss with you two about in private. However I'll warn you, from what I've already cooked up in my head we'll need Arthur out of the building on two sperate occasions for at least two hours each time. Preferably four." Alec's already working on some loose ideas. Hee hee. The idea of Minea not being in the room surely would make 'John' feel better.

The unit they're in is the size of a middle income one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. It's got bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, living room, electronics, appliances, furniture, food, sheets, etc. Cat nods in answer to Minea's statement, moving to show her the bedroom. "I'll see what I have for pain," she adds. "Rest well, and thank you again."

Then she's turning attention back to Alec, considering what he spoke of. "It's at 26877 Century Drive, Fort Lee, New Jersey," she informs.

And the data Minea brought with her is picked up, Cat starts to read.

Lucrezia? Gillian glances over quietly at Helena as if that name rings a bell, eyebrows raising a bit. There's no words that follow, but she just nods. There's little she can add to Alec's plan, except to say, "I'll write down directions and details of my recent trips— mostly down to the basement levels." If he can avoid people, than more power to him, cause avoiding people in there is good. The woman mentions leaving, and the reason she looks like she's been shot in the head— being that she's been shot in the head— the dark haired former librarian moves a little further from the door, in case she wanted to go out that way.

Helena will offer Minea a vicodin before she goes to bed - which may be a source of bemusement for some, like Helena just walks around with it or something - she's keeping it handy for Delphine. She'll then turn around to the others. "Lucrezia is Teo's aunt." Helena tells Gillian by way of explanation. "I still want to talk to her about some natural bugs getting into the building too, but it may be she can do that without having to interfere or be involved with what you're doing, Alec. I don't think we have any way of garunteeing that Arthur leaves Pinehearst in any way, shape, or form, though. Best I could suggest is going in the wee hours, but I think he practically lives there."

Alec nods his head, "So no way to lure him out, an attack on another Pinehearst holding or his people or something?" he hrms a bit at this, considering. "Well, doing it with him would defiantly be interesting. Hard too." he eyes the lot of them. "I can't do more without further information. Or until I give you guys some."
"I think there's a way," Cat replies. "He wants to re-create a serum, it's everything to his plans. If he can be led to believe something he needs for that purpose is at a location we pick, that could draw him out of the building. He's been known on at least one occasion to venture out and handle his affairs in person." Her eyes settle briefly on Alec as she speaks, then she's back to reading.

"There's other ways, maybe," Gillian says, looking at Cat and then at Helena. It's difficult for her to make good speculations or plans on his movements, she just has ideas what he might want. "He does like to send people to do things— but if someone he sent to get something claimed they had it but couldn't get it to him… It's a long shot, though. And chances are he'd just send someone else. His office is in the basement, though, so we'd have to get him out of there unless you think someone can shoot bullets through a wall."

"Wouldn't he be suspiscious if you told him he had to come himself?" Helena asks. She considers. "You could tell him," Helena says after a moment, "That we have something he wants. Like say, a sample of the serum from the future. He's aware that some of us have time traveled."

Alec nods his head, "Well lets worry about getting him out until after I have a plan for what to do once he's no longer in there. First step? Getting him out won't matter if we don't have a plan for going in. We need teams. Get me what you can and I'll work on my end, tell you what I may or may not need, you guys work on the Arthur issue. Sound good?"

"That works," Cat suggests, looking up again from what she's reading. "I'll print out what I have on them and share it with you," she adds. "I'll also give photos of my parents so they can be looked for and extracted if need be. If we can get Father away he'll be a good source of information. I'd suggest," Cat muses, "a good old fashioned false pulling of a fire alarm if he wasn't a regenerator. He'd probably just blow it off and stay put."

"So that's where I got it from," Gillian says with a mild shrug of her shoulders. It doesn't seem to have taken her by surprise, just something she decides to comment on since— only so much she can add. "We can discuss lure versus attack once we got more info," she adds. "There's a few options, though— no telling which'll work. I'll write down what I remember, give it to Windy for you." Or Cat, but she's making no move to transcribe it now. Doesn't sound like he's going this instant.

"That's also the problem." Helena points out. "Arthur might be spoiling for a fight, and we'll have defeated the purpose of getting him out in the first place. It might be smarter to see what Lucrezia's bugs can collect first, if she's willing to try. We might not even have to do this."

Alec eyes them all, "Okay, so send the bugs in, do their thing. If you need me we'll have my back up plan, I'll make three. Two to deal with Arthur if he's there, one on the off chance we can figure out a way to get him out. Less time talking about it, more time working on it though?" he asks the women in the room. "Lots of chatter, not enough doing going on right now." And he still needs to chat with Cat and Hel.

"Time may be short," Cat affirms, "if he gets that serum perfected, it goes to the Feds and Frontline becomes just that much worse. At this point I don't think it wise to overlook any source of intel. Lucrezia's insects can get close and pick up information, listen in on conversations, but they don't record video we can duplicate and share among ourselves. Redundancies are often a very good thing, too. Arthur is effectively a fortress." Even still, she looks and sounds confident of bringing him down.

"Not a total fortress," Gillian says after a moment, thinking back on some specific moments when he actually asked her questions, and seemed amazingly genuine. Then again, he also seems to be the world's best liar. "You'd think if he knew I was going to betray him, he wouldn't have let me leave," is what she adds on, though, using that as one of the biggest pieces of evidence. There's a lot they still need to discuss, but… "Daddy Assface's going to get what's coming to him and then some if we have anything to say about it." Yes, Helena, she's using 'we'. And not even hesitating before saying it this time.

Helena takes a breath, giving Gillian a small nod of acknowledgment. "I'll talk to Lucrezia. Cat, make sure Alec has access to our personnel list so he can find people with the skills he needs? Or be prepared to make recommendations. Alec, when will you have mission outlines prepared? The insects can probably get in at any time, we don't need to wait on them."

Alec nods his head at Hel, "Once I have everything I need to set up the plan? Tops of two days. One of my plan requires dual intrustions though, just in case. So could take longer to execute."

"I'll do that," Cat replies, as she takes up the info Minea brought with her to read over and start on transcribing. Facing Alec, she adds "I'll make contact shortly and hand you the data." In her mind is needing to do so for Gillian also. "You may be able to get building plans from municipal authorities in Fort Lee. We also have some assets who can dig into that."

She doesn't say it, but it also occurs to Cat Gillian might be able to lay what she's seen directly into Alec's brain, let him see what the place looks like through her eyes. She's not certain of the comfort level with telepathy, and doesn't want to put her on the spot.

Moments later the door opens and closes firmly this time, Cat having exited.

"I'll even draw you pictures," Gillian says with a hint of a smile, dimples showing on her cheeks. There's a falter of that smile as her eyes slide over Helena for a moment, before she turns and starts to follow after Cat, opening and closing the door as well. This isn't the apartment she's been allowed to use, after all. She's got stuff to write down and things to draw.

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